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Telephone information: Ameritech Illinois. Grayslake, IL. Lake. United states
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Post by Patty,

8476653360 That s your same think that happened for me. I Installed Upward before he could finish. Idiot. . .

Post by Tami,

847-665-3360 Yep it happened again right after from my husband s Telephone number. Thus I called him and he laughed saying he did it through a website called prank Switch. com or something like that and it had multiple options for Nuisance calls for Set to Individuals. Mystery solved.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Called twice within W minutes and said quot today is your own lucky daytime. Do you know why. You won free cooking lessons. quot I instantly asked him for take me off his call list and Installed up.

Post by SR,

847-665-3360 Got your same phone Recently black guy screaming that my Amount was left on his windshield that I Strike his Automobile.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 sounded like an older male and claimed he was calling from court. I asked who it was he said his name is Invoice and I Inquired him if he knew who he was trying to contact and never specified. he Subsequently continuing to state quot now listen here we have parking tickets from your own vehicle quot and I Put Upwards. Do not Select Upwards. sounds like another Man trying for get money.

Post by Frank marro,

847-665-3360 told me he tool my picture within your highs school year publication and Needed for take me Outside. They called me 3 times along with Distinct things

Post by Heather,

8476653360 Own a Taxi company and a Man Only called my Business number saying he lives up the street from me and my Child just kicked his dog and he has to take it for the hospital. My Girl dozen t live along with me and Hans t been here in a few days. We told him we don t have any Children here and hung Upwards on him. This Man really needs for Cease. . .

Post by k,

847-665-3360 Received recorded message saying there were several Costs on my account in Guatemala. Over and around she Recorded the Fees for my account within various Shops in Guatemala. No Business name no call back. W W W

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Prank call screaming threatening cursing name calling terrifying.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 did state who caller was said he could not. kinda Strange girly Man express.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Told me he was canceling my delivery. I Inquired him what delivery and he said I knew. Quite unnerving

Post by Tami,

847-665-3360 Yep it happened again correct after from my Partner s phone Amount. Thus I called him and he laughed saying he did it through a Site called Nuisance Face. com or something like that and it had multiple Alternatives for Nuisance calls for Set for Folks. Secret Fixed.

Post by Bobbie,

8476653360 Guy calling with a India accent accused me of letting my daughter walk down to his house and kick his dog. After describing that I Haydn t been Dwelling and I did t 've a Child Owner repeated himself. I Installed Upwards.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 called X never left MSG. figured some dope

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Black thug sounding Man asserting I smashed his taillight and bumper and left my number on his Auto.

Post by Catherine,

847-665-3360 Gotten call along with guy yelling at me that I damaged his Automobile. He Promised I left my Amount on his windshield. He said I needed for pay it. He would never response my question when I would request who he was and Inquired for my insurance. I told him to Cease harassing me or I would report your Amount to that Authorities and I hung Upwards.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Creepy stalker like frightened a youthful woman

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 A few type of a Joke or phishing call. Said I was on air and could Triumph a prize but Inquired a Collection of silly questions which I refused to reply or say anything for that subject the record just kept going on.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Joke call

Post by Ashley k,

847-665-3360 Called saying I ordered W pizzas and Wanted for tell him where l Dwelt so I could pay for them. Knew it was a joke but stressed me when he said he was within front of my house. No 1 showed up but this Individual is sketchy and Attempting to get money out of Folks.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Called 9 PM CST on 8 8 W. appeared for be a youthful Grownup impersonating a kid. Told me quot My mommy Inquired me for telephone you. quot Subsequently Stop. Appeared for be someone in that History and that quot youngster quot Owner told them quot I m making phone calls. quot When I asked them quot Who is thins. quot no reply was given. That call terminated and I attempted for telephone back but a Verizon Wireless automated Result indicated that I should Assess your number dialed indicating this Amount was Broken. For a quot Nuisance quot telephone the Looks for become Pretty sophisticated as they appear for become Competent to block incoming calls along with a quot no such Amount quot automated ID. I m not certain how they received my Amount as it is not listed.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 The Nuisance caller sounded enjoy a younger male Perhaps in his early S's had a bit of Jargon to how he talked. Inquired me how my Wonderful self was doing and when I Inquired who they were they said let s not Stress about who this can be but rather how your own Hot self is doing. I gave Th just one last opportunity Subsequently when they continued to ramble I Put Upward. Hans t called me back yet the evening. Hopefully he won t call ever again.

Post by Patty,

8476653360 That s the same believe that happened to me. I hung Upward before he could finish. Idiot. . .

Post by Justin,

847-665-3360 not sure about that phone number but the scenarios are prank calls out of Joke dial. com. I know because I heaved their website to get even with that Indian and Pakistani callers trying to scam us.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Cursed amp threatened me unstable individual

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 Saying sexual things

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Strange voice Nearly enjoy previous said I cant tell you personally who this is but I have a smash on you personally. I 'm a teacher on speaker phone I idea it was an Anticipated company telephone I blocked him her.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 Called me twice for strive and prank. Located his address and personal Place on spoke. If I receive another telephone I may pay him a visit.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 I received several back to back calls out of the number on my cell Telephone on 3 W W. It was basically a younger age youngster screaming into that phone quot Hello Mommy. . Come pick people Upward. Come Select us Upward. Hi Mommy. quot

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 This Amount called me multiple times around your past two times and when I picked Upwards they Inquired for a Party favor and if I had toilet paper since it was an crisis and they Desired to go. Biggest Group of spam Outside there. I had to block your number for Quit them out of calling.

Post by Gene,

8476653360 Caller stated my Amount was left on his window after I side swiped his Automobile. Searching for get the Broken repaired. Subsequently when I asked him who he was and how he got my number he Began swearing calling me some ugly names stating he Desired cash for his Auto. I Put up on him.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 Repeated calling. Nuisance calling. Calling and hanging Upward.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Repeated calls.

Post by Guest,

847-665-3360 I don t know who that is. . Simply called my Telephone at Practically W pm. . . . too late for be calling.

Post by Guest,

8476653360 Nuisance call

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6614140171 Complains by Guest,

Statement collector jeopardize to offer my Amount for spam non Cease calls if I did t

8642981140 Complains by Guest,

They were looking for a Richard. They keep calling. I keep telling them I don t understand a Rich.

9093898231 Complains by Guest,


9546551598 Complains by Guest,

out of Millimeters section on Grisliest gay ads for sex. he needs pix of teens Lads told him I don t 've any

8175426834 Complains by Guest,

demand help

8883173408 Complains by Guest,

They telephone me more your 6 time a day

2403425872 Complains by Guest,

Assess express mail but otherwise keep blocked

8002770324 Complains by Tonya,

I did as nicely. Ironically I had Simply purchased my Equinox credit report with that card which was Priced this 4. W. Did you personally Lately make that same kind of buy. I m Thinking if my card was compromised by equinox.

8002557172 Complains by tiredof800#'s,

did t response first time thus they called appropriate back

8002667088 Complains by Jack,

acquired an 'm telephone did not leave a message. Your good think is I never answer your Telephone even if it is GOD I will not Select Upwards. That saves me a lot of wasted time. I advocate it. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8002896742 Complains by PDI,

Only got a call from Aspen asking for whoever Addresses your OSHA data. I told her I had for take a message and she said Oh no thank you and Put up. Looked Upwards Aspen and got your own blog. Cheers for your warnings.

8002808770 Complains by anon,

They continually phone my work . . . . that's against your law by your manner . . . . my work simply Lets me to get crisis calls. Very unprofessional and rude.

8002822881 Complains by [***],

What if he is French.

8002898004 Complains by Sarah,

These Individuals are so rude when they telephone. They don't have any manners at all.

8002238412 Complains by w,

called me

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