8473063718 / 847-306-3718

Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS. Roselle, IL. Du Page. United states
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Post by Ali,

8473063718 The number calls my house at least 2 3 times daily all hours from the morning for W at night. I finally Decided Upward one call and I Inquired that Girl who referred to me by my name who was the. She finally said Greenwood Restoration I Installed Upwards. I have them on my blocked Owner list and can still get through. My Telephone company said if they use Skype or another service they can circumvent the blocked list. Can t get them to Cease thus I Merely Discount the calls as they come within.

Post by Guest,

847-306-3718 've Inquired this Firm Man to Cease calling. They continue now to call many times each daytime and never permit me to state anything for them.

Post by Guest,

8473063718 7 calls in W hours out of Unavailable quot Owner. No message. I answered that last call and after delayed Result that Individual who addressed me with my full name was told quot not for phone ever again and I am on that don't telephone list quot . After she Inquired me quot why are you personally thus rude quot I hanged up. Imagine an unidentified person who does not leave a message for that motive of their repeated calls to call you rude when calls at 8 W Am. . .

Post by Guest,

847-306-3718 when you wont play they hand your own off to another phone to continue harassing calls every daytime. . . . . . . . GET A Actual Occupation Burglar. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Ginny,

8473063718 've obtained 4 for 5 calls a day for your last 3 weeks. No I. D. just phone Amount. Do not response as this happened during that months of December and January. Reported for no telephone but said have to 've a name and location of person calling. Not able to would so. Scam

Post by SM,

847-306-3718 As other Prints indicate get several calls a daytime for weeks now. Most times I don t Choose up but when I can it hangs Upwards. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

8473063718 Frequently calling want for would quot roof Assessment quot

Post by Annie,

847-306-3718 I have gotten 5 calls from the number today and Regular for weeks. I 'm on that don't telephone list and I will give this number to the Right Experts and 've it investigated. This really is very annoying.

Post by Guest,

8473063718 Repeatedly calls House Telephone. Leaves no message. Dozen t Reply when you response.

Post by Jake,

847-306-3718 7 calls within W hours out of Unavailable Owner. No message. I answered your last telephone and after delayed response that Man who addressed me along with my not empty name was told not to call ever again and I 'm on That Don't Phone List . After she Inquired me why are you personally so rude I hanged up. Imagine an unidentified Man who does not leave a message for that intention of their repeated calls for call you rude when she calls at 8 W Am. . . By the manner this was a repeat of W calls within just one week within the middle of July W

Post by Annie,

8473063718 Got a legal Activity threat message today. They left a message on my Telephone. This really is getting silly. Multiple calls a day. I 'm filing a report along with your Authorities.

Post by annoyed,

847-306-3718 Regular many times a day. If I do decide to reply there is no one there. Rings 3 times every time. So annoyed. I want that Telephone companies would become held responsible for all of these unknown or not valid number calls. Ready to hang Upwards on property line for good.

Post by Guest,

8473063718 Calls each 1 2 hour and hangs Upward. . .

Post by Guest,

847-306-3718 After asking to not become called again they continue calling whatsoever hours as late as W W pm and hanging Upwards on me.

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8024976006 Complains by Sethro,

Phone rang three times Owner hung Upwards and left no message. .

9495211896 Complains by Guest,

Call center

2252415172 Complains by Jenny,

Had another call from 414-962-9898 and when looking that up, saw this post.  Thank you Fezzik01.******************************************Annoyed Citizen Fighting Back replies to Fezzik017 Sep 2010Got through, here's what I learned and what I've done in the past and now:The skinny: the calls from 414-962-9898 are being done on a Ameritech-Wisconsin Comm landline (not cell) from the city of Glendale (zip 53211) within Milwaukee County. Besides giving all transcribed info to those related police fraud depts and the state A.G.s (my state and Wisconsin) I've reported the same to the Do-Not-Call-Registry and will eventually drag these b*****ds into court for yet another payday at their expense (you do not have to be present in court, THE CONS DO, you prepare a thorough deposition), it pays to go after these cons. The more others use this info I gleaned the more unwanted attention will be directed to the crooks. The harder the times the more criminals try to scam/cheat good people out of their hard-earned and too few dollars.Pressure also needs to be applied to Ameritech-Wisconsin they cannot plead innocent of responsibility once we directly confront the fact their system is the means from which the crooks are able to commit their scams. I filed complaints via email and phone (keep an accurate diary of all calls and who spoke to you and returned calls, give those those to appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies if they waffle, foot-drag or fail to take you seriously) to Ameritech-Wisconsin Comm and told them that they are aiding-abetting & profiting from the illegal/criminal activities of those using that ph#/landline and they have exposed themselves to civil liability once informed of this activity and fail to pursue in a timely fashion the termination of the service and co-operation with related authorities to prosecute the parties involved. Ameritech is like all corporations, large, polite when they need to be but seemingly unresponsive till the public image of which they (only) care aboutLike many here I've been caught up in the wave of calls from number 414-962-9898. From what I was able to learn this is a typical money-scam(s) that is mainly targeting spanish speakers, counting on greed, desperation or both to con you. I speak portugese as a second language and was able to get past some of the false layers over the phone and turned the tables on them. Why bother you say? first if common citizens merely vent/complain to blogs or websites it may make you feel better but taking no action because it is "inconvenient" or you "don't have time for this" is exactly what these scammers are counting on to continue their annoying, invasive, ILLEGAL phone calls. Only by taking meaningful action (recordings turned into transcripts, more on that later) with certain agencies will there be any consequences, i.e. HEAT, placed on these law-breakers. Advice: keep all original info for your records in a secure place for future court cases and never surrender them to ANYONE unless due process of law is followed to the letter. Private Security & Investigators hired by the crooks or the phone companies (when they are facing a civil suit for scam aiding-abetting/allowing a public nuisance) will sometimes appear as LEOs and pretend to have police powers (NOT) or court warrants to confiscate evidence from and intimidate law-abiding citizens who righteously file complaints. The crooks (and the phone corporations) know there is a lot a stake and will use underhanded means and methods to silence citizens (remember: don't have time for this s**t?) It's happened to me and I don't lay down to self-serving crooks or companies that enable the crooks or refuse to take responsible action.Back to my sting, if you respond in english they tend to cut you off and move on. The pitch was Wisconsin lottery winnings that were mine if I was willing to allow use of my bank account to electronically transfer the funds then transfer them back and I get to keep half the winnings while they avoid ICE and taxes (yeah right, heard this one before) what they do is once they have your acct & routing # your acct is CLEANED OUT INSTANTLY. I was able to get the lady (Yeslie) to stay on for 10min, she claimed to be from Guatemala (speaks a certain slang that my employees identified as from that region) lives in the country/state illegally. I got her voice on digital file plus the background noise of what sounded like a very busy office (telemarket or boiler-room) all of which has been given to my state A.G. and the Wisconsin A.G. The reverse look-up gave some solid info: the landline was owned/registered to Ameritech-Wisconsin (SBC) Communications Corp, for more see above.For those who squirm at the thought of recording a phone scam for this purpose and get lousy advice that one must not do this because it is illegal, get real. All bets are off when the individuals on the other end are intruding on you and your loved ones privacy while BREAKING THE LAW. I have received civil judgements in 6 filings/suits against these criminals that made it worth the time to report & pursue them, it also took away from them the one thing that matters; THEIR MONEY. The choice is yours, be a victim or be a SURVIVOR... FIGHT BACK! It pays.

6303034594 Complains by Guest,

Rate Booster

9544241346 Complains by Guest,

This number has not been associated with Pilkington's for almost 3 years now. This needs to be removed, you are causing my family to be harassed by unwanted phone calls.

3474687186 Complains by Guest,

worthless Call er that eventually connects you personally to an Offshore phone center

5613370704 Complains by Guest,

Unwanted text messages received

8195485697 Complains by Guest,

ICC systems

8002834572 Complains by Joëlle Lambert,

I can t stand that anymore. A lot of calls each day till H's within the Night. I never request for anything and they tactic people about great news and a research we did on Net. When I told people I never request about anything on your internet they hang up within an extremely impolite way.

8002062278 Complains by bijou,

com cast

8002675665 Complains by Guest,


8003056664 Complains by max,

I have had several messages out of the number I ignored them at but decided to attempt calling Charles. I believe this was a legitimate call. He said they were a Group Bureau Attempting for contact Mr. X I defined that there was no 1 here of that name. He did t ask for my address instead confirmed that I was in a Special city apologized and said he would take the number off your list. Trust it s Accurate.

8002111307 Complains by DO WAT I DO!!,

Group Bureau.

8002960249 Complains by Bytesnsytes,

If You're Outside money due for fraud within your area then I suggest you Get Upwards all that proof such as bank statements credit card statements Words and emails acquired from your Firm causing the fraudulent action and then once you've all proof Call that non crisis Amount for your local law enforcement Bureau and file a fraud report. Once you file that report get a Duplicate of your Authorities report and take it for your bank or Facsimile to your own credit card Firms. Close your Reports and re open with new account Amounts and suggest them you personally want that fraud investigated and your funds that were taken by fraudulent means returned for you. If they refuse Subsequently your own bank is not a very great bank to Cope with as that funds are FDIC insured and if you might have proof of fraud and Registered a Authorities report then you personally should be able to get all your own money back unless there was a substantial gap in the time it happened until your time you personally report it.

8003011197 Complains by b,

I agree with me. . . . They Merely keep calling. . . and rattle on Around being a pharmacy. . . .

8002290158 Complains by artist,

they called at 1135am and didn't leave a message and the other number used yesterday in the afternoon was 1 208 664 0749.  I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer.  I suggest you don't either.

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