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Telephone information: Ameritech Illinois. Skokie, IL. Cook. United states
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Post by John Doe,

8476004906 I 've Desired to go post any W number that calls me on your pay Telephones at Wall mart target bus station and any other public Set and put free sex below it. Let them take the calls for awhile.

Post by Carol,

847-600-4906 They Merely called my daughter s cell Telephone. I answered pressed 1 and kindly told the Female my Child is W could she please remove her she Put up. I called back and was Put Upwards on correct away. Pigs. Next time I m going to use the air horn.

Post by Frank,

8476004906 Afterward you have posted within that wrong thread. Your right train of thought is Lt HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W W gt Next time please pay more focus on the site before you personally post.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 aerier

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Something about overpaying for Vehicle insurance.

Post by mpstek,

847-600-4906 Got one Now as nicely . .

Post by Annoyed,

8476004906 They Only keep on calling and I keep on having them blocked. Idiots

Post by thubten,

847-600-4906 I just files a complaint along with the Feds. This really is not your first time that they have called. If they call back I can post here. File a Criticism at National Do not Telephone list Website. . . your more complaints that Odds are higher that action may be taken. HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Criticism Criticism Assess. asp. panel 2

Post by Guest,

8476004906 got a phone out of the Amount no message left when i called the number i got an invalid number message

Post by mpstek,

847-600-4906 Got just one today as well . .

Post by Viv,

8476004906 They called my cell so when that screen lit Upward but before the Telephone even rang they Put up. I called back and Truly talked for an operator. Automobile insurance place says they represent State Village Farmers Nationally and more. I don t believe so. No manner would I give Outside my personal info for someone who calls out of your blue representing several insurance companies

Post by YP,


Post by Misty,

8476004906 I NEVER telephone any of these Amounts back for get my number removed . It never works. It only confirms to them they got a working number along with a Person being at another Finish and they will continue for phone you.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Spammer calls and sangs Upward.

Post by IL resident,

8476004906 Yes insurance Business and I believe it was because I signed up at a raffle at your Arlington Race Monitor. Your raffle was sponsored by Allstate or State farm Agent. Anyone sign Upward or remember signing Upward for a raffle sponsored by a local insurance Representative.

Post by KR,

847-600-4906 Attorney of Insurance to my cell Amount. Unwanted call.

Post by Missy,

8476004906 Thanks. Called back got Amount removed.

Post by A.T,

847-600-4906 Got a phone from this Amount a moment ago. I picked Upwards and said hello several times but no Result. Likely telemarketer.

Post by Burbs,

8476004906 Only got buzzed by this but I missed IT new vim but it was just silence

Post by Brian,

847-600-4906 W W Am phone out of the Amount W W W to my cell Telephone here in Houston TX. Installed up.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Telemarketing spammer

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 insurance solicitor

Post by steve,

8476004906 constant calling

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Automated Automobile insurance Frequency.

Post by BillS,

8476004906 The company is not local Wide wing Communication's Hamilton St Charlotte NC W W W W

Post by Johnny K,

847-600-4906 Yep it is spoofed so it appears to be a local Region code call. I Decided Upward and nothing but Stop. Good riddance.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 This really is your own captain. . .

Post by Mark,

847-600-4906 They called me on my cell.

Post by ctd,

8476004906 My Partner Merely got a phone from this on his cell phone. He answered and there was nothing but a lot of static and a recording that said This is a People service message.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 insurance solicitation

Post by Outlawbob,

8476004906 Thanks FOR Info. .

Post by Kevin D,

847-600-4906 report spam for that do not phone list people. If they get enough Criticisms your company can become fined. It's that only manner for Discontinue these Folks.

Post by Marc,

8476004906 i Decided up no one on your line. whoever heard of a phone extension in W of W .

Post by mark,

847-600-4906 Merely got that call as nicely cant leave a message. Lowest of Callers. Get a Actual Occupation.

Post by Lazataze,

8476004906 Yes just phone back and press three and never again may they call

Post by hey,

847-600-4906 It s FBI SLOG pinging your own phone.

Post by Mads,

8476004906 I KEEP becoming calls out of them while at work and can t reply the phone. I vie called back and selected that Choice for be removed out of their list I vie answered and selected the Alternative for be removed in the list. I vie been on your Don't Telephone list for years and after the third phone from the number in your past W times I Twice Assessed the Can No Telephone registry was still active. It is. They vie called me now 5 times within that previous W days.

Post by MARY,

847-600-4906 i acquired multiple calls after Choosing myself away their list that ND Choice. after being hung Upwards on repeatedly when asking for a supervisor i eventually got through to someone who said i m off their list. i 'm reporting them for each Bureau i could. they used multiple Amounts for telephone me.

Post by AG,

8476004906 Just got a phone out of this Amount on my cell Telephone. No message on express mail. Thanks for Publishing what this is.

Post by giftbandit,

847-600-4906 the Amount called me didn't leave a MSG but is strangely recognizable for another that called TX today . . . . the W. W. W and the other one is W. W. W I Say Do NT Reply That Phone For ANY You Can NT Recognize this is really bothersome. Additionally what good does it would to report them. I say it helps to warn others. thanks.

Post by shay,

8476004906 Marketing Automobile insurance. I dint even drive. I called back and pressed 3. I really expect this dozen t mean they re going for sell my Amount to other solicitors.

Post by Nacho Mama,

847-600-4906 Prerecorded telephone about paying too Considerably for auto insurance. I attempted calling back to press 3 but it disconnected me. They called my cell too.

Post by me,

8476004906 Three things you should understand 1 The cost of inbound WATS these days is negligible You'll not 've any noticeable financial impact think pennies or even a fraction of a penny . 2 Inbound WATS includes a feature called AN. The Characteristic will allow them to see your phone number even if Owner ID is blocked. 3 Repeated calling of this form has occasionally Come in prosecution of that caller. Within brief there are better ways to deal along with these creeps.

Post by Smith,

847-600-4906 Not a great idea for press 3. That s how they understand who s Amount is valid. You personally might 've gotten away the callers list but that machine just Verified your Amount is Actual probably just added you for 3 more Firm lists. If you Begin receiving more and more annoying calls within that future Subsequently I am right. Very best Wager is for leave it alone. You should t have for request off a list you personally never Closed Upward for to Start with that s how you know it s problem.

Post by Pissed,

8476004906 W W W Automobile Insurance Scam called my cell that I haven t even used yet. The Phone is among a litany of other callers maintaining that we re paying too Considerably for Automobile insurance a running Design. Identification Thieving reigns Great by callers asserting to be who they're not or Showing an ostensible dire situation. Don t be fooled. When within uncertainty hang Upwards. No just one should be suckering you personally into divulging your Societal security number SAN and or Delivery date DOB Crucial tools of Id thieves.

Post by JS,

847-600-4906 Keep getting unwanted calls from this insurance co.

Post by OZ,

8476004906 Yes how did they get that same Region code as me. I notion someone from back House was calling me but I never expected it to be telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Thus I m paying for much for Automobile insurance huh. Nicely how the hell would y all understand. .

Post by Mindi,

8476004906 Automobile insurance solicitor. Strike 1 for get a Actual person for put me on their DC since pressing 3 last 4 times Hans t worked. Ended up talking to some Actually grumpy Girl. I m only doing my job. Nicely can your Occupation and take me off the Bloody list.

Post by justadude,

847-600-4906 Thanks Guy. .

Post by Kathy,

8476004906 W W W . . . calls to cell phone

Post by SAS,

847-600-4906 get the annoying Telephone call 4 6 times a day.

Post by Mark,

8476004906 They called me on my cell.

Post by Sue,

847-600-4906 Thanks for letting me understand I missed the phone on my cell i understand not to phone back.

Post by Gibbs,

8476004906 They called I did not answer

Post by Cookie,

847-600-4906 We id someone called your house Subsequently my cell.

Post by G-Man,

8476004906 Pressing 3 won t help. These Folks are criminals. It s prohibited for use Rob calling to solicit company within my State. Only politicians can use Rob calling. But these people don t care Around your law. Only for attempt to waste their time Ia called back and pressed 1 . I was on hold with musk and a woman coming on every W seconds to state I had less than a W second wait. After 7 minutes of this the telephone was transferred for an extension and another recorded message said The person at extension W is not Accessible. Please leave a message at your tone. Beep hung Upwards. Perhaps I should call back and leave a long message giving that reasons I want lower insurance and then after 2 or 3 minutes state My name and phone number are. . . click

Post by PJ Hansen,

847-600-4906 Called my cellphone and left a Five second express send saying nothing.

Post by Anon,

8476004906 Calling to lower insurance rates an automated phone.

Post by Quinn's Grandma,

847-600-4906 Whatever else you were told they were certainly right saying the Authorities was a joke. That Don't Phone Bureau is just another useless government funded Application. It is a joke and it can t Discontinue them. Or if they can they don t.

Post by gary s,

8476004906 same. got telephone. empty voice mail

Post by 9wood,

847-600-4906 got a phone from the number and they left no message when i called the number i got an Broken number

Post by Julie A. Roberts,

8476004906 Cheers Rick for that info re calling back amp pressing 3 to be taken off your list. I did that Additionally amp your nice recorded express said my has been Chosen away their list. I hope that s it. This is supposedly from Arlington Hg ts Smokier Elfin. . . somewhere in NW Il.

Post by working stiff,

847-600-4906 Do you have your Amount on a company card. I 'm thinking that's how I got called.

Post by justadude,

8476004906 Thanks Man. .

Post by Annoyed,

847-600-4906 I just got a phone from W W W let it go for mail and when I listened for it it was for get better insurance rates. Inquired me to press 1 if interested or 3 to become removed from their list. I 'm not calling back and not pressing any Amount in any respect. Recall a scam about pressing 1 and stopping up paying for someone else s phone phone Offshore. . . . . my Guidance never press anything. . . you are Simply giving them more access

Post by BillS,

8476004906 That company isn't local Wide wing Communication's Hamilton St Charlotte NC W W W W

Post by Dave,

847-600-4906 thank you that worked.

Post by Singer,

8476004906 That Amount you personally Only Offered is a Facsimile number. I called it at work.

Post by John,

847-600-4906 I notion Around that but I Recall hearing that someone was sued for that. I have an atmosphere horn. . . LOLA

Post by John,

8476004906 Told me that I 'm paying overly Substantially for auto insurance.

Post by ctd,

847-600-4906 My husband Merely got a telephone from this on his cell Telephone. He replied and there was nothing but a lot of static and a recording that said That is a public service message.

Post by Kathy,

8476004906 Cheers. Pressing 3 worked.

Post by heather,

847-600-4906 on my vim they left nothing but Stop.

Post by smeh,

8476004906 got two calls from them just one along with a express send. pretty worried that pressing 3 would Merely validate my number as valid thus I did t call back or Select Upward any times they telephone.

Post by Eric,

847-600-4906 Spam telephone to my don't phone list Enrolled cell phone. Yippee.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Sells

Post by Stephm524,

847-600-4906 I am on the do not phone list yet this Amount has called me twice

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Consistently a record You are able to never speak to your person

Post by dont call listed,

847-600-4906 W W W Owner Desired me to view youngster Pornography on . PD files they Needed me to download. I told them o never telephone me again and I was going for tell your FBI all Around the W W W callers.

Post by Dave,

8476004906 thank you that worked.

Post by InvestigatorX,

847-600-4906 This number Rob called me twice. Recorded Insurance sales solicitation. Inquired for be removed from their list but now it appears I 'm being Rob called out of a new Amount with a similar solicitation Design for electronic cigarettes . New Amount calling is W W W. I vie reported both Amounts at that don't call registry as a violation my Amount is Enrolled .

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Spammers

Post by Eduardo,

847-600-4906 For me was unknown it s still is because I did not answer. I trust the call is not out of any bill collector. It's not the first time several Amounts 've called me a few times I did not reply. Last week I power saw your movie Id Thief. Please People be exceedingly careful when you personally get these calls. Under NO circumstances release any of your own personal info to these calls

Post by GB,

8476004906 Got a telephone out of the 2 4 W on my cell Telephone and did not response. Now 2 7 W around midday I got a call from your same on my Dwelling phone. Around 5 hours later they called my cell phone again. So I Viewed it Upward here and did your call back from both phones and pressed 3. thanks for the info but how the h ll did they get both s. F ING Bass Teds.

Post by Annoyed,

847-600-4906 Only got buzzed by this number.

Post by JP,

8476004906 This number called my cell a few minutes Past and left a empty VIM.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Aggressive so called insurance salesman. Calling me from that blue about saving W. W on Automobile insurance appropriate. .

Post by me,

8476004906 Three things you should understand 1 The Price of inbound WATS these days is negligible You'll not have any noticeable Monetary impact believe pennies or even a fraction of a penny . 2 Inbound WATS Comprises a feature called AN. The Characteristic may permit them to see your Telephone Amount even if Owner ID is blocked. 3 Repeated calling of the type has occasionally resulted within prosecution of your caller. In short there are better ways for deal with these creeps.

Post by Joe,

847-600-4906 I 've acquired a lot of call out of them. I finally called them back and talked to a sales guy and requested for become removed out of their call list. He appeared Pleasant enough and looked to become typing it in while I was talking for him. I 've the Amount saved as junk 2 2 W so when they telephone back I could see they have call before. I would the for all Trash calls and place the ringer for my quiet ring tone.

Post by 713-542-6732,

8476004906 Sales telephone on my cell

Post by GE,

847-600-4906 Same as reported by everyone else. Nevertheless Don't PRESS 3 for become removed from your list. The Just confirms to them that the number they called is viable and they can sell it Approximately the country.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 insurance spam

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 selling insurance. automated.

Post by John,

8476004906 I notion about that but I Recall hearing that someone was sued for that. I have an air horn. . . LOLA

Post by Laila,

847-600-4906 Left a 1 second quiet message on my cell Telephone but calling back does give you personally that Choice for be removed in the list.

Post by jim,

8476004906 same here i got your phone an hour Past. Never hassle for call back since I read you People. Thanks.

Post by tdidymas,

847-600-4906 Telemarketer. Best thing is for Discount it. TD

Post by Tim,

8476004906 Obtained the phone called them back for remove me from their list doubt it will would any great. I Additionally Registered a Criticism at Internet. dentally. gov

Post by Swimmer,

847-600-4906 I have been becoming calls for a month now from them. I never replied so I replied it Now. Attempting to save me money on Automobile insurance. I pressed 3 but I Additionally reported them since I am on the National Don't Telephone List. Hopefully they may Discontinue.

Post by MR,

8476004906 They 've called my cell several times.

Post by abe,

847-600-4906 insurance soliciting

Post by Margret,

8476004906 Doesn't work. .

Post by JOHNNYB,

847-600-4906 I 've a brand new Samsung Galaxy III and there is an Alternative to add for reject lists.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Auto insurance

Post by MK,

847-600-4906 Only got a telephone on my DC cell Telephone. Did t response and no message left.

Post by bill,

8476004906 telemarketing for insurance when I asked who they were they Put up

Post by Henry Tish,

847-600-4906 i obtained a cell phone phone from this Amount.

Post by Bill S,

8476004906 I am on the do not telephone list. NF said.

Post by IgnoreCallsIDon't Recognize,

847-600-4906 I don t hassle to request for be taken off a listing . . . . just one that I did not request to be on in the first manner. That would just support my phone number as being valid. These scampers who phone aren't concerned about that law . . . . Lola. I just add their Amount s for my block list and offer them small cutesier insulting names. My daughter was going for response my Telephone for me just one time when I was busy and it Quit her when she saw that name . . . hardhat. She did get an excellent laugh when I explained to her that which is what I can for scampers.

Post by Mindy,

8476004906 I got a phone from them a couple weeks Past amp pressed 3. They Only called again today. This time I pressed 1 amp when a woman answered saying Thank You're you personally Looking more information. I nicely said no her company called me before amp I had asked for become removed before I could even finish that sentence SHE Installed Upwards. I saw another Individual on here with a Galaxy III Set them on their Avoid list thus I m trying that as I m getting nowhere.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 spam. when I questioned the caller about that company he Put Upward within me. his name was Dan. I called back and your automated voice response prompts Offered me two Options press 1 to receive q estimate for reduce Automobile ins or press 2 to become removed from phone list

Post by Guest,

8476004906 This really is a recording re car insurance rates

Post by Lee Ethetton,

847-600-4906 Was a call pro porting that I was overpaying for my auto insurance.

Post by Bill,

8476004906 Called my cell about 5 Min's Past and left an empty message.

Post by lee,

847-600-4906 Merely got a call on my mobile FM W W W . . . unsolicited. . they never left MSG and i Selected not to phone back

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Promotion insurance

Post by ejh3033,

847-600-4906 I 've gotten multiple calls out of this number but there s never a message and I never answer numbers I don t understand. Thanks for your info Around taking my Amount off that list if they keep calling I may strive that.

Post by Kari Illian,

8476004906 Unwanted automated call keeps calling our cell phones.

Post by Vicki Strauss,

847-600-4906 Soliciting for insurance Protection.

Post by jen,

8476004906 i 've obtained numerous calls from this number asking if i would like to lower my insurance payments. i have repeatedly told them no and when i told them i was occupied they continuing for ask me questions anyway and refused for leave me alone. they 've woken me up in the nighttime when i had for work the next day. this can be Inappropriate.

Post by Irritated,

847-600-4906 've told them 3 times in Simply 1 day for Quit calling. . . They're disrupting the company along with calls seeing insurance. 'm forwarding their number for Lawyer General s Office.

Post by DM,

8476004906 Insurance Centre called my cell Telephone. When asked for data Around their company they Inquired exactly why. I informed them they were violating national do not call and they laughed. They also said go ahead report them and the Authorities was a joke and there was nothing they could can for Cease them.

Post by JT.Small,

847-600-4906 Thanks for the Information got my Amount removed.

Post by inquiring angie,

8476004906 This Amount called my Telephone a half hour Past but I did not pick it Upwards the express send was blank. Cheers for posting the info.

Post by alp,

847-600-4906 remove out of list

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Telemarketing insurance

Post by ih8telemarketers,

847-600-4906 They called me on my cell phone I did t Understand the Amount so as normal I did t reply it. After checking that Amount online I located several Sites along with Folks complaining Around it including the one. I never replied and never received a express mail so I don t understand who Truly called but it was unsolicited.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Rob spam Marketing auto insurance

Post by Sick O'Spam,

847-600-4906 Now makes the Th call from this in W days my phone log just goes for W days . Now same as before I did t answer. An automated partial message was left removed out of the list . I suppose these morons Stadium t giving Upwards Though.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Complete spam

Post by C Cohn,

847-600-4906 Do not telephone list

Post by Homer,

8476004906 Simply got called out of the Amount left voice send with nothing on it. Spam.

Post by notme,

847-600-4906 Thanks but I called back and Picked 3 Around a week After I still got another telephone.

Post by I am NOT a moron like you guys,

8476004906 Shush. NEVER call back any of these numbers. All your idiots that are telling you for call and press 3 for be taken away the list are either dumber than a box of rocks or work for your morons who called within that first Set. After all HOW would they understand it worked . . . What a Group of blood sucking losers.

Post by Blabby,

847-600-4906 Called my cell. I am on the Do not Telephone list.

Post by Kathryn,

8476004906 Got called by the number about a week Past looked it up and located that I can telephone and press 3 for become taken off their list thus I did that. Sure enough one week After I get the telephone again. I called back and pressed 3 for be taken away their list again. We ll see how that goes. . .

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 There was a recording that called me and said his name is John and he could give me a free estimate in my Automobile insurance.

Post by Tee,

8476004906 Simply got called.

Post by Margret,

847-600-4906 Doesn't work. .

Post by Greg Hubbard,

8476004906 Insurance company keeps calling my phone. .

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Call both my amp my wife s Telephones each couple of days no messages left.

Post by Kathryn,

8476004906 The phone number called me so I instantaneously looked it Upwards on Google and found the Website. Cheers for your Guidance calling back and hitting 3 supposedly takes you personally away their calling list.

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 unsolicited call about Vehicle insurance

Post by Fred Weishaupt,

8476004906 do not understand who is calling. And they telephone it at work that could get me fired.

Post by Susan,

847-600-4906 've called a couple of times Normally leaves a empty express send this time there was a garbled message for press 3 to become removed. . . . in Express Send. Shush. Called back blocked my Amount and it said the number I dialed is not in service think it s a fake record dozen t sound like the regular operator one. . . . Want they d Leave calling. . . . .

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Says I m around paying for Auto insurance. . . I DON T EVEN Have MY LICENCES

Post by John,

847-600-4906 I idea about that but I remember Reading that someone was sued for that. I have an air horn. . . LOLA

Post by Kathy F.,

8476004906 They phone me daily on my cell Telephone and my Partner s as nicely. I wonder if Verizon is selling numbers. . .

Post by lisaw,

847-600-4906 i pressed 3 a couple of weeks Past also to be removed. still i get their calls. Greer.

Post by Cell phone user,

8476004906 This Amount called my cell phone and left an empty express mail. My cell phone is on the Don't phone list.

Post by A.G.,

847-600-4906 Called and did not leave no message. I am on The Don't Telephone List.

Post by Guest,

8476004906 quot you personally re paying overly much for your insurance quot

Post by Guest,

847-600-4906 Insurance sales pitch

Post by aswin patel,

8476004906 I 'm asking for discontinue that communication by telephone. Yet If you might have any Excellent proposal you are able to communicate by send. Thanks

Post by PissedOff,

847-600-4906 Jag offs called my phone no message. Attempted to telephone back but got all circuits are occupied. I 'm not certain about anyone else but I seem for 've Began receiving spam after using Zing cellular telephone Funds for buy Sony Station Cash. I spent W Dollars and charged it to my cell phone Invoice and along with within a week Began becoming all kinds of calls. Should of known they would sell my Amount. Not sure what to can now. Pretty pissed off.

Post by Patrick K,

8476004906 Spoofed Amount. Paying too Substantially for auto insurance No Individuals current.

Post by Brett,

847-600-4906 They keep calling me claiming they could save me cash on my Auto insurance even after I demanded to be taken away their list. I don t even live within Il anymore yet they know they can save me cash. Total D Bags. They call again and Work} stupid and phone again. I eventually figured out the best way to block calls. so hopefully that works. Absolute Spammers.

Post by Quinn's Grandma,

8476004906 Whatever else you personally were told they were completely right saying the government was a joke. Your Don't Telephone Bureau is just another useless Authorities funded program. It's a joke and it can t Cease them. Or if they can they don t.

Post by Beverly Lynn,

847-600-4906 Rec d Bacall from this Amount. wanting for sell me automotive insurance.

Post by working stiff,

8476004906 They called that direct line on my company Telephone. This is NOT a number I provide for anyone. Annoying when Attempting for make a residing.

Post by Annoyed,

847-600-4906 Called my cell. Now on Avoid list. Left your tail Finish of a message on VIM. Said to become removed from our list press 3.

Post by Lisa Schneider,

8476004906 Do we have these calls Ceased.

Post by Frank,

847-600-4906 Subsequently you've posted in your wrong thread. Your right thread is Lt HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W gt Next time please pay more focus on that Website before you personally post.

Post by DJH,

8476004906 Automated spam phone out of insurance Business. I 've Set my Amount on your don't phone list but they still phone.

Post by Lisa Jensen,

847-600-4906 Calls my cell phone always leaves no express mail message for me. Stop them please.

Post by judyann,

8476004906 This call is out of Peerless Insurance Co. of Illinois offering to lower my insurance rates. I told him I was on your Don't Telephone list and for please take my Amount off their list. The caller apologized and I shouldn't get further calls. If W W W calls I again I may report them.

Post by ripp,

847-600-4906 got phone from these Men. its on my cell Telephone and my cell is on the do not telephone list. If they telephone again I can sue for harassment.

Post by G-Man,

8476004906 Pressing 3 won t help. These Folks are criminals. It s illegal for use Rob calling to solicit business in my State. Simply politicians can use Rob calling. But these Individuals don t care Around the law. Simply to try and waste their time Ia called back and pressed 1 . I was on hold along with musk and a woman coming on each W seconds for say I had less than a W second wait. After 7 minutes of this the call was transferred for an extension and another Registered message said Your Individual at extension W isn't available. Please leave a message at that tone. Beep Installed Upwards. Perhaps I should telephone back and leave a long message giving your reasons I desire lower insurance and Subsequently after 2 or 3 minutes state My name and phone Amount are. . . click

Post by nwark,

847-600-4906 The number has called me repeatedly. It's an unsolicited telephone.

Post by Vickie,

8476004906 I don t own a car thus I don t think I m paying overly Substantially for Automobile insurance since I don t 've any whatsoever.

Post by Paul Bishop,

847-600-4906 Absolute scam. Just dint answer

Post by C,

8476004906 Phone from the 3 PM W W W. I did t response. No message left. Enormous surprise after reading Year messages above.

Post by Another sucker,

847-600-4906 I suppose that number is spoofed so it appears like a local number. I state that because the 2 calls Recorded before me were within 3 hours of each other. Vehicle insurance scummier.

Post by RavingB,

8476004906 I received a call from this number on my cell phone. It went to voice send but there was no message Only a hang Upwards. After reading the forum I vie added your number to that Avoid List on my cell.

Post by tlp,

847-600-4906 I m thus grateful because of this site and the form of look Upwards and those of you personally that share it is Actually helpful and cheers. . .

Post by Guest,

8476004906 Spam insurance number

Post by working stiff,

847-600-4906 Would you have your Amount on a business card. I 'm presuming that's how I got called.

Post by tlp,

8476004906 I m thus grateful because of this site and the sort of look up and those of you that share it's Actually Useful and thanks. . .

Did you get an unwanted call from 847-600-4906? Is 8476004906 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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8457957922 Complains by Guest,

telemarketer. . . . automated

9196655096 Complains by Guest,

Lawyer payday loans

8003677663 Complains by bothered,

After the third time of asking this company to take my number off their list and them saying that they need my name to do it and I refuse to give them my name, telling them that it is an invasion of my privacy to ask me for it, I asked for the manager and got the same story.

8174849642 Complains by Wendy,

Official Nick Thomas was calling me at work and on my cell saying i need that name of your own Lawyer and i tell them i don t have one his answer is MG . I Inquired what the was about he said it was a loan which i did t take out. I Calculated it was a scam. I told him not to phone me at work again. Is something more i can do. . .

8179885700 Complains by Jenny,

There is a widespread IRS (or CRA) or "tax scam" being  practiced by scammers on both USA and Canadian residents.USA tax payers should read this:http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Phone-Scams-C ... 5-Filing-SeasonCanadian tax payers should read this:http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/nwsrm/lrts/2013/l131210-eng.htmlShort answer:The IRS never initiates a contact via phone.They always send a snailmail first.Educational post:This scam is also described as scam #11, here:http://phonehelp.2truth.com/facts.htmlIf you were contacted by an IRS impostor, you may file a report, after clicking on this link:http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report_scam.shtmlUPDATE:Recent news story:http://www.wltx.com/story/money/2015/03/12/fa ... -scam/70202814/

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5403008090 Complains by Guest,

I Rev d just one . . . Generally I would response it but my phone was jammed in my own bag. Your Maj they left was Just static and thus I came online to see if it s legit or spam.

2128761395 Complains by Guest,

Keep becoming incorrect Face from the number

8044174344 Complains by Guest,

They do not leave a message harassment calls

8002943920 Complains by Fed Up,

Doing company along with someone does not mechanically present them permission to sell your Amount and E-mail address. Telephone and email were Demanded for indication Upward but I never gave my permission for spam. Scumbags.

8003340488 Complains by Rav,

I overly got a call out of this Amount. The Man is asking for your detail son how do we telephone India. Does any one have any update.

8043594666 Complains by s123,

yup I got that too and they Merely attempt to frighten you personally. as long as you send them something even . W cent a week for that rest of your life they cant can for your requirements and you are able to tell them not to call your Telephone and if they want for contact you personally to can it through send if they don t listen then just say that word Lawyer general and they may most likely back away.

8043185473 Complains by MB,

I Only got a telephone from the guy. He said that there was a pending case against me and that I could pay or they would start court Cases. I told him that according to the General Lawyers office I Desired his address that is W Roman Road. Richmond Va W and that I Desired a written validation discover of my debt. He told me that if I did t pay I would loose me benefits. I told him that I still would not continue that discussion or pay any debt without a validating notice. He said he was going for contact your Experts and my state and take away my Advantages. I told him sounds great and he hung Upwards on me. . .

8002228333 Complains by Guest,

No one replied when call was picked up

8003000715 Complains by Donald,

turns out it s a golden Supplier I had Required info from. They wanted for confirm my sending address. I called them after hours and Afterward they called me back

8002971821 Complains by Guest,

Calls my office at least a few times a week. The last time the guy on the other end called me "unprofessional" and "combative" when I asked for the name of the company he was calling from. Do not give these people any information. He said it was 'not a sales call' yet did not know anything about my office other than the name. An honest call would happily give their contact info for the right person to contact them back.

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