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Post by Guest,

8458427291 I gotten a call from an unknown number and they left me a express send. I checked your voice send and it was some foreign Man maintaining to be calling from the Wyoming Cops which he pronounced Ar Kan SARS for tell me that I had a dry Guarantee for my arrest due to some Fake Costs Linked with my name and Societal security number then Offered me the number W W W for get a hold of Federal Representative Christopher Washington. . He Subsequently preceded to tell me that they would Offer me at my Put of work or place of residence and Afterward added that I need to be safe and take care of my financial Obligations. . What your crap. . Wyoming State Cops have no Notion Around the phone or where it originated. My Partner called it back and well we should t become receiving anymore anytime shortly hopefully.

Post by single father,

845-842-7291 I had that Specific same thing said for me calling my work. I Installed up on them.

Post by Renee Ramseyfia,

8458427291 Paul Robinson along with FA W W W saying he has a war rent for my Charge. I Inquired for information amp and paperwork which he refused for provide said he d Provide me along with war rent

Post by For a relative,

845-842-7291 That is for my cousin who does have a debt issue I m certain. . . same line Guarantee on your arrest telephone Samuel Johnson. . . sounds enjoy a robot talking.

Post by Me,

8458427291 Looks enjoy that is a scam. I reported this number for your FCC. Your Individual who called said I Desired to phone an officer back. Always know Individuals are protected by that Good Debt Acts. You can sue somebody for harassing you personally and they consistently 've to Tell you with documentation. Always ask for 've them send you Records of your own debt. I called the D. A. s office as well for verify these measures.

Post by Fustrated,

845-842-7291 W W W gotten that same as above. Told your person that replied that these calls are scam and I won't verify anything around that phone and demand the information within Composing. i can report these Folks for the same Sites that I have been reporting them. Really frustrating having for keep having to Cope along with these sorts of calls.

Post by Katie,

8458427291 I just received a phone call on my cell Telephone out of a number that was Enrolled to the Nashville Police Section. That Guy speaking on that Telephone had an extremely thick Feature and proceeded for enlighten me of a Federal question and that I would either be arrested at my place of business or at my home. He Subsequently gave me your name of a Federal Agent Christopher Washington and told me to phone W W W for warrant myself otherwise I would become arrested.

Post by Mary,

845-842-7291 I had the same issue they sound enjoy Russian changing their voice I can notify that cops because I save the express Mail these people have nothing better to would inside their life

Post by Guest,

8458427291 I gotten a call out of an unknown number and they left me a express mail. I Assessed your express mail and it was some foreign guy maintaining to be calling from your Arkansas Authorities which he pronounced Ar Kan SARS for tell me that I had a dry warrant for my Charge because of a few Fake Prices associated with my name and social security number Subsequently gave me your Amount W W W to get a hold of Federal Agent Christopher Washington. . He Subsequently preceded for tell me that they would Function me at my place of work or place of residence and then added that I demand to become save and take attention of my Fiscal responsibilities. . What that crap. . Illinois State Cops don't have any idea about the phone or where it originated. My Man called it back and nicely we should t be receiving anymore anytime soon hopefully.

Post by debbie,

845-842-7291 They called my work on your W 0 Jan told them it was urgent for me to turn myself for the reason that I had a National Guarantee against me and that they would come to my place of employment they said I had for contact Christopher Washington I went for the local police station and it is a scam

Post by Guest,

8458427291 They called my house using your police number return telephone from your Amount on my caller ID it did belong to the Authorities station but there was no record of them calling me. told me not for present any in format

Post by pissed off,

845-842-7291 same matter here Steve Mar ti from your San Jose Authorities call me telling me he was dispatcher W told a National Representative contacted him about a warrant for my arrest told me for telephone W W W and speaker with Robert Robson I f I dint call me him they may come and Function me with that Guarantee. Nicely I call that Fremont Cops because which is where I am also called San Jose Authorities that FBI and The FTC. Submitted a Grievance with all. This is that second time it happens your first time was from your State Attorneys. Not sure how they get the info they 've but they Actually GP all Outside to tr o intimidate you personally. call your own local police and that FBI and your FTC the FBI gives their number.

Post by Guest,

8458427291 Told me Samuel Johnson Select me up

Post by Guest,

845-842-7291 I received multiple calls on my cell and then at Set of work. The Owner previously mentioned they were from your Indianapolis State Cops Vessel W and that there was a Guarantee Outside for my Charge. I knew I had not broken any Guidelines and your caller refused to tell me what the warrant was for. They said I could either for my local PD and turn myself within or phone Scott Robinson at your National Justice System at W W W for work Outside your Guarantee. I instantaneously called my own lawyer and local PD and Tested this can be a total SCAM. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Jean,

8458427291 I just acquired a message a work from a guy with a very substantial Highlight. He could barley pronounce your words he was reading. He previously mentioned I needed to phone Representative Henry Robinson so clear Upward a Gripe on my SS before I was approached at work or my Dwelling with an arrest Guarantee. He said he was with that state Poll IRS's department Vessel W and has a notarized Charge Guarantee from office Robert Robinson. Told me I 've for warrant the warrant or they will Program Roach my work. . . told me for become safe and good luck. . significant Highlight. Yep not going to call that one back.

Post by Really really annoyed!,

845-842-7291 That is a scam. . . these are collection agents claiming they 've a notarized Charge Guarantee for many complaints under your social security number they state they're in the city police department dispatch. . Identifying your own city this was recently noted within several new Reports as a scam that duped several Folks from thousands of dollars. They have nothing and that is an prohibited scam. don t autumn for it. They tell you personally to take attention of it by calling National Official Michael Roberts or Anderson or pick a name of the week. they state they may come for your Set of employment and and or Set of Dwelling and if you personally don t they wish you your absolute best of luck. . they're reading a Software this can be a Natural illegal scam. . . . That FCC SEC recently investigated several complaints against these Men and several were arrested for fraud and for breaking your Set credit protection act Guidelines. . . .

Post by PRD,

8458427291 Just acquired a message on my work phone stating that I Desired to phone National Agent Samuel Johnson who had Given a notarized Charge warrant with my state police and if I did t would the within a Appropriate subject they would come Offer me at my House or work.

Post by Guest,

845-842-7291 I acquired W phone calls yes W. today out of this Amount out of a Assumed Official named Henry asserting that I owed a debt for a past loan. He insisted that I pay that loan back Now. This guy knew all of my personal info including my full name social security number bank account address Delivery date all that same data Around my children home phone number cell phone number he knew everything. I did contact my local police Section Around your Dilemma. . . . I m worried about identity fraud.

Post by Bob,

8458427291 I just took a phone out of someone which was straining for sound like an American asking for among our Workers by name. Since he USN t here Now I took a message. That message is for him for contact Officer Paul Robinson at the Federal Study Bureau FA at W W W or report to that Closest police station. He said it was an urgent subject. Naturally I looked it up and the FA is a Pakistani Thing and that phone Amount is used by telemarketers and scampers using the same Program. Can Folks Actually fall for this particular.

Post by single father,

845-842-7291 I had your Actual same matter said to me calling my work. I hung up on them.

Post by What the Crap!?,

8458427291 I obtained a phone out of an unknown Amount and they left me a voice send. I checked that voice send and it was a few foreign guy claiming to become calling from the Illinois Police which he pronounced Ar Kan SARS to tell me that I had a dry Guarantee for my Charge due to a few Fake Fees Related along with my name and Societal security number then gave me that Amount W W W for get a hold of Federal Agent Christopher Washington. . He Subsequently preceded to tell me that they would Provide me at my Put of work or place of Home and then added that I need for become save and take care of my financial responsibilities. . What your crap. . Arkansas State Police have no Notion about the call or where it originated. My Man called it back and nicely we should t be receiving anymore anytime soon hopefully.

Post by Mary,

845-842-7291 I had the same Dilemma they sound enjoy Russian changing their voice I may Tell the Officers because I save the express Send these Folks have nothing better to can within their life

Post by yvonne shaw,

8458427291 i gotten a phone from these people. are they frauds. . .

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5136283182 Complains by jean,

I had to try several times to get them to answer. First attempt..busy signal..second attempt..answering machine pickup...third attempt..finally got a human.

4072050425 Complains by Guest,

They Joke called me acting like they knew me for Vehicle sales.

5012375174 Complains by Guest,

Owner is a scam from Nigeria. Caller along with Test to talk to you personally Afterward mention being in another Nation Afterward state they are visiting Nigeria to study Afterward eventually they can come Upward along with a Disaster where they as you personally for money for bail them out

5138981954 Complains by DKG,

This really is a Leading scam. . beware.

8063180340 Complains by Bob,

Obtained a threatening phone from the Amount after Processing a suit against a Principal Customer.

9177944693 Complains by Guest,

not suspected spam it is spam

8137038210 Complains by Guest,

Vancouver number no idea they knew my name

9735003209 Complains by Kim,

Received a call this morning from this number telling me they wanted to let me know that there were court papers they were trying to serve me and then told me to call another number. I sure hope they get that call. If a process server was going to serve you, you would have been served not called up. I am a legal assistant. Do not give anyone any information about yourself or anyone else. These kind of calls need to stop.

9166346824 Complains by dahir,

Hello i was Striving for contact you can you personally please call me back on

7024727109 Complains by Guest,

Don t leave no message. . . . . . .

8635825934 Complains by Guest,

who is this.

9049559970 Complains by lucy,

W Second Telephone call

9142144212 Complains by Guest,


8002823458 Complains by Miss C,

This number (443) 957-3749 called me at 10:40 est p.m. and they had a spanish accent and told me that they had an IRS refund of $2000 for me and asked me for my address so he could send it to me.  I looked it up and the phone number originated in Maryland as a wireless number.

9732735000 Complains by Guest,

2 calls and your DEA had no Thought of what I was calling them back about.

8180085566 Complains by billie jo osburn,

Merely desire to know who Telephone number this is cause i dint recognize it

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