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Post by Mary ellen,

8556416960 they called my work Amount and rang half of your Level ions within my office. . they spoke to my manager. . I called the Man Upwards that next day at the W W W number . . . His name is William Frost. . and I told him for NEVER call my work number again and to mail me anything I Desired to have. . he Desired for E-mail me. . I told him. . Send IT To ME AT Dwelling AND Do not Bother ME AT MY Job. . and Put Upwards on him. . what a creep. .

Post by Monikcalee,

855-641-6960 Oh I forgot the time the message previously mentioned that telephone was out of McCall Davis on and Associates

Post by pooh bear,

8556416960 I got same call 2 times ago. It was ask American Guy. Could t make out your name of that company or the person calling or your file number. Said that I was facing potential check fraud charges. This was all on my express mail. I did t believe they could leave such info on voice mail. . . I have your standard Introduction on mine. It dozen t even give my name. . . . .

Post by notgiven,

855-641-6960 Beck W is toll free. W dozen t hide anything out of Cost free or W. You personally need to use Google express or something enjoy that for Cover your Actual Amount.

Post by awesome!!!!!,

8556416960 You're frig gin Awesome. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

855-641-6960 Called for Greg dis shut private Information and case threatening call

Post by Madashell,

8556416960 A Girl out of the number W W W called my parents Residence asking for me. The Girl said it was within regards for wire fraud Fees and Introduced your last four Numbers of my soc sec . Said it was in my own very best interests for telephone her or she would be going forward along with Fees within your county that I live in she had that name of that county that I live in and Additionally referenced a docket . Of path that docket is bogus but it was a little unsettling that this Girl had a few of my private Information. Plus how on world did they get my parents number. I m forty something years old and ha vent Resided along with my parents in W a few Unusual years.

Post by pooh bear,

855-641-6960 They threatened to Set a lien on my Automobile. . could they do that. They did t speak directly for me. . they left a message. .

Post by Betsy,

8556416960 Got a similar type of phone telephone searching for my nephew. Is this legit.

Post by awesome!!!!!,

855-641-6960 You're frig gin Awesome. . . . . .

Post by PssyKat,

8556416960 Wow. I had no Notion. . Thank you personally for this particular report Alfalfa. . . . . I only fresh the was not Kosher. . . Additionally they were asking for someone else Yet they still call me. . . It s a black American woman that is on the other Finish of your Telephone. . . I never got a hint of an East Indian Feature. . . .

Post by PssyKat,

855-641-6960 Wow. I had no Notion. . Thank you for this particular report Alfalfa. . . . . I simply brand new this was not Kosher. . . Additionally they were asking for someone else Yet they still phone me. . . It s a black American woman that's on the other Finish of that phone. . . I never got a Tip of an East Indian Highlight. . . .


8556416960 We have obtained several calls from this number within past 2 weeks maintaining that our Child is having check fraud charges Registered against her. She proceeded out of the home more than 5 years ago and is now married. I tried to return that call the first time we gotten it but just got there surely is nobody available for take your own phone did not identify themselves. When I called back Now there conveniently was static on your line when Inquired that name of the Firm. I talked with a few female that gave me lots of info about my daughter where she had lived however wrong phone Amounts. Funny thing was when I asked who the Customer was she could t Show that but she could tell me all another facts. This Owner claimer that the fraud Costs are from W and she could have any transactions connected for her Societal security Amount and her motorist s permit revoked . Fake. . . Don't reveal anything for these morons. . .

Post by Tammy,

855-641-6960 Your same Erica Reed called me as nicely and gave me the Actual same file numb and told me that my permit would become revoked if I did not return her phone. I know that no legal action can become taken against me without me being properly Offered a supping for Search in court so I got on this Newsgroup and located your post angst others that have had Activities with the 1 W W W and her having the power to would so to my permit under your penal code W W

Post by Monikcalee,

8556416960 Oh I forgot the time that message stated that phone was out of McCall Davis on and Associates

Post by Tammy,

855-641-6960 That same Erica Reed called me as nicely and gave me your Actual same file numb and told me that my permit would become revoked if I did not return her telephone. I understand that no legal action can become taken against me without me being properly served a supping for Look within court thus I got on this forum and located your own post angst others that have had experiences along with this 1 W W W and her having that ability for do thus to my license under the penal code W W

Post by notgiven,

8556416960 Beck W is Cost free. W dozen t hide anything out of toll free or W. You personally need to use Google voice or something like that for hide your Actual Amount.

Post by LOL,

855-641-6960 Tell all these Folks to away and get a better job. They CANNOT collect ANYTHING or threaten you along with ANYTHING. To all your scamming telemarketers out these amp Die. . . I know you read this you personally broke telemarketers. . . Get a fresh Occupation. . . Your life is . . . . LOLA

Post by Working Class Hero,

8556416960 Many Waste about me going for Prison in the morning. Tool investigation etc. Earnings garnished. But would not let me 've paperwork or offer me an address for come in and satisfy in Man. If I owe somebody money and agree to create many kind of arrangements its going for be in person. NOT Around The Telephone.

Post by Monikcalee,

855-641-6960 Oh I forgot the time your message mentioned that telephone was out of McCall Davis on and Associates

Post by Acme Pest Removal,

8556416960 Statement M You've Merely described Zombie Debt . You personally Submitted for bankruptcy but the debt lives on. It is W noncollectable period. Insolvency wiped your debt clean but that dozen t mean someone won t try to Gather on it. In that years to come anyone who calls you personally can your same thing you Only did.

Post by Lisa Richards,

855-641-6960 They were so rude the first time I called them telling me to get a life etc. She said they were from Michael Deccan amp Assoc. And that next time Ii called someone named Marge Horowitz replied and although she was Pleasant she attempted for powerful Supply me into paying W for it all to go away. I m glad I found the Website for Demonstrate Ii was appropriate about it being a scam.

Post by Bill M,

8556416960 I gotten a phone out of McCall Contacts telling me I owed money on a terrible Assess. Your Assess was used for pay a pay daytime loan I had been renewing for around a year I could NOT get it paid off thus I had to keep re borrowing. I eventually had for file for bankruptcy in W Insolvency went through all that channels Advertisement was granted within Oct W. McCall calls me a year and a half later threatening arrest if I didn't pay many W. Actually I freaked Outside thus I called that attorney that did that bankruptcy for me Her Guidance was for present them her phone number if they called back which an hour After they did I gave them my at ttys name and phone Amount and ha vent heard back out of them since. I m happy for thus others not taken within by their scare Strategies. Dint let them jeopardize you you personally could even offer your name and Amount of a made Upward atty and that'll work as nicely. Hang Within There And dint let them endanger you . . . .

Post by jessica,

855-641-6960 i got my phone calls from the Amounts and others they said same thing i was going for go to jail. it said i owe a cash loan at check n go online. the W W W ca med Upward then i had someone phone me from unlisted number said her number Kim dean. Desired for to send her cash and said i owed that bank for. i said no cause i dint owe anything. these Folks get away along with alto. she wanted a credit card. i said nope. Merely watch these numbers.

Post by Mary ellen,

8556416960 they called my work Amount and rang half of your Level ions in my own office. . they talked to my boss. . I called the guy Upwards that next daytime at that W W W Amount . . . His name is William Frost. . and I told him for NEVER phone my work number again and for mail me anything I Wanted for 've. . he Desired to email me. . I told him. . Mail IT To ME AT Residence AND Don't Hassle ME AT MY Occupation. . and Put up on him. . what a creep. .

Post by PssyKat,

855-641-6960 Wow. I had no Thought. . Thank you because of this report Alfalfa. . . . . I simply fresh this was not Kosher. . . Additionally they were asking for someone else Nonetheless they still call me. . . It s a black American Girl which is on the other Finish of the Telephone. . . I never got a Trace of an East Indian Feature. . . .

Post by Mandy,

8556416960 These idiots phone my cell all your time. . . I never reply and they never leave a message. . . Today they called my grandmothers house and had her all upset saying that I had a Guarantee for my arrest out of a Fake check 3 years Past. . . HA HA I Submitted bankruptcy and had my creditors Assembly last Friday. . . Thus even if they were LEGIT. . . Overly Lousy Thus Miserable. . I called them back Around W times and for no surprise they don t answer. I 'm sick and exhausted of these people calling my Telephone W hours a day.

Post by FUNNY,

855-641-6960 I got just one this morning along with my boyfriend a Supervisor at a payday loan company i understand that they can not proposed me of anything your just matter i didn't like was before she even knew if it Really was me she proposed me of my last 4 of San and says that she is going for Dilemma a Guarantee out for my Charge girl i had warrants foe tickets for years unless it has came in the court you can get off my phone i told her i was reporting her for the attorney general and she hung Upward. . . funny

Post by Mommabear,

8556416960 So We got another message on that replying mac hind Virtually a month between calls. But what I want for understand how do we make them stop. I can see that aged becoming upset Around these calls heck it upsets me to believe somebody knows this Considerably Around my family s life. Can we make them Quit.

Post by PssyKat,

855-641-6960 While I can see your point within getting even I wish I had as Considerably time on my control as you would.

Post by notgiven,

8556416960 Beck W is toll free. W dozen t hide anything out of Cost free or W. You personally demand to use Google voice or something like that to Cover your real number.

Post by Fred,

855-641-6960 I m not playing with them. I reported them to your FBI. They desire to play games Great.

Post by joe,

8556416960 info from BBB

Post by Guest,

855-641-6960 Call for Girl for respond by calling 1 W W W for resolution unknown situation. Did White Page search came Upward as Service W thus did Amount that called me.

Post by Blkjewelz8960,

8556416960 Amusing they call and leave a message on my House phone. No name identifying who they are looking for and talking Around Processing match for bank fraud in PG County Maryland. Thoughts you they are calling Va. Began not to call them back after reading all this stuff but I did. First thing Researcher Dixon think which is how they Recommend for themselves request my name NOPE not giving it. Tell her I gives you personally a case Amount that was left and you tell me who it's referring to. . . technically they should t supply Outside that data I work for that Assistant Us Attorney s office . Any hoot I Continue for tell her remove my Residence number off their roster which is my EX Partner and he has NOT Dwelt at my Residence since W. Great Fortune dealing with him as he has dementia. She says Ok sorry and hangs up

Post by John,

855-641-6960 Called out of W W W but has used several Amounts and unavailable with all zero s in their own Amounts. They asked for someone who I don t know. When they called a couple of weeks ago I was told they would remove my number. Today they called out of the brand new number and again Inquired for someone I don t know. I Tod them that there was nobody by that name living here and that they had called a couple of weeks ago asking the same matter and I was told they would remove me from their ca ling list. Upon stating this your agent talked over me and read off other another name which I never heard of and I told her to remove me out of her calling list. In Middle sentence she Installed Upwards on me. I did some research and found that they're a Firm called Macaulay Davidson amp Affiliates . I have since blocked the Amount but it may Maybe be another couple of weeks before they starting calling out of another number. BEWARE.

Post by joe,

8556416960 info from BBB

Post by ladyisis36,

855-641-6960 I Only had that absolute best shouting fit with a black American Girl as nicely. All I said was that I m the Partner and she Strike me with all the legal Actions Things. They're stating it s from an awful Assess from W. If which was the case would t they have arrested him by now. Are they for Actual.

Post by Amy,

8556416960 The Girl called my Friends house Now telling them they had an arrest warrant for me for Fake checks and from your county that I use to live within three years ago she gave them a docket number and everything. Then a couple hours later your same woman called my brothers Partner s parents looking for me and Offered them the same information. I can t figure out how they got all there contact numbers.

Post by Mike hunt,

855-641-6960 Called and got a Mr king. Said nothing abs Put up

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7572282135 Complains by Guest,

THEY CALLED ME saying i was in a sweepstakes to earn a million dollars and wanted to verify my name.. i hung up.

8667616322 Complains by Guest,

This was that phone back Amount out of a person who said that I a judgment against me and that I was for present them telephone back. by Tuesday between 3 and 5 and if I did not create Measures that they would send someone Outside for my Residence. I attempted calling your number that seemed on my phone but Telephone Provider said your number has been disconnected.

6032143662 Complains by Guest,

Did t response. no Thought who that is.

8064014223 Complains by LLE,

Received a call from 214-702-2298 that came up as "out of area" at 3:10 PM.  I answered and there was silence.  I have proceeded to block the number.

3233607009 Complains by Robyn,

Called and talked in Spanish. I am not Spanish and i dint know anyone in Washington.

5026813270 Complains by Guest,

Spam. .

8325184875 Complains by jad,

Same matter along with me. I Merely got another phone today after calling them back directly and telling them for take us off your call list. She apologized and said they would remove our Amount. But like I said I get a call Now and they would t say anything the time thus I Installed Upwards on them. But the last call I got which was Around their Th Test I said before she even got started along with her spill We re not interested. she says How could you personally not be interested in saving cash. I Inquired her What part of I m Not Interested don t you understand. She continued to ramble. I butted within and said Female if you save people cash within one Set you Sort us along with many type of other fee for make up for it. I wan t born Recently. NOT INTERESTED. . And now I am going for hang up on you. Good bye and don t telephone this company again. I have accomplished a point where I don't have any patience for a telemarketer. If we desire their services we ll phone them or look for them. I darn certain don t need them calling me wanting for understand if we need them. . . Geezer

2147478859 Complains by Guest,

I don t understand who these people are so I did t answer the phone. Can you please check it out and let me know what is going on. Phone or text because my express send don t work

9176534292 Complains by Guest,


7162403045 Complains by Guest,

Spam. . . . .

8063165362 Complains by sue,

4 today 2 yesterday

9168995193 Complains by Guest,

They called me again today I Decided Upwards I can confirm that it s a spam phone your Business name is Throw and they contract for Com throw Business Services. It was a sales call for pitch me on their phone service.

9109780310 Complains by Guest,


9122308829 Complains by SCAMED!,

I got the same call today 3/16/15. ITS [***]!... his name was Dan Rogers with an Indian accent... I received a call from and "IRS" agent this past Thursday stating that i was going to be arrested within hrs. I needed to lawyer up as soon as possible because I was getting sued by the irs for false taxes. I freaked out but I did a little research and YES!!!... several  people were claiming that they got a call from an Indian accent individual stating that there were some tax issues and were about to go jail. I believe the scam is on the second or third call where the "lawyers" from the IRS are going to ask for money to protect you from going to jail..... so PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!!!..be safe!

9183134725 Complains by Guest,

expect you are joyful now

9405550176 Complains by Guest,

After I answered Short pause thus I understand it was a computer calling me. Caller mentioned he could save me around W on my insurance. I told him I was not interested my phone is on that National Don't Call Registry and asked him to remove my Amount out of their database. Before I could Complete my sentence he had already Installed Upwards.

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