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2017-10-01 08:45:48
Phillip Lamar Green abused his uncle he stayed with after leaving his 6 children n second babies mother after getting kicked out2 of heard about some younger looking lady only 2 Hargrave her n become more obsessed with n become physically n verbally violent towards her! Don't trust anything this miserable punk tells us! He's a compulsive liar as well! After begging crystal 4 a place to stay he became more angrier n posted photos of her online n threatened to beat shit on her n have her killed..he abuses children he babysitting 2! He gotten his uncles place raided 4 selling drugs n smokes Crack n shoots heroine. He has have, hepC genitile warts n whatever else . He's very ignorant n disrespectful towards heavy people n especially his elders, watch him I wouldn't trust him if I were u guys. He's a dead beat dad, n calls his oldest son fat! He fights u underage kids, n white boys much smaller than himself n there's something wrong with his smaller rotted dolphin teeth, he has a shrunken head n jawline look I n like beetle juice. He is very irresponsible neve r saves money n is always gettIng locked up 4 child support never wanting to fork out, what he owes. Stay away from this unnumble player hating creep , hill start problems in your relationships 2 n bribe females 4 sex with drugs!
2017-07-25 23:01:19
Another spammer. Don't know what they are offering but when no VM is left, you can imagine they are up to no good.
2017-05-27 23:39:40
the person called said he was from Dish Network, said he was going to turn off our Dish if we didn't give him a credit card charged us $170 said Dish was going through a configuration on our system and my husband gave our cc #. then he stated our bill would be Speedy's Satellite Service each month. My husband then knew we had been scammed. Our caller id had said Dish in the beginning. He called Dish reported the incident Dish said we had been scammed. My husband then called and cancelled out credit card asap!!! Beware this number 848.863.5257 said his name was Lincoln Montigo. They are scammers!!! Beware!!!
2016-11-07 21:34:45
Cop beware
2016-07-06 03:34:31
erroneous number
2016-07-06 03:02:41
A company identifying itself as Rent sought for get me for affirm an unsolicited appointment by pressing phone buttons.
2016-07-05 20:08:55
Got a text from the number at 6 W 'm on Sunday saying You've Only won a free W Walmart gift card. . . . and directing me for deal wizard. biz to State it. Merely ignored it and came here. Would Actually enjoy to Impact some scummier in that mouth. BTW. . . You demand an Alternative for scummier within the Fall down menu.
2016-07-05 18:09:11
1 Principal financial
2016-07-05 10:57:25
Phone went for voice mail and caller left a single cough as a quot message quot . Since no Actual message was left it Looks safe to assume that it was an unwanted solicitation call.
2016-07-05 08:10:20
Help message saying my number got randomly Chosen and a few crap. Hung Upwards.
2016-07-05 06:00:01
These Individuals telephone my House 5 times in 4 hours looking for someone along with your same last name as mine. They need for listen when they phone 've Inquired to be removed from their list.
2016-07-04 08:14:22
Left message saying that agents were for become Delivered for my residence or place of employment for Supply Reports. Message said for phone back for W W W to rectify matter. Your W Amount is listed as an invalid Amount so this really is a Possible scam. Do not Reply to this message.
2016-06-07 09:37:31
I placed an Advertising on grisliest and I got a text out of this and Looks to be a scam Needed to transfer cash trough PayPal and their movers will come and Select up my furniture.
2016-05-02 17:19:25
called and Installed Upward. no message
2016-04-25 16:33:23
Not within service message when you personally phone back.
2016-04-25 04:41:36
2016-04-17 19:59:38
2016-04-17 18:37:45
Called and said they were going for take for court if no phone back Inquired for erroneous Individual and appears to be a Set co. Said they are Smith and Assoc.
2016-04-17 16:20:26
Owner is spamming Craig s list ads
2016-04-17 14:52:45
Atmosphere miles scam

Phone list in area 848

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8482480709Mexican. No THC. Strange voiceGuest42015-12-14 14:45:34
8484590751Got a text from the number telling me to contact my elected representative about your SOAP PI Missouri} Regulation. Guest62015-12-09 22:30:05
8482185966calls several times a day with no messages or hang ups if replied. Guest82015-12-20 13:24:29
8485652451Grisliest scummierGuest52015-11-04 18:05:22
8488634765Text messages coming in at 1 Am Compared for your requirements sunlight feels co old Text Back Jennifer X Google the Amount. . multiple complaints of inappropriate text coming out of this number. Guest202015-11-04 18:43:46
8484802226Called at 6 W PM. Since we don t personally understand Anyone from Toms River NJ we did quot not quot response the phone. Caller did not leave a VIM either so 1 can just suppose it was another telemarketer soliciting or a Scam Artist expecting for steal personally identifiable data. Guest302015-11-04 16:13:22
8488883131Calls me always at least once a day after I told her for take my Amount off her list and blocked her call. Guest32015-11-04 17:08:46
8482002759Marketing life endorsesGuest72015-12-16 08:39:51
8484671968Do not callGuest82015-12-21 08:11:55
8484592843too immatureGuest12015-11-04 15:39:30
8482060119credit relief spam. computer telemarketer did t even get opportunity to cry at real personGuest162015-11-04 17:27:22
8484592346I do not do Assessment but obtained the following unsolicited message Get a Loan or Credit Upward for W All credit Okay Www. loan's. com Repayments Upwards to W months. Run the other way do not go here unless you desire for be inundated along with spam and calls everywhere. Www. Freephone tracer. com says that is Omnipotent Communications Inc in Freehold New Jersey. Seriously uncertainty it. Guest22015-11-05 01:54:46
8482051029Don t understand the Guest152015-11-04 21:47:46
8484488607Many Telephone book company trying for sell websiteGuest42016-04-13 09:17:49
8487354000Stop calling me. . Guest1052015-11-04 22:18:22
8482215318 quot AT amp T MSG As component of AT amp T s faithfulness program You personally might register for a FREE Apple IPad Go for Apple offers. com to Claim yours Now. Guest62015-11-04 22:23:22
8484044506post pending moderator approvalWilliam62016-04-15 05:24:20
8484594922Harassing collecting cash the i dint oweGuest3772015-11-04 23:09:18
8485550168Put a stop to these annoying calls on your electronic House phone by becoming a Switch tone Afterward Switch W and follow that directions. Guest162015-11-04 23:15:46
8482284258That is a Crags List scam where they request you personally for pay your shipper before they Set cash into a Pay Friend account. Guest92015-11-04 23:37:46
8484590438Mortgage companyGuest272015-11-05 00:03:22
8482272058men are all that same. . . Guest72015-12-19 06:09:08
8484568997Registered message dealing along with Expedite. Guest42015-12-14 10:29:04
8482283875threatenGuest52015-12-14 17:35:26
8488639935I 'm becoming text messages out of the Amount i called and an Vehicle answering message said your send box was full. Can you understand if we are being charged for LED calls on your Telephone Invoice. Patrecia92015-12-09 12:49:14
8482180716SpamGuest32015-11-05 02:34:22
8484690803hi i got a TX telling me dilemmas located in your fundamental MasterCard. . please telephone 1 W W W. . i don t even 've a master card . . . . . . . Guest42015-11-05 02:46:46
8482271334Weirdo. Guest52015-12-18 23:42:42
8482200578offGuest62016-04-12 06:35:47
8484823874Said they was calling from the Government and that they found Problems on my Fees. I didn't offer any info for them and hung Upward. Guest72015-11-05 04:01:22
8484044502herpes. get yourself testedGuest72016-04-10 06:14:32
8483334090Weekend afternoon hang Upwards telephone that left no message. CID Laos Angel es CABuffaloNY32016-04-17 10:28:08
8484660050You might have been blockedGuest72016-02-16 09:53:51
8482036445Spam. Unsolicited texts. Remove out of list. Guest22015-11-05 05:56:22
8482270189Google spamGuest62015-11-05 06:00:29
8484806608They're scampers will request you to Set money on a green dot card. Simply scanned my father for WGuest82015-11-05 06:34:46
8488635255Tony government line. Guest52016-04-12 04:25:08
8489924774debt collectorGuest42015-12-13 23:33:56
8487876574Prank callerGuest82015-12-16 13:16:00
8488634072atmosphere miles fake Prize scummier. W W free atmosphere miles. Only press 1 and be scammedGuest52015-12-19 14:51:26
8482070054creepy commentsGuest12015-11-05 08:07:29
8482036525Cease calling meGuest12015-11-05 08:36:29
8487876606speaking Spanish I don t Talk Spanishannoyed72016-02-16 01:50:30
8482170158spam company loanGuest302015-11-05 09:19:46
8482877062goodGuest12015-11-05 09:25:29
8484598720CreepGuest12015-11-05 09:59:30
8484487301weir Edward oGuest52016-02-16 00:20:44
8484670681A cash loan Set. Guest122015-11-05 10:08:46
8484599377blockedGuest52015-12-15 00:39:05
8482284832Your Man said they waited to purchase a Automobile I listed for sale on eBay. I Go ogled his email address evangelizing yahoo. com and located out it was a scam Guest42015-11-05 13:01:46

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