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Post by westie,

8552359196 Had a problem with Com cast and called their supposed West Hand Seashore executive office Amount. Phone was returned by telephone Centre within India. After speaking to 3 Folks for W minutes was told your service Guy may be at my house tomorrow for right that Difficulty. What a waste of my time and Rise within blood pressure.

Post by Jose,

855-235-9196 I Additionally got a phone in the same number. It was Com throw for verify that the Trouble I was having was right it was .

Post by Badge714,

8552359196 Nonetheless. . . As Owner ID is readily faked you cannot assume your Owner is who they state they are. Is the Amount legit . Perhaps. Is your Owner legit . Perhaps not. Never offer Outside private financial information on a telephone you did not make and then just to a number you researched as real and right.

Post by RC,

855-235-9196 I obtained a telephone this morning on my cell phone. I did not reply since it was an unknown . They did not leave a message. I decided for Google that and read all these messages. Yesterday I called Com cast and 've a repair scheduled for tomorrow. When I called yesterday I spoke for 3 Distinct Individuals and reported your same thing to all 3 Individuals. I suppose they feel after an hour being on your phone with them the Trouble might change. Anyways that last Man I spoke along with was the scheduler and quite strong Feature and difficult for recognize. Your Individuals within your History were really loud and speaking a different language. I guess this is how they get your information. The really disturbs me.

Post by vq,

8552359196 I overly received a telephone from this number but not before my Com throw digital cable box Seemingly got hacked into I could just toggle between channel W and W and Station W Features a discover telling me to call a Amount to have my box repaired as it will no longer work within any Occasion I called Com cast who States for have no Thought what is going on and I have a repair scheduled for them for come Outside and appearance at it within that mean time Com throw better explain how these Individuals they claim not to be affiliated with got a hold of my number.

Post by Marie,

855-235-9196 The number is a Com project Amount or at least that s what they said when they left an automated message. I m Assumed to be having fix work done. I ll phone my regular Com cast Amount to create sure this other number is legit before I phone them back.

Post by Badge714,

8552359196 Nonetheless. . . As caller ID is readily faked you cannot presume that caller is who they say they're. Is the number legit . Maybe. Is your caller legit . Perhaps not. Never give out private Monetary information on a phone you did not create and Subsequently simply to some Amount you personally researched as real and correct.

Post by J. Powell,

855-235-9196 Message from the number on my replying machine. That first component was unclear but Afterward I heard something Around repairing your Difficulty and figured it must be Com cast because I had reported a Issue. Decided I d better check the number before returning that phone because Unknown Name was on Owner ID.

Post by lc,

8552359196 Man 've you had it now. . . Anticipate a correspondence from your Government. . .

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 Com cast service Appropriate certification

Post by Sandy,

8552359196 Called five times using an hour and no message left. Called number back from diff Amount and it was Com throw. Replied that sixth phone but no 1 was on the other Finish.

Post by Bill,

855-235-9196 Scummier phone. Thick Indian Feature. Said she was along with your Irs. Could t Supply me any id or let me Chat to her manager. She got quite frustrated. Said I owed W within Fees and if I provided a credit card number to pay they would t take Actions against me.

Post by comcastscam,

8552359196 on my screen was W W W voice mail had this to phone back re Suitable along with Com project. I Truly did 've an Suitable along with Com cast NO MORE how else did the scummier get my other than Com cast Marketing it to them. . Goodbye Com cast

Post by Jules,

855-235-9196 Received three express mails messages out of the line They identified themselves as Com cast and said they were returning my phone to Help me along with my cable service. Your guy had a thick Indian Feature and said there was a rep coming Outside for repair my cable.

Post by Guest,

8552359196 This can be Com throw s innovative service verification for service call

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 Claims he s com throw innovative specialized support after I requested help on their Facebook page Recently after weeks of their Telephone service not helping me.

Post by CC FL,

8552359196 4 calls today out of the after I called Com cast yesterday for a Difficulty. Checked with them and they refuse giving the Outside which I m sure is Accurate since no clever local Staff is going for put them self out of a Occupation. Was given a corporate to contact. Peculiar company. This really is a Venezuela .

Post by lc,

855-235-9196 Man 've you had it now. . . Anticipate a notice in the Irs. . .

Post by lc,

8552359196 Guy have you had it now. . . Expect a notification in the Irs. . .

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 Requires if you are leaving for work.

Post by Guest,

8552359196 Not SPAM this can be Com project s technical support Progress Appropriate Evidence system. If you personally got an Appropriate too have a tech come out you may get a telephone out of this no to Check or End apt.

Post by Carol2514,

855-235-9196 W W W Is among those Amounts I won t response because it states caller unknown. I too 've an appointment with Com throw tomorrow day. I have so many blocked now there is no room. Thus I appearance Upwards your reverse Amount.

Post by Comcast can [***],

8552359196 Was Required for Pack to save money on Net. Could someone describe exactly why internet alone is W month but along with cable it was dropped to W. Yea. . neither can I. Thus we get the cable carton. . . it dozen t work. Chat support sends Sign and tells people the carton is terrible. . So we schedule an appointment. And then. . . I get a call out of this number and APO on your phone. He tells me that the appointment I 've coming Upwards is for a repair Technology and not an setup tech and Afterward insists I should go through that steps with him for repair it. Man. . . Your Carton DOE SN T T WORK and I don t have 2 hours for chat on that Telephone for fix it nor do I want for. I Subsequently tell him nicely go forward and set Upwards the correct Technology for that appointment to which he answers. . . I could t you might have for phone the Amount. Thus we won't watch cable at this point. I got your cheaper speed for Net which is Excellent by me. COM Throw SUCKS. If there was a word worse than suck I would have used it. You personally COM Throw.

Post by ST,

855-235-9196 I gotten a phone in the above Amount. I did t reply it but they left a message for me to call back. I than called Com project and Thur their automated system and Approved my upcoming appointment. If this really is a scam it would be on the Indoors of your Business where an Staff is illegally sharing customer account info. If no one shows for me scheduled appointment I can logically assume it's a scam.

Post by Troutner,

8552359196 I gotten phone on my cell out of Com throw Innovative Specialized Support Facility along with thick Indian Highlight also Desired for Speak about my Difficulties with Com throw coincidentally or not I have Used two W minute calls along with Com cast Recently and today and a Technology is coming out tomorrow

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 Com project from India. Talked terrible English and canceled my appointment.

Post by Guest,

8552359196 Annoying

Post by Jan,

855-235-9196 I received a telephone sort the number form someone claiming to become along with Com throw. I 'm confident they were not.

Post by cj,

8552359196 I had an Problem along with my com cast box last night. Place Upwards an appointment with them to come Outside in a few times for fix. This guy with an Indian Feature called my cell and said he was calling for my Partner and Inquired me for Assess the cable box. I tried for advise him I was not close it but he kept going on. Thus I Put Upward. Com project better keep their appointment with me and I can let them understand about the phone. Yes they can Village out for several countries. I bought business Course so that I could get a guarantied People support Individual and 4 hour turn Approximately time. Not a 4 week one. Not confident why he was calling me.

Post by KB,

855-235-9196 I had a problem along with my Com cast service so we place up an appointment for someone to come Outside. The daytime before that appointment I gotten a call out of this number and they left a very sketchy voice mail. It was a recording and it repeated their number twice and Subsequently when it went for state what company they were along with there was static thus you personally could t hear what they said. We Subsequently gotten a phone out of a Distinct number and it was a record reminding us of our appointment which we could tell was valid. A couple hours After I gotten another phone from the first number and it was a Man with a substantial Indian Feature asking if your Issue had been resolved. I had already read these posts so we told him we did t need his help. We Subsequently called Com throw and told them. They kind of beat Approximately that bush and behaved enjoy they did t desire to acknowledge that this was not a Com throw Amount. That thing is I actually Only got a new phone Amount and Com throw is that just Firm I have given it for and within just one daytime many type of scummier already has my not empty name and phone Amount. Com project confirmed it was not them and they will report it for Direction.

Post by Jose,

8552359196 I also got a phone from the same Amount. It was Com throw to Check that the Issue I was having was right it was .

Post by R G,

855-235-9196 Yes I also got the Indian Feature com throw HELP. call Desired me to Duplicate your same Treatment I 've done 7 or 8 times I 'm suppose to 've a tech come out tomorrow. Suppose I will wait and see.

Post by Sick and Tired in Sunrise, Fl,

8552359196 Thank you for all that previous posts I know I 'm not alone with this out of Com project and out of India overly. . . . . I got an apt along with Com throw to come Outside Now for change my Switch in Result to your correspondence they Directed} me telling me I Desired an Update to some wireless Switch . Then I get these phone calls out of W W W but I did not pick up. I have been Seeking for break my addiction for television for a long time. I feel a lot of maltreatment is out of Com cast and I hope one daytime I can Go away from both television and Com cast. It Appears everyone I understand is at the mercy of Com cast. So what's the alternative. Something needs to change. They are corrupt and it is Clear. When I pay more cash for Com project than my Electrical bill something is erroneous with that Graphic and something is wrong along with me overly.

Post by Cue,

855-235-9196 I gotten a phone from this number very earlier on Sunday morning. I have an Excellent setup Problem with Com project. Your installer wan t Capable to get my internet to work as Quickly as it s Assumed for. A Com cast chuntered to mend it by phone from an office in that People with no luck. Now they believe someone out of India is going for fix it remotely. Seriously.

Post by ComcastCustomer,

8552359196 Automated phone seeing my service appointment Now.

Post by lc,

855-235-9196 Guy 've you had it now. . . Expect a page in the Irs. . .

Post by Florida,

8552359196 ANY W exchange number which you take may bill Your own number for your call. DON T answer and DON T phone back. REPORT AND BLOCK.

Post by Sam,

855-235-9196 Called yesterday Night and scheduled an appointment for a Com throw technician for come out. Acquired a telephone out of the Amount Only now. Did t reply but they left an automated express send. The phone is regarding your technician visit Allowed for your account for that Problem reported to Com project. Please phone people back at 1 W W W. Again that Amount is 1 W W W and thank you for Picking Com throw. Appears legit.

Post by Pembroke Pines, FL,

8552359196 Same Specific problem here. Tech out of Com project is scheduled to come tomorrow 9 W at 5 pm and someone from this calls but my Man who got suspicious and refused to Speak for him. We called Com throw official number and they said YES a technician called for Charging Exam and this telephone out of W W W has got nothing to would with the service outage or the Com project appointment for tomorrow 8 W . . Your Com cast Man whom we called for confirms the Telephone phone came from their office was not Capable to explain what's this Charging Exam is for because Allowing to him there were no notes. I Think your Com cast lines are hacked by many Indian Man who calls out of abroad to scam customers here and uses these com throw lines. That's why there was a record of that call and your people at com project office don't have any idea what it is about and. Just due to all these previous places could I consider that this kind of thing is potential and is happening to others overly. Exactly why is Com cast not Choosing any action Around .

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 As I was replying the Telephone I could hear a female voice speaking with someone else. When I said quot Hi quot silence. . . . I said hello 3 more times and Afterward they hung up.

Post by AP,

8552359196 I acquired a call from this number Nevertheless no message was left. Enjoy the others I recently had an Dilemma along with my cable service. After many long Discussions I was told that my cable box could not be repaired slightly and a fix See was scheduled.

Post by Guest,

855-235-9196 Com throw sophisticated specialized support. This really is not spam.

Post by FLSun,

8552359196 Exact same scenario Com project digital carton has unexpected and deadly failure and service Suitable scheduled last nighttime. Today two calls out of the Amount who identify themselves as Com throw Complex Technical and Subsequently Began asking me for my private data. I told her for pound sand they called me. I Subsequently called Com project and the number is not on their list Or are they conscious of an Advanced Technical dept. I asked that rep to suggest mg mt.

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5186498236 Complains by Guest,

Disgusting. . . . . . .

5623243128 Complains by Guest,

Leave calling me

8015129744 Complains by Guest,

Won a free present card

8152068884 Complains by Kevin,

Spam telephone. Automated messaged regarding some security system installation. Let it go to vim blocked .

3123801912 Complains by Guest,

This Amount calls me often and I Merely need it for Quit.

4044965152 Complains by Guest,

Called my wife asserting he was out of Microsoft. Demanded details on my Pc including which Variation OS i had what type of computer i had what USP i had etc. Got Extreme when my wife was not forthcoming with said info.

8286341122 Complains by Guest,

Calls and tells me his name is "Juan" but will not tell any more information. Called about five times so far today. Leaves no message if not answered.

8312643805 Complains by Guest,

That is Truly Blue Guard of California. . .

9033312855 Complains by Guest,


7182221236 Complains by Guest,

Assess your bank Records after receiving a call from the number got dubious Costs that quite night on mine

8063020264 Complains by Sas,

W is a live scummier. Dint offer your info

9038028288 Complains by Guest,

Kept saying they did t understand who they were

5185740000 Complains by Guest,

avert this guy Diane Bonds. He sent me a text and Inquired me absurd question. what town are you in. gamer

5672000000 Complains by Guest,

I 've contacted the FCC Around W W W. They said that caller one of the quot Rachael at Card member Services quot callers is running a Understood scam and the Federal Commerce Commission is Choosing action if you would love to add for that FTC s ammunition against these Businesses telephone the FTC s Buyer line at 1 W W W. Your FCC also said that a Amount of state Attorney Generals offices are taking Activity so it may become worth a Customer s time to Assess along with your Related AG office. Allowing to the FCC rep and my own experience if you Link to a live Individual and request for be removed from your calling list that Individual can either hang Upwards on you personally or become rude and within my case indecent . I m reporting this info on several similar websites thus folks dealing with this scam can take Actions.

6093571996 Complains by Guest,

kept calling enjoy twice an hour so I called them and Installed up about sixteen times. it was a good time.

6093798506 Complains by Guest,

calls Day-to-day does not speak when replied never leaves message

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