8172689109 / 817-268-9109

Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Fort Worth, TX. Tarrant. United states
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118 complaints
Post by att,

8172689109 called and left no message

Post by MMN,

817-268-9109 missed call at my work Amount no left message.

Post by Chris,

8172689109 Referred by a friend security system scam. Fresh Amount this time. Seemingly went out of Mi for Texas.

Post by Christine,

817-268-9109 Recorded message by a Rob Face er against your law. . saying she was referred by a Buddy uh huh. . . and that Buddy would offer them my work number appropriate. Around House security system. FRAUD.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Telemarketer left message on my cell phone

Post by Jared,

817-268-9109 Automated message selling security Gear.

Post by Matt,

8172689109 I Only blocked that number. never response a unknown number.

Post by Alanna,

817-268-9109 Got a phone on my Skype Amount. Have had the call a few times within your past Currently. My Skype Amount rolls over for my property line and I m located within Ireland with a U. S. phone number for my Skype number. Owner is a recorded message saying this is not a sales phone . I Simply hang Upward. I m going for attempt and block this Amount. I believe it s a Rob call. Very annoying.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Gotten phone for both my cell and property line Telephone. A message was left on acreage line stating quot if you personally d like for get information on the way to qualify for a free Dwelling security system press 1 now if you personally d like for become removed out of our telephone list press two now. quot

Post by Georgia,

817-268-9109 They called and left the message on my work phone W Hours a daytime by your own local police fire and medical you must be a homeowner for take edge in this unique offer if you were interested within having the system installed at no Price for you Subsequently please press 1 now. Once again press 1 now otherwise please press two to become removed out of your calling.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Was a spam message attempted calling back and no reply.

Post by eb,

817-268-9109 same matter about 5 Min's ago

Post by theyre back,

8172689109 I Suppose they farming Possible Crook able habitats

Post by Troll,

817-268-9109 Called my Authorities work phone. No Thought how they got that number

Post by lj,

8172689109 Called no message I don t response numbers that I don t know thus leave a message if you personally anticipate an answer dummy . . . .

Post by anon,

817-268-9109 Called me and left no message. Called back Amount was from service.

Post by josh4321,

8172689109 I have learned a lot since I discovered this site several years Past.

Post by J Pendleton,

817-268-9109 Received a telephone from this Amount Mon. Oct. Th at 4 W PST. No message was left. I did not Reply for it as I did not recognize it. That FCC needs to start Choosing actions on callers enjoy this Notably if they are scoping our Dwellings situations out.

Post by Jane,

8172689109 Called while I was at work so I hit decline. No message and Hans t called back since. I m live within Michigan no Thought why I m becoming a call out of Texas

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Attempted to CB . . . . no work nag

Post by renn,

8172689109 Nah Obama can take care of that for you

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Annoying spam

Post by jcav,

8172689109 Wt me too

Post by KOCT,

817-268-9109 I 'm in NC

Post by js,

8172689109 Amount Simply called didn't answer no message left

Post by Tom,

817-268-9109 Called my Magic jack . . . . no Thought how they got it. Unless I Understand your or your courtesy of a message from 1 I don t. . . forget it.

Post by Busy Mom,

8172689109 Exactly why can you personally believe Publishing a request to Cease calling you personally on a discussion forum may 've any opportunity to be respected. It's doubtful any of these nuisance callers are monitoring the Web site to check for such requests and even if they were your own post was Unknown. However do not ever post your own Telephone Amount here as it will Only bring more scam callers for annoyance you personally.

Post by Carla,

817-268-9109 called my Telephone at 7 PM said Eu less. did t response and no message left

Post by Trammell,

8172689109 They called me at PM but no message. I live within ft worth and it said EULAs

Post by Frank,

817-268-9109 Called from this W W iPhone shows out of Eu less Texas. no MSG left.

Post by callers leave me alone!!,

8172689109 I live in Mi it is your referred by a Pal wireless security scam. Don t phone them back. They May}n' 've your Amount for good then.

Post by DMK,

817-268-9109 Merely got a telephone too but did t response and they did t leave a message.

Post by Nadia,

8172689109 Keep calling my cell Telephone and don t leave a message. It Appears I m not the simply 1 along with the Trouble.

Post by JAC,

817-268-9109 Called for my cellphone. I did t answer no express send MSG left. ID said it was out of EULAs TX.

Post by matthew13,

8172689109 This Amount called my cell Telephone twice Now. Left no message both times. I am within your Fort Value Region.

Post by Cookie,

817-268-9109 W W W Eu less TX They called me not for long Past no message left. I though it was a Buddy who still had my Amount but I did t answer since I wan t certain.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Residence security

Post by kat,

817-268-9109 I Very doubt this can be a home security Firm. Its sounds like a fairly Normal Fake Business pretending to be something they are not.

Post by John,

8172689109 Had a missed telephone from the Amount today. No message. I'm in the W but it wan t a number I knew. Happy everyone else here posted. It makes it easier for Monitor these matters.

Post by Busy Mom,

817-268-9109 Exactly why can you think Publishing a request for Cease calling you on a discussion forum can 've any opportunity to be esteemed. It's doubtful any of these nuisance callers are monitoring this Site to Assess for such requests and even if they were your own post was Private. Nonetheless don't ever post your own phone number here as it may Only bring more scam callers to bother you.

Post by josh4321,

8172689109 I 've learned a lot since I Found this Website several years Past.

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Automated message Around Residence security system

Post by RandomGuy,

8172689109 Same Cope. Did t reply no message.

Post by Smitty Jo,

817-268-9109 They Merely called my Telephone did t leave a message nut Container I called back and that number wan t working

Post by KT,

8172689109 Called left no message. Says it was Additionally from Eu less TX. Blocked.

Post by busy,

817-268-9109 The number called me twice 1 week apart left no MSG s .

Post by xbox,

8172689109 Same here.

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Called back no first time n Clint be Related. Second time thought it was CZ I Desired a no. For long distance. With no success. Figured it was Spam.

Post by n,

8172689109 They called. I did t reply. They did t leave a message. And I don t phone back unless they leave a message Particularly if I don t know your number

Post by phredf,

817-268-9109 Referred by a Buddy. . . House Security. I Put Upward.

Post by Haj,

8172689109 They called while I was in Course I Destination t tried calling back However tho

Post by jim,

817-268-9109 This number called my cell. i live in Alabama. i Bloody confident don t know anyone within EULAs TX. scummier. . . . .

Post by Mrs.,

8172689109 This number called my cell phone and did t leave a message. I called back but it said it wan t a working Amount.

Post by matthew13,

817-268-9109 The number called my cell phone twice today. Left no message both times. I 'm in the Fort Worth Place.

Post by josh4321,

8172689109 I 've learned a lot since I discovered the Website several years Past.

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Hang up. No Message left.

Post by kk,

8172689109 The Amount called me and i 'm blowing Upwards their Telephone with calls. And your ye 've something Distinct each time. It s either you've to pay your bill or Telephone isn't within your system crap. Locate these People Pl.

Post by js,

817-268-9109 number Only called didn't reply no message left

Post by DMK,

8172689109 Only got a phone overly but did t response and they did t leave a message.

Post by John Birch,

817-268-9109 White trash spillover effect Maybe.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Spam. Tried to call back. Not a working number

Post by Jim,

817-268-9109 Just got a telephone. Recording said That is not a sales phone you personally were referred by a friend or Friend and are eligible to receive a free wireless security system I Put up after that. On second thought Perhaps I should 've stayed on your line played their small Match Simply to get more Information on who they were and Afterward when they asked for a credit card number provide them W.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 I received a telephone out of this Amount for my cell line. I don t answer unknown calls Notably in a separate time Region. I called it back from my land line and it says your number was disconnected. Appears enjoy it could possibly be a scam of a few form.

Post by fly,

817-268-9109 Simply got a phone from this Amount and no MSG left. Did t recognize it thus I don t pick Upward. Appears I made that right move of not replying.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 called and no message. Try calling back and no ring no response.

Post by Dee,

817-268-9109 called at 1 pm said call was out of GB Promotion Co.

Post by js,

8172689109 number just called didn't answer no message left

Post by Whodat,

817-268-9109 Merely got a phone out of this Amount caller hung Upward. called it back and recording said all Tracks are busy

Post by Annes in NC,

8172689109 called my cell i have blocked to caller.

Post by Jack,

817-268-9109 I think this can be a Attorney.

Post by Agent 99,

8172689109 I got a call but did t reply. I want I had. My dad works for your FBI and it would 've been pleasure for screw with these fools. .

Post by josh4321,

817-268-9109 Who does this Amount Fit for. Called and left no message.

Post by Carla,

8172689109 called my Telephone at 7 PM said Eu less. did t answer and no message left

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Called got for my business Phone line. Did not leave a message. Spam spoof. Torchbearer.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 I Put Upward and blocked the number

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 spam Bacall

Post by Guest,

8172689109 security alarms spam

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Residence security system sale scam

Post by Jack,

8172689109 My theory is that this is a phone Amount that belongs to a Promotion Business called GB Advertising. They were contracted for help sales for G'S Secure Options. I understand this because I looked Upwards your number and GB Promotion came Upwards. I go ogled your Firm and came across their Site. I had not picked up that telephone Yet someone on this train of thought mentioned that call was out of a security company. link to net page HTTP Web. GB Promotion. com client list. HTML The GB Web site has a Customer list for some motive thus I looked on it for something security sounding. Securer tantrums. I Google the. wiki it. Business bought Outside in W by Group 4 Flak and becomes G'S link HTTP en. Wikipedia. org wiki Securer . G'S has two branches one that manages cash Period management for banks and another that provides security for organizations and your government. That second branches HQ is in Florida link HTTP en. Wikipedia. org wiki Categorizations . It's possible that this company is searching for create a profit in Dwelling security and has hired GB marketing to sell their services. This really is all based on the Notion that GB Promotion owns the number so it's Only a theory. Trust this helped.

Post by Mrs. S,

817-268-9109 Keep getting calls from the number. They never leave a MSG and if I telephone back it gives a occupied Transmission. They call all hours.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 I Hate Becoming Solicitations On My Cell.

Post by Ryan,

817-268-9109 That same Mindless Your FBI reports. . . message that I vie received from dozens of Distinct I m assuming spoofed Amounts.

Post by II,

8172689109 Me too

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Left no message.

Post by Jim,

8172689109 Merely got a call. Recording said This is not a sales telephone you were referred by a friend or Friend and are eligible to receive a free wireless security system I hung Upward after that. On second thought maybe I should have stayed on your line played their little game Simply for get more info on who they were and then when they Inquired for a credit card Amount provide them W.

Post by renn,

817-268-9109 Nah Obama can take attention of that for you

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Residence Security crap. .

Post by 18172689109,

817-268-9109 spam

Post by josh4321,

8172689109 I 've learned a lot since I discovered this site several years Past.

Post by sylvia,

817-268-9109 did not answer

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Registered MSG Attempting to sell me a home security system

Post by kat,

817-268-9109 I highly uncertainty this really is a Dwelling security Business. Its sounds like a Reasonably Common Fake Business pretending for be something they're not.

Post by Guest,

8172689109 it was a record left a message it was a partial number that left on

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Telemarketer Sales scam

Post by em,

8172689109 Have acquired same telephone coming from other numbers. At your end it says press 2 to become removed from calling list. Pressing 2 ends that phone. Not verification you can be removed. Latest phone was out of this .

Post by pissed,

817-268-9109 Revealed Upwards as a missed phone. Simply 1 other Man has the Amount of the Telephone because is for safe simply so i knew it wan t someone i knew. I never answer unless i understand that Amount.

Post by Liz G,

8172689109 Did not response from McLean Va called it back non working number

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Annoying Owner uses Distinct numbers in minutes of calling and being ignored

Post by II,

8172689109 Me too

Post by Trammell,

817-268-9109 They called me at PM but no message. I live in ft value and it said EULAs

Post by Agent 99,

8172689109 I got a telephone but did t reply. I want I had. My dad works for that FBI and it would 've been enjoyment to screw with these fools. .

Post by ryan,

817-268-9109 Illuminati. . .

Post by Guest,

8172689109 Stupid people

Post by Avalynn,

817-268-9109 Merely acquired a phone from the . I live in Va along with a NY Region code for my cell . They did not leave a message. I did not try to phone it back. Figured if it was of any value the Owner would leave a message.

Post by Ben,

8172689109 Did t leave a message certain it was spammer

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Wireless security sales phone.

Post by SteveF,

8172689109 Called my cell Telephone. Did not response. Left no message. Place them on my block list on my cell phone.

Post by May,

817-268-9109 Same as above posts . . Attempting to sell alarm system

Post by Guest,

8172689109 This can be the second time the number called me

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 Auto message about a Residence security offer

Post by tiffany,

8172689109 Called my Telephone 5 times. Never left a message. Mansfield

Post by SpartanFan88,

817-268-9109 Called my cell in Michigan. Same as others no message. I never telephone back. Added for Reject List.

Post by KOCT,

8172689109 I am within NC

Post by John Birch,

817-268-9109 White trash spillover effect perhaps.

Post by Al,

8172689109 Got a call out of the Amount missed it. Did t bother calling back since it Appears for become a hacker or scummier. Looks like its a spoof Amount were they make a Distinct Amount display on the caller ID that's not theirs.

Post by Guest,

817-268-9109 ho. e security

Post by Guest,

8172689109 He called me and asked if I Needed a House security system and I said no and when I attempted calling back I get these matters that are enjoy quot call line Ended quot or quot pay your bill quot . Whoever they are someone needs to Cease this Mayhem.

Post by get your life,

817-268-9109 We 're Striving for stay afloat you personally Clearly 've overly Substantially time on you hands . . if its not Around a co int . . stop calling Only saying

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Recent comment

8042511660 Complains by ipod4ever,

They would call several times and no answer, i got three call from them in a time span of ten minutes, i would answer and all i would here is beeping  then they would hang up.

8173856837 Complains by Snoop,

It s Diversified Instructors a collection agency

8708470040 Complains by Guest,

telephone 3 or 4 times a day and never leave a message

7606393500 Complains by Guest,

Always calling won t stop

3152200902 Complains by Guest,

Only dint understand how to phone once an Subsequently call correct back along with a Distinct number Cease telephone me

8003741214 Complains by Daniel,

I did t answer and they left no message Yet I 'm expecting a See out of a Charter cable Man tomorrow thus I Envision your above Opinions are true. Confirmation of appointment out of an automated system.

8315027507 Complains by Pat,

They are still doing it. . . .

8764784508 Complains by Guest,

Got a phone out of the Amount. Could t hardly understand your Man eventually he said he was out of the American Shopper network. When I said I wan t interested he said quot nicely go f yourself buddy quot . So I said quot F you personally overly quot and he started cursing many more so I hung up. Best just to Select Upward and hang Upward correct away if you get any calls out of these numbers

7735128421 Complains by Karen,

This phone number has call and set my answering machine off 22 times today. I had to listen to 22 blank messages.  Also calls from 512-501-6486.  Kinda creeped out!!!

7702503202 Complains by Guest,


8165480413 Complains by Guest,

don t need to be calling my phone are text my phone know more please thank you personally quite definitely for that

8507252385 Complains by Guest,

Called saying they were the highway patrol and had a complaint against my name and social security . Said i Wanted for telephone in that next W minutes or i would become arrested

8064145256 Complains by judy,

Grisliest scam artist. Seller beware.

9095290872 Complains by Guest,

Alan Clark left message on my express send at residence. Mentioned he was calling from the Dept. of Legal Affairs and quot someone quot had Submitted quot something quot against me and he could help me Extend it out. Telephone back Amount W W W. I ll get on that appropriate away Alan or whoever You're. NOT. Really really poor Feature and hard for understand. Had for listen to message 3 or 4 times Simply for body out what he was saying What a scam.

7866077806 Complains by Guest,

continues to call my cell Telephone and hangs Upwards.

8003533603 Complains by Calvin,

No message left. Don't understand who called me.

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