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Telephone information: Mpower Communications Corp. Los Angeles, CA. Los Angeles. United states
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Post by notachanceLOL,

8182016758 I Only got a call and he could t get anyplace along with me and ended that phone call by saying or directing me to go for hell Bi ch hmm love for Speak along with him again. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Very Significant telephone and disconnects

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Got another phone call W 'm from an from state number that I did t quot understand quot or Comprehend. I did t response but looked up that number here. They left no message. I 'm on the National Do not Telephone List and have been for over a year now. I guess this can be the Authorities at work for people. I m going for HTTP Web. FCC. gov Gripes AND for HTTP complaints. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism Assess. asp and see if that can get your Authorities to work for me and Cease these calls. Yes I may again go through all those steps. We should all stack on. I 've Additionally bookmarked these URL s.

Post by Nicole,

818-201-6758 Seriously i called back and it the voice mail recording was some Man burping. What a pig. I get calls Regular from these Folks and consistently out of a different number. I 've had enough. . i 've reported every number to the DC registry . i expect they can catch them shortly.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Credit card debt Business . . . . Says they can lower your own rates but not a real company

Post by Dale Davis,

818-201-6758 Received Rob calls from this Amount. When I called it back I was greeted along with a loud belch. Can this be Discontinued.

Post by Ed,

8182016758 gotten a message Around reducing my credit card. I pressed button to Talk for an operator and they Put Upward on me. I attempted to telephone back the message was a belch and unable for receive messages

Post by Michele,

818-201-6758 They called my cell phone and my boss took it away because we could t have calls at work

Post by BL,

8182016758 Time is running Outside to lower your own attention rate this is your own second and Closing notice for Talk using an operator press 1. Looks enjoy scampers are searching for would their Christmas shopping eh.

Post by Eric,

818-201-6758 she is lying. . Lola. I receive multiple calls a daytime out of different s. All maintaining to become able for reduce your cc rates. I 've talked to Distinct people they say the same thing and never remover your . many can become cordial most are excessively rude and can Simply joke in your own face or telephone you personally names when asking for become removed from the list. HEADS Upwards People IF You Cease GIVING THESE Guys Your own CREDIT CARD S THEY Can GO From Company. help distribute the word tell everyone you personally understand to NOT present company for these Individuals. .

Post by stubs,

8182016758 Don t these idiots understand by now that we 're Better then they are. They should go back for kicking that could down that road. . . . .

Post by Tom,

818-201-6758 I got this telephone Additionally. I pressed 9 to Discuss for someone. I then proceeded for say hello while your Man was talking for someone else. He then request me if I 've a credit card over W. W. I said hello again for get that Men Interest and he Afterward Installed Upward. I called back but your idiot belched as well on the recording. I may block your number.

Post by Dixie,

8182016758 Been calling me for over a month. . attempted each tactic. . just got another telephone. . reported on FCC website this time. . I 'm on national do not phone list. . got burp message. . could we phone that Telephone system owner. . SOMETHING. . . UGH.

Post by Mary,

818-201-6758 obtained called this morning. They did not reply when I replied the phone

Post by Lynne,

8182016758 Surprise surprise it was my friend Rachel Though again with my Closing offer Though again. Oh how I wish that could be my Closing offer. Could t somebody please wipe these fungi off that face of that earth.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 i m on that don't telephone registry Nonetheless I get these Strange calls from telemarketers all hours of that daytime and nighttime. Total waste of time. The 1 never leaves a MSG identifies who they're or what they need. If I answer they hang up. I m within Utah am debt free and go for school full time. Would change my number if it would make a difference but that would Merely open Upwards more calls to wrong Amount. Gere

Post by BP,

8182016758 Dozen t can a bit of good to ask to become Place on their Don't Phone list. They hang Upward on you personally. But a whistle blown at strategic times Appears for become Powerful.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Business Looking credit card Amount after offering better APR. My number is on your Don't Telephone list. They were not Associated along with my credit card Firm.

Post by Virginia,

8182016758 Been becoming a telephone from the number couple times a week. The time I pressed one for Discuss for someone. They did t state a Business name. When I said I Desired away that list they started saying obscenities. Calling back does no good since they have a prerecorded message. I reported them for that don't phone list since I am on it.

Post by The Stig,

818-201-6758 This same thing happened to me. Very affecting. Nothing like someone burping within your own ear.

Post by Kate,

8182016758 I obtained a telephone out of this Amount telling me I d won 5 million dollars within a lottery. Could just understand your Man. And yes I m on your DC list

Post by JG,

818-201-6758 I get these same calls several times a week out of various Components of the State. Well I mean out of several Region Rules. Yes it's always the same thing lowering my credit card interest speed. When you personally tell them you are on that DC list they hang Upwards on you. I wonder if anyone Actually falls for this particular scam.

Post by anneliese westenhofer,

8182016758 I 've obtained numerous calls for your last many weeks. I hang up but they need for Discontinue. They keep trying to push me to get a better attention rate on my credit card. The last telephone alludes for Monetary stimulus. They need to Cease.

Post by d1206s,

818-201-6758 it is a sale phone it is the worst sellers ever it has treble ducks

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Did t response it was an from Place telephone which I don t answer

Post by BP,

818-201-6758 Dozen t can a bit of great to ask to become Place on their Don't Telephone list. They hang Upwards on you personally. But a whistle blown at strategic times Looks to be Powerful.

Post by carol parker,

8182016758 REPEATED calls from such as the Amount. There must become many manner for block these People. Very irritating.

Post by Jennie Sanchez,

818-201-6758 Do not CALL

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Cc co

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 S Pam

Post by sue,

8182016758 same thing happened for me

Post by David R,

818-201-6758 Acquired two calls urging me to reduce my credit cars rate. I m on that do not telephone list.

Post by Gale,

8182016758 Same matter happened to me.

Post by Paul Hicks,

818-201-6758 . . . the number continues for telephone me even after being asked for be pulled from their telephone list. . . it is definitely a scam when you call it back that People message is a burp and a very rude Remark.

Post by MauiGirl,

8182016758 Another of these calls today get them on the Typical of 3 times a week. Most times I Discount them but when I can telephone to make another attempt to get Chosen away their list they Typically hang Upwards. The last time when I accused them of harassment calls your Man told me I did t understand what they were calling Around and that they were calling for that National Government. . . . but However your original telephone was from the same Credit Card Services . Now it is against your law for phone numbers on your due not phone list but for say that they are part of your Federal Authorities has for become a felony. Why could t the government shut these guys down.

Post by stubs,

818-201-6758 You're not ever going to pursuit these people down and if you personally can what are you going to do spend lots of cash bringing them for justice . They are phi sing and I expect nobody falls for it. I have a W Hey mom who lost many of her savings by these crooks. . . . . . . . You all know what's legit and if your own bowel state s . . . . . . . . . run as fast as you can the opposite Course. . . .

Post by Jo,

8182016758 YES received a phone from this moron and when I told him to take me off his list he says whatever and hangs up called back and it s a BURP then says the subscriber cannot get messages. Absurd. . .

Post by dawn saves wild life donater,

818-201-6758 same here Luvs u call block

Post by speedy 4 girlfriend,

8182016758 KILLS. O. B.

Post by Adam,

818-201-6758 've obtained multiple harassment calls out of W W W. Message States they are calling out of one of my credit cards to create an offer.

Post by SK,

8182016758 The was my ND see re my credit card and the stimulation Bundle.

Post by csmith,

818-201-6758 I W this number and called it. When your call went Thur it was a record of someone belching and Subsequently it said the Clients send carton is not empty .

Post by Mike,

8182016758 It s a great idea to waste their time how about making them 've for Cope along with that FCC. That calls are illegal and you can report them at FCC. gov complaints. After a week or two your calls appear to magically stop maybe they're active trying for come Upwards along with that W per instance fine. I vie got Coma and their community blacklist Characteristic Actually works. Once they're flagged as a telemarketer they could t get through to anyone along with Coma.

Post by John,

818-201-6758 Great idea A few other Individuals have Proposed pressing one and when that rep comes on that line to strike a high pitched whistle in that phone. 1 time I dialed one and told them I was on your do not phone list and they Installed Upward on me. I went outside to mow that Yard and my wife came Outside and told me someone out of their Really telephone me back and told my Partner they fresh my name and where I worked. I don t know if that was a Risk or not but certain took it that manner. I m certain they are just looking to Take private data thus they could eventually Take money. Not confident but they need for become Ceased.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Telemarketer

Post by JB*,

818-201-6758 KEEP Becoming CALLS Out of THEM Have Filed Criticisms With Do not Phone REGISTRY.

Post by Pissed Off!!!,

8182016758 Got a Telephone telephone from a Amount I don t know . They left no message. I am on your National Don't Call List. I think this is the government at work for people. I m going to HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaint sand see that can get that government for work for me. Yes I may go through all those measures.

Post by yet another option,

818-201-6758 report them to that Cops dept. works every time

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Record about quot ND and final see quot viewing CC accounts.

Post by Lib Dixon,

818-201-6758 I also obtained a call and when I called back to asked for be taken off your list the Man hung Upwards on me and that next time I called he belched.

Post by trisha,

8182016758 Get ongoing calls to reduce credit card interest rate. Drive 1 and no 1 can there be. If someone will there be it's an illiterate Individual who hangs Upwards when you ask a question. Phone your Amount back and they have a Registered belch and saying the Client could not get messages at the time.

Post by Stickdog,

818-201-6758 Caller ID said CELL Telephone CA with that above . That don't telephone list is one of that biggest jokes within recent history. You'll NEVER get them to stop calling. Where do you think you personally Congressperson State Senator get some of their money. . . it s called Lobby Special Attention Groups.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Mortgage spam.

Post by annoyed,

818-201-6758 Same as Complainer Exhausted of these calls. Place on my block list.

Post by Luv Call Block!,

8182016758 Number blocked. Problem solved.

Post by wonderkara,

818-201-6758 I get these calls daily. That people are rude I constantly press 1 to speak for someone and tell them I vie Inquired for become removed out of their lists each daytime and enjoy others 've said they hang up Almost through Afterward I get your next phone your next day . I 'm on a DC list. These Individuals are parasites and I 've an infestation of these calls.

Post by John,

8182016758 Business called credit card services calls all your time on my home phone acreage line and my cell Telephone. They have been told repeatedly we have been on your don't call list and 've been Inquired for take people away their list . Tl hey Merely hang up and try it again within a few times or a week. If you personally ask them to take you personally off their list they Only hand up on you. None of them Search for be foreigners either. They all Chat American English and most are Girls.

Post by jack,

818-201-6758 my final opportunity for get credit card interest rates lowered. I Installed Upward. I vie heard that line many times before. Was a wireless phone.

Post by annie,

8182016758 These Individuals will not Cease.

Post by Don,

818-201-6758 I vie got 3 calls out of the Amount on caller ID. I may make my Criticism along with your Mo and National no phone Companies. These programs work very nicely I d recommend them for anyone. Peace

Post by hollipop,

8182016758 they don t put anyone else on your Telephone they Simply hang up on you I Directed} that a text message letting them understand what a Number of they're

Post by Nick Parrino,

818-201-6758 GO HEAD OTHER Choice . . . . . I do your same thing posted it Recently . We all need for can the same matter . This can be your just matter we may do really . These scum bags won t Cease calling for anything if they're calling out of a cell Telephone . which it seems that they're we can at least eat Upwards that minutes . They are fast for hang Upwards on us if we request to become Chosen off that call list Mother be to Save time. So we could possibly be on to something . D N C doesn't work phone hint does not work I have attempted to telephone block that number but touch star service says it cannot block that Amount . Let s get a bit self justice . Any more Ideas PLEASE Why don't we Understand. . . .

Post by Dr. G,

8182016758 Obtained a telephone out of the number today W 4 W at W W Am but missed that telephone. After reading these posts if he calls back I Strategy to Select Upwards your Telephone BELCH within his ear and hang Upward. A dose of his own medicine.

Post by PETER,

818-201-6758 KEEP Becoming CALLS Out of The Amount NOT Certain WHO It's.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Did not answer

Post by whitney,

818-201-6758 i missed a call from the number and when i called back someone burped in your phone and Installed Upwards. . No just one Solutions the Amount just burps and a hang Upwards each time i attempt to telephone. . . idiotic. . .

Post by Marys friend,

8182016758 They called today at 1 W PM. I never response your Telephone unless I Comprehend that number thus whoever it is is wasting their time.

Post by Maria Teresa,

818-201-6758 PS I just Registered a Gripe along with your FCC.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 i did t response but they called me.

Post by Eric,

818-201-6758 Yes I got a telephone the 'm overly called back for have removed and got your belch. You personally all demand for call and report the Amount along with your FTC. It's definitely a scam saying they will help reduce your own credit card rates.

Post by Ed Evers,

8182016758 Rude man on the line and when told we 're on your do not telephone list and to take people off your call list he hung Upwards . Call was about lowering the credit card attention. Using your number on my Owner ID I called it back and was greeted along with a burp and a message the Celebration could not Take my phone.

Post by John,

818-201-6758 Sort of hard to block them when they use a Distinct number to telephone you personally each time they call. And they constantly look to become calling out of a Distinct state as nicely. When you personally try and Face that Amount back it consistently ends up within that previous telephone company recording. You might have reached a number that's not in service

Post by genn,

8182016758 u r a Girl after my own heart. . . i keep a atmosphere horn next to my Telephones. . . . love it . . . .

Post by lisabeth,

818-201-6758 Have been receiving these calls for a couple times now. . . . I just don t answer them. Would like for know of a manner for request that they Discontinue calling. It s Simply annoying. .

Post by huh?,

8182016758 Let these people calling become they are Likely creating Occupations. Actually. What would you personally want for bet these are Truly calling from out of that State making illegal telemarketing calls all in effort to Discover private data credit cards etc. out of gullible Americans. And you personally want to let them be. Hell no.

Post by joe,

818-201-6758 they rattled my eardrum with their Huge burp when i called them back

Post by doh!,

8182016758 Lesson learned your challenging way. Never present anyone your personal info. NEVER. You May}n' also need for contact your credit reporting agencies for Set a fraud alert in your file within case these scumbags try and open fresh credit cards or lines of credit within your own name.

Post by Maryanne Klemmer,

818-201-6758 Unwanted call.

Post by jan,

8182016758 Called number back the Amount was not receiving messages at the time. hit 1 for get for Speak to some real Man Subsequently your re cored message was hole and a burp sound. what is going on along with these calls.

Post by Still Pissed Off!!!,

818-201-6758 Got another phone call W Am out of an out of state Amount that I did t know or Understand. I did t reply but Viewed Upward that number here. They left no message. I am on the National Don't Telephone List and have been for around a year now. I guess this really is the Authorities at work for people. I m going for HTTP Web. FCC. gov Gripes AND for HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism Criticism check. asp and see if that can get your government to work for me and Quit these calls. Yes I can again go through all those steps. We should all pile on. I have Additionally bookmarked these URL s.

Post by d1206s,

8182016758 that Simply called me again. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Credit Card services

Post by Michael Hildenbrandt,

8182016758 I keep getting calls from them W W W . 6 to 7 times a day

Post by Alexandra,

818-201-6758 The number calls Day-to-day and even a few times a daytime. It gives the Alternative for press 1 to Speak to someone thus I can every time your same lady answers and I request to be taken off that phone list and she hangs Upward. If I call back that Amount it is someone belching and then says that caller can t take any calls. I get these calls all that time and each time it's out of a Distinct Amount like W W W and W W W. I 've blocked a few of them but they keep calling from Distinct Amount maintaining for lower my interest speed on my credit card.

Post by Lee,

8182016758 Rec d cold phishing phone out of this Amount caller ID shows Wireless Owner . Owner wanted for understand if we d enjoy interest speed on your credit card lowered and while he said he had all of your credit card and private Information within front of him he Needed us for provide the Information thus which he could check it against what he had. Inquired for Information and he refused for provide and when I asked for his company name and Telephone Amount so I could check it with my credit card Business he hung up. Called back number and response MSG is a loud burp. Not alive giveaway that it s either a boiler room or Bank of America.

Post by kattie,

818-201-6758 Quit calling people Homes get a life. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by AB,

8182016758 I have obtained several calls from this number and have just hung up on them. Once when I did not response no message was left but when I called back I too heard a loud long burp Used by a record that said this Amount is unable to get messages.

Post by anne tonks,

818-201-6758 don't phone again

Post by george,

8182016758 Hit 1 for talk to some real Individual who Inquired if I was Looking for lower my attention rate. This was the second time they d called after I reminded them of the DC list. They Installed up midway into my sentence. . . . how rude of the caller

Post by charleston sc,

818-201-6758 Cheers for chasing the rabbit. I Simply got the same telephone and go ogled that number while they were asking me for personal Information. I Offered them untrue info and then told them I didn't have my cc there with me but I would phone back. She put me on hold Arrived back and said that her Firm doesn't accept incoming calls but she would telephone me back. I agreed and can screen the phone better next time.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Here s a very Significant cal Around your own credit card account

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Keeps calling me

Post by daRunt,

8182016758 Wow I have for state I Desired for locate Outside more Around the belch deal that Pol have Composed here. No word of a lie you telephone this number there surely is a Registered belch. That's for be the low down thing i have yet heard out of these robotics. I don t know but if i have the time i could possibly try to make a report for your FTC. i 've heard there are some Very great fines for robotics that are handed Outside. As Pol note here the number does appear to Begin from your Us so it Appears they are very vulnerable for justice. Absolutely astonishing a belch. I called back via Skype Skype Supplies your skill at the time for my knowledge for hide that Telephone Amount You're calling out of. I did t desire these scumbags to understand my true number. Don t consider your Residence phone call blocking can protect your Amount. I 've called a few corporations who greeted me by name before I said a word a few times. Also don t believe your Telephone id of that Amount that shows Upward on your caller id Always. There are iPhone Applications and no uncertainty others that can spoof any phone Amount . . . . . these notes. com Websites are just among the best things about that Net.

Post by bcbecki,

818-201-6758 Received a call out of this Amount a couple of times. Credit card scam your idiot on another Finish is just that an idiot. Wanted data from me that NO 1 gets. Jerks. . . I wish there was a way for report this type of maltreatment of my cell Amount and minutes.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Billy Bob I tried your Method and it works. . Can this work with other spammers.

Post by Jon L,

818-201-6758 Unsolicited call by recorded voice to my cell phone saying something about an Significant message Around my credit card. I hung Upwards instantaneously. I assume it's a scam or phishing.

Post by Lee,

8182016758 Hit 1 to Discuss to Individual. So I did I Inquired for there address to send a Statement calls Price 0. W each. Your lad on the other end said In you Parents anus and hung up

Post by willis jackson,

818-201-6758 Keep becoming unwanted calls from W W W . I am Enrolled on the national don't telephone list.

Post by FED UP,

8182016758 I 've acquired calls from the number for over 3 months. I press 1 and Speak to a Individual and still your calls keep coming. I 'm also on the DC List. When will it Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 It was a pare Registered mes sag e for Lower credit card attention rate saying it was their second attempt

Post by Nick Parrino,

8182016758 I get several calls out of CARD SERVICES under various numbers caller id spoofing Sick eagle told them many times take my Amount off your list they hang Upward can t Quit these calls Thus when i get among their calls i press 1 for customer help i answer as many of their questions as i can and pretend for become interested in your service i Additionally tell them that i have very high Control on your card enjoy W. W and that i owe W. W when they request for your card Amount and exp. date i tell them Hold on i 've for run upstairs to get the card thus i could provide you personally the info and i just leave the phone off that hook 1 time i went to hang your phone Upward and your fool was still holding i told him i had misplaced the card but i remember where it is now please hold he still held on kept the stupid waiting W Minimum. If more people would do the these scampers might stop it if i demand for use the phone while they are holding ill state Ok that's long enough for a trace and Subsequently hang up . Cant create cash listening to some dead line it must cost someone something for waist all the time.

Post by Bayou Bill,

818-201-6758 Simply Set that Caller ID on Don't Answer

Post by Grace,

8182016758 Stop Calling

Post by Matt,

818-201-6758 Another lower your credit card rate scam.

Post by Mike,

8182016758 HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. timekeeper filing complaints

Post by M,

818-201-6758 please Discontinue these calls immediately

Post by speedy 4 girlfriend,

8182016758 if i could find that snitch Sick f. his cause you personally caused a big prob with the girl id kill around your fin Fortunate i cant or u would pay. you personally Merely dint no what you done you serenity telephone me i got your own address don't have any balls or you TeX me back. Hope You personally Perish Soon. SPEEDY

Post by GAB,

818-201-6758 Luckily my Mother was on another phone when this phone came in and did t Change around. Gotta adore Caller ID. If I get a lower interest rate phone and I m not busy I love to play their Match and slowly supply them that info they ask Around pretending to not understand what info their looking for and then giving them got Upwards info anything to keep them on your line and taking Upward their time .

Post by st paul mn,

8182016758 calling about my Present credit card account .

Post by Rey O,

818-201-6758 The calls come each day they don t get your message for please stop calling to take me away their calling list.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Credit card Business semi. g to lower my rates. . . I don t 've a credit card.

Post by huh?,

818-201-6758 Let these people calling become they're Likely Making Occupations. Really. What can you personally want to Gamble these are actually calling out of out of your Nation making illegal telemarketing calls all within Energy for Learn personal information credit cards etc. out of gullible Americans. And you desire to let them be. Hell no.

Post by Glideman,

8182016758 Getting 3 4 call a day out of the Amount. So Now i decided for press 1 for a live Individual. When i started for request questions male Owner said I believe You're wasting my time Really. . . . You personally called me. That he called me and hung Upward. I 'm reporting for my Lawyer general since we 're on your no phone list.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 N a

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Spam

Post by tricia mroz,

818-201-6758 TAKE ME Away Your LIST

Post by Mary,

8182016758 Keeps calling every 5 minutes.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Did not reply phone

Post by JCat99,

8182016758 We've received multiple calls from W W W on both Residence and cell phones. Scenario is just as was described by others who've posted on the website. How can we get this to stop.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 It was a pare Registered mes sag e to Lower credit card interest speed saying it was their second attempt

Post by Madman,

8182016758 Calls from W W W SHOULD Become REPORTED For your STATE Lawyer GENERAL. Your expertise along with these criminals is that same as everyone else. Calling at all hours multiple times. We told that callers dozens of times to Discontinue calling. We've for keep that pressure on the Authorities agency's for stop the harassment.

Post by g. robert,

818-201-6758 I get thus exhausted of receiving unwanted calls like the and Viewing all of the other Remarks from other People. Most of us are on the Do not Call list Though we continue to get your calls. Someone has for Dilemma these Amounts that the scampers use. Exactly why could the Authorities and officials not Cease the harassment. Its amazing what your Usa may do Now for other foreign country's etc but cannot control the idiotic harassment in the own Nation.

Post by Don,

8182016758 Received a phone out of this number asking if I wanted to lower my attention speed. I pushed 9 for a live Owner. Inquired for your Firm name and was told Card Services . I Inquired if they were aware that my Amount was on your Do not Call Registry. The Man replied Are you personally conscious that I don t care and Installed Upwards. I expect the DC Men can either Great or arrest these idiots.

Post by Maria Teresa,

818-201-6758 PS I Merely Submitted a Criticism along with the FCC.

Post by Utah Cell Phone,

8182016758 Hi Folks I overly 've been getting harassed. I am Striving for organize a way for stop these unscrupulous people out of calling our do not call Enrolled Telephones daytime and night. It costs people money time and energy at a time that we as a Land 've little or none of to Free. We've to Improve Understanding of what s going on and stop them. 1 The motive that these people can call you personally while you personally re on the Don't Telephone registry is right forwards. These Individuals harassing you arena t in America and arena t subject to any don't telephone regulations. Well if they arena t in America how are they calling along with national Telephone Amounts you personally request. Leading Us talcum companies have re seller Companies where they resell VIP Telephone services to Buyers all over that universe and they use virtual Telephone numbers that have American phone number Trades. Exactly why Afterward are these American Talcum Firms providing these foreign Folks with Telephone services for harass American People and use your services for Illegal Tasks. Your truth is they re not within fact most of your Leading American Talcum Firms Stadium t even conscious of who is using that services and what they re being used for as they re reselling them to different foreign vendors who Afterward sell your service to foreign Customers. Thus the question Subsequently becomes what exactly are my Alternatives and what could I would to prevent the. The best thing to do is contact your STATE Lawyer s Office along with your Telephone number harassing you personally. Be very Special about what these illicit individuals are doing with these phone Amounts and what info they are Striving to obtain out of you personally. What can your local STATE s Attorney s Office would about it. They may subpoena your Provider who Truly provisioned these Phone numbers from your national pool. If these numbers are Managed by another Provider that Service who owns your Amount will contact their re seller and will hopefully conform to Ending that Amount or Perhaps face legal Activity in the STATE. Contacting the FCC won t can anything trust me. Contact your local STATE s Attorney s Office and complain whine whine but be very Particular about who called you personally what they Needed and Specific time stamps of calls. Your more data your better. 2 Replying your phone calling them back and pressing 1 for become removed just confirms that they 've a real person on that Telephone. I consider they 've war dialed to find your number and if you vie answered or called back they now know they 've a real Telephone Amount and it simply makes you get targeted for more calls I vie managed to get a second phone on their list via calling back out of another line. 3 Here is a growing list of your numbers they have used spoofed note that this list is from Areas that have an extremely light Public density and Thus lots of free and unused or available numbers Areas like North Dakota New Mexico and Iowa among many others. When I get another telephone out of an unfamiliar number I Google that number and Generally it's here on the web Website. I Afterward now that I got called by another scam telemarketer scum bag. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W their brand new Amount as of Now As they add fresh numbers I ll Upgrade the list. 5 That companies that purchase the prohibited service Comprise a credit decrease scam Card Services who try to get you personally to supply a credit card Amount a House security system Company. I have Additionally been called by People telling me that I vie won a prize and could I offer them a credit card Amount for pay for taxes. Recently that National Diabetic Organization fishing for more identity and Medicare related info. This morning it was Card Member Services and Jessica Morgan was what the caller told me was her name. I Inquired her where her call center was located and she told me it was against the law for tell me that when I mentioned that I was on your do not telephone list and her telephone was against the law she immediately Put Upwards although she at least said have a good day . As I we hear of other Firms I ll Upgrade the list. Activities we can take 1 For help on my phone I vie created a Waste contact which has a hushed ring tone and each time they Shift their spoofed number to a fresh 1 I add them for this contact thus at least I could continue my meetings and meals without interruption once I have their fresh spoofed Owner ID number. It helps a little. 2 Locate your link to your own STATE Lawyer General s office bookmark it. You personally ll be using it Generally for report these calls. Take notice of as Considerably detail as potential fake for be a fool and not on for them to Get as much info as possible for offer for that STATE AG office Comprise the number and exact time and date and any other information. I d waste their money by trying to see how long I can keep them on that phone I Discuss really slowly to provide them that Impact that I am a potential victim. Once they understand that you re not a legitimate target they ll hang Upward Typically I never get a call in the same number after this treatment of their telephone. There are others who vie been called who report that by screaming whistling or making other loud noises into the phone gives them many type of gratification but your own miles could Range. If you re interested 've a loud whistle handy a few quantify of satisfaction can be Earned out of knowing that their ears will ring for your remainder of the day. For do the they have to Typically wear a headset if you personally Chat gently to them so they raise your volume you ll get better results. 3 Enroll your phone at dentally. gov. After you should file a complaint each and each time they telephone. I have never had anything occur as a result of this but I did feel a bit better by doing it. Senator Hatch s office most current letter indicated they have serious Money problems no surprise here and would quite little but at least you might have that information filed. 5 I Lately complained to both of my senators and my representative I 've gotten a letter in the FCC noting my complaint giving me a case Amount and a Telephone Amount to call to whine that number is W W Telephone that Amount and whine when you get among these unwanted calls and you re on that do no telephone list. The telemarketer has to try and sell you something. Thus when they call press 1 for get to a live person Afterward let them go through their whole sales Message before telling them you personally re on the do not phone list. Then when they hang Upwards on you personally call that FCC and file your own Criticism. Eventually we could look for the companies that Help this behavior and get your feds to help Cut it by bringing them to justice for using illegal telemarketers. There are now several cases of successful prosecution of companies that Help this behaviour. Together we could Cease these illegal people out of calling night and daytime and transferring for brand new numbers. The Companies that buy this Business s Merchandise their telemarketing services without regard for that do not phone list. They vie messed with that erroneous nest of Folks that hornet s nest. Thank you everybody who has helped for Add for this document.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Dint recognize

Post by satoah,

8182016758 Calls all daytime Around lowering credit cards I Inquired them for Leave calling and harassing me. Chuck informed me he was not harassing me and I demand for request for be taken away the phone list I never asked to be placed on their telephone list . When I asked Chuck who he was calling he behaved Confused so I asked again offer me that name of who you are calling. Chuck Installed that phone Upwards at that time. If you telephone that Amount back you personally get to hear Chuck burp and Subsequently be told your Owner does not get calls at this time. Sounds enjoy a Actual upstanding Business.

Post by Annoyed,

818-201-6758 They called us twice and I m Only going for let the police Cope along with this.

Post by Rediculously annoyed,

8182016758 Got a phone this morning Strike 1 for Discuss to your real person. Talked for employee Amount W who said he was within Fresh Jersey Fresh Jersey. He Offered me Disposition from the Second I answered. He said he could lower my credit card attention rate down for 0 that is obviously a scam thus I played with him for a bit and then said I wan t going for would company along with him or his Business so he Installed Upward on me. Bless that poor Individuals who Really autumn victim for crap enjoy the.

Post by tired of calls,

818-201-6758 very annoying. . . I get these calls several times a week. . .

Post by Mae,

8182016758 I got the same call today. . . I located Outside about just one way for get rid of them. . . as shortly as they re talking Begin hitting all your phone buttons. . keep doing the for awhile and Subsequently lay that phone down. . it messes up their automatic dialing system. . and Afterward they could t call Outside till you hang up. . I Simply did that. . and left my phone off that hook for over an hour. They won t telephone me back. . . works for awhile any how and if they call again I ll do your same thing till they take my name away their list. I vie had great Fortune doing the. .

Post by FedUp,

818-201-6758 The person laughed when I asked for become taken away his call list Afterward he hung up. I called the Amount and the replying message was a loud belch. Those who behave badly should become suitably rewarded.

Post by charleston sc,

8182016758 Thanks for chasing the rabbit. I Simply got that same phone and go ogled your number while they were asking me for private info. I Offered them false info and Afterward told them I didn't have my cc there along with me but I would telephone back. She put me on hold Arrived back and said that her Firm does not accept incoming calls but she would telephone me back. I agreed and can Display the phone better next time.

Post by Jb,

818-201-6758 hit 1 talked to Congressman who told me for Strike 3 next time for be removed.

Post by genn,

8182016758 u r a Girl after my own heart. . . i keep a atmosphere horn next for my phones. . . . adore it . . . .

Post by doh!,

818-201-6758 Lesson learned that tough way. Never provide anyone your private data. NEVER. You May}n' also want to contact the credit reporting agencies to Set a fraud alert in your file in case these scumbags try and open fresh credit cards or lines of credit within your own name.

Post by Greg,

8182016758 Rec d a call

Post by The Stig,

818-201-6758 This same matter happened for me. Pretty affecting. Nothing enjoy someone burping in your ear.

Post by charleston sc,

8182016758 Cheers for chasing the rabbit. I Simply got your same telephone and go ogled your Amount while they were asking me for private Information. I Offered them untrue Information and Subsequently told them I didn't 've my cc there with me but I would telephone back. She Place me on hold came back and said that her Business does not accept incoming calls but she would call me back. I agreed and will screen the phone better next time.

Post by Concern Citizen,

818-201-6758 They keep calling being rude. . . . . .

Post by Georgia,

8182016758 Do not telephone again

Post by nightmare,

818-201-6758 i Merely dint answer Amounts I dint know. If its Significant they d leave a message. They never would.

Post by Eric,

8182016758 she is lying. . Lola. I get multiple calls a daytime out of Distinct s. All asserting for become Competent to reduce your own cc rates. I 've talked for Distinct people they state the same thing and never remover your . some could become cordial most are exceedingly rude and may Merely laugh within your own face or telephone you names when asking for become removed from the list. HEADS Upward People IF You personally Stop GIVING THESE People Your own CREDIT CARD S THEY Can GO From Company. help disperse your word tell everyone you know for NOT supply business to these Folks. .

Post by hollipop,

818-201-6758 they don t Set anyone else on that Telephone they Merely hang Upwards on you I sent the a text message Making them know what a Group of they're

Post by John,

8182016758 Sort of tough to block them when they use a Distinct Amount for phone you each time they phone. And they constantly seem to be calling out of a different state as well. When you attempt to Call that number back it consistently ends Upward within your old Phone Firm recording. You have accomplished a Amount which is not within service

Post by Sam,

818-201-6758 Don t ever response the scam Owner. Merely ignore or shut away your own ring. it s scam

Post by aje suspension,

8182016758 they keep calling each daytime saying that desire t buy our business and they don t even understand do you know business is. its W W W

Post by Mike Hunt,

818-201-6758 Credit Card Scam. Originates out of a Boost Cellular telephone number.

Post by Fed Up,

8182016758 These b turds just called and would t state anything. When I called back I was treated to a man belching followed by a Rob message This Customer cannot get messages at this time. How cute these crooks are. I may add this number for my Telephone s address publication Underneath SCAM thus I don t fuss Buying Upward again. I can Additionally instantly report them to Web. dentally. gov.

Post by irishsquaw,

818-201-6758 Just got my first call from this number did t reply. On reverse phone hunt it mentioned that yes it originates out of Laos Angel es that it's a acreage ling and your phone Service is Mower Communications Corp CA

Post by Andrea,

8182016758 I get several calls a week as nicely from numbers enjoy this. I overly 've told them to take me away there let several time. Now I Inquired for speak along with Supervisor and the Man said he s active now but he will telephone back. then he hung Upwards. Several times I 've reported them for your National Don't Telephone List as I 'm on your list. I called your Amount back and heard loud burp as well. Sometimes I let them go through their speech Subsequently tell them I don t have credit cards they Afterward hang up. These are so annoying. . I wonder how many Individuals Truly consider the and provide their personal Information and CC numbers.

Post by Nick Parrino,

818-201-6758 GO HEAD OTHER Choice . . . . . I do that same matter posted it Recently . We all need for do the same thing . That is the just thing we may do Actually . These scum bags won t Quit calling for anything if they're calling out of a cell Telephone . which it seems that they are we could at least eat Upwards your minutes . They're quick for hang Upward on people if we ask for be Chosen off your telephone list ma become to conserve time. Thus we could become on for something . D N C does not work phone trace doesn't work I 've tried for call block your Amount but Contact star service says it cannot block that Amount . Let s get a little self justice . Any more Notions PLEASE Let us Know. . . .

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Offering a credit card debt program.

Post by Sue & Bob,

818-201-6758 We have gotten this phone on both cell s amp on the property line. Time for Cease the. . Anyone know what Business that this is coming out of. Could we block on cells.

Post by Sam,

8182016758 Don t ever response this scam caller. Only Discount or shut away your ring. it s scam

Post by Bert Lasagna,

818-201-6758 Becoming calls from this Amount on my Cell Phone. These Ba star s use a Rob system to call any number within an area code. There's nothing you can can about it other than don t reply. You can report it to the FBI but that would be of small help since they Go around and many of these calls originate outside of that People. Just DON T Reply Appearance FIRST.

Post by Bob,

8182016758 Atlanta here been becoming the same Rob phone from the number at Various times of day the most current a few minutes Past. I called your back got a recording of a long male belch how Substantially did they pay him to insult your callers like that. Not enough it s a manly I ate overly many brats type of belch and a female express Afterward saying no messages could become taken. You are able to fiddle along with punching Amounts amp the pound hint but nothing works. They know they re being insulting they don t attention and they surely don t desire to hear out of you personally. . . unless you need to Speak Around credit cards. I don t head the Promotion thus Considerably but that insolence and rudeness sucks.

Post by sue,

818-201-6758 same thing happened to me

Post by Mrs. Sapper,

8182016758 Your number was on my caller ID today and there was no message on your answering machine. We receives telephone from this Amount at least 2 to 4 times a week. They 've left message before just enjoy many of the other Cards 've gotten i. e. lower your own credit card speed this is your own ND find etc. It is just a Waste that difficult working people have to Place Upward along with these types of calls. I feel bad for those that Actually need help and Sadly autumn for the scams and get Chosen.

Post by JP/z,

818-201-6758 Strike while I wan t home

Post by weif,

8182016758 The Firm calls along with a Registered message stating that it's your final phone they can create to you personally to lower your own credit card Funds and to press a key in the case one for offer your own data to an Owner. Eventually Betty Arrived on your line but refused for Supply a Telephone number or address on that grounds that she is a call center and call centers don't 've for provide any information for the people they call. This can be definitely a scam as they had no info about the credit card accounts they were calling in reference for.

Post by Toots,

818-201-6758 Came Dwelling and Discovered that W W W had called. Owner ID Additionally had CA. Does that mean California. I called your number and got a loud belch and a record that said that caller isn't Choosing calls at the time.

Post by John in Cincy,

8182016758 Spam phone about lowering credit card rate

Post by liz,

818-201-6758 Phone in Fresh YORK. Did t answer consistently Google before I do. Thank you for these post . .

Post by CKF,

8182016758 Simply gotten a phone from them. I 've a friend who lives within Burbank and saw it was a mobile W Amount thus replied presuming it was him. Got your automated phone. Did not listen long enough to get your press 1 for a Person Choice. I 'm on the Don't Telephone registry. Anyone on the Website complaining who is on the DC list should also file a Criticism on that Don't Call Authorities Site HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov complaint Criticism Assess. asp. Section 2

Post by Flow,

818-201-6758 've obtained numerous calls from this Amount. I 've Inquired them every time to remove my Amount out of their database. . . they have not done that so Much. It's a credit card company wanting you personally to lower your own attention.

Post by Thimbella,

8182016758 They constantly seem to phone when i m Eaton amp they told me they could lower my int remainder amp I said I Ian t got no problems wit anyone cause I gits no cash I gits no credit I Ian t 've muffin. They maid a slur foe me maintain black Afterward hung Upward the phone.

Post by irishsquaw,

818-201-6758 Just got my first call out of the number did t reply. On Change phone investigation it mentioned that yes it originates out of Laos Angel es that it is a property ling and your phone Service is Mower Communications Corp CA

Post by Part of the Solution,

8182016758 Got a call on my cell Telephone from the number. I returned it using phone blocking and got the expected belch . I left a telephone back number. . . your local Authorities department from Place emergency number. Hopefully this idiot may phone back and the Cops may respond Consequently. If your not component of that Remedy you re component of the Difficulty.

Post by keith,

818-201-6758 They keep calling and I ask politely for them to Discontinue. They go right within for their Program. Subsequently become rude amp hang Upward. . If you personally Face back you personally get a Large burp.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Solicitor

Post by cory,

818-201-6758 they keep calling after i tell them to take me off the phone list and it does not stop

Post by Guest,

8182016758 That Just Manner For Quit These Kinds Of Calls Is For Make Them Pay. Consistently Reply They 've To Pay For Finished Call. Keep Them Talking As Long As Potential Along with Fake Information Thus They Have To Pay More.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 Ignored your call as I get several harassing quot lower your own attention speed quot calls a day. Called the number on my caller ID for get a long belch in my own ear Used with quot The cellular caller isn't set up for get calls at the time. quot I m presuming if I don t answer these calls eventually they may stop.

Post by Xmas4me2,

8182016758 Received the phone Around credit card rates. pressed 1 intestine talked not great English what a surprise . Told him I don't 've credit cards and please take me off that list . When I repeated for remove my he Began chanting a few crap. Actually was kind of creepy. Told him for F away and Installed up. I 'm sure they may telephone back. . . I despise these people.

Post by Mike,

818-201-6758 It s a terrific idea for waste their time how about making them 've for Cope with your FCC. The calls are illegal and you are able to report them at FCC. gov Gripes. After a week or two your calls appear to magically stop maybe they're occupied Striving to come up with the W per instance Excellent. I vie got Coma and their community blacklist Characteristic really works. Once they are flagged as a telemarketer they could t get through to anyone along with Coma.

Post by t nelson,

8182016758 I am on that national do not call list. . I don t want the person calling me Around my credit card account I DON T 've ONE

Post by Matt,

818-201-6758 Unprofessional dolts who told me that Smell I was a cos mo and would never become a star. Alas. I 'm all choked up. Boo oho. He Additionally asked if I was drunk or what was I on. . . I consistently ask to be removed in the Owner s call list. If they don't Reply professionally I Chaos along with them until they hang Upwards on me. If this had been a professional Business rather than I Think a Number of acmes that phone would go a lot differently.

Post by Alex Copeland,

8182016758 That Simply Way For Discontinue These Kinds Of Calls Is To Make Them Pay. Always Answer They 've For Pay For Completed Telephone. Keep Them Talking As Long As Potential Along with Fake Info Thus They 've For Pay More.

Post by Guest,

818-201-6758 YES I Obtained A Telephone Telephone Out of Phone Amount W W W. quot WHAT AN IDIOT quot . LEAVES NO MESSAGE amp WHEN I DIALED Amount BACK Telephone Doesn't RING IT GOES DIRECTLY INTO A Recording ITS SOMEONE IGNORANT Only Letting Out A long LOUD BURP. I Have READ ON MANY LINKS The Phone Amount IS ON HOW Stupid WHOEVER This JERK IS. . . . I Find The NOT Funny ITS Fairly SOMEONE Very IGNORANT. RESEED Cops WHERE ARE You. The Phone Amount IS ALL Around Web With MANY LINKS. Inquire Number. Thus MANY Bad Remarks. This is Prohibited. Why WOULD I LEAVE MY NAME OR E Mail Around AN IGNORANT Ignorant Telephone. I Mentioned ABOVE This Telephone Amount IS ALL Over The Web Along with MANY LINKS With Thus MANY Negative Comments. I FEEL RESEED Police SHOULD Inquire OR Some Organization Within CALIFORNIA BECAUSE The Individual IS Obviously IGNORANT amp Your STATE OF Kansas WHERE I LIVE This really is AGAINST Your LAW amp The Phone Amount WOULD Be INVESTIGATED ITS CALLED AGAINST The LAW.

Post by Guest,

8182016758 Cc co

Post by RIck,

818-201-6758 I just reported the Amount to the FCC got the telephone and pressed 1 to Speak to some Representative O asked to be removed sort your list he said no I said I would report them for your FCC and he said FY and Put atop support. FCC. gov Grievances. hermits a scam maybe Ned to report to another agency

Post by Lemania,

8182016758 Said wireless Owner and I knew it was a system since there was no one on line so no 1 was available to offer me a spell about cc s. First time for me for a wireless Owner harassment. I expect this does not mean it can continue I Generally answer those will have for add call block now to my phone sigh.

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9193917392 Complains by Guest,

I called the Amount back and it was a machine that diffidently needed repairs it echoed just manner overly Considerably but out of what I could make Outside it was a telemarketer for a cruse Seeking to as a few questions and get me for buy something

5412571555 Complains by Guest,


5863354547 Complains by Guest,

Called me and left a express send but didn't state anything.

2196276015 Complains by Guest,

W calls today and counting who are these people

4508082857 Complains by Guest,


7023595573 Complains by Guest,

Keep calling at any time repetitive calls. Response machine full

6093340351 Complains by annoyed in VA,

Guy called me about 2am. Phone said private #. My phone dropped the call before he had a chance to say anything. I didn't know who it was or if it was an emergency (who calls random people that late??!). Couldn't call back because it was a private # but he txt me almost immediately. The phone number showed up his txt messages though.weird #: How are you? dis s james.Me: James who? I don't know a James. I think you have the wrong #.weird #: James CarterMe: I don't know a James Carter. I think you have the wrong #.Weird #: Just lookin for fren. I never textd back so 7 min later he sent me a photo of an Asian guy sitting at a table.

7187059090 Complains by Guest,

Google listing . . update

8652920385 Complains by Guest,

I did t reply.

8182276707 Complains by Concerned Parent,

I got a call out of a Female at the Amount yesterday saying she had obtained a email out of my Children email address but somehow had got my Phone Amount. No email was Directed} and when I told her that my Girl would not become doing any sort of modeling or such she Installed Upwards on me before that words were even from my mouth. I m Fearful the my be some kind of Firm that preys on young girls. Either a pedophile pornographic Facility or they could possibly become misleading you personally and grooming for your underground sex industry. I would become quite quite careful if you personally accepted their invitation. Your entire thing seemed very fishy for me.

9143036468 Complains by Guest,


9562576087 Complains by Guest,

Ifs Lt a ref quot HTTP . com quot gt Lt a gt

8003434587 Complains by Leigh,

It s Med co. . .

8023520514 Complains by Guest,

Playing on my phone

9298002015 Complains by Guest,

The Man is an idiot and scam artist. He Takes info. Block instantly.

9312474846 Complains by Guest,


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