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Post by A Mraz,

8458421177 Look Only send back auto text answers. The manner you personally don t have for answer and it shows an official return message not to telephone. Also it Actually screws along with their calling system when they get text reactions back on their property lines.

Post by Jar-Lo,

845-842-1177 Whatever Telephone Firm is Marketing the W block of Amounts needs to shut them down for inappropriate use of that phone lines. Last I heard these scams are illegal. FCC GET Involved amp Place THEM Out of Company . . . . .

Post by Renee,

8458421177 Been getting repeated calls along with no message out of the number

Post by Michelina Caso,

845-842-1177 same here. It Looks that they are Attempting for get our credit card info for Statement me for things that I dint concur along with.

Post by T Mack,

8458421177 keeps calling 5 8 times per day and leaves no message

Post by Badge714,

845-842-1177 . . . and I ll Gamble they re mean to their Mom and Undo that tops on Sodium shakers in restaurants.

Post by Chrissy,

8458421177 I got a call AFTER PM said that they got my number from Someplace could t comprehend and asked if I had Creatures in my Residence. I Required they take my number of their calling list and Installed up.

Post by susan,

845-842-1177 I get several calls out of the number but never reply.

Post by Scott,

8458421177 Keep getting calls from this number and no just one is on another end. Only hear a click Subsequently I hang Upward. Recently though I turn turn that Telephone on the off again. No messages when it Visits express mail either. Quite ANNOYING. . . . .

Post by Jane,

845-842-1177 They keep calling my cell phone

Post by Vicki,

8458421177 Very Substantially enjoy everyone else. Keeps calling throughout the daytime each daytime. No message. I overly 'm on your DC list and have been forever. I have no Late bills. Getting really sick of these calls. Wish that individuals who were in charge of the would also Google the number to understand how Substantially they are turning people away even if it just May}n' become for an excellent motive.

Post by Josh,

845-842-1177 I replied amp told him my pet died. Hopefully no more calls.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Alabaster. com They own pet smart Dog co etc. . repeatedly calling saying I signed Upwards with them. If you personally don t want for buy anything block them. . .

Post by solomon,

845-842-1177 the caller is out of India. that Telephone number has been spiffed. if you reply that telephone they trap your own Telephone number and use it for calling Global. these piss drinkers do the a lot. Would NT Reply the number. scam scam

Post by FED-UP,

8458421177 Love it. .

Post by PJ,

845-842-1177 Don't phone. Is there a legal manner to get to these Individuals.

Post by vivian,

8458421177 they said that I Closed Upward for something which I never did. they had my full name and address. they wanted for affirm that address for send me something.

Post by Leah,

845-842-1177 Continues for call

Post by Mollie G,

8458421177 when this number shows Upward it will say Carmela NY I don't response any calls I don't Comprehend they don t leave a message. Later the number calls and ask for Mollie and keeps repeating it about times. Hangs up and doesn't leave a message. Who are you personally and what would you need. . . . . . . I am quite Ill and I can t become bothered.

Post by emma,

845-842-1177 Cease CALLING ME OR I May REPORT You. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Mary Anne,

8458421177 Called me multiple times today never leaves a message won't reply if no message left believe its a scam for make cash last call was at 8 W pm don't desire phone calls out of unknown

Post by S K,

845-842-1177 Your DC does do its Occupation. People tend for really misunderstand how it works and Usually do not comprehend the DC doesn't protect you personally from the scams frauds extortionists and that unscrupulous terrible s that refuse to obey laws. Charity s and political along with a few survey s are exempt from this. Most of those may Set you personally on that their Central DC if asked though and there is a political DC it works quite well overly I May}n' add list you can indication Upwards with. Grievances Registered with the DC and other agency s are used to establish a Sample Subsequently they can take Actions. They would create Failures they do Wonderful them and they would create arrests. You personally Additionally demand to recognize that many of these terrible actors are located in foreign State s and then their government has for work along with ours. Slow it could possibly become but it does happen. The more complaints Registered that more info they 've to go on. HTTP . org index. please would file reports with your FBI your own state attorney general and Department Of Justice FTC amp FCC Consequently along with the kind of calls you get. . HTTP Internet. ICC. gov Standard. Web. FBI. gov HTTP Web. . gov HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp. Section 2

Post by gcteacher,

8458421177 Calls several times a daytime. Leaves no messages. Only hello Hi. Quite annoying

Post by DeAnna,

845-842-1177 They phone repeatedly any time of day. Try ed to return calls got recording. They get your Amount out of a few kind internet correspondence you have had. Operating me crazy.

Post by Charles Watson,

8458421177 Calls come within About every hour throughout the day into that night. They leave no message and when I vie Decided Upward that Telephone it disconnects. Quit CALLING we have been registered on the DC registry.

Post by Zerlina,

845-842-1177 Yes same as everyone else they phone 6 to W times a daytime haven t replied it yet I may block your number

Post by Alfalfa,

8458421177 Contact your own telecommunications Service for assist along with blocking the calls or invest in a phone blocking Unit.

Post by call block machine,

845-842-1177 Call. . . . 1 W W W To Ask FOR A Number 1 Phone BLOCKER. . . STOPS THESE CALLS For your Number. . . Www. Number just one. com IS Your Website. . .

Post by Dennis,

8458421177 Owner Inquired for me by name and said that I was eligible for many free pet Things. They said that they were associated along with many pet companies I remember they said premeds Dog co and others They Needed to Confirm my data. When they asked for my Start date I told them that they were not getting any personal Information and hung Upward.

Post by Tami Kelchen,

845-842-1177 Please stop calling me or at least leave a message so I understand who you are. That rudeness on my replying machine Hi. . . . Hi. . . . Hi. Will not count as a message.

Post by Laura Russell,

8458421177 the number calls me all day and into that night no just one can there be when I Choose Upwards Merely beeping. I attempted to phone it back but get nothing but beeps. . . . .

Post by bp,

845-842-1177 something Around pets was at W pm. I told your lady do you personally understand that it is W o Time at night she said I m sorry and kept on talking I hung up on her

Post by Susan,

8458421177 Calls repeatedly and dozen t leave message. I am on the do not call list.

Post by Bryan Nelsen,

845-842-1177 Calls 2 or 3 times a daytime and never leaves a message.

Post by premiun,

8458421177 Miguel. . . Es no SE 've hay Que append a sear accredits. o Nickel en Que Te beneficial a ti. pines bi en y no lo vulva's hazer. . . .

Post by Mary Stambaugh,

845-842-1177 These people call my number two and three times a daytime in any respect hours. It appears to be Life lock. At any speed I desire it Ceased. When I present in and answer your phone I get two high squealed beeps and then nothing.

Post by cindy,

8458421177 Leave calling me. . .

Post by Hayduke,

845-842-1177 This Amounts called people at least once a daytime for that past couple of weeks. We keep your Facsimile machine set to response on that Th ring Simply for calls such as these. Maybe I need a boat horn.

Post by E West,

8458421177 Telephone blocker May}n' help.

Post by Krystal Hethcoat,

845-842-1177 Called me twice no express mail either time

Post by transponder,

8458421177 When these Individuals telephone it goes right for homeland security that FBI is Following your fake calls Regular.

Post by LISA,

845-842-1177 I GET CALLS From The Number 5 TIMES A DAY

Post by evelyn,

8458421177 Calls Five times a daytime from morning till late nighttime over it

Post by Hayduke,

845-842-1177 The numbers called people at least once a daytime for your previous couple of weeks. We keep your fax machine place for response on your Th ring just for calls such as these. Perhaps I demand a boat horn.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Calls leaves NO MSG . Sick of them.

Post by christine,

845-842-1177 I am going for response Police Section next time and see what happens. Lola

Post by Guest,

8458421177 I m getting repeated calls and no just one says anything.

Post by shelley,

845-842-1177 Keep getting calls no one answers when I Select Upwards. they are calling on my cell phone so I despise to answer it. . Simply to get Priced for minutes. Thus I click I could t Discuss correct now along with call declined. Trust I don t get Priced for that.

Post by cc,

8458421177 The Do not Phone List law is a list of numbers that don't want telemarketing calls and a law Demanding Companies not to telephone them. Valid Companies follow that law. But for a scummier its Simply 1 more law to break. For this scummier strive blocking that Amount. Request your phone Business how. Or buy a telephone blocker. There are several recommended by your regulars on the site. If they're calling your own cell you are able to Place your Amount in your own Connections list and assign it that ring tone no ring . That may send your calls to voice mail without ringing.

Post by Eileen Brutico,

845-842-1177 Could t stand getting unwanted calls.

Post by S.V.B,

8458421177 Yep Clad 3 t Ines Around Items for my dog don t even 've one Simply told them not interested And Put Upward.

Post by Susie,

845-842-1177 I adore it. . . .

Post by Sharon G. Stark,

8458421177 Receiving phone calls out of this number several times a daytime and into your Night. I 'm on that DC registry why do I still get these calls.

Post by Alex,

845-842-1177 I started getting that calls Around a week ago. Simply enjoy everyone else no message left. I called back and just Put up. Place says Brand new York

Post by JO,

8458421177 Repeated calls enjoy that others . . . . . . until Now . . . . I replied correct away but in a hushed voice said I did it but there's a terrible lot of blood . . . what would I would now. Caller hung Upwards . . .

Post by John K,

845-842-1177 Fax call X a day for last week.

Post by cat,

8458421177 W calls within W minutes. it s ridiculous

Post by Charlene,

845-842-1177 Please don't telephone our Amount. We have been not interested whatsoever. . .

Post by Misty,

8458421177 Kept ignoring for several days. Your Man said let me finish and I told him for Quit calling Afterward he hung up on me.

Post by Susan Fullana,

845-842-1177 Calls repeatedly. Called back for request them for remove my number and they Installed up on me. When they replied said. . are you personally calling for save hundreds of dollars.

Post by annoying,

8458421177 Same as everyone else. I m on don't telephone list and they keep calling within your day and into the evening Around each hour or thus.

Post by C Verdugo,

845-842-1177 Two loud beeps is all I heard. . . Sounds like the Starting of a Economical sci fie thriller. Anyway I got that phone. Your Enlarged history display on my phone shows UNKNOWN CONTACT W W 7 W PM That was Merely around a half hour ago. I Merely woke Upward. I think I was probed. Some of the Actually happened. Thanks

Post by NS Wade,

8458421177 I 've eight calls from this number in less than W hours but. . . . no message

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 using Nairobi for block this clown

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Stop. . Each W minutes. . . Idiotic.

Post by annoyed,

845-842-1177 Stop calling. Never registered on their site. They have a statement that says please Take your apologies and for send them your email address. can would no such thing

Post by Annie,

8458421177 Get at least two calls day out of this number and if I Choose up it sounds like it s Striving for Facsimile. . . Cease calling. .

Post by Christa Spurlin,

845-842-1177 This number calls numerous times a day but never says anything. They never give a Firm name or anything. I want them to Discontinue and my Amount to become taken off there list. Cheers.

Post by Wayne Terry,

8458421177 When I replied there are 2 bops Afterward sounds enjoy an open line W W at 8 W pm W W W 9 Am W PM 3 PM 4 PM 7 PM W W 9 Am W 'm 2 PM 5 PM

Post by Darlene,

845-842-1177 I Typically get 2 for 3 calls out of this a daytime and I don t want them calling I don't have a company that is my private phone

Post by Chelle,

8458421177 I could see that you re too Ignorant for see anonymous said which was that contract info for the owner of the Business making your calls not he made all your calls himself. Read totally and comprehend before Publishing ABA response calling someone Mindless. It Merely shows your Degree of stupidity. A previous poster said he worked for that Business and named that Individual as your owner.

Post by pauletta,

845-842-1177 Eight to W or more calls per daytime. Greatly Highlighted voice telling a loan application was Accepted or i Have WON AN ALL EXPENSE PAID Vacation ABROAD OR THAT i 'm In Your Closing Lap OF A MILLION Money PRIZE DRAWING OR THAT I 've WON OR Qualified FOR SOMETHING I Have NEVER Inquired FOR OR Applied FOR IF I Try and Phone That Amount BACK I Notice A Record TELLING ME Your Number Is not Within SERVICE OR AN Intro Thus GARBLED AND Heavily Highlighted It is NOT To Be Understood.

Post by Karen,

8458421177 Call your Attorney General with your Gripe. Additionally that Better Company Bureau to your county.

Post by Grannyof12,

845-842-1177 So happy I located this site. . This number is being used to call the phone several times a daytime. . . . each daytime. We do not answer it since we read about that scam. Would love it for Quit.

Post by Jan,

8458421177 Another phone same crap no message. .

Post by melissa collins,

845-842-1177 last 3 times been get tin calls out of W W W. they telephone at 5 or 6 times Ada. its really get Container aggravating. i want they would Stop call within me

Post by Machelle,

8458421177 Received telephone from the Now. Called it back and got recording that it was for All about your Baby or All About the Pet and for leave a message for a callback within W minutes or E-mail E-mail W protected

Post by kdeekaye,

845-842-1177 This is among several Amounts calling me away that hook Recently. . . . . no reply by your time i determine if i wanna attempt answering this time or not. . . . .

Post by AJ,

8458421177 I believe I m going to start calling this number and do a telemarketer type call Hello is the that Girl man of the home. and go from there. . .

Post by Dan,

845-842-1177 Repeated calls Day-to-day.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Calling 5 6 times a day

Post by allaboutthe scumbags.com,

845-842-1177 Fantastic. Another site where I could list your Telephone numbers of other scampers for you personally to phone. Stay busy along with each other and let Actual Folks alone.

Post by Meme,

8458421177 Calls several times a day. I have no Thought who it's and don t answer

Post by Arlene,

845-842-1177 Calls come for my Telephone every daytime every hour. I 've told persons for Quit but still continue.

Post by R Titerle,

8458421177 've obtained several calls from the number within that last two times. No message left. I do not response if no 1 begins talking to leave a message. I 'm also on your Don't Call List.

Post by Monica,

845-842-1177 A guy called Now along with a substantial Indian Feature and told me I had a virus on my computer and he could slightly fix it if I gave him accessibility. I cursed him Outside and hung up.

Post by Liz,

8458421177 Called. . . left no message

Post by Rosie Fedor,

845-842-1177 Please Place me on a don't phone list. . . . people are trying for sleep here. . .

Post by Just me,

8458421177 Call several times a daytime so went into my AT amp T Telephone blocker and added them to that ever growing list. Additionally if You're becoming a phone from a Amount that says unavailable and shows a 1 for that Telephone number it's most likely a computer calling your own computer. Phone AT amp T and they can resoluteness the question immediately.

Post by nevermind,

845-842-1177 called them back at your Amount which was calling me and politely asked them for remove me from their list. they asked if i wanted for hear Around their offer. i said no please Simply remove me from the list. they Approved that phone number and said you might have been removed. not a phone since.


8458421177 Hope you reported them to the FTC and your FCC and not Merely the DC. . HTTP Web. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's Grievances. dentally. gov complaint complaint check. asp. Screen HTTP Www. Customer finance. gov Criticism You May}n' need for consider Purchasing a phone blocking Unit or Telephone Additionally. . HTTP Web. amazon. com s ref busboys. URL hunt alias DPs amp field keywords call blockers

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Telemarketer can keep calling won't stop.

Post by Robert,

8458421177 This Amount calls everyday 4 5 daily what a pain. They don t give Upward

Post by nickdanger,

845-842-1177 Calls your house W times per daytime. Do not pick up and still calls. From Carmela NY.

Post by shawnad716,

8458421177 I 've asked them to take me away that list several times and they still call several times a day

Post by E West,

845-842-1177 Call blocker May}n' help.

Post by Donna,

8458421177 WT . . . Non English speaking person calls me Around my pet food and i tried to tell him I am not interested within whatever he has and he just keeps babbling on. . . .

Post by Crit,

845-842-1177 They call my Telephone Approximately X s a day and leave multiple messages along with Hello are you personally there. . It s my freaking express mail. I eventually called them back and played a demonic express out of You tube at them. They hung Upwards. Perhaps they can stop calling. Will there be away for get them to Discontinue calling.

Post by Ana,

8458421177 I keep receiving calls out of 1 W W W so I put that number on reject call but for the previous 3 weeks I still have been receiving calls out of the number. Who is calling. When I response no 1 response so I Merely hang Upward. Who is calling from the Amount and.

Post by Smiths,

845-842-1177 Got just one today out of this Amount W W W and upon pulling that Info Saved in your digital phone I located Upwards for W per day for that past week Beginning on that Th of July. No messages until I got 1 today from someone asserting my wife was interested within Buying a bed. . . I told the foreign Highlighted Audio to go annoyance someone else. Will contact my phone Firm to block Amount.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 I blocked your number and the Individual calls and doesn't leave a message

Post by jb,

845-842-1177 stop phone out of the number

Post by Dawn,

8458421177 Keeps calling whatsoever hours don t response it because I don t Comprehend the Amount.

Post by Mark,

845-842-1177 Calls each daytime no MSG.

Post by mik,

8458421177 numerous calls daily. . no message

Post by Sally,

845-842-1177 they Only start calling me. they call about 4 times a daytime leaves no message dint understand who they're this really is quite annoying

Post by Marie,

8458421177 Calls several times a daytime. Leaves no message

Post by Redranger,

845-842-1177 They keep calling. I Only now finished filling out a Gripe under that do not call registry. If enough Folks file a Grievance they will get a Enormous Great eventually.

Post by Frances,

8458421177 I 'm on a National do not telephone list and got a call from these people.

Post by me,

845-842-1177 did not response. no message

Post by Marti,

8458421177 The number keeps calling but dozen t say who or what they want. Its annoying.

Post by cheryl martinez,

845-842-1177 they phone 5 times a day Beginning at 9 am til 9 pm. . . . . . . my cell is on your DC list amp Though W W W calls each single day. . . . . . . . . . . . . how can i make them stop. . . . . .

Post by Linda Allen,

8458421177 That Telephone rings and when I reply it there is a loud Loud beep. I don t understand who this can be as they never say anything just the annoying beep that Really hurts my ear. They telephone several times a day every day.

Post by Misty Gutierrez,

845-842-1177 I would appreciate if they would Cease calling.

Post by virginia,

8458421177 becoming all these calls I called back talked a many lady demanded I become Set on the do not call list

Post by Doris Gibbs,

845-842-1177 Don't know Business name list no Amount and I don't call back because of potential scam calls several times Ada in minutes of each telephone leaves no message

Post by Chelle,

8458421177 I can see you re overly Ignorant to detect Private said that was your contract Information for your owner of that company making the calls not he made all your calls himself. Read entirely and comprehend before posting ABA reply calling someone Ignorant. It Simply shows your Amount of stupidity. A previous poster said he worked for your Business and named that Man as that owner.

Post by Keith,

845-842-1177 They 've called 6 times within less than W hours. I refuse for response I have no business for conduct within NY. But I can go by an atmosphere horn now. I Love that Notion.

Post by Donna Humphrey,

8458421177 Harassing calls W times a day. Not interested. Even when I hang Upward they repeatedly telephone back

Post by MAB,

845-842-1177 These turds have been calling Upwards to W times a day for that previous week. I don t answer as I don t know anyone within NY. I 've reported them for that DC and FCC. Next stop will by my state s AG. Additionally have reported them to my Telephone Company for what good that ll do.

Post by Jan,

8458421177 This is the third phone that I received today out of this Amount I 've for replied any of them and no. 1 leaves a message. These calls are a pain within that End. .

Post by vjm,

845-842-1177 They keep calling even after I 've asked to be removed from their list.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Never answer me when I Select up

Post by Michael C,

845-842-1177 Called my Google Express 2 7 W 8 W PM. Appears for have rightfully Delivered it for spam.

Post by Connie,

8458421177 receiving telephone out of the number 8 times a daytime for a week. Place on DC list

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 won't Cease calling

Post by Nikki,

8458421177 I 've obtained at least W calls from the Amount over that previous week or more. Sometimes it's 2 or 3 times in one day. I have answered it a couple times and it only makes a Sound enjoy a Facsimile machine Afterward hangs Upward. Very annoying. Do I make it stop. Caller ID just says from Region

Post by Michele,

845-842-1177 Wonderful. That Finish.

Post by Scotty,

8458421177 that scampers get dumber and dumber. . . enjoy we Bad Dumb folk Ian t pa yin no head. . . . LOLA took your Amount and added it for my Accurate caller Program on my mobile. and they Additionally called at 8 PM. . I will never Notice out of them again. . it s a great free Program for your own phone. Go get it.

Post by no answer,

845-842-1177 They called me did not know the Amount so i knew it was spam. no answer

Post by Thomas Ponder,

8458421177 I don t ever reply that Telephone who I don t understand is calling. They could leave a message if they Actually demand to Discuss for me. . . Thus I looked this clown Upwards and he needs his kicked. . . .

Post by UPSET,

845-842-1177 Only obtained a call. Heard a Spanish speaking man in your History along along with a few music. Subsequently a man having an Feature told me that I d been chosen to win a few free Dog merchandise. I told him for get lost and I Put Upwards.

Post by t_turner,

8458421177 My Child s prepaid phone just got a telephone and they said the same matter.

Post by Debi,

845-842-1177 They phone my cell each hour all daytime long they never leave a message if I response I get music. They 've been calling me for about W days now Ridiculous. . . . .

Post by TraLiz,

8458421177 Tool the on my caller id but no message was left. Waiting for a few Doctor calls and was Frightened this was one of them so I called back. Your guy that replied said I signed Upward for receive free stuff from All Around The Animals . He knew my name and address my is Underneath my Partner s name so he did t get that Information out of Owner ID and asked me for my zip. I never Closed up for anything of path and did t provide him any Information. Makes me a bit nervous that he knew my full name and street address. Where could I report this scam.

Post by deni,

845-842-1177 They Only called me appropriate now and then I said hold on CZ nobody would say nothing when I Strike mute a woman Arrived on amp Only said Hi and then she hung up.

Post by Gary,

8458421177 I have been becoming repeated calls from W W W. Annoying. . Can the become stopped.

Post by bj,

845-842-1177 Get numerous calls throughout that daytime. The number hangs Upwards when I answer.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Keeps calling. Won t leave message. I even have them block with Mr. Amount.

Post by Kimmie Ritter,

845-842-1177 Calls a dozen times or more Day-to-day W hours a day. . . I receive them every two hours enjoy clockwork. . . They never leave a message and When I do answer they hang up on me or send me straight to music. This has got for stop. . . What can I would for end the.

Post by ChelleC1026,

8458421177 When a message is left it's a low beep that lasts W seconds. They telephone about 6 times a day Beginning within your early morning. I blocked them after reading the Website but I 'm broken as to how just one Amount can belong for thus many different organizations.

Post by acela,

845-842-1177 Merely enjoy everyone they phone about 6 times a day don t leave a message but 2 times kept saying Ace la Select up is quite Significant I understand You're House . . . . . . very annoying

Post by John W. Harris,

8458421177 Each Daytime a few times 3 times it is and Determine Man . I want the for come to some closed .

Post by CO,

845-842-1177 Calls several times a day. I never pick Upward. Goes for replying machine and no MSG left. Specific it is a VIP Rob phone. Absolute best never for reply.

Post by Sherri,

8458421177 They call me about 5 times a day for that last 2 weeks. There are 2 beeps . . . Afterward a person when they phone me. Once I called them back but did t state anything so they Began saying Hello. Hello. Alan. Alan. . . . my ex husbands name. He is not associated with my Telephone account so it would t come Upwards on their Owner ID. Others times I vie called them back and they said Hello could I please speak along with . . . oh. . . Hello this can be all about pets are you calling to save hundreds of dollars. I m thus confused and frustrated.

Post by Roz,

845-842-1177 I 've been getting calls from them and Only called them back. They Inquired if I was ready for receive hundreds of dollars value of Gifts for my Animals. Told them no I was Prepared for have them take me away their ricking list and not call me anymore. That response I got was oh Ok but sweetie since I 've u on the line. TH. Next time they call it s time to Hotel a Criticism with that don't phone Pol. Won t hold my breath on that working either. Morons.

Post by kipper,

8458421177 Called TWICE within five minutes. . . Both woman identified themselves after many efforts to comprehend their significant Feature as Signifying All About Animals a company that does not exist Showing my husband who is overseas Joined a Match just one Individual and. or bought merchandise from one of that Firms they symbolize. Obviously a scam. Enormous Frequency they were all place for mail me a huge package of coupons products and fanciful offers for FREE. . . . for a Payment. . . . . . Unconscionable. Fake attempt to defraud a pot entail victim. I m on the CT No Call List. . . what the heck does that mean to these Individuals. . . .

Post by ambrad2,

845-842-1177 They telephone my Telephone Day-to-day I don't have any Thought who they are and I do not want for know. What gets me is that my Telephone number is on your National Do not Call Registry yet they continue to phone.

Post by marj,

8458421177 acquired call n Owner said Hi Marge u desire for save for Ur Animals let me Check info. Said I wan t interested n they said I filled Outside information n mentioned W Dog melds. Never filled out anything. I called back n Inquired where they were located n Specific name. Jose said he was calling n located in Fresh York and he had my name n part of my address. Peculiar he Afterward said someone could 've done it on my Part. he said Firm name was all Around Animals. Strange. . . . . . . . .

Post by donna,

845-842-1177 Thus number calks repeatedly. I want it for stop.

Post by Kathy - GA,

8458421177 It is All about your own Pets call ling I did not contact them or indication Upward for anything out of them I don't understand how they got my Amount but I talked for someone Now July 8 W. I told them for take both my cell phone and home Telephone Amount from their system. He said he would but I Additionally told him I would contact an attorney if your calls did not Cease and I Additionally told him I had already called once before and requested them take me off your calling list. Thus I will Upgrade if this worked for me so others can perform the same. . . Great luck. .

Post by Roger L.,

845-842-1177 I tried emailing your own company at E-mail W protected and this is what I got back. Matters are going for get horrible if you keep calling my kid s phone. Sorry we were unable to Supply your own message to this address. Lt E-mail W protected gt Rural Sponsor said W 5. 1. 1 Lt E-mail W protected gt Individual address rejected alabaster. com RCPT

Post by sue,

8458421177 I m becoming Ill and weary of this Amount calling me. I vie told them repeatedly not for telephone but continue to can thus.

Post by g. s.,

845-842-1177 calls in any respect hrs. of day. can anyone do any matter Around these CALLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by premiun,

8458421177 Miguel. . . Es no SE 've hay Que append a sear accredits. o Dollar en Que Te beneficial a ti. pines bi en y no lo vulva's hazer. . . .

Post by bet,

845-842-1177 please do not call me back

Post by Grandpa Moses,

8458421177 Beloved Mr. Upset . . notes is not affiliated along with your callers we have been not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any data you might 've about that phone to share with other forum users. It is Very doubtful that your own callers are reading here also. We can t Discontinue anyone from calling you either. Can consider Perhaps getting a telephone blocking System or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms sort. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe check. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Criticism sort HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB Client Details D R. pitfall E-mail W protected

Post by RMc,

845-842-1177 Yes I agree. . .

Post by Fustrated sec,

8458421177 Keeps calling numerous times a day

Post by Victoria Golden,

845-842-1177 Thus Way i got 2 calls from this Amount within W min. Did not answer.

Post by LEAVE US ALONE!!!,

8458421177 WHEN IS That GOV T GOING For Do SOMETHING Around ALL OF THESE UNSOLICITED Phone CALLS. . . . . . . ALL Day AND Nighttime. I Am Sick OF IT Where's The Seclusion. Just TOLD HIM MR. INDIA I Have no Animals AND DON T Know ANYONE With 1 Thus LEAVE People ALONE. SAID WE Entered A Contest. NOPE NEVER ENTER THEM ANYMORE. GO That F AWAY ALL OF You.

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Th time they vie called today and its just 8 W. . Th. . . Quit. . .

Post by Grandpa Moses,

8458421177 Cherished Mr. Upset . . notes isn't Related along with your own callers we have been not calling you either. notes is a forum for reporting who calls you and any info you personally could 've about your phone for share along with other Newsgroup users. It is Very doubtful that your callers are reading here Additionally. We could t Quit anyone out of calling you either. Would consider maybe getting a call blocking device or phone. . You are able to Google them and many are Approximately W. W or so. Report your own callers here HTTP Www. . gov amp Screen HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov complaint Grievance Assess. asp. panel By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Abandoned Calls Gripe type HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB consumer Details D R. pitfall email W protected

Post by Laurie,

845-842-1177 This man called me Simply now and told me that my computer was under malicious attack out of viruses. I asked him repeatedly what company he worked for and he Just ignored me and told me for go onto my browser and go to your Web site called Web. support. me. When I looked further into this website I Recognized that it gave your Tech not empty access to my computer. I m still unaware of whether or not my computer has any viruses but after reading these Gripes on here and Viewing he is marked as a telemarketer I told him to Cease calling my Amount. Trust I did that right matter.

Post by jill,

8458421177 Started becoming at least one phone a daytime. No called ID. When i answer that telephone it start splaying music.

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Called 6 times in W hrs

Post by Bill Schmidt,

8458421177 Have obtained calls out of this number w no message left want them Quit ASAP

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Mg. Please Discontinue calling me X a daytime.

Post by john leger,

8458421177 please dint call me thank you personally i m sick of these Ignorant calls

Post by Karen,

845-842-1177 Telephone the Attorney General along with your complaint. Additionally the Better Company Bureau for your own county.

Post by Rob,

8458421177 8. W at nighttime. Carmela NY. . To lousy it was t the candy. . don know don t answer

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 blocked my Amount called it and got Total telemarketer as kin if i wanted for spend money on Total Dog coupon garbage. . . . best matter for make it Discontinue is for waste there time wen they telephone u. . eventually your calls Discontinue. . it may take repeated times but it works

Post by Robert Shea,

8458421177 Here s something I attempt and it usually works very well. . . . When answering the Telephone in your strongest most commanding express say. . . . STATE Police BARRACKS W What is Your Emergency. Most of the time they will Only hang up and never call back they re scared I Guess . But there are others who Only continue on enjoy I said nothing. . . . Could I Chat along with Mrs. Thus and thus. or whatever. If the happens I repeat myself within an even more commanding voice and I literally threaten the caller with Cops action. I tell them that we have their phone number and location . . . and if they phone the crisis line again they may be arrested and Priced. The Always shuts them up. Try IT. . .

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Tired of it calling it called me W amp 9 times Now amp never leaves voice send I telephone it back amp they dint answer I am Weary OF IT

Post by B Key,

8458421177 Unwanted call

Post by me,


Post by betty,

8458421177 I don t need any telemarketing calls

Post by Elizabeth,

845-842-1177 Has called my Amount 7 times Now.

Post by b.gilbert,

8458421177 Has called W times since 8 W A. M. Won't leave a message. When I answer it no one will there be. Thus I quit answering it.

Post by Laura,

845-842-1177 I myself gotten 3 calls from this number and they never leave a message. I did a check on your number and it says it is from Fresh York Brand new York.

Post by Jason,

8458421177 Cease calling me. So Way becoming a telephone every hour out of the Telemarketing scam

Post by Carol,

845-842-1177 Replied this phone from Carmela NY and it Changes for an Offshore telemarketer. Asked for my Partner when i said he wan t Residence they said he Enrolled for hundreds of dollars of free Items and I Simply had for tell them where to send it. I Put up.

Post by F'in Drunk,

8458421177 Told them I used condoms. . . . don t phone back. . . . . was from pet. com

Post by john m,

845-842-1177 keeps calling and leaves no message. Blocked this Owner.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 I am on National Don't telephone list think they don t get that list within Central east countries

Post by cheryl j,

845-842-1177 I 've gotten at least W calls a daytime for your previous week. I am on a pare paid Strategy thus I don't reply after that first unwanted call but this can be nerve wracking. . . . .

Post by lilly,

8458421177 Owner Inquired if I had a Dog. When I said no they Inquired me for supply the number to someone who has a Dog then hung up

Post by alma,

845-842-1177 Keeps calling my cell Telephone when I called back they called me by name and I Installed Upward they are now on my block list have obtained 6 calls since 7 W last nighttime but they never leave a message. . .

Post by Vic,

8458421177 calls repeatedly leaves no message whatsoever times 'm and PM

Post by Leslie T,

845-842-1177 i want them for Discontinue.

Post by susie,

8458421177 Someone has been using W W W for telephone me always bluing Upward my phone. I attempted for call it back once but a message said they were shut. I expect it wan t a scam that the Better Company Office Simply warned Around in today s paper. Makes me Ill of thugs like this. Get a real job and stop stealing from us. . . If I find Outside who it's I can phone the Authorities and file Costs if I can.

Post by SUSAN,

845-842-1177 . . . .

Post by Jim,

8458421177 Have been becoming several calls daily for around two weeks now . No just one on other Finish. Quite annoying. Do I Cease it. . .

Post by Robin,

845-842-1177 repeatedly called no message

Post by peg,

8458421177 keeps calling 3 or 4 times a daytime and dint leave a message

Post by Rose39,

845-842-1177 These people continue to keep calling me. Actually this really is awful cause they joke and try to rip Folks away its a Waste these Folks harass you on airtime. Please. . . Cease the craziness. . . .

Post by Jill,

8458421177 I m becoming calls out of this Firm and don t know desire them for Discontinue. I don t answer any Telephone phone that I don t know who they're. I wait for them to leave a message and Subsequently may phone them back it I know who is calling. They don t leave a message.

Post by Chelle,

845-842-1177 I can see which you re too Dumb for discover Unknown said that was that contract Information for your owner of that Business making your calls not which he got all that calls himself. Read totally and comprehend before Publishing ABA answer calling someone Ignorant. It just shows your level of stupidity. A preceding poster said he worked for that Firm and named that person as that owner.

Post by DocPc,

8458421177 I love it demand that on a few calls i get

Post by william,

845-842-1177 I received a phone out of these bone heads someone named Jose response wed he called me by name but I told him another he went on his mono I cut him away and asked him if he could help me with my chronic masturbation i m happy I read most of these post it helped me a lot BTW Jose Put Upwards on me Lola

Post by Michele,

8458421177 Wonderful. That end.

Post by jesse cortinaz,

845-842-1177 these Folks phone when we pick Upwards it beeps twice and they hang up

Post by jim c,

8458421177 it s a boiler room many in the background finally called said nothing redialed said nothing if they need for waste my time i ll tie up their lines during any commercial they demand a dose of their own medicine

Post by allaboutthe scumbags.com,

845-842-1177 Why would you personally keep posting the around and around on Distinct threads. Are you Seeking to Crop personal Information or are you personally Actually Actually clueless when it comes to Pr damage control. Either way reported.

Post by Marie,

8458421177 I 'm Ill and tired of these Individuals calling me 3 amp 4 times a day. There should be something we could do about this besides blocking their number. They are annoying. . . .

Post by Lynda B. McFarland,

845-842-1177 Receive four to five calls per daytime. No just one Addresses and in eight seconds your Telephone hangs Upwards. That phone originates out of New York.

Post by Diane,

8458421177 Merely keep calling and hanging Upwards. Already several times the week

Post by michael,

845-842-1177 told them I had a Gorilla

Post by Lorllou,

8458421177 They keep calling my cell number. When I answered the last time they said are you personally a pet owner. . I whispered really silent no and dint tell anyone their is blood everywhere. She said what. . I repeated and Put up

Post by JB,

845-842-1177 Ester n metro llama y solo SE escudo UN pitied Como Eli P} Ina m quin contested a continua n SE quad derailment en Stop Poe UN rat has ta Que SE Automobile la lambada o yo clog. Es Model Person lambadas P} Ester n Neighborhood dos vices AL d a DECed 've unis zinc d as. Viva en Hialeah Florida. La Vedas no s Que fake en con est as lambadas tan extra as. Deb er an inquire a Laos Automobile res deter s P} Ester n City W W W

Post by Victoria Ross,

8458421177 I keep getting repetitive call out of W W W they don't obey calling times and call all hours of the night

Post by Dave D.,

845-842-1177 Wow this alabaster. com is grim in their calls to our phone number.

Post by mh,

8458421177 annoying. . .

Post by Lynnette,

845-842-1177 1 W W W get these calls periodically throughout that daytime Regular for your past two weeks. When I reply it disconnects. Do you make it Discontinue.

Post by William T,

8458421177 repeated calls every two or three hours. no message. won't Reply.

Post by Regina Ernst,

845-842-1177 Exhausted of getting these calls 5 calls in W Minimum for that past two weeks each couple of hours everyday never leaves a message

Post by Jess,

8458421177 It shows as Unavailable. I don t annoyance Buying Upwards.

Post by unknown,

845-842-1177 that need for Discontinue calling this Properties out of the Amount W W W it comes Upward unknown number . so Cease calling this number no body lives here by in name thank you.

Post by Stacey,

8458421177 HELP With Ending UNWANTED CALLS HTTP dentally. gov Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt has choices register a Telephone Confirm a Subscription file a Gripe We desire file a Grievance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The won't Quit the call overnight but it will get the Amount reported. Tell Owner do not telephone me. . . . Remove my phone Amount. . . .

Post by jean herman,

845-842-1177 no message. they telephone I reply they hold on and then hang Upwards. this can be getting very annoying. my Man is sick along with Head cancer and I don t need for be bothered.

Post by John,

8458421177 Since Friday they 've now called W times. Now is a vacation and it dozen t stop them. I read on among these when they call your own cell without your own permission they could be Priced W per phone. Think I ll get hold of your State Lawyer General s office and collect a few free cash. I will now keep track of each call.

Post by Jamie,

845-842-1177 Called enjoy W times within 3 times. . . I finally dialed back. . they answered using MY name and said I had Enrolled for free pet stuff I told her I did NOT and I dint know how she got my number. . . . she Requires so you personally dint have Animals. I do but I did not enroll for anything. . . Stop CALLING ME bye. I better NOT get one more phone. . . . HARASSMENT

Post by Orangewinglady,

8458421177 I have received 5 calls in that passed W hours. No message.

Post by charles,

845-842-1177 they phone me several times i look at Owner id if no name i don't call

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Keeps calling

Post by K. TORRESAN,

845-842-1177 SCAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Report this Amount . . . . . . . . . . Do not answer if you personally would tell them when they call again you will report them . . . amp if they do report it Merely enjoy I am now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SCAM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by TAWNEE,

8458421177 CALLS ALL HOURS OF That Day AND INTO That Evening Many Folks WORK. NO TIME For this Type OF Stuff.

Post by howie k,

845-842-1177 W W W has called me at least 5 times a day for your last week or so. I called them back out of my office Amount and finally got a live person. Many guy I could t even recognize. Something about Dog supplies. I told him to take me away his list and I vie gotten another 5 calls in the last W hrs.

Post by Frances Combs,

8458421177 I m handicapped and it s hard for me to get to the phone and the Amount is always calling. . . .

Post by sandy,

845-842-1177 this Individual has called at W times a daytime and all you personally hear is like Facsimile machine Sound never leaves a message and they telephone in the least hours I need them to Quit calling my number

Post by SonnyG.,

8458421177 Telemarketing out of these scum of that world Folks should be a offense punishable by a Essential 5 year jail time. We have your Engineering for Production Telephone cards and use your same tracing Processes the CIA amp FBI. These slime balls telephone 3 4 times a day in the same Amount Recorded above.

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 Calls each twenty minutes out of 8 a. m. for W p. m. Can t anything become done about this harassment. Even 've them blocked but still becoming Thur. Any Recommendations.

Post by Cliff Lindell,

8458421177 Telephone several times during your day on cell phone Dwelling phone as well. Must become out of a republican telephone list as that was that only one i Offered cell Amount to over the previous year. Lad am I Dumb for trusting politicians.

Post by John w Harris,

845-842-1177 A Determine Man keeps calling my house saying I have a few kind of Dog food I need for my dog Okay thus what I demand him to eat it. Please stop this please Ti's look to be 1 to three times a daytime. I am going for turn this around to my Police and see they could get the come to your close

Post by sweety,

8458421177 W W W If you might have signed up along with Freebies Frenzy and registered you 've pets they are Striving to send you personally free samples. They are affirming your registration. My just Trouble with them is if you personally don t response your own Telephone they don t leave messages and can continue for telephone.

Post by lynn,

845-842-1177 If you've a cell Telephone send them a text for stop calling. I did. so Much they've called twice today. I just sent them a text.

Post by Ron,

8458421177 I Only got a phone from this outfit. They said something barely intelligible being a foreigner about signing Upward online for a few Information on Dog supplies. They had my name and address but did t have my e send address. If I did hint Upward online Afterward exactly why did t they have that on file yet had other Information on me. Caller ID Merely said New YORK Telephone.

Post by Will,

845-842-1177 I called your Amount back and located out that they are calling me out of pets. com. I don t remember signing up for it. I told them that I don t 've any pets and I m not interested in free Items for my imaginary Animals. Your Man on the phone laughed at me and said he would remove my Amount from their system.

Post by S,

8458421177 I keep becoming calls. I don't response. Get rid of these scampers please. Not Only for me but everyone.

Post by James,

845-842-1177 Hi y all they called me 3 times within 1 day all times of day even within . I added them to my Connections in my own BB as Don't Answer SCAM. they never leave VIM or have name Correlated with Owner ID. Tell them to screw among their sacred cows since they do not eat beef.

Post by dmh,

8458421177 Calls all the time. I dint response any Amount I don t recognize but it won t Discontinue.

Post by mikey,

845-842-1177 i Inquired myself that same question but i figure they 've ways to can that

Post by Susan DiBattista,

8458421177 I vie been getting the Amount for weeks now then phone let it ring and Subsequently hang up. Please Cease them.

Post by SPEED,

845-842-1177 I got a phone saying that they had a Engine Residence for sale and that I could Purchase it for 8 W. W. I booked Outside the M H and wholesale publication was W W. W so i said let me understand where it is and I would come along with CASH Within FIST Of path they Desired me for send them your money and Afterward they would ship your M H for me. Righto. . . .

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Leave me alone. . . . MG

Post by dj,

845-842-1177 so drained of receiving these calls. . . although I don t reply calls other than my Pals it s quite annoying. . . and there surely is no idea about your time of day that they call. . .

Post by In CT,

8458421177 Got two calls in two days. They ask for me by name and I state he s not Dwelling. They claim that I registered for lots of pet supplies and demand for verify my data thus they can boat them. I ask for a phone number where they can be contacted upon my return and W W W is what I got. Sounds enjoy a scam Real and Uncomplicated.

Post by Jan,

845-842-1177 The second call of the daytime so far. Same old same old no message.

Post by Jane Stark,

8458421177 Call several times per daytime never leave messages

Post by Bill,

845-842-1177 I vie been getting these call for several years. The what I vie located to become Very Successful. I made an inventory of spam callers phone Amounts and when among them phone I reply with the INDIAN Feature AND Say Hi Hi Hi AND I Do not Within GAGE In Conversation With THEM. The drives them mad and they hang Upwards. Mission accomplished. Then they Set me on their Do not Call LIST. . . . . I Triumph. Now those call 've Lost off a lot. It works for me Attempt it You personally ll enjoy that results. 9 6 W

Post by mikey,

8458421177 i Inquired myself that same question but i body they 've manners for would that

Post by Misty,

845-842-1177 Kept ignoring for several days. That guy said let me End and I told him for Cease calling Subsequently he Installed up on me.

Post by Mia,

8458421177 It is W W pm and they Merely called this really is pissing me off. I have for become conscious at 3 Am to go to work. Greer.

Post by RMc,

845-842-1177 Yes I concur. . .

Post by Disturbed,

8458421177 I called that number back and an Agent answered. They attempted to get me to Take coupons for a Collection of crap. I told them to take me off that calling list instantly. We can see if they can but at least it answered when i called it back. I idea it would be a fax machine.

Post by Audrey A,

845-842-1177 Nobody responds when I response the phone.

Post by Midori,

8458421177 Called several times. When I replied once without believing. I could Notice a lot of voices within the History within addition to your guy along with your significant Hispanic Highlight talking to me Clearly a boiler room Business. I could just recognize him but it was something Around my having Enrolled on their website to get hundreds of Savings on Dog items . . Anyway he had to fascination your word Animals because his accent was Thus poor. I told him that was Unusual because I don t have any pets. I Merely said NO NO NO and if you personally keep calling I ll report you personally. Not that reporting that Amount does any great. Your Do not Telephone List is useless. Have for do something for Shift that system. . .

Post by Mad man,

845-842-1177 They keep calling me saying I am receiving free pet supplies Afterward asking how many Pets I had and there names. Then when they Needed my address I Needed to know who there were and they Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Rose Martin,

8458421177 This Amount keeps calling. Have no idea who it's

Post by nycgirl,

845-842-1177 Just called again . . . . . Th time since yesterday. Never reply.

Post by char,

8458421177 they have called my cell phone 3 times thus Way today I Getaway t answered any of them

Post by Jan,

845-842-1177 Another darn phone foam the Amount certainly mad. .

Post by sharon,

8458421177 Calls like W times a day. Greer

Post by KKO,

845-842-1177 Today they left a message congratulating me on being qualified for a payday loan. Add the Amount to your own telephone blocker if you've 1.

Post by Amy Lynn,

8458421177 I called them back and they said they are All About Your Pet and that lady did t sound native for America. They call me many times a day and never leave a message. Usually after Simply one ring they hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 bye bye

Post by shirley k,

8458421177 DA Mm IT Discontinue That HARASSING Phone CALLS . . . . .

Post by shawnad716,

845-842-1177 I 've Inquired them to take me away the list several times and they still phone several times a day

Post by bluelapis,

8458421177 Yep you personally People at and alabaster are a Collection of scam artists. Don t consider a word they say everything they do is for gather more information about you personally so they could scam you personally a few more. You personally Men are on my hit list now believe me I can get many payback on this 1. People look Outside for Telephone numbers enjoy W W W W W W and W W W in your caller ID. I searched these numbers on the internet and could t find that owners so I m not certain if they're spoofing that caller ID s or not. Beware of a Hispanic sounding Girl reading spiels out of cards and a Man calling himself Scott at the W Amount.

Post by Jan,

845-842-1177 repeatedly calling at least 3 times per day. . . looks like I should become expecting for get more calls since many others have shared that they call even more Usually. . . anyone had any luck calling the FCC. They don't leave a message. . .

Post by Entreket,

8458421177 So you re demanding that the calls Quit. But you have no Notion for whom You're making the need. And no one here knows who You're making this demand. Or what your Telephone Amount is. I hope that Solicitors you personally work with 've other Workers with a bit more wisdom.

Post by Guest,


Post by marilyn,

8458421177 replied the call Inquired them what they need you called me several times thus what would you desire. your response was that I was rude. told them not for call Subsequently. think what they called again.

Post by Pissed off,

845-842-1177 Called me and Needed for sell me insurance for my Pets cats. Are you kidding me. They still telephone.

Post by Big Mike,

8458421177 I provide your Telephone for my 3 Year previous Grand Girl. . . . Great times. . . .

Post by Just another victim,

845-842-1177 Whoever is at your Facility of the harassing call system is a low life depraved individual. I trust they rot in a stagnant Sewage along with maggots. Slide that info Upward your own backsides you personally ignorant pukes.

Post by JENN,

8458421177 HARASSED BY W W W Daytime AND Night. . . CALLED Amount BACK AND Somewhat Kid Replied. . . GET A Real Occupation AND Leave CALLING Us AND Begin Displaying Your own Kids The best way to Respect OTHERS. . . .

Post by Linda,

845-842-1177 keep becoming calls out of the number. . . no 1 leaves a message

Post by Steve,

8458421177 They have been calling me a few times a daytime. I Simply called them back attempted to sell them a used Automobile. They Put Upwards on me. I believe I will keep calling when I 'm bored.

Post by Robert,

845-842-1177 File a Grievance as I did with that FTC as this Amount calls several times a day along with tones that it may be seeking a fax machine. This really is prohibited and the FTC may take Activity if enough Gripes are Enrolled with them. The calls are many times a day with nobody on another end Simply several tone signals. It matters not what you personally can in Result it won't Discontinue. Calling that number back is NEVER suggested. Another Alternative is for buy a Telephone that can become programmed for response and reject numbers that are programmed into it. But please file a Gripe along with the FTC via their Site.

Post by Annoyed,

8458421177 Did that but becoming calls

Post by Lynn B,

845-842-1177 Repeated calls. I don't response calls out of anyone which is not identified thus I don t understand exactly why they fuss to keep calling. enjoy how Dumb would it become to can company over that phone unless I Started your call.

Post by NMD,

8458421177 I m getting that calls overly. When i 've replied Only got Peculiar beeps like it was a Facsimile or something

Post by louise,

845-842-1177 Who all are you Handling your post to. Can you Actually believe all these people that are reporting calls Priced your own credit card. And on world did you personally Only post a personal email on a public Web site unless you are trying for become contacted by more scampers. .

Post by Lita,

8458421177 I vie obtained 7 calls since 5 W p. m. yesterday. I never reply Amounts I don t Comprehend and there's no name on the Owner I. D. As many have already posted they don't leave a message.

Post by Carol,

845-842-1177 I get a message in my E-mail for Winning a contest for W well I feel these unusual calls Perhaps connected along with it. Because now i 'm getting Telephone calls for Animals and that s the simply one I Accepted I have pets. Not confident but sick of Telemarketers. I never Choose Upwards that Telephone unless I understand who it's. Thus they can phone all daytime I turn away my house phone turn away the answering machine Simply not to record any thing. Afterward we Assess away and on if its my family or Buddies. We use that cell Telephone the rest of the time.

Post by mikey,

8458421177 these would phone their Casualties Regular i Recommend you turn off your phone scream in their ear etc. . . can whatever it takes to make them Discontinue calling or Simply Discount them. they re nothing but annoying pests which are Level Websites. . . for money. .

Post by Michael C,

845-842-1177 Chronic little buggers. . . Has called my Google Express number 4 times since my last Assess within here. All sent for SPAM. Would t 've known Around them if I Haydn t Assessed my spam File in Google Express.

Post by Crusher,

8458421177 Easy repair. Government gets enough Gripes declares these are nuisance calls instructs Phone companies FCC for disconnect the your offending numbers. Wonderful the Phone Firms who Crash to disconnect that rogue Amounts if they don t disconnect. Fixed but don t bet on the Authorities to Work}.

Post by Sharon,

845-842-1177 The Amount calls me on Typical of 5 6 times a day. . . I let your machine Choose it Upwards since I don t understand anyone with that Amount. . . they constantly hang Upward. Gets Actually annoying. . . they vie called as late as W PM here. . .

Post by gizmo,

8458421177 Obtained seven between Recently and Today. Enjoy there s nothing better for listen overly.

Post by Guest,

845-842-1177 They don t supply up calling

Post by red,

8458421177 6 to 8 calls a day on my acreage line. Downloaded an Program on my cell for an air horn. As shortly as i hear them talking on my machine they get blasted.

Post by Suzanne Lloyd,

845-842-1177 I spoke along with Raymond works for all a about your own pet he Needed for provide me hundreds of dollars of Things for my pet. ST I don t 've a Dog my name is not Suzanne and once I said I don t have a pet he said you don t have a golden fish or a turtle and I said dozen t that qualify as a pet. Needless for state I asked for be Place on your Don't Telephone LIST.

Post by Zues,

8458421177 These people call every Am amp every PM. Out of all around your U. S. Consistently using different Region Requirements. Wt. I would love for meet that owner amp conquer their . The BS is beyond rude. They Additionally use W W W W W and more area codes

Post by Zarr,

845-842-1177 I have been receiving their calls as well but now that iPhone has phone blocking its Excellent. But I also have You personally Mail thus when they call they just get a Device handshake sound. I m sure it s Robot doing that calling but if by chance it USN t Subsequently that s even better.

Post by Jan,

8458421177 Just received another telephone out of Ti's Amount I think that this is the fifth 1 today. . . . . Just one would believe that they would get that Trace when I don t reply. They never leave a message. very quite annoying.

Post by janae,

845-842-1177 Block number

Post by Roger L.,

8458421177 I tried emailing your own company at email W protected and this really is what I got back. Things are going to get horrible if you personally keep calling my child s Telephone. Sorry we were not able for Supply your message to this address. Lt email W protected gt Remote Sponsor said W 5. 1. 1 Lt email W protected gt Recipient address rejected alabaster. com RCPT

Post by paula koble,

845-842-1177 keeps calling wont leave a message I'm on the do not phone list. . . .

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5124623637 Complains by Guest,

The Amount has called my cell for the last two weeks. no Vim MSG.

5403727727 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. Dozen t leave message.

6786834173 Complains by Guest,

Definitely not a cop. . I so wish you ladies would Quit putting that Name on mankind who are Really good Folks. If it wan t for my other manners of screening I would 've passed him Upwards. . HAD A fantastic TIME

8042304406 Complains by User,

Some lying jerk from A to Z W Shell Street Road Richmond Virginia W W called me saying he was going for buy a thing I had listed for sale because he was in immediate demand of that item. He admitted for searching online while at work likely against Business policy. He gave your Common lie I can telephone you when I get off work and come by . Which is a confident sign of a liar. He NEVER called or came by. Discount any calls from this number and NEVER Cope with them. Lying deadbeats should NEVER become Supported within any way Notably financially. He got his wish to supply your Firm an awful name. Your within thing Companies think is your worse your image the more profits it can bring within.

9175157438 Complains by Guest,

Text on cellphone peddling Dollar stocks

4849180615 Complains by Valerie,

I keep getting random calls at all hours of the day from this phone number. 405-254-2509. When I anser no one talks and it disconnects and different times but I'm never connected longer than 20 seconds. When I call back sometimes theres a message first in English then in Spanish saying that your call cannot be completed as dialed. And other times my phone says it connects and then in rings about 4 times and disconnects. They are calling my cell phone and I looked it up and without paying they gave me the phone company name: Brooks Fiber Communications of Oklahoma and the latitude: 35.4600 and longitude: -97.5100. Its getting very annoying.

5136283182 Complains by jean,

I had to try several times to get them to answer. First attempt..busy signal..second attempt..answering machine pickup...third attempt..finally got a human.

4072050425 Complains by Guest,

They Joke called me acting like they knew me for Vehicle sales.

8002498999 Complains by stev111,

I just got a call out of them today

8002005665 Complains by Danny Wirtschaft,

I vie gotten two or three calls out of this Amount within a week before today which is identified as Long See Washington. I don't reply these calls but could possibly listen via machine but either was away out of it or as the time when it did t operate. I read on another site that these callers are dangerous scampers who victim on your elderly or tell you that they are about for cut your own power off and try to create illegitimate Plans based on that. I had a hard time reaching notes this time for that first time ever. I get a URL in that address carton but then the remainder of the page remains blank. I experimented with different Things for kind in and finally I landed on one address that would load that page for a different Amount then finally getting here by entering the above number within that investigation box and clicking hunt. I Think that scampers have learned how you can Crack notes. com to prevent Customers from using it against that scampers.

8002351237 Complains by Guest,

8002140770 Complains by what?,

this really is a scam thus don t believe the lies they Compose. . . . . .

8002337085 Complains by Ashley,

they phone i Skip the call or reply and they try to sell me time shares that i dint want they 've called me once a daytime almost everyday this week it is annoying and i would love for it to stop

8002535827 Complains by tape for you,

They do hang Upwards on you personally after cussing you personally Outside if you don t offer them what they need. A few years Past I would t send a Delta Transportation Congressman to that Transport Section due to Firm policy callers must understand the name of your person they re Attempting for reach . We went round and round She demanded my name thus she could report me for following Directions. Ooh Thus scared now. She Subsequently told me I was f g useless and Installed up on me. They Actually Really don t enjoy people who stand Upwards for their bullying Techniques. Unprofessional filthy mouthed pushy obnoxious and under Analysis by a few state s Lawyers for unjust misleading company Methods. Another 1 hung Upward on me today when I would t transfer her for that Section she wanted. Obnoxious Simply like I 've come for anticipate their reps for become. At least this just one did t cuss me Outside.

8002588074 Complains by Tired of Calls,

This is Allied Interstate calling the wrong number. They keep asking for someone I don't even know. I told them to stop calling (that's what I learned on http://www.dnc-complaints.com), but that doesn't seem to stop them. I don't know what to do next. I see some folks saying I should file a complaint with the government. Does that really work?

8002580718 Complains by dancer,

it belongs for sears. Only talked to them a bit a go.

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