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Post by A Mraz,

8458421177 Look Only send back auto text answers. The manner you personally don t have for answer and it shows an official return message not to telephone. Also it Actually screws along with their calling system when they get text reactions back on their property lines.

Post by Jar-Lo,

845-842-1177 Whatever Telephone Firm is Marketing the W block of Amounts needs to shut them down for inappropriate use of that phone lines. Last I heard these scams are illegal. FCC GET Involved amp Place THEM Out of Company . . . . .

Post by Renee,

8458421177 Been getting repeated calls along with no message out of the number

Post by Michelina Caso,

845-842-1177 same here. It Looks that they are Attempting for get our credit card info for Statement me for things that I dint concur along with.

Post by T Mack,

8458421177 keeps calling 5 8 times per day and leaves no message

Post by Badge714,

845-842-1177 . . . and I ll Gamble they re mean to their Mom and Undo that tops on Sodium shakers in restaurants.

Post by Chrissy,

8458421177 I got a call AFTER PM said that they got my number from Someplace could t comprehend and asked if I had Creatures in my Residence. I Required they take my number of their calling list and Installed up.

Post by susan,

845-842-1177 I get several calls out of the number but never reply.

Post by Scott,

8458421177 Keep getting calls from this number and no just one is on another end. Only hear a click Subsequently I hang Upward. Recently though I turn turn that Telephone on the off again. No messages when it Visits express mail either. Quite ANNOYING. . . . .

Post by Jane,

845-842-1177 They keep calling my cell phone

Post by Vicki,

8458421177 Very Substantially enjoy everyone else. Keeps calling throughout the daytime each daytime. No message. I overly 'm on your DC list and have been forever. I have no Late bills. Getting really sick of these calls. Wish that individuals who were in charge of the would also Google the number to understand how Substantially they are turning people away even if it just May}n' become for an excellent motive.

Post by Josh,

845-842-1177 I replied amp told him my pet died. Hopefully no more calls.

Post by Guest,

8458421177 Alabaster. com They own pet smart Dog co etc. . repeatedly calling saying I signed Upwards with them. If you personally don t want for buy anything block them. . .

Post by solomon,

845-842-1177 the caller is out of India. that Telephone number has been spiffed. if you reply that telephone they trap your own Telephone number and use it for calling Global. these piss drinkers do the a lot. Would NT Reply the number. scam scam

Post by FED-UP,

8458421177 Love it. .

Post by PJ,

845-842-1177 Don't phone. Is there a legal manner to get to these Individuals.

Post by vivian,

8458421177 they said that I Closed Upward for something which I never did. they had my full name and address. they wanted for affirm that address for send me something.

Post by Leah,

845-842-1177 Continues for call

Post by Mollie G,

8458421177 when this number shows Upward it will say Carmela NY I don't response any calls I don't Comprehend they don t leave a message. Later the number calls and ask for Mollie and keeps repeating it about times. Hangs up and doesn't leave a message. Who are you personally and what would you need. . . . . . . I am quite Ill and I can t become bothered.

Post by emma,

845-842-1177 Cease CALLING ME OR I May REPORT You. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Mary Anne,

8458421177 Called me multiple times today never leaves a message won't reply if no message left believe its a scam for make cash last call was at 8 W pm don't desire phone calls out of unknown

Post by S K,

845-842-1177 Your DC does do its Occupation. People tend for really misunderstand how it works and Usually do not comprehend the DC doesn't protect you personally from the scams frauds extortionists and that unscrupulous terrible s that refuse to obey laws. Charity s and political along with a few survey s are exempt from this. Most of those may Set you personally on that their Central DC if asked though and there is a political DC it works quite well overly I May}n' add list you can indication Upwards with. Grievances Registered with the DC and other agency s are used to establish a Sample Subsequently they can take Actions. They would create Failures they do Wonderful them and they would create arrests. You personally Additionally demand to recognize that many of these terrible actors are located in foreign State s and then their government has for work along with ours. Slow it could possibly become but it does happen. The more complaints Registered that more info they 've to go on. HTTP . org index. please would file reports with your FBI your own state attorney general and Department Of Justice FTC amp FCC Consequently along with the kind of calls you get. . HTTP Internet. ICC. gov Standard. Web. FBI. gov HTTP Web. . gov HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms kind. Amenhotep's complaints. dentally. gov Gripe Criticism check. asp. Section 2

Post by gcteacher,

8458421177 Calls several times a daytime. Leaves no messages. Only hello Hi. Quite annoying

Post by DeAnna,

845-842-1177 They phone repeatedly any time of day. Try ed to return calls got recording. They get your Amount out of a few kind internet correspondence you have had. Operating me crazy.

Post by Charles Watson,

8458421177 Calls come within About every hour throughout the day into that night. They leave no message and when I vie Decided Upward that Telephone it disconnects. Quit CALLING we have been registered on the DC registry.

Post by Zerlina,

845-842-1177 Yes same as everyone else they phone 6 to W times a daytime haven t replied it yet I may block your number

Post by Alfalfa,

8458421177 Contact your own telecommunications Service for assist along with blocking the calls or invest in a phone blocking Unit.

Post by call block machine,

845-842-1177 Call. . . . 1 W W W To Ask FOR A Number 1 Phone BLOCKER. . . STOPS THESE CALLS For your Number. . . Www. Number just one. com IS Your Website. . .

Post by Dennis,

8458421177 Owner Inquired for me by name and said that I was eligible for many free pet Things. They said that they were associated along with many pet companies I remember they said premeds Dog co and others They Needed to Confirm my data. When they asked for my Start date I told them that they were not getting any personal Information and hung Upward.

Post by Tami Kelchen,

845-842-1177 Please stop calling me or at least leave a message so I understand who you are. That rudeness on my replying machine Hi. . . . Hi. . . . Hi. Will not count as a message.

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5124623637 Complains by Guest,

The Amount has called my cell for the last two weeks. no Vim MSG.

5403727727 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. Dozen t leave message.

6786834173 Complains by Guest,

Definitely not a cop. . I so wish you ladies would Quit putting that Name on mankind who are Really good Folks. If it wan t for my other manners of screening I would 've passed him Upwards. . HAD A fantastic TIME

8042304406 Complains by User,

Some lying jerk from A to Z W Shell Street Road Richmond Virginia W W called me saying he was going for buy a thing I had listed for sale because he was in immediate demand of that item. He admitted for searching online while at work likely against Business policy. He gave your Common lie I can telephone you when I get off work and come by . Which is a confident sign of a liar. He NEVER called or came by. Discount any calls from this number and NEVER Cope with them. Lying deadbeats should NEVER become Supported within any way Notably financially. He got his wish to supply your Firm an awful name. Your within thing Companies think is your worse your image the more profits it can bring within.

9175157438 Complains by Guest,

Text on cellphone peddling Dollar stocks

4849180615 Complains by Valerie,

I keep getting random calls at all hours of the day from this phone number. 405-254-2509. When I anser no one talks and it disconnects and different times but I'm never connected longer than 20 seconds. When I call back sometimes theres a message first in English then in Spanish saying that your call cannot be completed as dialed. And other times my phone says it connects and then in rings about 4 times and disconnects. They are calling my cell phone and I looked it up and without paying they gave me the phone company name: Brooks Fiber Communications of Oklahoma and the latitude: 35.4600 and longitude: -97.5100. Its getting very annoying.

5136283182 Complains by jean,

I had to try several times to get them to answer. First attempt..busy signal..second attempt..answering machine pickup...third attempt..finally got a human.

4072050425 Complains by Guest,

They Joke called me acting like they knew me for Vehicle sales.

8002498999 Complains by stev111,

I just got a call out of them today

8002005665 Complains by Danny Wirtschaft,

I vie gotten two or three calls out of this Amount within a week before today which is identified as Long See Washington. I don't reply these calls but could possibly listen via machine but either was away out of it or as the time when it did t operate. I read on another site that these callers are dangerous scampers who victim on your elderly or tell you that they are about for cut your own power off and try to create illegitimate Plans based on that. I had a hard time reaching notes this time for that first time ever. I get a URL in that address carton but then the remainder of the page remains blank. I experimented with different Things for kind in and finally I landed on one address that would load that page for a different Amount then finally getting here by entering the above number within that investigation box and clicking hunt. I Think that scampers have learned how you can Crack notes. com to prevent Customers from using it against that scampers.

8002351237 Complains by Guest,

8002140770 Complains by what?,

this really is a scam thus don t believe the lies they Compose. . . . . .

8002337085 Complains by Ashley,

they phone i Skip the call or reply and they try to sell me time shares that i dint want they 've called me once a daytime almost everyday this week it is annoying and i would love for it to stop

8002535827 Complains by tape for you,

They do hang Upwards on you personally after cussing you personally Outside if you don t offer them what they need. A few years Past I would t send a Delta Transportation Congressman to that Transport Section due to Firm policy callers must understand the name of your person they re Attempting for reach . We went round and round She demanded my name thus she could report me for following Directions. Ooh Thus scared now. She Subsequently told me I was f g useless and Installed up on me. They Actually Really don t enjoy people who stand Upwards for their bullying Techniques. Unprofessional filthy mouthed pushy obnoxious and under Analysis by a few state s Lawyers for unjust misleading company Methods. Another 1 hung Upward on me today when I would t transfer her for that Section she wanted. Obnoxious Simply like I 've come for anticipate their reps for become. At least this just one did t cuss me Outside.

8002588074 Complains by Tired of Calls,

This is Allied Interstate calling the wrong number. They keep asking for someone I don't even know. I told them to stop calling (that's what I learned on http://www.dnc-complaints.com), but that doesn't seem to stop them. I don't know what to do next. I see some folks saying I should file a complaint with the government. Does that really work?

8002580718 Complains by dancer,

it belongs for sears. Only talked to them a bit a go.

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