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8194851157 / 819-485-1157

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33 complaints
Post by Maxim,

8194851157 Se snot dies unregistered Rome Friend De Scotch radio oi t l moi j AI recon nu UN bout De sketch De Andre Suaver Sir UN Apple De SE numb RI

Post by Steve,

819-485-1157 T AI re u UN Apple P} Ce numb RI Ce sour d UN Dwelling me dis ant P} Le laser tranquilly . . . ET UN faille par la Selection quad Mon Mari a Paris la liken nous dis ant vows Ave t pi g Level . . . . dies gens on raiment Du temps a Pedro . .

Post by c,

8194851157 blocker Ce numeric

Post by Martin,

819-485-1157 Marci pour cert explication. L Apple prevent Success P} Ce site la con. . .

Post by christine,

8194851157 Depp's heir nous receives dies apples com me Jew t AI vie Friend Facebook en pleasant etc. . . . . . m me UN faille quid appellate d UN clique d Seth toque pour UN Direction De sex ET me dis ant Que Jew NE poufs canceller UN renders vows. . . . . . . . . . . 4 Oranges 4 Joke. . . Opinion s en d brassier.

Post by Belzibut,

819-485-1157 re u UN Apple me dis ant Que ma Carter P} Cr DOT avid t utilize e pour UN site porno. En denier UN fem me me DOT vows Ave t pi g Level KIA. . . . . . . . . . claque Selected. Raiment d pl ac .

Post by Isabelle,

8194851157 Ce's Oranges prominent Chance P} gens Que Tu Connors. Tu pix coir par overly m me Sir Le site Kaaba. com. Tu chooses UN bl ague ET Tu entrees UN numb RI P} t l Telephone. Tu pix Aussie blocker ton numb RI a Patti De Ce site

Post by Jérémie Coderre,

819-485-1157 Nuisance telephone Level Ce numb RI Sp Le blocker.

Post by Raphael Bergeron,

8194851157 Jew Sui's Sufferer P} gang stalking De Ce Que pluses Apple Person COBOL e Jew me fa is sou vent applier par dies es ti P} con quid on rein a fa ire Que me dire dies nurseries d OMB Chile lamentable. accord Hui c ta is W heir W Jew Lao AI aloes trait er P} con UN couple P} foils Pius Janis laser Le t l Telephone overt claques minutes. Pix importer Ce Que c est cons cont me fa ire N Eritrea Jami's d exploiter Ce Que Mummer Yields Fiat meme Selected pour Andre as Ross ET SE's competitor defecation ET De pluses outre com me Stanley Meyer Frederick Newman Paul pan tone. Jew Avis continue De Monterrey dies prev ind nibble Orr fut Capable a tout Crux quid vex Les coir dies documentaries quid confirm Ce Que Le responsible d Apollo W Edgar Mitchell DOT ET Ce Que UN Anacin ministry P} la d fens Du Canada Paul hell yer quid DOT pas Male la meme Selected. Raphael Mont Laurie

Post by Shyanne,

819-485-1157 Tu Te's fa is fa ire UN Prank par UN site Web DEA pare unregistered . .

Post by Couple Gatineau,

8194851157 Just got a telephone out of a guy not youthful he was harassing us. Told the Police were beside him and it would Price W for get him out of trouble. . . and the story goes on. Attempted to call the cops in Gateau but nothing could become done apparently. We will block that Amount.

Post by Andrée-Lise,

819-485-1157 SP blocker Ce numb RI coir Les commentaries Jew NE vex plus Tank d Apple P} Ce numb RI please block the number judging by other Remarks I don t need to get any more phone out of this Amount.

Post by Me,

8194851157 I have been receiving Turn calls and even a few threats . . want quite definitely to understand who has the number thank you

Post by Martin,

819-485-1157 Marci pour cert explication. L Apple prevent Success P} Ce Website la con. . .

Post by Gil,

8194851157 meme afire ICU. UN armourers anytime. Bloke Le

Post by Gatinoise,

819-485-1157 Jew veins P} Tank UN Apple Friend Mon portable De Ce numb RI UN Dwelling quid dist Trey component Publicity t Que Illinois vomit Mon chine ET Que Il reassembled Au sine. Illinois SE plaint P} Mon chine quid jape tr op quid d range tout Le Monte. UN Pei Pressure ant quad t as casement UN chit P} claques mo is quid jape quad on Le met Danes SA Crate. . Jew Avis d enticement blocker Mon numb RI. .

Post by Patrick White,

8194851157 The guy makes Nuisance calls on cell phones. Please block him ASAP

Post by Richard,

819-485-1157 Jew recoils dies Apple telephonic d UN faille dis ant s enter De moi ET Que Ellie me vex etc Sp blocker Le numeric

Post by azhek,

8194851157 Jew veins P} reservoir UN Apple en provenance P} Ce numb RI ET UN Dwelling me daisies Que N Avis d biter W Friend Mother Carter P} Cr DOT Que Jew NE poss De pas d alley pour UN Website pornographic Illinois me demanded Mon numeric De Carter pour v rifer Jew Cross Que Si Jew saris Bonn a UN Carter De Cr DOT la campaigner connoisseurs Likelihood Mon numb RI Taint Que a moi Ce snot cerement dies angers.

Post by Jo,

819-485-1157 Depp's heir Que Jew re Oise dies canneries De Ce numb RI.

Post by joe,

8194851157 N AI re cu UN Apple en plain hour d UN House pretend ant Eyre UN Representative De security P} Carter De credit valiant con firmer . . . UN ac hat De Burns claque . . . pour finer Ave UN four Eire d UN nothingness feminine quid me DOT VOWS AVE TEE Pie GE Par . . . CAROLE.

Post by Shyanne,

819-485-1157 Tu Te's fa is fa ire UN Joke par UN site internet DEA pare unregistered . .

Post by Maxim,

8194851157 Se snot dies unregistered Paris Friend P} Scotch radio oi t l moi N AI recon nu UN Session De sketch P} Andre Suaver Sir UN Apple De SE numb RI

Post by tan,

819-485-1157 got 2 long voice mails out of the mad Collection of losers screaming all Jointly whats up as loud as they could over and around again swearing in french also heard a girl as well in your back ground laughing. . . . . . Only a Collection of pussy kids with nothing better for would. Have this Amount on rate dial for telephone them back if they continue for call. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Increase up already People.

Post by moi même,

8194851157 Jain re cu UN message pour la Dixie me foils. . . . . . . . . . . auxin rapport ET element unisex Que Jain pas pongee en plus a cert bl ague De Mavis gout. . . . . . . . Jain bloc Le numb RI par Mon t l phone. . . ET Jew Lao bloc Sir Le site notes. com Telephone. asp ca Operate. . . pour Core quid Ont Du Conditions a Pedro pour ca . . . . . . . . . penises Don a fa ire Cochise P} voter vie ET ceases P} d ranger Les gens .

Post by Isabelle,

819-485-1157 Ce's Oranges prominent Chance De gens Que Tu Connors. Tu pix coir Level too m me Friend Le site Kaaba. com. Tu chooses UN bl ague ET Tu entrees UN numb RI De t l phone. Tu pix Aussie blocker ton numb RI a Patti De Ce Website

Post by test,

8194851157 received a telephone saying Interpol is coming to seize people. . . Ridiculous

Post by fb,

819-485-1157 N AI re u UN Apple proven ant P} Ce numb RI . . . . raiment d sage able

Post by Chantal,

8194851157 j AI re cu dies bl ague De Mavis gout. . . Friend UN cell en plain hour raiment d sage Competent . . . blokes Ce numb RI Sp

Post by chantal,

819-485-1157 Mother Pure a re cu Ce Style d Apple . . vows Ave tee purge. . . . Opinion vows vows en tees d barres c est raiment stupider P} fa ire SA. . . . Marci

Post by Gina,

8194851157 N AI re u UN message d range ant moi Aussie accord Hui ET Jew veins d crier E-mail W protected T esp re Que Illinois cont fa ire Player Ce stupider Website internet.

Post by yoyoyooo,

819-485-1157 Kaaba

Post by chantal,

8194851157 ma mere a re cu Ce genre d Apple . . vows Ave tee Clear. . . . Opinion vows vows en tees d barres c est raiment stupider P} fa ire SA. . . . Marci

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9176282339 Complains by Guest,

Keep tr yin for get my info

3305078943 Complains by Guest,

I obtained three calls to my Occupation Website. Your number where I obtained that calls is a government Phone line.

3176538477 Complains by EJC,

They called threatening to take me to court for a debt of $189.00 but refused to tell me who the creditor was.  They threatened serving me with papers if I din't give them a bank account number to withdraw the funds from.

3306595443 Complains by Guest,


8135287863 Complains by Guest,


8175914003 Complains by MPSr,

These Indian sounded Pol said they were along with your Us govt. And that my Partner was Chosen to get W. we really demand that money thus they Sure her to create a W Money Contribution. She did now we re within an even worse position. Then after Thai money was wired. I called back an they said that they can sing people a nag cause we Only got scam ed.

9143399514 Complains by Guest,


3308994203 Complains by Guest,

That worst.

8002213207 Complains by User,

Same issue... received a text "OMG <name>" with a link... seems an obvious phishing scam and just deleted it.

8002573140 Complains by Michael,

Called at Am on a Saturday. Go House and love your weekend debt collectors.

8002149422 Complains by Buck,

I called them and it rang and rang and rang and eventually many guy along with a gravelly express answered and I told him for take me away their phone list. He said he would but they vie called back again.

8002326086 Complains by stacey,

called again. h amp r tax course

8002306738 Complains by Debbie,

Received a call out of the Amount. They would leave no name or company they were along with. Merely asked for Debbie I asked them to leave message she said there was none and would phone back After and Put Upward.

8002145326 Complains by Tweedel D,

The Firm CR'S Can t Remember called searching for my daddy and since I m a Jr they thought that I was he. Blah blah blah. I Simply forwarded him for my daddy by giving him HIS contact info address and work.

8002091854 Complains by chopper9,

Called my cell did not leave a message.

8002147894 Complains by Laurie Storlie,

A woman named Kimberly Johnson called me today from this number stating that the affidavit of complaint has been Registered against me. She previously mentioned that if I do not return her call by PM no time Sector indicated that i will be duly notified at my Set of employment and face a garnishment of my Salaries and a writ of Delivery at my Put of Home.

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