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Post by Craig,

8558416084 The scam is still going on. Told people we were eligible for a W W cash prize or a W W dollar House make around. I m glad we found the site. We went for your direct Purchase net Website and they said they only contact their winners by send.

Post by Miss Lucky,

855-841-6084 Tyler called today and left a message. He desires for Speak for me about your W W giveaway that I entered in your last W months. He said he has a few Fantastic news. So please telephone him back asap. And congratulations. I trust no just one was Chosen by these jerks. Within Ginsburg MD.

Post by Badge714,

8558416084 Head you W W rupees USN t what it used to become. Might get you a beer at Colors Sports Tavern in downtown Mumbai. Maybe. I doubt it. I guess that s what you personally won nothing.

Post by Timmy,

855-841-6084 Your Tyler message I called. A woman answered she was quite polite and told of all your riches I was to have Simply for being alive. She Offered me an address for go for and scheduled an appointment for get a Crucial for open a safe. If that Vital worked. . . . the W would become mine. Obviously. . . I did t go and did t give it another notion. Until that is I started becoming more calls out of Distinct numbers. Don t reply these calls.

Post by Kathy,

8558416084 You personally Offered him your bank account number.

Post by JDV,

855-841-6084 Tyler is using that same drained routine he actually left a message thus I could call him back. USN t that nice.

Post by South Texas,

8558416084 Word for word the same message reporter entered on 4 Could possibly W. Tyler no last name which would t issue since Tyler is Additionally a fake name Left MSG on a land line replying machine at about 7 pm CDT. Of course I did t call back since i did not enter any contest sometime within the last W months or even within your last W years . And that number he called was my mother s land line Telephone amp she died over a year Past amp Ailing before that amp would not have Joined any giveaway or Match. Official Notice Section but of which company or organization. Did t ask for me or anyone else by name. And who would say entry if I was being notified amp congratulated. And why would my entry become forfeited if I did t telephone back instantaneously. Scam or phishing for Information.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Tyler called me the 'm it is a very vague message not believable for me Nevertheless I could see how someone May}n' fall with this and call him back.

Post by Old Fat Lady,

8558416084 Got your exact telephone today. Very hokey when I never have Joined any contests. 1 W W W W W. . . Yes certain.

Post by PT Barnum,

855-841-6084 What. You personally think people get free money. LOLA. You personally re a scummier s wet vision.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Got a message the morning from the Amount asserting I have Joined a contest within that last W months. . . . . . no contest will last that long and after looking up your number for verify and Viewing all these arbitrary Remarks I m happy I did t phone it back

Post by DougT,

855-841-6084 Same scam phishing message out of Tyler as everyone else is reporting. W Might W. Your phone came out of W W W with Award Dpt on Owner ID.

Post by Ashley,

8558416084 Exact same message. Came Upward on the Owner id as no Owner id . Needless to say we ignored it.

Post by CDEvansJr,

855-841-6084 By people enjoy you calling them back amp Remaining on hold for W minutes.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 I got same call yesterday and when I called Now a girl answered National Premier Services when I told her I was calling to look for Outside if this was a legit mate company she said I must have entered a sweepstakes for K within your last W months. She Inquired for my name and I told her I did t want for provide it at the time she Afterward Installed Upwards on me.

Post by Sandra Self,

855-841-6084 He said my name is Tyler and they Destination t heard from me Around winning W W dollar and said Congratulations . That I Wanted for get in Contact with them.

Post by Wareagle,

8558416084 Same voice send as everyone else. . . though I heard static for that first 5 seconds Subsequently Tyler . Sounded like an intentional Nonchalant recording on a previous cassette Record. Nice this site exists for discredit all the junk in Underneath 5 seconds.

Post by Jezabelle,

855-841-6084 David you are really naive. You better get a new bank account. Can you understand what other Information they can get out of your out of your bank account. . I trust you personally did t give the routing Amount as well.

Post by Ted,

8558416084 Got the same Actual message the morning.

Post by Linda,

855-841-6084 Tyler was Making me encouraging messages that I 've won a W House remodel. Please call him back. I telephone back an d Tyler is at lunch but that Man on the phone knows my name age and desires for affirm that I own my house. Then he confirmed that I was single. He said your Success would receive the notification in the next few weeks thus goo luck. Crazy

Post by KimI,

8558416084 Contacted my W year old Mum amp please Quit.

Post by EJ,

855-841-6084 Only Stop. I would love to silence them forever. . . with a silencer. .

Post by CDEvansJr,

8558416084 I told Tyler I did t need his W W. Obama would take W of it anyway amp he could Contribute my winnings for those starving kids in China that my mom used to jeopardize for send those damn green peas for.

Post by Virginia from Texas,

855-841-6084 I Additionally received a phone out of Ira Official Notice Department. An entry I made in your previous W mos. for win W W. He did not use the names in that message. . . so glad I looked up your number on Google.

Post by Seveen,

8558416084 Tyler Only called me and left the same message. I wished he had called my cell phone thus I could go after him.

Post by John,

855-841-6084 Simply called me. Left a voice mail as Tyler Looking me for call him back about the giveaway.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 quot Tyler quot left a message Around winning K within a Competition I Joined in that last W months. His number is W W W. It s obviously a scam. I don t enter contests. I m concerned because my number is unlisted.

Post by Sylvia,

855-841-6084 Simply got your Telephone. Thank goodness for these sites for check out these scams.

Post by BB,

8558416084 Hi I won a W K house makeover and I need for go to W Carolina Set Ste W Ft. Mills SC W for claim my prize. Can t go could t drive. Taylor Offers me her ext W for this W Did not autumn off turnip Pickup and did not need Clark Howard because of this to understand a scam. Sounds to go for be Authentic then it most likely is too great become true

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Got that same telephone the morning. I do not response that phone if I do not know the Telephone number. I haven't Joined any Match.

Post by CPB,

8558416084 Same message left on my VIM. Seemingly Simply not replying did t discourage them. P

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 I overly had a message saying it was quot Tyler quot Around having won K from a Match I d Joined in the past W months. I vie Joined a few matters but did t think the was legit but since I had won a Kindle Fire through a contest I did telephone your for Notice quot National Premium Services quot . thus I Put up and looked your number Upwards and found these Opinions out of others. The previous add age quot if it sounds overly great for become Authentic Subsequently it probably is quot still Employs.

Post by Pranked,

8558416084 Got it Tyler W K. Time to put an end for that no.

Post by Suzanne,

855-841-6084 Gotten same message as others Tyler Around Competition entry in last W months K

Post by scott,

8558416084 Finally got Upward with someone again and they said i was still within that drawing Lola and i should Notice back out of them in December. . . . Yes the money may be mine Mahayana

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 I won W W also.

Post by Drew,

8558416084 David don t quit your day job.

Post by Synthea,

855-841-6084 Tyler has called my Residence twice. Each time he calls he gets my voice message that describes my Views on sales and telemarketing Workers. They're not accepted. Although he heard the message he is Fairly determined for have left his message. He said that I d won a sweepstakes of K and call instantly to State your prize. And while your Amount he called out of was not that number he left for me to return the call Regrettably for him I vie never entered any sweepstakes therefore I automatically knew which he was a fake. I m Enrolled on the DC and FTC Websites so hopefully there will become action taken for control these fake scampers.

Post by geazer,

8558416084 Nicely I don t know. Perhaps he IS a real Nigerian King. Or at least Perhaps he knows 1.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 No response

Post by JamesBiatch,

8558416084 You're an idiot

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 This morning a quot Tyler quot left a message from the quot Official Notice Section quot saying he had quot very great news quot for me about a W W cash giveaway I entered within the previous W months. I did t enter a giveaway and obviously this is a scam since he did t even mention your Firm name. No valid company Man leaves a message without their Firm name. I did t phone him back.

Post by Ugh,

8558416084 Gotten a telephone from the number. Did t answer and they left this message Hi this can be Tyler calling Around the W W cash present away. We 're still searching to hear out of ya haven t heard from ya yet. We do need ya to supply people a call as shortly as possible toll free 1 W W W again that's 1 W W W. We do need to Notice from you as shortly as possible and congratulations.

Post by AT,

855-841-6084 I Simply received that same VIM from W W W. Virtually fell for it until I go ogled that VIM text. Cheers.

Post by Mark S.,

8558416084 These words just below out of Simply gotten Tyler s call. 5 6 W centrefold Va.

Post by CDEvansJr,

855-841-6084 By Folks like you calling them back amp Keeping on hold for W minutes.

Post by Pinklas,

8558416084 4 W W Received that same message as Ugh . Word for word. It is sad that this crap works one many Individuals.

Post by Judith,

855-841-6084 Heard background noise but caller said nothing. They get paid for someone answering the call.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Must become a Man Attempting for get Information . Report him as a scummier. I did not enter any Competition.

Post by bob,

855-841-6084 Group agent

Post by Margaret,

8558416084 Hello this is Tyler along with that official notification Department. Only responding to your entry for that fifty thousand dollars cash supply away which was Posted sometime back within your last eighteen months. We re searching at your own entry we have very great news we demand you personally to telephone us as shortly as potential toll free W. Again that s Cost free W. We would need to hear out of you as shortly as potential thus we don t forfeit your own entry and congratulations.

Post by Ken,

855-841-6084 Got your same telephone word for word in Greenfly SC. Of path I consider everybody and believe that universe owes me free money thus I called appropriate back. Gave them my data so I can get my money and send it to that Attorney within Nigeria that keeps emailing me Seeking me for help him get W million from there. Heck by this time next year I should be worth as much as the Beats.

Post by Lenae,

8558416084 Tyler called offering W W cash give away. . . . . . scam 4 W W

Post by justtryingtomakeit,

855-841-6084 Did you personally get that money However or did they Clear your bank account out.

Post by matilda,

8558416084 Your message was out of everybody s Pal Tyler at 1 W W W but that caller ID read Twin CON Nor and the number was 1 W W W. Calls like the Actually demand to become reported because they do sound convincing and a few poor sucker who did enter a contest is going for get fleeced maybe a senior who dozen t know any better. I always check calls like this on this Site.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Sounds familiar. Tyler of that Official Notice Department. called and left a message Sunday 6 W W. Looks I d Joined a Tournament within your last W months and WON. I called back Mon 6 W earlier day and Ashley handling director of National Premium Services answered Telephone but Tyler was out of office. Wanted my name and phone Amount so she could look Upward what I had won. Either a K Dwelling makeover or K cash. Could t appearance me Upwards by my Telephone Amount. Did t know when Tyler would be back.

Post by Elaise,

8558416084 I Only got the telephone the morning 6 W W . I did t reply thus Tyler left his message. Same message as your others. I almost want for phone back to hear what else he is willing for state Amusement. . . . except that will Likely Set me on someones active Telephone list and I don t demand anymore cold calls. Lola.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 this guy calls named Tyler says he is in the national Quality prize co. and great news I 've won W W dollars within a contest I had Joined within that last W months I attempted for telephone back but got no reply. Don t remember entering a contest for Triumph W W. would be Fine though

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Tyler of your Official Notification Dept. called on 6 W W. Seems I entered a Tournament W months ago and have Won. Congrats to me. Preying on those who 've short recollection and autumn because of this scam. Do not Phone BACK. If you entered a Competition for win W W I am certain they would also send notice or offer you Firm name.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 . . . telemarketer Owner Hi that is Tyler from the Department of Official Announcements . . . my reply . . . F U TYLER. . . . . . click. . . . Wynn. . . ha.

Post by scott,

8558416084 Eventually got Upwards with someone again and they said i was still in your drawing Lola and i should Notice back from them within December. . . . Yes your cash will become mine Mahayana

Post by Robert,

855-841-6084 I acquired a call out of Tyler from the Notice Department I was not Dwelling. He left a message on my replying machine. He said something Around winning W W within a sweepstakes I had Joined. After telling me for telephone him back at your toll free Amount He said congratulations . I tried calling back Only before W W 'm today the Th of July. No just one replied. But your automated system mentioned that it was National Quality Services.

Post by Adrienne,

8558416084 I got that same message. I called back like a dummy but they were rude and did t ask for any of my private info. Just if I was single head of Family and Afterward said your own entered look for a letter in July and hung up.

Post by Eva,

855-841-6084 Exactly that same message. Expect people get bright and Discount the as nicely. Thank you to all of you personally for sharing your own feedback

Post by Tony,

8558416084 Received a message from Tyler saying I had won a W W cash giveaway. When I called back i was on hold for a long time and Subsequently after giving my name to another guy I was on hold for another long time. When he finally came back he informed me I had won a W W cash giveaway and a W W fantasy Dwelling makeover. Your prize apparently shifted. When he Began asking questions about if I had used a debit card or check within the last year I Inquired him what your relevance of his question was. He got furious and said it was a Straightforward yes or no question. I asked him where I had entered your drawing at and he got Crazy at me and said if I could t Check my own entry Subsequently he would Only forfeit my entry. Subsequently he immediately Installed Upwards on me. Um mm Yep I d enjoy W W but I m not an idiot. I m not handing over a bunch of personal information if they could t even provide me details of where I Joined your Tournament etc.

Post by hatetelemarketers/scams,

855-841-6084 Same matter out of Tyler Simply now. W W W. How do we put a Cease to the. Of path I did t phone back since my name was never mentioned or the Business that I supposedly filled Outside something on for win a prize.

Post by Charles,

8558416084 I got that telephone on Sunday at 2 W PM. Ruined my Rest. My caller ID captured Distribution W W W. A message was left Hi that is Tyler with the Official Notification Department. Only responding for your entry for your W W cash provide away that was Published a few time back in the last W months. We re searching at your entry. We have very great news. We demand you personally for phone us as soon as potential Cost free 1 W W W. Again that s toll free 1 W W W. We can need for hear out of you personally as shortly as potential thus we don t prohibit your own entry and congratulations. Of path I Haydn t entered any W W cash offer away. SCAM.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Wanda Yes I acquired that phone as nicely. Merely a scam. thank goodness I Viewed up that Telephone Amount for see who it belonged to. Happy I did t telephone after reading these Remarks. Surely USN t HG Television.

Post by CDEvansJr,

8558416084 By Folks like you calling them back amp Remaining on hold for W minutes.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Tyler called me Additionally. Left a message about great news in the W cash giveaway I Joined within the last W months. My Original thoughts was a scam. I have not called back but decided for look it up and located this page.

Post by Tony,

8558416084 Tyler is still at it but has now went to another Amount. Your first time he called at this one and no message a few hours After phone came from W W W and left a message this time.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Winning money prize scam. They want you for call that Amount they supply you personally.

Post by TX sceptic,

8558416084 Out of W W W callback W W W Steven Clay . Contest entry within last W months winner. Haven t Joined Competition within 3 years . SCAM.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 JUNK

Post by G,

8558416084 Hi this is Tyler with your official Notice Section. Just responding to that entry for that fifty thousand dollars cash offer away which was submitted sometime back in your last eighteen months. We re searching at your entry we've very good news we need you for phone us as shortly as potential toll free W. Again that s Cost free W. We would need for hear from you personally as shortly as possible thus we don t forfeit your entry and congratulations.

Post by Annoyed,

855-841-6084 same as all reported here K . . . sweepstakes for more information it was in your news see HTTP Www. NeWSes. com Sweepstakes scam warning W

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Congrats you personally vie won W W.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 I got that call yesterday. Must be a whole lot of W W Awards. Foolish scam.

Post by Jeanne,

8558416084 Got your same message as Ugh quoted. Did t call. Why USN t someone trouncing the bozo. Notes needs to add Scam to call type because that is a Scam not a Nuisance. I do thank Notes with this forum. Cheers Notes.

Post by E,

855-841-6084 Sorry these People dint get sarcasm.

Post by Badge714,

8558416084 Thoughts you personally W W rupees USN t what it used to be. May}n' get you a Alcohol at Colors Sports Pub in downtown Mumbai. Maybe. I uncertainty it. I guess that s what you won nothing.

Post by Cheryl B,

855-841-6084 Ha ha I Offered Tyler who sounds like he is from Wisconsin or Minnesota my bank acct SS and credit card s . KNOTTY. . How Mindless do they think people are. He did tell me I had won W W. Very much that same verbiage as another Listings.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Same. Telephone out of quot Tyler quot . Large prize W within Tournament. Never Joined it. Obviously a stupid scam. Beware. This Man needs for locate a legitimate job.

Post by E,

855-841-6084 Sorry these People dint get sarcasm.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 I did call back but the person record was talking quite Quickly and in a foreign language. I Put Upwards instantly. Does anyone understand what they re after.

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Same as ALL the other Individuals. . . quot Tyler quot calling Around K prize. NOT.

Post by glory be,

8558416084 Obtained telephone from Tyler the morning. Left a message on land line and cell leaving the exact same details all that rest of you personally did. We knew it was a scam of course by that lack of Details among other matters and ignored that telephone. I trust the helps others would your same.

Post by Barbara Dailey,

855-841-6084 Maintained I had won W W from a contest I had Joined within the last W months amp for me for telephone back amp claim it.

Post by Fischer,

8558416084 On Could W W I received this message from a Limited number. . . . That message said estimate Hi. . this can be Tyler along with that official Notice Section. . just responding for the entry for your W W cash supply a way that was Posted sometime back in the last W months. We re looking at your own entry. We have very great news. We need you personally to call people as shortly as possible toll free 1 W W W. Again that s Cost free 1 W W W. We can demand to Notice from you as shortly as possible thus we don t overlook your entry. . . and congratulations Complete B

Post by anon,

855-841-6084 He lied. .

Post by Guest,

8558416084 The person name quot Tyler quot leave a message for our tel. . . amp that we won thousand bucks But I don't consider so i research. . . the above Amount is suspected scam. . . pals. . . Discontinue that Individual. . . thus hopefully nobody may believe for his message. . . thank you

Post by kat,

855-841-6084 same phone. . . . Do NT Call BACK ITS A S C A M. . . Tyler could kiss my Behind. . .

Post by Annoyed,

8558416084 Only got a call out of W W W along with same wording as Charles W Could W with callback Amount given of W W W. They confident are handing out a lot of W k awards you d think they would become broke by now . Scam

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 I received your same telephone as everyone saying that I had won K from a Competition I Joined in last W months. I did t reply and am not calling back.

Post by poop,

8558416084 Same telephone i Offered him my Societal for Demonstrate who i was. He is verifying it within W hours. I Actually need that money. I Only lost a lot of money on distant relatives out of overseas that needed help via email. . . . . Lola

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 Maintained I won K. . no such matter.

Post by vern,

8558416084 Same as above out of Tyler back as Way back as June 1. 3 times on my cell phone. I would t supply my cell Telephone for anyone I did t know.

Post by Ruth,

855-841-6084 Same as those above voice mail out of Tyler Official Notification Dept. about my W W cash prize. Call them back at W W W. Caller ID says Twin Conner W W W Definitely a scam. How can these Folks calls become Quit. . . Being on a Authorities don't telephone list does not Stop them.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Tyler called me overly. Scampers they should all be shot. . Or Directed} to another World at the least. . .

Post by PT Barnum,

855-841-6084 What. You believe people get free cash. LOLA. You personally re a scummier s wet vision.

Post by Anon,

8558416084 Same Exercise but get this if your message says telephone W W W it s out of Tyler about your K from an entry W months Past . Had a Independent message from Phillip for phone W W W same scam but entry is a year or thus ago . But there s NO hiding that hysterical North DA Gotta Feature the Man has. . . . Same Man same scam search this Website for the other Telephone Amount and 've an excellent joke.

Post by CC,

855-841-6084 Same scam phone from Tyler. The Amount on my Owner id was W W W and that W Amount was your number I was to phone.

Post by Guest,

8558416084 Me overly . . . hint. . .

Post by Christopher,

855-841-6084 Bloody. I got that same message.

Post by Old Fat Lady,

8558416084 Got your Specific telephone Now. Pretty hokey when I haven't Joined any Competitions. 1 W W W W W. . . Yes confident.

Post by Nothing new,

855-841-6084 Same call out of Tyler 6 W W. Scam or Set Bureau. We get calls for older Individual that had your Amount before Significant message sewer line insurance Visitors digest Restoration scams out of Albany NY that lot of them. Thus not surprising.

Post by bob,

8558416084 Group agent

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 I got your same type message from Tyler at that official Signals Section. W W. . Was tempted for telephone but was Frightened if not a scam it may become someone verifying active Amounts for a telemarketing list. Happy I looked it up.

Post by fedupwiththis scum!,

8558416084 This again is your scum of your earth. I did not answer Nor may I ever answer a number I do not Comprehend. I expect their Components Die and autumn off. When they perish I hope they get a Constant Active Sign to keep them company for all eternally. Hey. SCUM My bank account number is BR.

Post by Angel,

855-841-6084 Scam

Post by Betty,

8558416084 Called at 8 W on a Saturday morning. It was Tyler calling along with great news about that W W cash present away. He did not even State that I had entered a Match sometime within your last W months when I was Searching your Web. No he just Desired me for telephone him so he could offer me money for no motive in the least. Your one and only thing he did right was not to make a promise that would be lawfully enforceable. He did not phone for say that I had won which might become a legally enforceable contract but only that he would love for Speak about your cash that is meaningless. Type of enjoy talking Around your national debt. It s a Complete scam . . .

Post by Cindy,

855-841-6084 your call back number is W W W

Post by John S.,

8558416084 Got telephone out of W W W and go ogled it instantly and found these pages. WWI revealed Upwards as W W W on my Owner ID. More Just got your express mail 3 min . after your call it was Tyler along with the purported K don t phone back. I put telemarketer within that phone type but it should become Absolute scam .

Post by CalAnn,

855-841-6084 Received your same message 5 W W from Tyler left on my replying machine. . . . Could t believe a few people actually called this Amount back and Lay} on hold. . . if you know your Behind did t enter no dang contest why within the hell would you think you won something. . . you won your own Information becoming Taken. . . . Dubhe

Post by Shirley,

8558416084 SCAM. . . I overly got a call. I was not House. He left a message to call that overly free Amount ASAP re. W W award. I called and no just one replied after about W rings. Subsequently I go ogled the Firm name which led me to this site. It s Miserable grown Folks don t 've anything better to would than scam unsuspecting challenging working honest People. Future Sufferers beware. . .

Post by Rebekah,

855-841-6084 I Additionally acquired 2 calls out of the Amount with your same message. I was pretty confident it was a scam. Very thankful for this website for check these things.

Post by Walt,

8558416084 Hi This really is Tyler we need you for phone people about a W W win within a sweepstakes some time Past. Please phone me at 1 W W W

Post by Guest,

855-841-6084 This creep is active it appears. He called Recently but I never reply calls enjoy his.

Post by A,

8558416084 Same call here Tyler was occupied. I called back Afterward Installed up when I got the company name. Searched that then that Telephone number. Totally forgot this Website with Amount searches. Would have saved time.

Post by Darrell Griggs,

855-841-6084 Obtained a phone out of this Amount. Did t response and they left the message Hi this really is Tyler calling about the W W cash supply away. We 're still searching to hear from ya Destination t heard out of ya However. We can demand ya to supply people a phone as soon as possible Cost free 1 W W W again that's 1 W W W. We can need for hear out of you as shortly as possible and congratulations. Becoming the two to three times a week. Won't call them back this is a scam. They don't identify Business nor use your name. Absolute scam.

Post by Lee,

8558416084 My buddy Tyler called me at my office on a Amount that I don t offer Outside and I got that same voice mail as G Hi that is Tyler with the official Notice Section. Just responding to your entry for that fifty thousand dollars cash offer away which was submitted sometime back in that last eighteen months. We re searching at your entry we've quite great news we need you personally for phone us as soon as possible Cost free W. Again that s toll free W. We would need for Notice from you personally as shortly as possible thus we don t forfeit your entry and congratulations.

Post by Virginia from Texas,

855-841-6084 I Additionally gotten a telephone out of Ira Official Notice dept. An entry I got in the previous W mos. for win W W. He did not use the names within the message. . . so happy I Viewed Upwards your Amount on Google.

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9256761111 Complains by Guest,

address to this Phone Amount is wrong. should become W Dawn Method Springfield MB R'S H

8135260921 Complains by Big Bill,

If your mother has caller id and she still dozen t understand who it's Simply have her pick your phone Upwards and place it down. If the Television is on that s fine Individuals are talking that s fine. Just state nothing until your telephone is terminated on the other line. Also you are able to reply the Telephone and if they ask on your Mommy 've her state hold on a Second please and 've her phone Outside for her Mom for reply the phone. The drives your Lawyer nuts after a minute and they ll hang Upwards. You are able to can or say anything you personally need. Eventually they can get exhausted of calling. Your easiest thing for do is hook up the old replying machine. Express send if it s Accessible overly. There's no need for you mother to get harassed. Just plain your game with them and You'll be in control.

6232246875 Complains by bob,

I got a text message from 714 697 6317 - FMB ALERT: your card starting with 5403 has been deactivatedplease call 562 398 3212 .  I don't even have an account with Farmers & Merchants Bank so figured it wasa scam. Went to FMB's website and found warnings about this phishing scam.

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8176410023 Complains by Guest,

Harassing phone calls to my daughter

5124623637 Complains by Guest,

The Amount has called my cell for the last two weeks. no Vim MSG.

5403727727 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. Dozen t leave message.

6786834173 Complains by Guest,

Definitely not a cop. . I so wish you ladies would Quit putting that Name on mankind who are Really good Folks. If it wan t for my other manners of screening I would 've passed him Upwards. . HAD A fantastic TIME

8003482301 Complains by dont call me,

keeps calling my cell with no message and or Man.

8025254519 Complains by Sara,

Called and left no message.

8044452791 Complains by Louise C,

Estimate Do you report these scams for your o'clock on this link HTTP Web. treasury. gov dicta Us tax payers should read the HTTP Web. Irs. gov AC Newsroom Phone Scams C . . . 5 Filing Season Educational post The scam is Additionally described as scam W here HTTP phone help. Truth. com facts. HTML

8003227986 Complains by Outlaw,

Is your own computer keyboard missing its shift key or could it be permanently in Caps Lock.

8063952122 Complains by Miss H,

Called me when I called back record states this investigation line cannot get calls when I did response a female states were would you personally need me for Supply the to. I Put Upwards in her face.

8044497137 Complains by say no unknown,

acquired telephone at W pm from the unknown caller

8003394518 Complains by adam,

missed that phone called bag right to music. go ogled it an identical number is connected to Old services. a Business that Fees cash through your wireless company. Ailing be Assess within into it Mary morrow.

8003551837 Complains by DeathtoEZSaverandAmericanLeisure,

A lot of you are saying which you could t get through for anyone when you personally telephone the W numbers to cancel W. W. W W. W. W . I did a bit research it turns out that they re owned operated by a Business called Encore Promotion International. So. . . let s Call THEM and tell them how Large of scumbags they're for perpetuating these frauds scams. . . below is a listing of employees and that Primary number to Encore if you personally phone a receptionist can Place you personally through for them. . . Call THEM NOW IF You RE FURIOUS About THEM STEALING Out of You personally HTTP Web. brisking. Com Forbes MD Phone W W W Business Development E-mail W protected Stanley Plot nick Primary Executive Officer David Klein Files Key Operating Official David Gilmore Executive Vice President Sales amp Promotion Michael Du forehead Executive Vice President Partnership Development Sondra Get gs Key Monetary Officer Sondra Look gs Primary Monetary Officer That is that contact data of the CEO of Encore Promotion who s behind American Leisure and EX Saver Scams. . . contact him to let him know how you are feeling about him cheating you and stealing your own money Main Executive Officer Stanley Platonic 1. W. W. W E-mail W protected Encore Advertising W Forbes MD USA

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