8564864300 / 856-486-4300

Telephone information: Verizon New Jersey. Merchantville, NJ. Camden. United states
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8564864300 Not spam. Your own glasses contacts are Prepared. . .

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 know body i want for Discuss to

Post by john,

8564864300 America s Very best is sending out calls from a Telephone based Change PBX to haphazard numbers and if you personally answer it disconnects expecting that you may telephone back and select 1 for hours and Shop locations Ad or 2 to disconnect. Somehow they got a phone Amount list of previous other Website business eyeglasses and are harassing for generate new business. Unlike many other fake places here it s not a reminder phone for those who purchased product. Their just slamming a Telephone list to Make interest. It s being reported to your FCC and Telephone company. What the tells you personally is you should not do any business along with America s Best or any affiliates.

Post by Rachel,

856-486-4300 Great God in that morning. . . . Some of you are extremely lazy and Very Affordable. . . Of course your glasses cost more because you ADDED For The Basic Order. Morons.

Post by Guest,

8564864300 I didn't response that call

Post by me,

856-486-4300 I agree i Merely got a telephone on my cell and i did not reply it because i did not recognized that number. Think what. They did t leave a message. I Subsequently researched that number on my computer and it Arrived back as America s Best.

Post by justme,

8564864300 Me too went within for that W Cope left paying W without that anti glare or Developer frames. They got me feel like a freak telling me the W deal my glasses can be thus thick because my eyesight is thus poor. They should Market W deal are coke cola glasses grin I am on reconditioned income I have started to save for brand new glasses out of a better Put. P. s. your eye exam dozen t cover evaluations for eye diseases that s an Added W

Post by justme,

856-486-4300 Me overly went within for the W deal left paying W without the anti glare or Developer frames. They got me feel like a Nut telling me the W Cope my glasses will become thus thick because my Vision is thus poor. They should Market W Cope are coke cola glasses grin I am on repaired income I have Began to save for new glasses out of a better Put. P. s. that eye Test dozen t cover evaluations for eye diseases that s an additional W

Post by Anderson,

8564864300 How within that heck did they get my cell Amount. I Simply got it plus I 've never used the Business. I expect they Stop CALLING ME. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Augusto,

856-486-4300 Got a phone from the number the really early the morning message not left. Looked here to see who it was. Have never been to any Americas Best Glasses . I suppose your person who was Guessed for get that call did not. Hope they do not telephone me again .

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8564864300 spam

Post by ugggghh,

856-486-4300 cut off record from America s absolute best.

Post by Happy and not lazy or stupid,

8564864300 Excuse them for wanting their customers for come Select Upward their paid for glasses. . how inconvenient for you to have to make a Vacation for come and get what you personally paid for. . . I suppose AB should deliver them to you personally on a white horse Hi why stop there. . Why not request them to Truly read for you your own child or become your eyes thus you personally wont be bothered for 've to for do it yourself. . you personally Individuals aren't simply ungrateful but You're also sluggish and don't have any common sense. . . BTW duh you pay somewhat more then the advertised Cost for things enjoy bells and whistles IE coating unique lenses light frames uh sales tax. . my Wife paid at Contact Cr afters W for 1 Match of glasses at AB she s paid a whopping W for two pairs of the same Software along with the bells and whistles she wanted. . instead pf being ungrateful and boohooing Around that wait and that Additional trip to Choose them up she Loved a Fantastic Meal dinner on me along with that money we saved. . and she got due along with her old glasses until her new People were ready. . and she was happy for do it. . so was I BTW I paid W no bells and whistles for me for 2 Set of reading glasses. .

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 unknown

Post by swan,

8564864300 Automated your own glasses are ready from America s Absolute best. They left a message and Contained your phone Amount of that Shop itself. And by your manner it s perfectly common for specific deals for simply apply to your basic Contact material and a small Choice of frames. You personally constantly 've for pay extra for specific plastic materials for a thinner lighter Contact or coatings. I was delighted that America s Best threw in a few of these extras for my youngster they said it was safer for kids that way . It s also conventional practice to have for wait 1 2 weeks for glasses to come in. It s Substantially less common and Generally advertised for a Set to offer a swift turnaround since most glasses are made at an off Website lab.

Post by beachbum,

856-486-4300 After signing Upwards for SCOT I 've been becoming these annoying calls. I haven t even been for the eye physician and would not go for them anyway if I had for. And I don t live within your state of NJ I 'm within your South.

Post by Guest,

8564864300 Auto call from America s Absolute best Connections amp Glasses calling to educate me that my Connections are Prepared for pickup. Not spam but that local office called me a few minutes before thus the Bacall is type of unnecessary.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 Not not not spam. America s absolute best automated telephone that your Merchandise is ready. If you get an auto phone from this number it s an error if you did t already Purchase something. It USN t a sales attempt.

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8564864300 Marketing products

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856-486-4300 America absolute best letting me Associates r Prepared to gt pick up

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8564864300 W

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 America s absolute best letting me know my glasses we re Prepared not spam

Post by Philip,

8564864300 A Individual call me first and state my glasses is ready for Select Upward. Now this repeated MSG call from a robot saying my glasses are ready for Choose up.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 Americas very best letting me know my glasses are ready.

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8564864300 Harassment

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856-486-4300 Not Spam. America s best letting you personally understand that your purchase is Prepared.

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8564864300 America s absolute best Making me know my glasses were in. Not spam

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856-486-4300 Amer. Absolute best glasses and contacts ready

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8564864300 Hangs up

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856-486-4300 Spam

Post by Pity Party,

8564864300 Oh cry me a river. . you decided to go Affordable and your Girl did t get to Pick her frames on that moon Waugh Waugh. . uh Protest there are more then W frames to Pick out of and they fit the glasses to your own face when you Select them Upwards. . thus any frames that were a bit overly Enormous or small would 've been made to fit when she picked them up. . Folks like You're what s erroneous along with this Nation. . me me me. . ooh ooh ooh. . oh AAA they called my phone how Challenge they. . no I wont reply their phone but I ll piss and moan because they keep calling me. . . what me. . response the Telephone. . . MG me. . . go back for AB and get the glasses I paid for. . who me get off my sluggish spoiled stupid and would something other then Holler about every ones universe not revolving Approximately me. . why should I let them know when we Strategy for pick Upwards our glasses after all just because they 've customers who have Meetings that means nothing for me because it dozen t contain . . Meier. I would adore to Hit you personally morons into your Central of next week and kick your own on Wednesday. But I can t I have for Select Upward my glasses. . .

Post by justme,

856-486-4300 Me too went in for that W Cope left paying W without the anti glare or designer frames. They got me feel enjoy a freak telling me the W Cope my glasses will be thus thick because my eyesight is so awful. They should Promote W deal are coke cola glasses smile I 'm on fixed income I have Began for save for new glasses from a better place. P. s. your eye Test dozen t cover evaluations for eye Conditions that s an Added W

Post by Amanda,

8564864300 Not really confident why there surely is so Substantially dramatics Around the call. I Merely Assessed because I did t Understand your number. I would Quite have them telephone in place of Making me for drive across the city I live in to locate out they arena t done. I Merely had to Remark because I have used America s Best for a couple of years and I won t go elsewhere. Yes some of their glasses are around that W mark but all of their glasses are fairly priced. If you don t desire for pay around the W Afterward get the Inexpensive frames and Cope along with it.

Post by Elu,

856-486-4300 I acquired a phone out of this Amount and it s America s Absolute best eyeglasses . When I purchased my glasses I was told that I would receive a Rob phone informing me that glasses would become Prepared for pickup. It s Merely a Educational telephone in my own book.

Post by Guest,

8564864300 America s Best letting me understand my contacts are Prepared to pick Upwards. Not spam.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 America s Best Eye Use called. . . glasses are ready to be Decided up. NOT spam.

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8564864300 No answer

Post by Chris,

856-486-4300 I don t get exactly why the automated phone bothers anyone. I had an excellent expertise at ABC and paid more for the better lenses but glasses are important and i m not a cheapskate when it comes for my vision.

Post by nana,

8564864300 Keep becoming calls out of the Amount when I response no 1 says anything but just stays on that line. We live within La thus am pretty certain that we don t 've any business coming from New Jersey.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 Calling me 4 6 times per daytime isn't going to make me become Competent for pay this debt.

Post by Lexi,

8564864300 Obtained a telephone W W 'm 5 8 W and I did not response since I did not Comprehend your . I Decided my glasses Upward America s Best the daytime before 5 7 W. I have 3 Sets for W and that Road Set was your Free Body I chose for Shades with Space Just eyesight.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 It s Americas best for Select Upwards contacts or glasses

Post by Guest,

8564864300 .

Post by weary of calls,

856-486-4300 Americas Absolute best Eye Glasses Strange that they did t Simply leave me a message. Perhaps my express send cut them off or something. It was Simply an automated phone to tell me my glasses were Prepared for pickup

Post by Guest,

8564864300 NOT SPAM. . . America s Best Eye Don letting me know my glasses are ready to be Decided Upwards.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 It s Americas best for pick Upwards contacts or glasses

Post by Lexi,

8564864300 Received a telephone W W 'm 5 8 W and I did not reply since I did not recognize that . I Decided my glasses Upward America s Very best your day before 5 7 W. I 've 3 pairs for W and the Road Match was your Free Figure I Selected for Shades with Space Just eyesight.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 Not not not spam. America s absolute best automated call that your Merchandise is ready. If you personally get an Vehicle call from this Amount it s an Malfunction if you did t already buy something. It USN t a sales Test.

Post by me,

8564864300 I agree i Merely got a phone on my cell and i did not answer it because i did not recognized the number. Figure what. They did t leave a message. I Afterward researched that number on my computer and it came back as America s Very best.

Post by Jesus,

856-486-4300 You Individuals love for Stay and complain Around nothing. I Merely got a call from them the morning and another just now Around 4 hours later I 'm NOT upset I actually appreciate it as that first telephone was missed screened and now the call comes in and Sacred MY GLASSES that I paid that advertised W for were Prepared. You personally Individuals to I declare to God. Your own review online won't Discontinue ANY just one out of going let alone hundreds of Folks.

Post by Guest,

8564864300 Hang up

Post by gotta love it,

856-486-4300 . . . I adore the manner you personally think. .

Post by Am. Best customer,

8564864300 I Merely got the phone here in Minnesota humorous matter is I vie already Decided that glasses Upwards today about 2 1 2 hours ago . In Add-on while I am totally suited along with these fresh glasses I m still going to take my prescription to Zeno Optical and get a couple more Sets of glasses at an even better Cost.

Post by Guest,

856-486-4300 Wadded people mean it USN t spam. I don t even Use glasses or Associates.

Post by Guest,

8564864300 America s Very best Making you personally know that your eye Use is Prepared for Choose Upwards.

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they telephone 3 times per daytime saying that I've been approved for a loan. i keep telling them for stop calling but they wont. when i state for remove my Amount from their system. he makes me Duplicate my Telephone Amount and Functions like he cant recognize the numbers that I'm saying Afterward when i continue for state Quit calling me he says quot thus your own saying you personally desire me for call the Amount one more time correct. quot

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2 missed calls

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Nick Walker is calling with that People Value office seeing a law enforcement Actions against the Individual calling. Sounds like someone Striving to Talk along with a southern Feature that insisted I verify my address since I never have received your notice. I told them I would not provide any info and to please Quit calling.

8167599261 Complains by Guest,

harassing me

8177171944 Complains by just me,

Adore that Notion.

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Get cash .

8003253535 Complains by carlb,

Subsequently again if you want a Popular Resort Phone Amount that s been around for a very long time. There could only be just one Philadelphia 6 W. Glenn Burns mentioned the one back within W when his radio air was Coming from New York and Penn Station was still the Initial Penn Station and not that W piece of rubbish under Madison Square Gardens . It had been Approximately for about twenty years before Afterward. There were no Place Rules pare W. The number still works 1 W PE W. HTTP notes. com Telephone. asp 1 W W W

8002991984 Complains by norobos,

A Girl named Myra Needed for Speak to your Individual within charge of Advertisements Around putting an Advertising on a local school s football Application. Simply called again on a different line.

8003001190 Complains by Kitty,

7 W W Caller ID showed Progressive Ins Afterward Carroll for 2 missed calls from W W W today. No messages were left.

8002409656 Complains by Redriver,

This really is a payday loan collector for Cash in a Wink

8002520314 Complains by Guest,

unwanted calls. when replied no 1 there.

8002116605 Complains by Tanya,

Looking to purchase from the Firm. No contact number jut a fax Amount. To fax credit card info

8002881185 Complains by Diego,

I did a callback. Your number belongs to Credit Control . They were looking for your previous owner of my house. They haven t Dwelt here for W years. That Individual who I spoke for said my Amount would become removed from your list.

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