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Post by meme sims,

8553456102 just got a call from Rachel and Tonya at that W Amount. said i won a W W prize. called them back and got no answer. your first time i have been scammed but will not reply if they telephone back. cannot believe the jerks Outside there.

Post by Marilyn,

855-345-6102 I rec d a message on my Residence phone saying I won a car or W W. W. Of course it s gotta be a scam.

Post by More BS,

8553456102 They told me I won a Auto. Had me on hold for 2 minutes then I Put up for Assess your Amount. Should of checked the Amount first.

Post by Guest,

855-345-6102 said that he was an Official and Fees had been brought against carol allergy by that state of SC

Post by Lois D.,

8553456102 Someone calling himself Eric at ext. W said he was calling from the Prize Notice Center did t say of what out of where etc. to say an entry within your name was made for win cash or a fresh Automobile and that your name was Lately chosen did t state which name and there is more than one Man at your Home . Fully bogus sounding.

Post by D,

855-345-6102 Got a phone saying it was an crisis for a Individual I did not understand they said the you ll Alert that authorities

Post by Cheryl,

8553456102 Obtained message out of prize notification Facility W W W ext. W. Out of Eric stating I must have entered a contest within a local mall etc. I Truly did enter a car Tournament maybe 2 Times ago . . . . But did not trust this which is exactly why I came here. What a nuisance. Simply have a land line for emergencies and it's nothing but Folks asking for cash debt collectors for individuals who use to have my number and scampers. Although I get local Cops emergencies which is a great thing. Cheers for sharing everyone. Going to Place this scam on Facebook

Post by Guest,

855-345-6102 Called saying I won a prize of x amount of cash. He said that I must 've filled Outside a few entry at a few point and won the prize. He mentioned his name was Eric and gave the Amount above with your ext. of W. Never mentioned my name and his Amount did t display Upwards on my call identifier. Quite unexpected and I don t Strategy to phone back. 8 W W

Post by Another Another Mass Resident,

8553456102 Eric left a message congratulating me for winning an online Competition within that last W months. Said to telephone him at W W W exit. I ll become certain for get back to him real soon. . .

Post by JANE,

855-345-6102 Can THESE Folks GET AWAY With DOING This. THEY CALLED MY SON AND SON Within LAW AND Scared MY FAMILY SAYING I WAS Within Problem. . . THERE SHOULD Become SOMETHING DONE To Quit The. THEY LIE AND USE Scare Techniques AND For ME It's HARASSMENT. . .

Post by Nunya,

8553456102 That site s simply been Upward about 5 days actually

Post by You are all right!,

855-345-6102 Many cheers for the follow Upwards and info.

Post by Neola Ruth Hoover,

8553456102 Your Choices Firm representative that uses the W call for enlighten Nola Whirlpool that warrants were being Released for her arrest and they wanted to tell her. The debt was Around to reach your statute of limitations W Advance America and their Customer Needed to Accumulate it. The agency is Established in Orlando Florida had just the basic information last four of her SS and address. The representative was reminded that in Iowa that debt had accomplished the statute of Restrictions and if your war rents were Given they would become sued.

Post by Sarah,

855-345-6102 Same Man called my house . What a joke.

Post by JANE,

8553456102 How can THESE Folks GET AWAY With DOING The. THEY CALLED MY SON AND SON In LAW AND Frightened MY FAMILY SAYING I WAS In Problem. . . THERE SHOULD Become SOMETHING DONE For Discontinue The. THEY LIE AND USE Scare Strategies AND For ME It is HARASSMENT. . .

Post by Guest,

855-345-6102 Said I was an crisis contact. Said I has a fraud charge against me.

Post by Guest,

8553456102 Yes this Man Eric is a scam artist don't call back

Post by Michele,

855-345-6102 I Only acquired a express send on my Residence phone stating I d won either W W or a fresh car having Offered a winning entry at that mall or online within the past W months. Please phone Eric back at W W W ext W . I go ogled your phone Amount and found this site and 'm entering the message as a result. On your caller ID is stated Fraud Research W W W

Post by Annette,

8553456102 I obtained that same message as Hal a call from W X's a man named Eric. He said I won a car out of a Match I had Joined in that past W months. I haven't entered any Competitions.

Post by Guest,

855-345-6102 Never addressed people by name on the express send. Said we won a brand new vehicle or K on a Tournament we entered withing your last W months. If Eric had our entry he would have had our names. My caller Id revealed he called out of W W W Unknown name.

Post by Michelle,

8553456102 I got the same phone last nighttime. Alex left a message on my answering machine. I called your number back Now to check them Outside of course I get an replying machine and Afterward there are Alternatives like enter extension if you understand it. thus I put in W like the message said got a mans express saying he was on another line and to leave a comprehensive message and he can telephone back of course I did not. then I dialed the Amount again and tried Moving 0 for User which Direct me for your same man and message Afterward I called again this time pushing 1 for a so called list of names for be transferred to and lo and behold I was directed right back for the same man and message. At no time is a name or Firm ever mentioned. I knew this was a scam. and as your saying goes If it sounds overly good to become Accurate it Likely is. . .

Post by Collen,

855-345-6102 I also forgot to mention the callback number was W W W but your Phone Amount they used for call me is W W W in case there are any detectives Outside there who might look for that Information useful. My express send reports the numbers of incoming calls

Post by Bugged,

8553456102 I too obtained that same message. This is what the authorities should be chasing scampers and harassers. . .

Post by Ron,

855-345-6102 Its Illegal for ask for money to receive it Prize Offers You personally Don t 've to Pay to Play. HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Edward Cafes Customer telemarketing tel. shortstop Internet. Customer. FTC. gov scam alerted Www. Client. FTC. gov articles W telemarketing scams Do consider Perhaps becoming a phone blocking device or Telephone. . You can Google them and many are around W. W or so. Report your callers here not Merely for your DC alone HTTP Internet. . gov amp panel HTTP support. FCC. gov cruciforms form. Amenhotep's Gripes. dentally. gov Grievance complaint check. asp. Section By State DC lists HTTP Internet. . com tentacled. shuttlecock Forgotten Calls Gripe kind HTTP Www. FCC. gov CB Customer facts D R. pitfall email W protected

Post by Vmac,

8553456102 They said the same thing for me. They said that I was listed as an emergency contact for a Robert Clinton. I said I did t know him and he said they d contact Experts. 1 W W W is that number

Post by Mike,

855-345-6102 Got a telephone out of Eric saying I won a fresh vehicle or K within cash. Understanding it was a scam I called anyway to see what it was Around and maybe supply that scumbags a hard time. Got his send but did t leave a message for Clear reasons. Then Assessed Outside the site. Cheers for your info.

Post by nine,

8553456102 It Appears that these slime balls 've changed their mod us operand MO . Historically they have been known to announce that there surely is a restraining order Registered against you as well as charges against your SAN.

Post by ely,

855-345-6102 I acquired that same message as Hal Annette for phone W. W. W W that I had won a car or W W. I should telephone Eric back at the number

Post by You are all right!,

8553456102 Many thanks for your follow Upwards and information.

Post by Julie,

855-345-6102 i got the same telephone saying I was an emergency contact Man and needed for call correct a manner. . right. First I don t understand of any one or hospital that would have an W prefix here within Colorado. second if it is a really crisis they would attempt calling me back. What a scam is correct I did t response nor did I call back I goggle that Amount so that as I idea a bogus. . .

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2178763800 Complains by Guest,

nuisance that wont Quit calling

2068665749 Complains by Guest,

Fraud. They State they're Striving for provide you personally a grand of 7 W but you demand for deposit W first warning W

2182602600 Complains by Guest,

I did get a telephone from the Amount and they did not leave a message.

9184420962 Complains by Guest,

We got a call out of W W W last nighttime We let it go to answering machine All we heard was alto of History and Individuals laughing It revealed your number on caller ID along with your name Phone Philippine looked it Upward and its for many kind of calling card they're Striving to sell .

3212792093 Complains by Guest,

Called for sex. . . . user

8133981355 Complains by Janice,

Someone calls W 7 never leave a message. I mistakenly 've given to several charities and ever since my phone has not stopped ringing out of others Seeking contributions. Can you personally tell me who this is and what they need.

3373515222 Complains by Guest,


2532446155 Complains by Guest,

They 've been calling me for 2 weeks now and each time I response they hang up and they never leave a message.

8002768346 Complains by chris,

someone trying to send dirty pics from Facebook.

8043185008 Complains by msm,

Caller ID shows Not Accessible W W W. Owner Put up did not leave a VIM. Called at 5 W EST interrupting that dinner hour. Unwanted phone.

8002256593 Complains by Guest,

Haggai asshole

8003404166 Complains by LMJM,

Additionally got calls from this stating it was Huntington bank. this did not fit your on paperwork Delivered out of bank. we will call on correspondence. Has to would with that patriot act. No other bank has Began doing this.

8003540034 Complains by Ez,

That is correct. They are legit. Called me because I purchased something from Offshore just W minutes before.

8042051181 Complains by jay24,

Hello i got that same call. My question is did you personally Truly 've Outstanding payday loans.

8003499418 Complains by Annette Delinqua,

Yep I got a call out of the friends at ICC aka one click cash aka not becoming your own cash back sucks. . . 1 click cash was Chosen to Process by several states one of them being Cali thus they could no More go within to your own account via ache Exchange. Their just recourse is to request you personally for send them a check or money purchase etc. . . for pay the Excellent equilibrium. They can t even Set it on your credit report. Not you 've great credit anyway or you probably would t have gotten mixed up along with the shady loan shark that now calls themselves ICC. Don t pay them they could t do anything they can t even break your legs. Thus glad to be free of these sharks. My Wellness problems led me to them and then the Pressure of paying them such high premiums added for my poor Wellness. I hope a few of us never 've for can this again I know I won t I learned my lesson Around dancing along with that devil.

8102352312 Complains by Jim S.,

Hi People don t answer any telephone you do not know. Period. If that call is on your Upwards and up they will leave a message and if it makes sense then phone back. Overly many scam artists Outside there. Report all numbers for your FTC FBI or anyone else Choosing a listing of these idiots. I hope that Feds are taking note of these Gripes on the Website. Time for shut them down and send Individuals for jail.

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