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Telephone information: Ymax Communications Corp.. Spring Valley, NY. . United states
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Post by mary pruitt,

8454452833 I got a phone and a vim from this guy state in for my atty for phone him back at your Finish he says have a blessed day

Post by Guest,

845-445-2833 Talking bout legal matter great Fortune if I did t call back

Post by Mike in MD,

8454452833 It's illegal Underneath that Fair Debt Set Practices Work} but since when do Guidelines Really prevent Legal conduct.

Post by Ronda,

845-445-2833 I Simply got a call Now twice just saying that I Wanted for contact them ASAP me or my Attorney I 'm thus exhausted of these calls they need for Cease. He gave me his Telephone Amount and his name is Steven Franklin. All he said was God Bless me on what ever happens. How can we Discontinue these Individuals. Out of many of that posts I believe a firearm shot for their heads would. Did not leave that name of that Business though.

Post by Jackie,

8454452833 This can be a Complete SCAM. Steven Franklin contact me Additionally. That next time he called another Individual response the Telephone and told him that I the person they were Seeking to contact is deceased. Yes not alive. Calls Quit. Cannot SCAM a not alive person.

Post by gsw77,

845-445-2833 Did that same thing to me saying for contact my lawyer that they were calling from a lawyers office and were Striving for Gather an internet Cost. Bull W any 1 calling from your own internet service Service would identify them self.

Post by Guest,

8454452833 They called and left message that I was within a few problem and that either my Lawyer or myself Wanted to telephone back and when my attorney called them back she was asked for her Tavern Organization and when she refused for supply it until they told her what this was about they got quite hostile and Put Upward.

Post by C. McCarthy,

845-445-2833 Acquired a call from W W W from a Steven Franklin as soon as I said I was calling your Authorities he said you would what you have for and I may do what I have to might God help you.

Post by annoyed,

8454452833 It s amazing how ballsy they're. They started crossing your line when they call my brother within Jacksonville and parents within Ft Laud. State to be searching for xx xx and if they knew the best way to reach me. Scum bags

Post by Dino,

845-445-2833 I 've acquired many messages from the person and also got a Telephone call at work. They are scampers. I called them and they joke at you personally.

Post by Willow,

8454452833 W W NY Usa This number was calling me for 3 times now so Now I Solutions it and they told me my SS date of Delivery and told me that I applied for a loan online and my payment was declined for that Program Payment and that I need for telephone there Attorney and get it Correct out because in W hours I would 've a sheriff at my front door using an arrest Guarantee for my Charge thus when I asked them for there info so I could offer it to my lawyer they Installed Upwards. . . Had me freaking out until I looked up there Amount

Post by Mick,

845-445-2833 Oh my i Merely obtained a cal ll and left me a message along with the same name but has an Indian Highlight to telephone them correct away and not to Blow off that cal ll as matters will Distribute on me. . .

Post by Dawn,

8454452833 They won t answer calls out of an attorney attempted When they telephone I Only resound or Replicate everything they state Afterward I phone back and hang up about thirty times They are insane I asked for paperwork and they said they can t can that.

Post by lovely lady,

845-445-2833 He calls me for. I got him to Quit by simply saying i m sorry you've your Eton Amount . I have not heard out of here since. It all started when i app led for a payday loan. What a error.

Post by lovely lady,

8454452833 He calls me to. I got him for stop by Only saying i m sorry you have the Eton Amount . I haven't heard from here since. It all started when i Program led for a payday loan. What a error.

Post by Guest,

845-445-2833 Calling my Occupation threatening me calling me awful words. Saying that I am getting sued. Amusing matter is that I filed for bankruptcy and my credit it clear and I have no debt anymore.

Post by David Jones,

8454452833 Got a threatening phone out of this number W W W scummier for confident. . . . Inquired for my Lawyer for phone them. . . .

Post by Vera,

845-445-2833 If you personally send them cash you may be sorry that is a scam

Post by debbie,

8454452833 nicely they called an threatened me I'm a classic lady. they need to leave me alone

Post by Alfalfa,

845-445-2833 That National Commerce Commission FTC your nation s Client protection agency is warning consumers to be on the alert for scam artists posing as debt collectors. It may be difficult for tell that difference between a legitimate debt collector and a fake one. Occasionally a fake collector might even 've a few of your personal information enjoy a bank account number. A Owner could become a fake debt collector if he is seeking payment on a debt for a loan you personally do not Comprehend refuses for provide you personally a sending address or phone Amount asks you for personal Fiscal or sensitive info or exerts high pressure for attempt to frighten you personally into paying such as threatening for 've you arrested or to report you to some law enforcement Bureau. If you believe that a caller could possibly become a fake debt collector Ask the caller for his name Firm road address and Phone Amount. Tell your Owner that you refuse to discuss any debt until you personally get a Composed Agreement discover. The detect must Comprise your Sum of the debt the name of your Collector you personally owe and your rights under that federal Fair Debt Collection Methods Act. In case a caller refuses for provide you all of the information do not pay. Paying a fake debt collector will not always make them go away. They may create up another debt to attempt to get more cash out of you personally. Discontinue speaking with that caller. If you might have your Owner s address send a notice demanding that the Owner Discontinue contacting you and keep a copy on your files. By law Actual debt collectors must stop calling you personally if you personally ask them for within Composing. Do not supply your Owner personal financial or other sensitive data. Never provide Outside or support private Fiscal or other sensitive information like your own bank account credit card or Social Security number unless you personally understand whom you re dealing along with. Scam artists enjoy fake debt Lovers can use your info for commit identity Larceny charging your own existing credit cards starting fresh credit card checking account or savings accounts writing Fake checks or Choosing out loans in your name. Contact your own Collector. If the debt is valid but you personally believe the collector might not be contact your Lender Around the calls. Share your info you've about your questionable calls and look for Outside who if anyone that creditor has Approved for Gather that debt. Report the telephone. Contact your FTC and your own state Attorney General s office along with info about suspect callers. Many states have their own debt Set Guidelines within Add-on to that National FD CPA. Your Lawyer General s office can help you ascertain your own rights Underneath your own state s law. HTTP Internet. consumer. FTC. gov articles W fake debt collectors

Post by bjbutterfi,

8454452833 Same here Only now. Told me it was a legal issue and would just talk to my Partner. They have been calling for two times now Today that same man told my husband he had taken Outside a payday loan and would take him to court.

Post by annoyed,

845-445-2833 Seeing W it s linked to W and Franklin states Lawyer W W

Post by bmh,

8454452833 Telephone them back tell them off they Typically quit calling once they understand your own not going to cave within for there threats and send them cash. They are nothing but scampers they tell you personally you 've unpaid debt and there may become Charge warrants unless you pay them they could possibly 've a few of your own personal info. But your Base line can there be threats are hollow. Don t let them scare you personally out of money

Post by Carol,

845-445-2833 I 'm getting these same calls at least a couple times a week I consistently let it go to voice mail. That same Amount W W W. The messages I am becoming are quite garbled and tough for understand but they do say that I need to 've my Attorney phone them back and if they don t hear back from me could God help me . Don t understand how they 've my Amount but I never return their calls because I understand they're a scam. They are Only preying on people to frighten them and con them out of their money.

Post by Lee,

8454452833 These are gangs of Indian and Pakistan phone extortionists. Your man callers Additionally like for telephone women and make sexual Recommendations to them if that cash part of your scam USN t working for a few reason.

Post by Guest,

845-445-2833 That is a scam that Owner said I or my attorney need to phone him back by end of the daytime. He said if we did not all he could can was wish me good Fortune. He would not say what is was Around and I did not call back. . . He doesn't Chat English and is difficult to comprehend.

Post by amanda,

8454452833 Likely not one matter. Its illegal to impersonate a Specialist for a Begin. And its pretty clear the number is being used for multiple scam operations. Some mention loans many that Microsoft scams. HTTP DI. Oregon. gov People alerts cash net payday. HTML HTTP Web. cachets. com consumer notices HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta fortified . . . locators eventually HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta ABC . . . service Problems HTTP Www. clearheaded. com news Clark Howard . . . r phones NFC HTTP Web. internet security. org Post. PP. id W HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta behaved . . . W HTTP Web. Customer. FTC. gov Posts W fake debt Lovers HTTP Web. diversion. USDA. gov Cafes press releases extortion's. HTML HTTP Internet. FDIC. me fake process server injunction HTTP notes. com Newsgroup ta CBC . . . net S's Techniques HTTP Web. FTC. gov news events press releases . . . rt refund scamp consumerist. com W W W that Man on . . . ably a scummier HTTP Internet. Microsoft. com security online privacy prevent Telephone scams. news. sifted. com news Cool Telephone Tech . . . on W. Web. FTC. gov IPA W W pecan. shortstop Internet. scam watch. gov. Au content index. HTML item Id HTTP Web. internet security. org sec world. PP. id W

Post by Guest,

845-445-2833 harassing

Post by mark,

8454452833 i had a similar phone from the same name mentioned when i questioned them they Simply hung Upwards your phone.

Post by Guest,

845-445-2833 That is a scam. . We vie gotten calls like this before along with Practically your exact same Software. These Folks are scam artists and I vie reported them for the Cops. They use Distinct phone numbers but they re all foreign and can hardly speak English. They use American names and claim for become Lawyers. They re not. . I checked that 1 attorney s name and he was a retired state Lawyer and not foreign. Blow off all calls enjoy the. They re foreigners who use scare Techniques to extort cash out of Americans.

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8051914235 Complains by jim,

called again 5 W W at 3 W PST pm today. no messages left. CID says California call. telephone blocked.

8312374538 Complains by VancouverCanada,

Called me at 5 W PST Now June Th. women said sunset enterprises and that i won a trip to Cancun would i enjoy details. I Put Upwards on her.

8187996186 Complains by TaWanda,

I have received calls from this number and it is indeed from St Jude's.  I am a monthly donator and have requested NOT to be called.  I do know that they call to see if one can give an extra amount, which I do not do since I can't afford more than I already give.  It is a real charity asking for help.  They do wonderful work with children and cancer research and have saved many lives and discovered many treatments for childhood cancers and other deceases.

9196740027 Complains by Guest,

Debt consolidated

9416504123 Complains by Guest,


8887713380 Complains by Guest,

unwanted call

4804279358 Complains by Guest,

Marketing things

5127928889 Complains by Guest,

u could only text this number

8002147852 Complains by Slogramps,

Additionally getting recorded calls 3 or 4 times a week for several months out of this number and stating an account Amount that doesn't exist within any of my records. Don't have any idea who or what entity is calling as no name or company name is given. And of course never have will not call your W Amount given. Has anyone else Moreover Paul and me gotten these harassing calls.

8002526148 Complains by Brenda,

W W Accessibility Monetary. . offering check in go and allied cash Progress . .

8002702429 Complains by Guest,

Repetitive calls

8001519012 Complains by Bill,

Call me any time you personally sluggish .

8002074359 Complains by Guest,


8002615962 Complains by Guest,

About many Ignorant W gift card

8002722461 Complains by ja,


8002021097 Complains by Guest,

Wrong Man Stop calling me morons. . .

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