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Post by Angel,

8555613603 I receive Telephone calls every day out of the number on my cell phone. Could Anyone Discontinue them. Its getting Move annoying I don't have any block on my cell phone

Post by Judy,

855-561-3603 This number calls incessantly at any time of that day. I 've all my numbers on that do not telephone list but it does not seem for 've any effect on this group.

Post by incredible,

8555613603 If Bell Phone can t block that phone no. Revealed above. I would like for see why Bell can t block it are they somehow a corporate with that particular phone no. Anyway I will report it to your no telephone list and I will mention as follow Bell Canada could t block that Telephone no. that is really annoying.

Post by not,

855-561-3603 they're Doing research. It it thus annoying they telephone 3 W times a day. . . so I went to your do not telephone on their Site.

Post by Guest,

8555613603 Multiple calls a daytime never leaves a message hangs Upward when i reply.

Post by Catherine Driscoll,

855-561-3603 have had several calls. I 'm on a Don't Telephone list. I don't desire to get any calls.

Post by Bearpaw,

8555613603 Had two calls within an hour no message left either time. 've blocked your number out of calling again. Stop is ecstasy.

Post by etobicoker,

855-561-3603 It s election time within Canada. . . AGAIN. This Rob telephone is out of Accessibility Research doing a survey viewing your federal riding overbooked Centre. Left a very long repetitious message on my voice send because no response was detected by your infernal Automobile dial er. Thus ooh annoying . I understand exactly why these research Businesses are EXEMPT from the DANGLE. It s within your government s interest as well as your Telephone service Company s Monetary interest. How about an Select within system IE. register for Become called as opposed for the Bad option system we have now that answer is Clear no more survey Firm calls and less Income for that tel co s . .

Post by R2D2,

8555613603 I have gotten several calls from the Amount. I am from London

Post by me too,

855-561-3603 i just got a telephone from W and i replied and no 1 was there. . . . . woo. . .

Post by Charles Morris,

8555613603 Unknown Amount. Calls occur throughout the daytime. Bands until my replying service comes on but never a message

Post by Hat,

855-561-3603 Got a polling telephone today out of Newsgroup asking about my voting preference in your Canadian election. I said DP . Response Would that Answer most closely to Conservative Bash Liberal Celebration Fresh Democratic Celebration or Green Bash. I asked out of where they were calling caller had a substantial Indian accent. She said Newsgroup Marketing and asked again who is that DP. I ended the call after telling her when she did not understand what DP meant I could not continue.

Post by election polling,

8555613603 Got a polling call Now from Newsgroup asking Around my voting Taste in that Canadian election. I said DP . Response Would that respond most closely to Conservative party Liberal Celebration Fresh Democratic Celebration or Green Celebration. I Inquired out of where they were calling caller had a significant Indian accent. She said Forum Advertising and asked again who is your DP. I ended the phone after telling her when she did not know what DP meant I could not continue.

Post by Jo-Ann,

855-561-3603 I gotten a phone out of this number 4 times Now.

Post by Jijibel,

8555613603 Hello I vie Merely Seen that website and at your Base of the page you are able to click on Do not Telephone and enter your phone Amount for do not gotten anymore their phone telephone. sorry for my Frankish . Want it works. KS

Post by Kevin Hu,

855-561-3603 Survey which was NOT a who would you personally vote for . It May}n' 've been intriguing but I don t answer surveys.

Post by Lyette Desjardins,

8555613603 Got a Telephone telephone out of this number W

Post by colleen,

855-561-3603 Internet. accessibility research. com loincloths is a market research company. Just put the above link within browser and request for become removed out of their list. I did Now it takes approx 2 3 days to be removed from their calling list.

Post by niam,

8555613603 I vie been getting calls from the Amount for a while now. Occasionally each daytime occasionally every other day. Quite annoying. They never leave messages.

Post by Louise,

855-561-3603 Please Quit calling me.

Post by mike T,

8555613603 daily calls from this caller.

Post by Roger,

855-561-3603 Turn away your Telephone. I am not being sarcastic. I now work for a company who has a phone off policy when I travel no Bluetooth either. It s astounding how Substantially more attention you are able to Target on mediate tasks. Such as Learning. I turn my Telephone off quite a bit now. Quite liberating

Post by Derek,

8555613603 Visit HTTP access research. com dentally. asp to have your own removed out of their telephone list.

Post by OPA,

855-561-3603 called MY CELL AT 8 pm. I 'm slow and did not pick it Upward within time. Sounds like another pest

Post by Jasmin (winnipeg),

8555613603 They 've called my cell almost each other day Starting from afternoon to Night calls. Merely ignored calls and will block the number on my iPhone.

Post by Josie,

855-561-3603 I keep becoming phone calls from the number. More than once a daytime and I never response and never get any voice mail getting Very Ill of that BS. I m in Edmonton Alberta but still 've a Tel people Brand new Brunswick phone

Post by Cindy Andrade,

8555613603 This really is a business cell Telephone and we should not be bothered by unwanted Telephone calls. This can be a rogers corporate plan and most of your users keep receiving these calls. I idea unwanted calls were being handled by your CR TC. . . Rogers probably Offered that Telephone numbers to these annoying solicitors.

Post by Josh in NL,

855-561-3603 . .

Post by Tania,

8555613603 Calling night after nighttime on my cell phone

Post by mike,

855-561-3603 got a call in Montreal July W

Post by Person,

8555613603 Called me no message left. I have Tel us and they don t answer when I phone back

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8003331278 Complains by Mr & Mrs Radford,

I have also had calls out of this number my Lawyer has litigation pending against Run and Sprint was informed not for contact me. I spoke with Lavonne 7 W 'm PST confirming closure of my Race account and got that run around on April Th W again I called on Wed. April Th W and talked along with Ir people 7 W 'm for again support that Termination of my account on 4 W W which was started on on April Th W when they gave me a Close stamen on the phone of W. W USDA when I talked to some Manager and she not only Offered me a closing amount at that time I told her which is Affirmed and I still 've that Amount. Then I got a telephone out to PP Department and talked to Gerardo and Rhea about becoming my phone Amount proceeded for T Cellular telephone and was told to get Account Amount Code and Friend for move the phone number which I did but but now my Magic Jack still works on that number W W W to call out but I get no calls within and my Magic Jack number is still Upward to date and only works for Outside going calls. and the phone was got on W W W. I called my Lawyer Mr. Danial Berra at 1 W W W who has Chosen the Bull E by your horns and told me they 've been contacted Sprint and they are not to contact me by any means personally. He knows about the Close Price of W. W and knows more about your situation than he is tell me but he says do not listen for these Individuals. His email address is email W protected and could become found at W West Beverly Blvd in Monticello California I am still becoming bills from Sprint but the litigation may likely go into a civil Room and he is doing this at no upfront cost to me. See your Condition is like being captive to your phone Firm because Dash won t let me pay my Offered Closing of W. W USDA and simply needs me for catch up with previous payments after discussing this along with Administrators and in the procedure they're destroying my credit. I will not be embezzled buy a cell phone company or 've them completely destroy my credit by lying for me and Subsequently forcing me for hold to some debunked account. I have been advised by Mr Danial Berra that they is something really erroneous at Sprint and needs to become adjusted by litigation that has been Began. My suggest is to phone the really Efficient and professional Lawyer and discuss this Issue along with him.

8172387564 Complains by Ann W,

Called your W Amount. Installed up.

3102096228 Complains by Guest,

unsolicited spam telemarketer.

3028615020 Complains by Guest,

Gotten a pare recorded phone Girl s express out of this number that there are 2 Fees of fraudulent activity against my name and SS . No Firm or Man s name was left. I don t know anyone within P}. gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt

8068396568 Complains by slick,

came Residence to my Partner panicking about that Government Telephone call. . . i heard Around the scam going on thus i Viewed up that number Texas. . . . . . i did t believe the Government move for Texas. . . . the Amount then routed to Pakistan. . . what a Group of crap thus now the Irs is within Pakistan. . . HA HA HA

4848445787 Complains by Guest,

Damien Little. I did t answer it amp I did t Understand it.

2256598284 Complains by Guest,

Calls all the time.

2256441987 Complains by Guest,

Trans universe Systems

8002836422 Complains by dm,

Congratulations you might have won a. . . prize. Please press 9 for details on how to State.

8002901347 Complains by Paulie,

The Firm is packed with it. Rapidly talkers. Absolute best for say Take me off your own list and hang Upwards.

8003000180 Complains by Beth,

I also was left a cryptic message asking me for telephone this number but along with no other details as for who they're or why they're calling. I don t even 've a time share thus why are they calling me. . . . . . . . . . . .

8002990045 Complains by questioning,

Received a call asking for my father. They said it was a private issue. That Girl Offered her name but would not present that name of her Bureau. When told she could not speak for my father unless she told me from which Bureau she was calling she said thank you for your own time. I can create notice of your telephone. She ended that phone. I consider it is a scam and Recommend not calling the Amount back.

8002152391 Complains by Guest,

Begs for Focus and physical attention

8002445982 Complains by Guest,


8002974369 Complains by Cwashi3324,

That John Nash called me out of a local number along with that same B. S. Maintained he was a procedure server Striving to frighten your Man who answered your phone. Whatever.

8002819441 Complains by Delia,

Owner ID says Virginia B. No MSG No Thought who is calling Usually type this Amount.

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