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Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. Vineland, NJ. . United states
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Post by Guest,

8562008095 Annoying hangups.

Post by Patty,

856-200-8095 It started receiving this calls about a week ago two or three times a daytime. I get that same answer as everyone here Not a working number. Is terrible because they phone during work time early morning. Someone must understand how to Cease the Folks from calling. I wonder how do they get our numbers within the fist Set because we pay to 've your Amount unlisted.

Post by carol,

8562008095 Frank forget the FBI site go to Lawyer general new jersey file a Criticism i did heard back in less than W hrs. it also tells you how to reach your governor.

Post by Denise S. Pott,

856-200-8095 recd unwanted phone from above Telephone Amount. Well-being insurance displayed on caller ID.

Post by Dm,

8562008095 Blocking calls does nothing and DC list does nothing to Cease criminals from calling you. I blocked more than W and the same calls upcoming from the same criminals using faked Owner ids Read my answer to your previous post. Trust it helps everyone.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Got called Today for the second time out of that Amount. After the automated prompts that is your second time I went through it to talk to your Man hung Upwards several times before . I Inquired to be Set on the do not phone list last time. This time I Inquired who your person worked for and he refused for offer me the name of the company. He told me he works for a quot dental enrollment Bureau quot that supplies 8 Firms. There was no record within my file of my being Inquired to become Place on that don't call list and he seemed upset when I Inquired who he worked for instead of asking for become Set on that list.

Post by REMO,

8562008095 I have obtained over W calls per week from this W W W I 've it blocked but it still happens. Something has to be done Around this. . . hey lets attempt the Authorities for help. . I am Calling my State Rep Perhaps they could help. . This is really pitiful if your company uses this kind of Strategy for Builder a phone list.

Post by Annoyed,

856-200-8095 Got a call out of them today 3 W Owner ID said Character Technology. When I answered no response Subsequently as I was about for hang Upwards a click happened and a express said Hi. are you personally there. At which point I Put up. I have been on your don't phone list for years thus no Notion exactly why these idiots are calling. Something Actually needs for be done about these Individuals Firms.

Post by Steven,

8562008095 Cell phone was ringing off the hook. They leave no message. Answered the other day no one responded thus I told them not for phone this Amount anymore or I would report them. They're still calling.

Post by Cherrille McLean,

856-200-8095 It came to my cell phone and it was an unfamiliar number thus Assessed it Outside on computer and Arrived Upwards along with this great data. Thanks for having it available. I did t Discuss for anyone so don t understand anymore. I 'm within Bitten ND

Post by Bubba,

8562008095 Carrie Within fact it s out of Pentagon NJ a suburb within South Jersey. I believe its within either Camden County or Gloucester County. Perhaps Burlington County. That county gum mint could possibly Additionally become not unwilling for help you. They often hire retired Cops detectives on a component time basis for work these types of Instances for fight against credit Id Larceny.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 spam Wellbeing insurance

Post by DMC5,

8562008095 your Amount W W W sounds enjoy a CID spoof Owner harasser. I suppose call blocking Technology is your best response because You'll become improbable to trace such a matter back to its source. At least along with that telephone blocking tech you personally waistline there time appropriate back

Post by unwanted,

856-200-8095 needs tog leave a message or should not call

Post by dj,

8562008095 Feb up

Post by wild shovel,

856-200-8095 've been getting calls Day-to-day out of W W W for two months now. Asked them not to telephone me again. Since Subsequently that calls have ongoing but when I Choose Upwards no one is on your line. Definitely feels like harassment like retaliation.

Post by CC,

8562008095 I got calls from the Amount several times night and day regardless of my phone Amount Enrolled on DC list. When I called back from your property line Simply to check and tell them to Discontinue calling I simply got message saying the Amount isn't in service. Really a scam. .

Post by ibjoanp,

856-200-8095 've obtained messages from the Telephone number around a Span of days. Says it is a Wellbeing Insurance Co. on my Owner id. Dozen t fit any of my insurance company s phone numbers. Who could it be.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 customer service thus freaking rude I would t refer my worst enemy to this Firm it s probably a scam

Post by randomguy,

856-200-8095 If you've an android Telephone Simply download many Program from the Play Shop and block the Amount. They will phone and your phone may Choose up and hang up on them. I did that and i dint 've to worry Around it. That calls have Discontinued.

Post by Jules,

8562008095 This thread seems for become previous but this number is still Approximately they called my cell Telephone Now. I never reply when I do not Comprehend that number if it s someone I do not understand. They left a recording on my express send with a case Amount and your customary phone us back or litigation can be Began against you personally etc. The call back Amount they left is W W W which when I go ogled it did t have Considerably data. I m not calling them Only blocking them and making sure I m on that DONS list. Scampers. . . . .

Post by Smiley,

856-200-8095 I text ed this Amount back and said that i was informing that Attorney General of Fresh Jersey. They never have called since. So is Clearly a few variety of cell or data line.

Post by john rinaldi,

8562008095 Discontinue calling me

Post by Jennifer,

856-200-8095 This number calls me several times a daytime and never leave a message. When I call back it says the Amount is disconnected.

Post by cee,

8562008095 Sorry Tammie but this really is a discussion board and has no such Electricity for stop or block anyone s calls.

Post by Linda Lafferty,

856-200-8095 I am being harassed by callers from W W W. I vie found they are located in Cherry Hill NJ. They do not Answer and there is no data available. They Only keep calling.

Post by Kris,

8562008095 KEEP getting calls. Make it stop. .

Post by madrat,

856-200-8095 I came House had 5 Telephone calls from these rear ends. They identified themselves as medical services the first time. they left a number for me for call back W W W. I don t know these guys who they're or what sort of scam they're running.

Post by SADKINS,

8562008095 WHEN RE Cv D A Telephone Out of This Number NO One SAID NOTHING AFTER I Answered.

Post by Dale,

856-200-8095 It is a telephone Regular out of these Sobs. I will never answer but exhausted of the jerks dialing my number. You personally would think the idiots would get your message that they are hated.

Post by medicrosie,

8562008095 I have gotten the phone so many times. Enjoy all the other places I 've answered. Told them I already have insurance they hang Upward . When they ask how I m doing I tell them I m dying they hang Upwards I ask them for remove me from telephone list they hang up . Told them that they already called W times before they hang up . Don t answer in the least no message. Called back not within service. I am on that National Do not Call list. So irritating to get this telephone within the Central of doing CPR or delivering a infant. . .

Post by Blu R Thunder,

856-200-8095 I tried to redial your 8 times and I consistently received the same bull recording If this was truly great Nation Afterward there would be a Authorities Prize for that successfully Score Outside capture and Confidence of any person or persons that pulled scam es on the Fantastic Universe Broad Web I 'm seriously contemplating cam panning within the very close future for become the next RULER OF Your FREE World This Exceedingly CON FUSSED World IS In Great Need OF A BEING Some WHAT Enjoy MYSELF. . . . . . . . MY Camera PAIN SLOG UN WOULD Be. . . . . . Away With Your own HEAD. Supply This A bit Head WORK.

Post by anonumous,

8562008095 They telephone everyday NO MESSAGES When i foe reply that idiots hangup what kind of place is the.

Post by dwtfish,

856-200-8095 Regular calls through out your day told them to take me away don't call list times ago. They still phone quite rude thus annoying.

Post by mark,

8562008095 received a phone call from them and they did not state anything. when i called them back it said not in service. this can be the Th telephone out of them within two times.

Post by Kate,

856-200-8095 The Man needs for be Discontinued along with harassing phone calls.

Post by GB,

8562008095 Don't offer them any information they're a scam.

Post by JR Howard,

856-200-8095 No message Simply an annoying telephone that I ignored AGAIN. I am on that DC list but it dozen t work against these unethical people.

Post by Indiana,

8562008095 W W W called twice Now no message no Individual on your phone. Discontinue calling. . . . .

Post by Dm,

856-200-8095 I obtained the following information from my service Company Ideal when called for whine Around multiple scampers calling with fake caller Ids seem for all become coming from the Camden Region Phone star. It can hint your telephone no matter what your caller I d says When you personally trace it three times or more call your Amount they Supply at your Finish of your star call. File an annoyance call Grievance After that take that info to your local Cops they may tell you personally for press charges. Do it. It s the simply manner for Begin catching these low life s.

Post by Michael Rider,

8562008095 The number calls me Regular and when I request them for take me off their call list they Merely hang up.

Post by Donna,

856-200-8095 They are continually calling my cell . . I consider they're waiting for someone for Select Upward which I never do. . who are these scampers and do I get rid of them. . . . . W W W

Post by Carol,

8562008095 I 've gotten 4 calls out of this number no one says anything after i state hello reported it to my Provider and Will be reporting it for AG s office within fresh jersey as well.

Post by dvn,

856-200-8095 gotten a telephone on 3 7. CID said Character Tech. No MSG.

Post by Shayen George,

8562008095 I Assessed White pages. com HTTP Internet. white pages. com Telephone 1 W W And this really is what Arrived Upward W W W Peerless Network acreage line from Vine land NJ

Post by Blu R Thunder,

856-200-8095 I tried for redial your 8 times and I constantly obtained that same bull record If the was really Fantastic country Subsequently there would be a Authorities Prize for that successfully Status out capture and conviction of any Man or persons that pulled scam es on the Fantastic Universe Wide Web I 'm seriously considering Camera panning within the near future to become that next RULER OF That FREE Universe This Excessively CON FUSSED Universe IS Within Excellent Demand OF A BEING Some WHAT Enjoy MYSELF. . . . . . . . MY Cam PAIN SLOG UN WOULD Become. . . . . . Off With Your HEAD. Provide The A bit Head WORK.

Post by Cindelle,

8562008095 um. . . huh.

Post by Rich,

856-200-8095 Owner ID said W W They have called 4 times today its 2 P . I answered your ST time and got an empty line. The last time I Decided it Upward and shouted for Leave calling me .

Post by Nemesis,

8562008095 That DC list work. These criminals are outside your US

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 split

Post by Guest,

8562008095 I got a phone from the number on April 5 W They telephone but don t leave any message. . .

Post by Lisa,

856-200-8095 This really is your Road phone I vie gotten. They tell me I asked for dental Rates online. I tell them they are erroneous and that I m not interested Afterward I hang up. I vie Additionally told them my is on that do not phone registry. But it did t seem for help. Now they called while I was Ironically on the Telephone with my dentist. Did t Select Upwards but attempted for telephone back got same Amount not Accessible message. I m ready to file a Gripe within NJ. Cheers for that insight

Post by uncle_nick,

8562008095 I have been on DC list for years. This can be not that only number that calls me from your blue Subsequently no 1 is there. They 've been calling my cell several times a daytime while I 'm at work. I 'm Technology support. I have to answer calls out of Amounts I don't know. They may become business calls. No 1 deserves the. I called my Service to block another Amount. They would block it for free for 3 months. I m not sure they did not get previous it. If I want it for Stay I 've for pay for that call block feature.

Post by Kimi,

856-200-8095 Quit Calling. . . . . .

Post by LZ,

8562008095 Keep calling. Don t leave a message.

Post by Amber Beard,

856-200-8095 The Amount calls and it only rings Perhaps 2 times then they hang up. They don t leave a message and when I try and phone them back it says Amount not in service.

Post by J,

8562008095 The number has called my personal cell multiple times. I m on the don't phone list. The needs to Discontinue.

Post by GB,

856-200-8095 Don't give them any info they are a scam.

Post by Tammy,

8562008095 Revealed up on my caller id.

Post by DianaR,

856-200-8095 I have done some checking account this Amount is from vine property NJ. It's been calling my phone since Friday will not response me when I pick Upwards the phone. I am on that don't telephone registry but it still calls. I Simply answer and hang up on them

Post by Guest,

8562008095 solicits

Post by Check,

856-200-8095 This Amount calls me two or three times a day. I am at school so I don t reply. If I call back it says not in service. I Actually want whoever that is for get Found or something. They re irritating

Post by Masokle,

8562008095 Seeing same Behavior as others here

Post by Chris Cox,

856-200-8095 They called me again Now at 4 W p. m. You personally re correct. It Merely shows Upward and they dint leave a message. ICC. GOV HERE WE COME.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Spam.

Post by Mark,

856-200-8095 The Amount W W W belongs to your Well-being Insurance Telesales. You are able to either appearance up how to take telesales and telemarketers to court and win on Google or sign Upward your own Phone Amount s both cell Telephone and property line Telephones in your Local State No Phone List and National No Telephone List . Once you've dines so after 3 months of being on that No Telephone List s you can file complaints against the People who can call. I use Www. white pages. com for would Change Amount appearance Advantages and if not there appearance it up on Google. You personally might 've for spend some time getting who the Amount belongs for but after you personally Complete out your complaint kind and send your own local District Lawyer and National District Lawyer take it from there. They accumulate several complaints make a file to your courts for a court date and Wonderful your Firms which are making unwanted calls. That state or National get that fine cash. You do not 've to show Upward within court whatsoever. The fines that courts charge the Firms for violating the No Phone List are Huge cash. They can never telephone you again. If you personally sue your Firm on your own own you've for take care of all that paperwork file within the court and may 've to pay Lawyer Payment s. Use that No Phone List you have to just Complete out complaint they take it out of there. Expect the helps everybody.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 annoying calls Five times a daytime. . . makes me want to Shift my number

Post by Its a spammer,

856-200-8095 When you personally telephone back and get a not in service message its not that standard NOS message for that network. They phone my cell and it just ends Upwards ringing once. never leave a message. Telephone blocking.

Post by doreen,

8562008095 I too 've been receiving calls out of this I called back and said it wan t in service. . it s within service to keep calling me twice today X Recently looking back on my log once everyday for some time now. . .

Post by It's Me,

856-200-8095 receiving this call. i m not in debt owe no one anything. k off.

Post by Jon S,

8562008095 Please do not phone again. . . . .

Post by April,

856-200-8095 I have at least 5 calls a week in that last 2 months from the number. I dint need to receive calls anymore.

Post by Rick,

8562008095 After Around W seconds a guy comes on and says Hello this really is John out of Dental Services. They're Attempting for sell you personally dental insurance. And it s a Bacall. . illegal

Post by Mark,

856-200-8095 Get in your state and National No Telephone List . Look it Upward Underneath Google. You are able to hint on Cellphones and Property line Telephones. Once you are on list provide 3 months. Your local and National District Attorney get that Grievance reports you fill Outside. Once they have a lot of com paints they take them for court and your court can accessibility a Cost for the Areas that call you along with telemarketing and telesales calls. They company s get a Disk with the No Telephone List number s which they're supposed for Weight into their Sellers to take that numbers Outside. Poor if they do not load them within. That courts Excellent your company s that defy their No Call List s Enormous dollars in fines and court costs. They may never call you again believe me. Mark

Post by JChan,

8562008095 W W W keep calling. But they do not leave a Registered MSG. Calls every two weeks.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 I 've received Around 5 8 calls out of this phone number. Twice I answered but was Press rely Put Upwards on. Now I missed a telephone power saw it was that Amount Sagan and decided to telephone them back. When I got a Count of quot Thai number is currently not in service quot I was surprised. There has never been a express send locator anything. I thought that Perhaps the was a Amount being used as a locator or Gypster.

Post by Chris Cox,

8562008095 They called me again Now at 4 W p. m. You personally re correct. It Merely shows Upward and they dint leave a message. ICC. GOV HERE WE COME.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Hangs Upwards whelm replied. Has happened 3 times before making the report.

Post by Katie,

8562008095 Quit CALLING ME

Post by Cindelle,

856-200-8095 um. . . huh.


8562008095 This number calls me daily when I response it hangs up and when I call it back it's not a working number. I m Assumed to be on a Don't Telephone LIST. What happened. I m tired of all of that W W W and other such numbers bothering me. What could be done. . . . . .

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Insurance spammers

Post by JM,

8562008095 I 've been receiving 2 3 calls a day from this Amount for around 3 weeks. I m thus sick of it. They telephone at any hour. I tried for telephone them back for see who was calling but it's not a working number. Do we Quit these Individuals. My caller ID says Wellness Insurance but I already 've insurance. Please could someone tell me the way to get these people to Quit calling me.

Post by PM,

856-200-8095 W

Post by KJ,

8562008095 Calling often never leaving a message.

Post by Kathie C.,

856-200-8095 I get 3 or 4 calls a day out of the number. I don t response and they don t leave a VIM. I m tempted to answer for see just what that is. Does anyone know the best way to keep the Amount out of calling.

Post by cee,

8562008095 Sorry Tammie but this can be a discussion board and has no such power for stop or block anyone s calls.

Post by Chris,

856-200-8095 Your FBI gave me this website to file a Gripe ICC. gov Never have heard back when I Submitted Gripes with this BS

Post by [email protected] /* */,

8562008095 Not sure but they will not leave a MSG. Nerve wracking.

Post by hadi,

856-200-8095 Quit calling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Dental ins. Sailcloth er total crap all this because my kid filled out Information for a supposed allow Package. . . . . now i get to deal along with that aggravating spam Telephone crap. . . . Exactly why cant we aggravate these companies back. Because they 've specific Amounts that say they are disconnected again. . . . . This can be SUCH CRAP. . . . .

Post by Nemesis,

856-200-8095 The DC list work. These criminals are outside the US

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Spam

Post by sheryl bryant,

856-200-8095 Harrisburg Telephone calls

Post by Helbing,

8562008095 getting same message when I try to call that W service back. Not a working Amount. They never leave a message

Post by Ronald Cole,

856-200-8095 I m Ill and exhausted of it thus Quit calling me

Post by Teresa Robinson,

8562008095 I get 2 3 calls per day out of this number. when I telephone back it says Amount is not within service.

Post by LB,

856-200-8095 been getting your Specific same telephone for the last week on a daily basis. When I answer the line is dead. I 've tried to telephone back several times and I always get the same message Not in Service . . Frustrating . .

Post by Smiley,

8562008095 I have been Attempting to contact that New Jersey Lawyer General for weeks. No response. I eventually called the state Cops and was told for file a report along with my local police UN Mo the have my Company block your number. Within other words let them continue for run their scam. Seemingly Brand new Jersey dozen t provide a about criminals in their own state. I 've emailed the U S Lawyer General .

Post by Suzy,

856-200-8095 Dental insurance telemarketing call. Asked to become taken away their list and was hung Upward on. Fantastic manner for do company correct. They call 2 or 3 times a daytime. I vie set their Amount to auto Avoid for now until their next Amount Alter.

Post by brenda,

8562008095 the number calls ever day 2 times Perhaps 3 dental insurance i told them i wasn't interested and that said they take me off your telephone list WHO telephone it back its not in service

Post by Helbing,

856-200-8095 I 'm really getting alto of calls from the number I reply once and they Put Upward after that never reply but they never leave a message. when I called the number back it says not a working Amount. I 'm a widow getting exhausted of the unnecessary calls.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 spam calls continuously none stop

Post by Jim,

856-200-8095 I 've Spring as a Company I just go for Sprint and block all incoming calls out of these scampers I know it does not solve the scam issue but they cannot telephone me if they can it tells them that I am not accepting calls out of them

Post by Brittany,

8562008095 I don t pick Upward but they won t Cease calling and leave no message. Not confident if it s Linked but last week I got a phone from another number W W W about car insurance that was Poor and I Inquired them for take me off their list. Anyone else.

Post by cliff,

856-200-8095 I acquired call W W No one talked Returned call says not a working number

Post by Guest,

8562008095 dental

Post by Barbara Wilder,

856-200-8095 Has called my cell twice and hung up. I tried to phone back and Amount says it USN t within service. I 'm on a Do not Call List.

Post by nick burger,

8562008095 Thus you personally type in telemarketing vine acreage new jersey and it takes u appropriate for the just telemarketing company for the reason that city. That page u See is for Occupation offering for work there. Along with that comes contact Information. I Need everyone for personally telephone.

Post by Helbing,

856-200-8095 getting same message when I try to phone that W service back. Not a working number. They never leave a message

Post by Dm,

8562008095 If you go to the DC net page on your side they could tell you personally how long your own Amount was registered.

Post by Ron B.,

856-200-8095 I vie obtained 3 or 4 calls out of the number. Each time when I answer it the call is terminated. I have never been Capable for Talk for anyone. l Someone please take a few Actions or tell me how I could take some Activity to Cease this Business out of making these unwanted nuisance calls.

Post by GB,

8562008095 I vie been becoming calls out of this Amount for around 2 weeks. I eventually answered and it was a recording telling me I vie Closed up for dental insurance I did no such thing I was Set through for an Owner and the Second she got on your line I told her they vie been harassing me for 2 weeks right. Before I could request for Talk for her manager she blurted out that she d put me on that do not phone list that is Absolute they don t do it and Installed Upwards on me.

Post by vicki custard,

856-200-8095 i receive 2 Telephone calls 1 hour apart from this number. I attempted for call back and got a recording the number is not in service at this time. I have no clue who that is.

Post by SR,

8562008095 I received two calls out of W W W 1 correct after another. I did not reply but Viewed it Upwards and located it on the site. I 've blocked the Amount given Information located here.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 insurance hangs up

Post by Tina Morgan,

8562008095 this Amount calls my Telephone Day-to-day won t leave a message and i Merely shifted my Amount due to harassing phone from other calls such as the. so if its not a Amount i understand i won t answer. there has for become Guidelines against this crap.

Post by Miss Kitty,

856-200-8095 Gotten a call on my cell out of this Amount. All that showed up was your Telephone number and nothing else. I did t answer.

Post by Laura,

8562008095 They called me the morning and also yesterday. I did not pick up and they did not leave a voice message. I believe they have called several times before this.

Post by sehs,

856-200-8095 They have called me 3 times a day for a week or so. no 1 there when I reply. call back and get from service message. I 'm on that DC registry. Someone mentioned blocking your Amount. Do I can the on an iPhone. cheers.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Who is the caller.

Post by jeff,

856-200-8095 keeps calling me and doesn't leave a message you call back and says not in service

Post by PKap,

8562008095 I use to get calls from this number. . . now they are on my blocked list through my Android device. . . Still get 2 calls a day but at least I don t really see them.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Telemarketer for dental ins

Post by Dale,

8562008095 A. . holes keep calling I quit answering but it's annoying to keep getting calls from jerks who are violating that law. . . . . but Seemingly DC list is as poor as that politicians in Washington and state government. . . .

Post by Jill,

856-200-8095 I have gotten eight calls from the number since Wednesday 3 W. It's now Monday 3 W and they 've called again. I don t like for become mean but next time I may pick up and cuss them out.

Post by Ant Kaffy,

8562008095 I 'm on the don't telephone list. I do not recognize who the heck Avatar Tech is. After two rings and I don't Select up the call is terminated. They can probably can it for a few more days and then stop. This has happened repeatedly these previous few months. If you personally don t recognize your Amount don t Select Upwards.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Spam.

Post by Tim,

8562008095 This kind of waste of time been getting these calls for 5 days now I never response if I don t recognize that Amount. If there surely is no 1 there when you personally Select Upwards it s Likely a computer keeping track of who picks Upwards and they sell those Amounts for another scummier company. Don t answer it.

Post by LMA,

856-200-8095 I 've received calls from the number for that last three times. The first one was Saturday 3 8 nicely after PM. Another two were first thing in your morning. No just one on your line when I answered and impossible to call back. I certain would like their House Telephone Amount.

Post by K.L. Brown,

8562008095 Dude called and started talking Around a dental insurance plan. I tried for interrupt him but he kept on yakking then Installed Upwards on me. His name was Jack. Right.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 don't answer

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Spam. .

Post by laura ernst,

856-200-8095 Left no message. Called Around 5 times now.

Post by Kasey Schafer,

8562008095 I Only got the phone and ignored it.

Post by DJS,

856-200-8095 Keep becoming calls out of this number multiple times a daytime. Is irritating. Cheers to others who vie left a message Around them. Can Simply ignore.

Post by Guest,

8562008095 crap

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Keeps calling but great blank whenever i pick up

Post by FedUp,

8562008095 1 W W W from Vine property NJ has called me several times around that past 3 times. Never leave a message. Tried to telephone them and get a not within service message. May be following up with NJ Lawyer General s office.

Post by Kelly,

856-200-8095 Keeps calling for sell me dental coverage. Whenever I state I m not interested or remove me out of your own calling list they hang Upward on me

Post by IBF,

8562008095 Gotten a call from the number last night Man talking Around dental insurance sounded Nearly like a recording. I told him that I was on the No call list and they shouldn't phone me any more. He Discontinued and started saying something about Choosing my number off that list but I hung Upwards on him.

Post by solution,

856-200-8095 Save that Underneath your own Associates as Telemarketing and Pick the Alternative to 've that calls go straight to voice mail.

Post by langel57,

8562008095 Have acquired 4 or 5 calls for the last 2 times. No message left. And a telephone back says that number isn't within service. .

Post by Ashley,

856-200-8095 It keeps calling and hanging Upwards.

Post by PatC,

8562008095 For that previous 2 weeks the W W W 've been calling my cell phone. When I response no one talked. Attempted calling back not a working Amount. Tired of these calls at all hours Beginning at 7 'm.

Post by jo-ann naylor,

856-200-8095 annoying recalls

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Do not reply SPAM

Post by Silent Ringer, Automatic Reject,

856-200-8095 Got a telephone out of the Amount Lately. I believe it s the same tel scummier that calls me at least once Regular Monday Friday usually around your same time but along with a different Amount each daytime. I don t answer and they never leave a message. My policy is that I don t reply your Telephone unless it s out of someone I understand. Plus I won t Notice the ringer anyway . . . I have the Standard ring tone place to some really hushed ring tone. Only friends family and Associates 've regular ring tones so I ll hear when they call and I ll answer that phone for them. Oh and I 've any unknown numbers place to automatic reject thus they won t even get a chance to ring my Telephone. I used to Actually despise these tel scampers but now i get a bit gratification Understanding I vie wasted many of their time. Maybe if more people can like I can the tel scampers will just be wasting that time and resources of your Phone service Companies and then maybe your service Suppliers can take some Activity against them. One can expect. . . .

Post by Guest,

8562008095 Insurance

Post by Carol,

856-200-8095 I Place the Amount on my telephone rejection and filed a Criticism along with New Jersey AG as well as my Company and haven't gotten anymore calls out of this number.

Post by Tammy,

8562008095 Showed Upwards on my caller id.

Post by Brian Durham,

856-200-8095 Same W W W. . . Please don't call my Amount anymore.

Post by Pat O,

8562008095 This Group identified themselves as DENTAL SERVICES. . . I told them I was Processing a Gripe along with that Don't Telephone REGISTRY and my STATES Lawyer OFFICE. Over the previous 3 months I have gotten daily calls from them. . . W W W Peerless Network property line out of Vine land NJ

Post by Laura,

856-200-8095 The number calls at least W times a day. Each time they phone I Select and cry Cease CALLING MY HOUSE. They called once Now and I did that same matter haven t gotten a phone back. . . thus it must become working. . . LOLA

Post by Cop-Cop,

8562008095 don't phone this Telephone again

Post by Scholar,

856-200-8095 The Amount phone me each daytime. When I call it back it is not within service. How you can block the annoying Amount.

Post by lisa,

8562008095 Cease calling. .

Post by Tom Copeland,

856-200-8095 Just keep calling no one on line and drained of it

Post by Barbara,

8562008095 Calls my house at least once if not twice a day never leaves a message. It s been going on Around a week now. This has to stop. I am on the Don't Call list too.

Post by Dm,

856-200-8095 I obtained this information out of my service Company optimum when called for whine about multiple scampers calling with fake caller Ids look for all become coming from the Camden Place Call star. It will trace that telephone no subject what your caller I d says When you personally hint it three times or more phone the number they Supply at your end of your star telephone. File an annoyance call complaint After that take the Information to your own local Authorities they will tell you personally for press Prices. Would it. It s your just manner to Begin catching these low life s.

Post by JP,

8562008095 I got the call twice today. Called back said the number was disconnected. . . That is annoying as all heck.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Unknown and no callback number

Post by Guest,

8562008095 dental insurance scam

Post by Helbing,

856-200-8095 I am really getting alto of calls from this Amount I response once and they Installed Upwards after that never response but they never leave a message. when I called this Amount back it says not a working number. I am a widow getting exhausted of the unnecessary calls.

Post by Kcudawg,

8562008095 Have obtained this call for past several times while I m at work. I m not able to reply while working and when I called back message said not in use. Now i Simply Blow off the calls and Eliminate from my phone.

Post by Gloria,

856-200-8095 I gotten an unwanted call from W W W Recently Night after 8 p. m. I don t know how they got my Amount but I don t need any further calls. It had for do along with dental insurance. How does 1 file a Gripe within New Jersey.

Post by Michelle,

8562008095 I have ignored that calls for awhile now but they never leave a message. I m replying your call and it immediately disconnects. WT.

Post by Guest,

856-200-8095 Spam for dental insurance.

Post by Jason Caneer,

8562008095 They 've called several times and I m on the DC list

Post by CB,

856-200-8095 This Amount keeps calling me as well. It is beyond frustrating.

Post by Blu R Thunder,

8562008095 I attempted for redial your 8 times and I always obtained that same bull record If this was really great Nation then there would become a Authorities Prize for the successfully Status out capture and conviction of any Individual or People that pulled scam es on your Excellent World Extensive Web I am seriously considering Camera panning within the near future for become that next RULER OF That FREE Universe This Exceedingly CON FUSSED World IS Within Great Demand OF A BEING A few WHAT Enjoy MYSELF. . . . . . . . MY Camera PAIN SLOG UN WOULD Be. . . . . . Away Along with Your own HEAD. Present The Somewhat Brain WORK.

Post by elemerso,

856-200-8095 Calls and hangs Upwards I m on DC list has called me around 8 times reported to FCC and Brand new Jersey. Do not Choose Upward thus frustrating.

Post by Pissed!,

8562008095 The number calls my cell phone several x Day-to-day when I response there is no just one there. When I try and telephone back recording says that is NOS. Other than being annoying what s that F ING point.

Post by Oaks,

856-200-8095 The number calls and says nothing i vie been on FBI s and Court Document websites and now the odd number is a nuance

Post by 000000xxxxxxxxxx000000,

8562008095 I vie acquired a few calls out of the number for the previous month. I have a policy of never replying a Amount that I don t Understand. I attempted for phone it back once and it said number not within service. This is definitely many type of scam. I want I could find these lousy bottom feeders and do a pare emotive strike.

Post by Mike,

856-200-8095 I m getting the overly I m Striving for get it to Cease as well the same Amount over and around again. I know the feeling.

Post by Michael Taylor,

8562008095 We have been on that Do not Telephone list and these Individuals are calling and not Making a message. Efforts to phone the number back gives a record that it is from service. This really is a nuisance phone.

Post by Shayen George,

856-200-8095 I believe that Business name is your Peerless Network. They're headquarter within Chicago but have Stores all over your People. I get calls Day-to-day from the same number W W W . That calls are automated computer generated when I answer no just one is on your line and it really quickly disconnects Yet this number continues to phone me occasionally several time per day. The Amount appears to be Connected with a company called the Peerless Network within Brand new Jersey. I tried to telephone them Nonetheless it's impossible to Talk along with a human being. They claim for NOT become a telemarketing Business and Consequently exempt from your Don't Call List. They specialize within Sites for business. Atlantic City Updated Jul W W W Washington Ave. Pleasantly NJ W

Post by Guest,

8562008095 dental insurance

Post by Dm,

856-200-8095 Blocking calls does nothing and DC list does nothing for Quit criminals from calling you. I blocked more than W and your same calls upcoming from your same criminals using faked Owner ids Read my reply for your previous post. Expect it helps everyone.

Post by Kel G,

8562008095 There surely is Additionally a message at your Base of that screen on this Web site for help along with a Telephone call and Amount you personally don t want.

Post by Not provided,

856-200-8095 I asked for a Business name was told Aspirant Health . Inquired for a call back number was told W . Asked him please not to phone back was told Change your own f ING number a h . . Owner Subsequently Put Upwards. Quite horrible people. Suspect criminal action of many kind.

Post by sara w,

8562008095 keeps calling and leave no messages. i answered that phone all they kept saying is hello hello. I said i am reporting you for your attorney general office and they Installed up

Post by dvn,

856-200-8095 obtained a phone on 3 7. CID said Avatar Tech. No MSG.

Post by Richie,

8562008095 The phone me all your time and IF I response they Nearly always hang Upwards. The time I had an electronic message about dental plans. I let it take me for an Representative. When I got your the agent he Inquired what I was looking for and I said I would like you to put me in your no phone list please Subsequently he proceeded to cry to me saying What do I can. . What did I would. . and Put Upwards. TH is with these people.

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Emergency medical Alert system

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and I m on your Don't Telephone list.

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Du Hi. Could I Ah Sp eek for Somebody who Ah Chat Chinese. My number OH Du Snow Overly Fie 1 Tree Tree Seven.

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You have been blocked

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Scam call

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Really Bad.

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i demand for look for my husband

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Said I was your winner of 2. 5 million dollars. It May n't be a scam

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recorded message for Carpeting cleaning the first telemarketing call to my cell which i simply use for emergencies and pay by the Second. Gere. thanks for your Information i have filed a complaint on your FCC Web site.

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Pain Comfort scam

8164564257 Complains by Guest,

That is a scam for rentals

8172518206 Complains by Jonathan,

I believe it s Libraries for Kay Jeweler or a few other Jeweler. Don t quote me on that but I m Very certain about that.

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They call me again I am unleashing your Creature.

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