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2016-07-05 14:23:48
As your preceding comment called 4 times but never left a voice mail blocked them problem solved
2016-05-14 10:23:46
2016-05-06 21:47:29
Got a telephone from the number for a computer I was Marketing on CL. Offered that price W for would a transport via PayPal. Smells like your scam.
2016-05-06 19:13:34
W W W texts and makes threats to telephone Police and landlord. SARS he is here for appointment but needs unit Amount and them says it s his Property and he s having you personally evicted. Fake number.
2016-05-05 21:10:26
2016-02-16 08:43:16
block it
2016-02-16 08:36:57
who could it be.
2016-02-16 07:45:30
Keeps calling
2016-02-16 07:11:01
2016-02-16 06:33:19
unknown call out of this says number does not exist when you call back what type of backwards shady stuff is this. . .
2016-02-16 06:02:26
they offer keep testing me when I ask them not to
2016-02-16 05:56:53
Call and hang up
2016-02-16 05:49:47
Won t say a word when you telephone back number is disconnected
2016-02-16 05:23:38
Your Owner left no voice message.
2016-02-16 05:07:59
I had the same type message and now they are calling my younger youngster and threatening her. The folks are from control and have called me 5 times in less than W Min's. Calling my family members and threatening youthful Kids is uncalled for and there has to be a law to protect me from them contacting other Amounts on my Telephone Invoice.
2016-02-16 04:55:09
A Pakistani Lawyer or phisher.
2016-02-16 04:28:22
chatter and Subsequently a hang up
2016-02-16 04:27:16
Called and told me my number Arrived Upwards on that clear area hunt whatever that means Said my was on his Wii. . with.
2016-02-16 04:00:12
who is this.
2016-02-16 03:21:45
i received a see with that number on it Showing I might be eligible for share within your assets of a Insolvency case of Businesses I have never heard of Or 've an Organization with. Scam

Phone list in area 829

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8292160390Joyful Mother s daytime to all the Amazing mothers I understand. Trust you personally re having a great day. . Lisa42015-12-19 10:53:08
8295093618Your own Amount has been blocked. Guest62015-12-09 07:34:48
8293395408Scam phone don t response don t phone back. If you personally can you personally ll be chargedAlex12015-11-04 20:23:52
8293139703The Amount CALLS AND CALLS AND WHEN You personally Telephone BACK To TAKE Your Number Off THEIR CALLING LIST IT Just Rings AND Rings. . . ANYONE HAD ANY Experience With THESE Folks. CONFUSEDnANGRY12015-11-04 19:29:20
8298206770I want a New iPad 3 to try. FARMWIFE82015-12-16 10:14:20
8297311902Text MSG along with bit Lu link I did t follow the link. . . Guest92015-12-08 16:11:39
8294358770 Guest72015-12-10 00:13:51
8293392070Table rings once and hangs Upwards. over and over. Guest42015-12-15 00:52:04
8292302414Same as JV guy told me he was calling out of London On. But W is Toronto. Attachment Observations same annual evaluation. I Inquired him what he was Marketing and of course said nothing. I Inquired exactly why he is calling and he looked for believe everyone should know them. . . . . I don t so I hung up. Tired of telemarketers72015-12-14 20:56:24
8294156307Congratulations You won a W Best Purchase Card. Please Go For HTTP winner. cutesiest. Information WDesiree Hughes82015-12-16 18:13:42
8298692028Called continuously. Person on another line spoke nothing but Spanish. Called again using an unavailable number. 829-869-202812015-11-04 20:08:11
8294043617called twice but could not comprehend what they were asking thus i Merely Put Upwards. WF12015-11-04 20:11:30
8294699193Called at 1 Am. When I called back someone Decided up and Afterward Installed up. Guest42015-12-08 14:07:32
8293918506Seeking to collect Information about how Companies buy Energy. Credit card spamGuest72015-12-16 07:57:09
8292208900called gotten at 8 W Am no message leftDW12015-11-04 20:35:44
8294328140Started with 2 unknown calls immediately foll wed by multiple calls throughout the day from this Amount never left a message had it blocked. Rachel22015-11-04 20:37:54
8292194569Don't EVER Telephone This NUMBERGuest62015-12-09 05:41:21
8290008345Dominican Republic scam Do not Reply. . . 2 calls on my land line. HTTP Telephone. error. us W W new W Place code brings Outside scam artistsJohn IV62015-11-04 20:40:46
8290007684can you have a valid return Amount for them i tried calling back that Amount it did not workannoyed162015-11-04 20:41:29
8297962661Threatens for come to my home. Terrorize. Guest52015-12-14 06:31:38
8293852398I was taking a freaking Sleep and the Amount called me three times in a Line. So I tried calling out of my house that is a blocked number and the Agent came on and said it was an international Telephone call. So I called my my cell and he was some Spanish Men saying eel lo. eel lo. It was Unusual. And i m reading Peculiar Items on that internet about the Place code saying it s a scam in the Dominican Republic tricking people out of money. I m Actually confused. Joann12015-11-04 18:50:14
8293020022Called them for see I could get Solutions and what can you know the line is disconnected. Mary Anne62015-12-08 17:24:32
8295401771it is bothering meGuest12015-11-04 19:20:00
8293961912Has called me X within that last two times. I haven t replied. Leo12015-11-04 20:12:22
8293150027got text saying i was randomly selected for a present from absolute best Purchase. along with a link that i did t click on. Bo52015-12-19 06:34:36
8293709145Jonasjonas12015-11-04 20:56:58
8297222797HarassmentGuest42015-12-18 16:57:57
8299094018joyful fathers daytime and came from someone named Charlie ThompsonGuest52015-12-14 06:25:45
8298513249StalkerGuest42015-12-08 16:16:03
8299548190dGuest52015-12-18 17:05:30
8295661866Keep telephone my phoneGuest72015-12-16 21:04:10
8294410637unblockGuest52015-12-16 12:16:06
8299079234They continuously called and never said anything. Called back and that person would t respond. Guest12015-11-04 21:30:12
8297302997Gotten phone out of W W Scam. . . . lungman12015-11-04 21:31:38
8298022326needs to Alter your credit card rateGuest52015-12-10 20:08:41
8294316774Very likely it s a scummier pretending for become a DEA agent Striving to shake you down for a fake drug charge. Ron22015-11-05 02:03:46
8292353086I obtained a phone out of this number I did reply but i tool the Site. I know it wan t any Significant. RQ72015-11-05 02:39:35
8299570992klla para12015-11-04 21:39:13
8293969031harassmentGuest42015-12-09 07:32:26
8295526201. Guest62015-12-16 14:36:12
8299834432I need to retrieve my yahoo account and Shift my Telephone number for WGuest82015-12-18 16:58:51
8292621572Called 3 times. I did not response themhank12015-11-04 21:50:51
8296315295Attempting to lower my credit card interestGuest82015-12-14 14:36:36
8299068313Weirdo. . . keeps testing harassing texts 2 3 texts a dayGuest52015-12-16 12:12:46
8292889644Getting calls out of W W W since a week now. I called the Amount once Nonetheless someone spoke for me within foreign language that I could not Identify. However I Recall he told me that it's a wrong number. Still I got a call after 3 4 times. Someone again started talking and when I told that I would phone Police he Put up. CT12015-11-04 22:07:31
8296168602Obtained a telephone from the number while was talking on other line. Leo72015-12-15 01:23:59
8293481296Who are youGuest72015-12-14 09:25:33
8294975482Telephone you laterGuest42015-12-08 17:37:54
8295482270West lake Monetary ServicesGuest52015-12-19 02:23:29

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