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Telephone information: Global Naps. Poughkeepsie, NY. Dutchess. United states
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Post by unkown,

8458671986 Tell team i know were you live and i will get that law on you personally if you personally dint Quit cackling me

Post by Bee,

845-867-1986 I got phone out of this Amount W W W this earlier morning. I did not answer that phone. When I listened for your message It said that my account has equilibrium of 6. W and have W times for pay. It's a scam.

Post by Kee,

8458671986 An unknown Telephone phone from 1 W W W I did not reply it.

Post by Mike,

845-867-1986 Same here talked to 2 Folks within 2 days had my previous Residence address desire for send W dollar Walmart present card Merely need for get you for present them credit card number. I want to understand where's your absolute best Set to report this for get them Close down. Went on your Lawyer general s Web site without any options that Implement. But with this many people reporting the needs to Discontinue. It sounds like there are hundreds of Folks within a Factory calling out of the number that people running this Institution demand to go to Prison. . .

Post by Cindy,

8458671986 I got a number from the Amount overly. It s a scam don t Choose it Upward.

Post by Sher,

845-867-1986 I keep getting phone several times a day out of this number please help me Cease these calls

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Hangs up

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 spam

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Weight loss telemarketer

Post by dontwannaanswer,

845-867-1986 The called calls me and several Folks i know. 1 said he gave them debit card info. The next couple of days he had a entire Collection of Costs from objective and other retail Shops all purchases made on line and out of a different state he lives within. Do not Present Your Info Out To Anyone EVER. . . . .

Post by KwitcherKallin,

8458671986 Bogus call Around my winning a sweepstakes. I do not supply Outside this private Amount thus I know it s fake. Your last time I told them to donate my winnings to a charity. . . but they won't accept that for a response. On another call I won W shopping spree to Walmart and I told them I would never shop at Walmart. When I don t answer they Only phone again.

Post by marcela,

845-867-1986 Peas don t telephone me more. Thanks

Post by Ayashe,

8458671986 The Number Called my Cell my Man answered it your caller asked for me and when My Man said this can be her Partner that caller hung up

Post by Brianna,

845-867-1986 How do I Find my local FBI Amount and how do you transport them for a cell phone.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Assholes

Post by jeeeb,

845-867-1986 told me I had contacted a Business Around weight loss Truly I had so the Advertisement within your magazine sold Amounts and 've called incessantly since needless for say I never got back to the people in your ad. Lot of hassle for W lbs.

Post by Michelle,

8458671986 The Amount has called me 3 times today. . . they demand to Discontinue calling. I m way too close for NY because of this to be great.

Post by erica mc whorter,

845-867-1986 overly many unsolicited calls from this Firm they need a credit card number thus they can charge you personally a Payment and attempt to get you to subscribe for their Publications.

Post by From Tanya - July 27 2012,

8458671986 I have Inquired that People who telephone me out of the Amount for Discontinue calling but they refuse. They state they're from some sort of sweepstakes and I have won a present card that they may send me after I response a few questions about my Investing Practices. These people are scampers and very Consistent even after repeated requests to remove my name and Amount out of their calling list. I suggest you don t response when the Amount call. Above Criticism Arrived into another website from Tanya on July W W added Grievance report W W W to FCC.

Post by momof2,

845-867-1986 This number calls me everyday and I never response it. But now that I 've seen what it is Around out of all of your places above I 'm happy that I haven t replied it because it May}n' not be a Very chat. They better Quit CALLING ME. . . .

Post by Been disturbed.,

8458671986 Several calls from the number noised bothered and free of freedom for that time being disturbed.

Post by Sherry,

845-867-1986 I received a call out of this W W W man with foreign accent said I had won a W. W voucher to spend Walmart. I ask what Firm he worked for he eventually said prize depart Reduction Client Incentives. I told him I was going for Google them for see if they were a scam amp they're. I read their Grievances amp Opinions that were left by people that had been scammed by them. He agreed along with me amp I told him I was not going to be scammed amp thanked him for calling. Thus beware.


8458671986 We 're ON NO Call LIST. STILL GET Call In the least HOURS

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Call for verify my Visa Debit Card along with Account Now wan t spam

Post by Anthony Lemons,

8458671986 These suckers called me three times within an hour. Scam

Post by Mike,

845-867-1986 I continue for receive unwanted phone calls from this number and I wild enjoy it to stop ASAP. W W W

Post by Guest,

8458671986 spam

Post by Jules C,

845-867-1986 i Merely got However another telephone from the number and i refuse for answer it I Wish THEY WOULD Quit CALLING ME ALREADY. . . . . That is your Th time they have called and i don t reply numbers i don t know.

Post by Deborah Vivona,

8458671986 I keep becoming calls from the same

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 block it

Post by Cindy,

8458671986 W W W Keeps calling me

Post by joe taska,

845-867-1986 Yes this is a scam and they must have bought a listing of phone Amounts. They figure they create W calls a day and if just 1 Man is mad enough for give Outside the credit card Amount Subsequently they still come out forward. . Mark it within your own Telephone publication as a scam and that way you won t ever demand for reply it again. .

Post by lp,

8458671986 i got same call i wondering i get call

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Logically

Post by Web user,

8458671986 File electronic deport on W W W for FBI of your state for harassment of Phone calls.

Post by jeeeb,

845-867-1986 told me I had contacted a Business about weight loss Really I had so that ad within your magazine Offered Amounts and have called incessantly since needless to state I never got back to that Folks within that Advertising. Lot of hassle for W lbs.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 spam

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 spam number I don t no these Folks.

Post by yvonne hoage,

8458671986 acquired a call from the number. have no Notion who it is. when i tried for return phone i got a record stating visiting houri are from Am for 5 W pm.

Post by unkown,

845-867-1986 Don t call me

Post by DT,

8458671986 Report W W W to FBI of your state

Post by Rhein,

845-867-1986 I replied by using my locals Cops Section Lola. . they Put Upward when I said. . . . . Ohio township Authorities department can you please hold hardhat

Post by 8506376043,

8458671986 please Discontinue it my Telephone is private l will phone that Authorities for Telephone harassment Prices on the Firm .

Post by Hoa Nguyen,

845-867-1986 do not telephone please. . . .

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Block

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Calls 1 for 2 times a day. I cant even understand that lady's accent.

Post by LOSTinNC,

8458671986 Called me several times and I eventually picked up. I could t even understand what the Individual was saying the Telephone quality was thus awful. I told them for put me on their no telephone list and she Simply kept on talking. I told her again and once again she kept on talking. Eventually I yelled at them and hung up. Your calls stopped after that.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 never answer

Post by Web user,

8458671986 File an electronic Gripe along with the FBI on W W W for harassment of Phone calls asking for credit card data

Post by Alma,

845-867-1986 Gotten calls out of this number and they leave no messages tried calling back with my Owner ID blocked and got a recording stating that the Amount was not within service going on my telephone reject list.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 calls and hangs Upwards continuously

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Not Competent to phone them back. Leaves no message either

Post by Love,

845-867-1986 Called back incorrect Amount definitely a scam

Post by Linda,

8458671986 Happy I read your Publishing before I replied this Amount. I 've several calls enjoy this from other numbers. In case a name doe snot appear on my Display I don t reply it.

Post by Sharon,

845-867-1986 They keep calling my cell Telephone repeatedly. I accidental replied it the other day and it was some Guy Simply just speaking English he was saying my name around amp over. . . I screamed Bug Away. amp Discontinue calling me.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 calls twice a day. replied once and nothing said it has been going on for about three days within a Line.

Post by HML,

845-867-1986 Telephone Telephone came within at 8 Am and I don t reply Amounts I do not Understand. Caller ID shows it s a Martin Blunt Afterward they may phone back and display as unknown name

Post by jamesb1323,

8458671986 Have obtained 4 calls Now from this number asking about weight loss supplements have told them each time not to phone anymore.

Post by Brianna,

845-867-1986 Do I Identify my local FBI Amount and how do you personally transfer them for a cell Telephone.

Post by shaw,

8458671986 This Additionally calls me at least 3 for 5 times a day they state I m emailing her Partner that I can have him. She s tired of the games. . Wow how insane. I have no idea what that heck she is talking about. Please Cease Rowe Individuals out of harassing. . . Thank You

Post by Granny Bland,

845-867-1986 These Individuals keep calling me 1 to 2 times a day. Say they're Prize and I won a W Walmart voucher and want my shopping Practices. Subsequently come the scam they desire my credit card no. to mail the prize for 3. W . . . I have begged them for Quit calling and for take me away their list. . Also get same call s from W area Rules. I told them to take your 3. W off that W prize and mail the remainder for me as they 've my address. . . but oh no they want that credit card no.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 State I won gift cards wants me for sign Upward SCAM

Post by Amy,

845-867-1986 They have repeatedly called me and I 've told them each time for take me off their call list and they still telephone. Nicely time to take Actions.

Post by do,

8458671986 Quit calling me

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Spam

Post by TiffNE,

8458671986 Ha ha good idea. . . if they phone me back I ll create Upwards some insane answers. Are you married. Yes for my iguana Andy Pumpernickel.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 You personally cannot phone them back. Their calls cant go through

Post by SiKoViT,

8458671986 So many annoying calls. At least 6 or 7 a day. . Occasionally telling me I won a gift card and occasionally not talking whatsoever. Other numbers doing the same W W W also a W number plus more I could t remember. So sick of it. . . .

Post by Rica,

845-867-1986 Man CALLED From The Amount. SAYING I WON A W WALMART VOUCHER AND THEY D SEND IT WHEN I Response Some QUESTIONS. I Do NT Understand HOW THEY GOT MY ADDRESS AND Telephone Amount BUT THEY Inquired FOR A CREDIT CARD Number I Gave HIM AN Clear PREPAID CARD Number AND HE Afterward Inquired FOR A CARD That is NT PREPAID BUT I SAID I Do NT Have 1 AND READ MY ADDRESS For ME Subsequently BEFORE HE Installed Up HE SAID Sick Be THERE I SAID You LL Be WHERE HE Afterward SAID Ailing Be AT Your own HOUSE Thus WE Can HANG Out. I Afterward Put Upward . HE SOUNDED FOREIGN AND Started Giggling AT The Finish.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 nothing. . international phone.

Post by unkown,

845-867-1986 Tell team i know were you live and i will get that law on you personally if you dint Cease cackling me

Post by Fedup.cali,

8458671986 Calif here I vie been receiving calls out of this Individual who in my own opinion disguising their voice and transforming phone Amounts. Appears for become obsessed with trying for get whatever info are you married can you own a HM. are you your Guardian of 6 or 8 Children . . scary. . etc etc FBI electronic girl local P. D Homeland Buyer Monetary Protection Business Director Rich Cor dray we need your own ear cheers.

Post by Sharon,

845-867-1986 They keep calling my cell phone repeatedly. I accidental replied it the other day and it was some Guy Only barely speaking English he was saying my name around amp around. . . I screamed Tease Off. amp Cease calling me.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 making offers not wanted

Post by Brianna,

845-867-1986 Do you personally transport them for the FBI.

Post by Cassandra Risman,

8458671986 The Folks from the number keep calling and Seeking my credit card data. Saying they may send me a W Walmart present card. And I tell them no I won't give them information on my credit card. But they insist on calling out of all different numbers. W W W W W W W W W These are the Amounts they telephone from many times a daytime. At least 5 times out of each number.

Post by Rachel,

845-867-1986 They called me Now. I Put up on them.

Post by MAD & ANGRY,

8458671986 Do not Provide THEM your CC info. It s a total scam. I was contacted by an Asian sounding lady saying I won W Walmart gift card. A gift card I could use as shortly as I get it not many BS scam voucher like I ended Upward with. . . . I paid your 3. W. After 3 weeks a letter Arrived along with a Auto board searching gift card voucher . Basically you have W times to send it back via certified send along with a self addressed stamped Cover for them wait W days for send you personally another coupon you have for send back and wait another W days for them to send you personally back a listing of Merchants. You personally select 1 and 've for spend over W a month there and mail them back your receipts to get a maxim Refund voucher for W per month for each Constant month you spend W and mail in the receipts for a grand total of Upward to W. Did I mention the W gift vouchers take W weeks for delivery. Someone needs for shut them down. I m calling my bank and lawyer over the one. I was completely fraud ed.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 The Amount calls at least four times a day and leaves express mail along with Simply a Collection of Individuals talking within your background.

Post by Critter,

8458671986 I m located in Mi. They called me Now at work I Decided up because it was a peculiar Amount. The Dumb Girl could not even pronounce my name and she had a thick Feature. I could hardly comprehend her. She started telling me that I won a Walmart Present Card and I Desired to response a few questions. I then Installed Upwards on her because scams are a waste of my time. Hopefully your lame dozen t call back or I will Simply block that Amount enjoy I 've for would along with each other scam that call my phone.

Post by Irritated,

845-867-1986 I Only desire them to Discontinue calling. . . . . . . . ASAP. . . . 3 to 4 times a day I get calls. . Ensure it is Stop. . please.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 No noise. . . . block

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 spam

Post by MAD & ANGRY,

8458671986 Don't Supply THEM your CC info. It s a Absolute scam. I was contacted by an Asian sounding lady saying I won W Walmart gift card. A gift card I could use as shortly as I get it not a few BS scam voucher like I ended up along with. . . . I paid the 3. W. After 3 weeks a page Arrived along with a car board looking present card voucher . Essentially you might have W days for mail it back via certified mail along with a self addressed stamped envelope for them wait W days for send you personally another coupon you've to mail back and wait another W days for them to mail you personally back a listing of Merchants. You select one and have for spend around W a month there and send them back your receipts to get a maxim Refund voucher for W per month for every continuous month you personally spend W and mail in the receipts for a grand Complete of Upward to W. Did I mention that W gift vouchers take W weeks for delivery. Someone needs to Close them down. I m calling my bank and lawyer around this 1. I was completely fraud Edward.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 present card crap

Post by Alma,

8458671986 I got two calls back to back at W W 'm from Amount W W W. They did not leave a message.

Post by Mrs. Fleming,

845-867-1986 I just got a telephone out of Ti's Amount a few minutes Past. I also got a phone last week. That Girl calls and says MS. WARD I CALLED For Notify You personally That you ARE A Success OF A W WALMART Present CARD BUT I FIRST Need You personally For Answer A FEW QUESTIONS. ARE You SINGLE OR Married. I told her i dint trust you personally all please Quit calling me she said I Recognize AND Respect THAT BUT I Demand You personally For Answer A FEW QUESTIONS BEFORE WE HANG Upward ARE You personally SINGLE OR Married. I Put Upwards. . .

Post by k,

8458671986 i gave this bro couple Suggestions. . . if your own not a spammer from India r Quantity shit u dint pronounce the name Derick Derek and we use f within gift cards but besides which he sounds like he might get a couple s Now. . . good job Excellent Determination and i must state a motivated hustler. . . . stay down pecker wood

Post by Julia,

845-867-1986 The Amount calls me multiple times a daytime. The few times I vie picked Upward there s been no reply.

Post by Sharon,

8458671986 They keep calling my cell Telephone repeatedly. I accidental answered it the other day and it was many Person Only just speaking English he was saying my name around amp around. . . I screamed Bug Away. amp Cease calling me.

Post by Sadie,

845-867-1986 They 've called me twice Now and I wan t Approximately for my Telephone for Select Upward. I tried calling your Amount back and it never works. It says error or something. SCAM Likely.

Post by TiffNE,

8458671986 Ha ha good thought. . . if they phone me back I ll create up a few mad Solutions. Are you married. Yes for my iguana Andy Pumpernickel.

Post by Lina,

845-867-1986 Simply recd a call from this number no message left

Post by m,

8458671986 Calls saying I won a Walmart present card for W. Uses that name of the preceding owner of my phone Amount and does not care when I say I m not her. Would not reply what Firm they were with but told me they were along with your Incentives department. Would not assist my request for remove my number from their list.

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Prize department

Post by DT,

8458671986 Report W W W to FBI of your own state

Post by Brianna,

845-867-1986 Do you personally transport them to that FBI.

Post by Shawna,

8458671986 do not need these calls

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 prize dept

Post by Elena,

8458671986 I get calls like this 3 4 times a daytime. Already they 've called twice and it s not even Am However. I never reply this Though they continue to call.

Post by Niki,

845-867-1986 Get calls Regular out of them. This Began when I Strike Like on Facebook for a W Gift Voucher from star backs. They're certainly using Starbucks name for increase accessibility for their clients. Afterward calls Began from Magazine Businesses and now this Amount. If you phone your number is redirects you personally to W W W to phone starts along with ad for online Verizon Absolute Alternative for Companies. Afterward it offers Alternatives for Company Weather Horoscope. . . . . basically they're using a VIP number my suppose to would Automobile Switch for Individuals for sign Upwards for whatever Businesses that they are Encouraging for service offers. No selection for become Chosen away list they make it challenging to reach a Man. certain scampers.

Post by Guest,

8458671986 Walmart present cards Number of Sound within the History foreigners talking

Post by Guest,

845-867-1986 Walmart card

Post by Cathy Ledetter,

8458671986 Identified as Unknown. Don't answer Owner unknown. Do not want these kind calls.

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7572242369 Complains by Roger,

Obtained a phone. No 1 was on your line after my reply.

8136448754 Complains by Guest,


6465453163 Complains by Guest,

Yellowstone capital. idiots will not Quit Rob calling.

7063440780 Complains by Guest,

Credit card spam.

7327731567 Complains by john,

they telephone. they hang Upward.

7019209417 Complains by Guest,

Cash Advances

2012494981 Complains by Guest,

Malfunction MSG W T mobile

5042362766 Complains by Guest,


8002201822 Complains by TECHI,

Yup same here. He or she or it's sending out emails via Google. USN t there something legal we can do about the. I d adore to find this Individual and Hit handcuffs on him personally.

8002671580 Complains by rodney randalle,

WESTERN Profile Resources Posted within HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W No Web site located No BBB page. Facebook Page HTTP Www. Facebook. com pages Western Collection Resources A few registration information HTTP Web. corporation wiki. com California Wees . . . W. Web. SK. com index California upland 7 . . . pirated profile Other Grievances HTTP rate it. org Business western Account Resources HTTP Internet. Avon. com legal answers around draftee . . . n W. horticultural law FD CPA requires them to send you personally a notification Us Mail Simply within 5 times of their first contact that Comprises their name physical address your Collector s name and that amount of the alleged debt. It Additionally must Includes mini Miranda telling you personally that it's an attempt to Gather a debt and that all information may become used for those Applications. The 1 other important thing that this page must also have in it is which you 've a right for Contest the debt within W days receipt of your letter and if you would thus all Group activity must be stopped until the debt is Tested. Read up on your own rights here get Design letters to send and also create a Gripe at this Authorities Website HTTP Www. Buyer finance. gov Also file a Gripe with your State Attorney General s office. List of State AG s offices HTTP . org . California AG s Office HTTP Ag. ca. gov

8002748151 Complains by Tekky,

I d pay for see that. LOLA

8002296009 Complains by K.M.,

Called once Now declined it as I did t Comprehend it and they did t leave a message.

8002067894 Complains by Dee,

They're Green Dot Card Scampers . . . Don t Become A Sufferer. . .

8002499442 Complains by Sam,

I Additionally got the Boycott It All email on 9 W W . Appears like phishing since it ends with a link to which appears to Gather your email address. Your link is Distinct in the one Don acquired. Removers Lt HTTP RN. California. pl Iqbal gt

8002585314 Complains by Zed,

Caller ID said Kevin Woodard but your message was left to telephone miss Reyes at the W W W Around the Crash. I understand not empty nicely that plenty of scampers and NE er can wells troll through Crash reports. FYI the Crash occurred in Milwaukee WI in a lower income Region. Your zip and sending address is out of a much better off Region. I state mailing address as which is the Post Office it goes to but we don t live for the reason that city. Checking account another forum it appears to be people that try to set Upward physician s visits. Intriguingly another Celebration was Hispanic and the caller left a Hispanic surname. And we've unlisted number thus I am somewhat annoyed your Partner Offered that home phone.

8001943380 Complains by Guest,

Threatening calls

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