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Telephone information: Atx Telecommunications Services, Ltd. Bridgeton, NJ. Cumberland. United states
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Post by Guest,

8564970292 Scam. . Warning Warning .

Post by C,

856-497-0292 They don t leave messages.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 debt collector

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 Dint know Amount and did t leave message

Post by anonomostly,

8564970292 LAO. . . Individuals are for that lack of a better word. . . retarded.

Post by PBS,

856-497-0292 They are a Group agency

Post by CKinAR,

8564970292 This number called my ex sister in law for a few reason. Exactly why would they telephone her. . I vie never seen this Amount before. Seemingly it s Attached for Davidson Davidson. I have never owned a motorcycle in my own entire life. I don t 've ANY accounts within Choices. I ll 've to report them for confident.

Post by i showed them,

856-497-0292 called me this 'm. said I owed for a debt. I asked what debt and the responded that I should understand and playing Stupid can simply get me Greater in trouble. I Inquired for that company name and she again went a bit stronger how that USN t that Problem and i demand to recognize my responsibilities. Though not an attorney or not empty knowledge of credit collection laws I quoted that under section W. 4 of your fair credit collection Work} of W I 'm entitled to get Agreement of your Initial Person for that collection Bureau along along with a not empty accounting of the debt and any fees. They quickly Put up.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 Did t leave a message

Post by anonomostly,

856-497-0292 LAO. . . people are for the lack of a better word. . . retarded.

Post by L,

8564970292 Calls very earlier in the morning and late at nighttime as nicely.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 calls and hangs up

Post by Not today,

8564970292 They called me asking for me to Check my information. She previously mentioned that they Desired to go around a business question and in purchase for them for tell what it was within regards to i would demand for Confirm my address birth date and last four of my social . She says she is calling out of SARA Affiliates and said if i need to telephone back we would 've for can this all around again. I told her i wouldn't be giving my info out.

Post by Paul,

856-497-0292 Has called every other daytime for W days now. Never leaves message.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 Bill

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 They kept calling without Making any message. I tried for telephone them back but it was not a working Amount.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 fake debt collector and does not reply return calls

Post by paul,

856-497-0292 They call 4 for 5 times a daytime . they don t leave a massage are who they're. Or what that heck they need. Perhaps we should all sue them for harassment.

Post by Smart1,

8564970292 It s this Uncomplicated Individuals if it s a Amount you don t Comprehend don t reply it. I don t have any answering machine or service place Upwards Simply caller ID. Creditors can phone me all day and all nighttime if they thus want dozen t bother me in that least. As your old saying goes you personally Only have for become Better compared to the tools You're working along with . For what s it s worth as already previously mentioned here . . . . . . . The Number IS A Set Bureau. I rang them back they instantly have an statement that says they are FRAU or SARA Affiliates. PISS ON EM. . . . LOLA

Post by P,

856-497-0292 It's Harley Davis on

Post by Guest,

8564970292 He would t share any info until I Offered him private Information.

Post by Overmountain Man,

856-497-0292 I forgot to mention I don t own anyone money so exactly why would I get calls from a collection agency. Unless they work for other Kinds of Firms but how does a company create any money they never appear for Discuss to anyone Perhaps that Owner is for bashful for Talk . More than likely a mental case.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 Statement collector

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 left no express message keep on calling

Post by Paul,

8564970292 gt gt gt Anyone else get the Amount. Lt Lt Lt I think you might have a reading comprehension Issue. What would you personally think all those other posts above yours are Around. This is not Facebook or Twitter or a blog. You look here for get or share data. The people who posted above You're Striving to share their info about the Amount. Use it.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 scam debt collector

Post by Guest,

8564970292 Debt collection

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 my phone ID state s it was from SARA Contacts. when I attempted to phone it back it is not a good Amount another spammer get the 1 all your time Ill of it

Post by Kellie,

8564970292 The number calls several times a week. It s an automated call asking for someone I have never heard of. I 've called the Amount Supplied for remove my number AT LEAST 4 X However they continue for telephone. I 'm at my wit s Finish with them.

Post by M,

856-497-0292 phone 3 or more times a daytime 6 W am to late at night and never leaves a message you say Hi and they hang Upwards i Viewed on phone bill for Costs from them and none so what's the point of these calls.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 This Firm shows Upwards on caller id as SARA Affiliates and called on Feb W at 1 W pm and on 3 W at 8 W. both times there was no 1 on another Finish. This is a debt Set agency so that as I have no Difficulties along with my credit I am going to file a complaint along with the FTC. I

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 The debt collector needs to Leave calling

Post by Ekim Bbew,

8564970292 They called me at 8 W within your morning. I m Normally not even Upward at 8 W within the morning. If they believe they 've a debt I owe and believe I could even try and pay it on SS DI ha ha ha they can send me a page. Number goes in the CPR Phone blocker.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 This can be a debt collector and no just one is on another end

Post by Guest,

8564970292 they keep calling after I told them I was not that right quot Man quot they were calling. Calls several times a day for weeks.

Post by anonomostly,

856-497-0292 LAO. . . Individuals are for the deficiency of a better word. . . retarded.

Post by sandra,

8564970292 they keep calling and asking for my Partner which is constantly at work and they Merely say he needs to phone back so now i Simply dint reply when they phone but I'm certain eventually they can use a different number. its every time we go look Upward our credit Results we get all sorts of scam calls so I am not confident which People are legit CZ we dint owe these Pol

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 Calls all the time. Should block them

Post by Guest,

8564970292 wrong number

Post by cathy,

856-497-0292 Group agency attempting to Accumulate a debt. . actually several debts that's my ex husband s out of long before we were married. They're grim. A Buddy told me Around Legal Guard. I got that service turned the Information over to your attorney they provided and they no longer harass me. It costs me about W a month for the service and they handle the crap keep my credit reports right and lots of other stuff. Check it out at Internet. . com Daimler. Please let her understand that Cathy Sandoval referred you personally.

Post by Overmountain Man,

8564970292 I forgot to mention I don t own anyone cash thus why would I get calls from a Group Bureau. Unless they work for other Kinds of Firms but how does a Firm make any money they never appear for Discuss for anyone Perhaps your Owner is for self-conscious to Chat . More than likely a mental case.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 Frau debt collector

Post by LOL,

8564970292 Same thing happening once a day Approximately Am est I Display and record all calls. If they don't leave a voice they can never talk for me.

Post by J Smith,

856-497-0292 Definitely a collection agency. They keep calling my phone for a Work force medical Firm. This really is that third agency that's called my Amount because of this company. I consider that there surely is a national database for debt delinquencies and these Sewage rats pick and coos to strive and intimidate people in paying debts or presumed debts. They phone constantly. They start off using an intimidating letter demanding payment. You Reply along with show me Records that implicate me. Then they Quit. Because they don t have any. Don t include your name or Telephone number within that Result only your address. Calls last. Thank goodness for Panasonic Telephones along with W block capability.

Post by me,

8564970292 they call and never leave a message so do you personally suppose for understand who is calling

Post by JayTX,

856-497-0292 So they're doing the same thing for me. Saying I owe monies but not which monies I owe. It's getting a bit frustrating. I decided to appearance the Firm Upward and what do you understand a hate Website for this particular company pulls correct Upward. Found them on that BBB your company name is SARA Associates. They are a Item of work 've simply had 5 Criticisms along with the BBB. If You're really being harassed by the Firm go to your BBB and file a Grievance. They have for Answer to that Criticism within a Appropriate question or they can lose the BBB credibility. I understand that's not Substantially but it can Damage their pocket novel in your long run. Subsequently maybe we could start calling them and harassing them about many B. S. Please report these idiots there's a right way to try to collect cash and Afterward there is these tools.

Post by Guest,

8564970292 wanted to 've their way with me how dreadful want I had taped it

Post by Gnu2Nv,

856-497-0292 Called my cell. Owner ID was Link Lot NJ. I did t answer and they left no MSG. I called back via Google. Recording said something Around them being a debt Group Bureau Afterward I Installed Upwards.

Post by Paul,

8564970292 gt gt gt Anyone else get this Amount. Lt Lt Lt I believe you might have a reading comprehension problem. What do you think all those other places above yours are about. This is not Facebook or Facebook or a Site. You look here to get or share data. Your people that posted above You're Striving to share their info about the Amount. Use it.

Post by LOL,

856-497-0292 Same matter happening once a daytime around Am est I screen and record all calls. If they do not leave a express they can never Discuss for me.

Post by LOL,

8564970292 Same matter happening once a daytime around 'm est I Display and record all calls. If they don't leave a express they will never talk for me.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 No Owner ID don t leave a message

Post by Peter,

8564970292 Called on my mobile. Not sure who they are or why they called. I never offer out the number. They did t leave a message. Owner ID was 1 W W W. It s Fresh Jersey.

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 Calls Regular.

Post by 1 (856) 497-0292 Bridgeton, NJ,

8564970292 Calls around three times a daytime along with no message on cell and at home

Post by Guest,

856-497-0292 Scam my debt collectors.

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8003888984 Complains by Steve,

It was T Cellular telephone they called regarding an online survey I took for them. I rated them low gratification on your survey and they were calling to see if they could help. I told Melissa that my Trouble was with their Insurance. She Detected which our Total cards were originals from W years Past and offered for Exchange them. Melissa the Representative was super nice and your service was valued. I will not jump boat and switch along with service like that.

9103168795 Complains by Guest,

They keep making repeat hang up calls to my girlfriend's phone number. I was a former telecommunications specialist and can trap the calls. She does not owe anybody any money. I called them from a pay phone to ask what kind of company they are and that one of my phone numbers is getting calls from them. They did not give their company name, but wanted the phone number being called and said it was a personal business matter.

7026605339 Complains by Guest,


8002573974 Complains by Mac,

Is this a debt collector. Never answered.

8173021025 Complains by Guest,

Calls 3 R 4 times a day never talks peculiar. . I no longer reply when this number pops Upwards. Shows quot unknown name quot . If legitimate company show your name. . . .

8327905039 Complains by Guest,

add for a few club

8133655130 Complains by Guest,


8323976167 Complains by eva,

Thank you. . . .

7038598709 Complains by Guest,

Promotion Firm SE

9178734824 Complains by Guest,

dint like to use condom. . . will attempt to Take it off

7346864068 Complains by Guest,

call to much

7347728739 Complains by Guest,

They're leaving offensive messages

6147199057 Complains by Guest,


9122534034 Complains by tater,

No message left.

2174911560 Complains by Guest,


3173628984 Complains by Guest,

plays games Novels fake app ts

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