8602292992 / 860-229-2992

Telephone information: Southern New England Telephone Co.. New Britain, CT. Hartford. United states
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Post by STOP!!!!!!,

8602292992 spam Rob calls Quit calling me scam artists. on blocked list.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Called no message then said it didn't work

Post by Todd Bonnett,

8602292992 Inbound call and then hangs Up

Post by Rachel McRee,

860-229-2992 This credit card interest speed reduction Firm calls my cell phone all the time. I have no credit card debt. And every time I ask them for Cease calling me they hang Upwards your Telephone.

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Xxxix

Post by Chuck,

860-229-2992 Got a call from the number did t response. There a lot of scampers out there Declining help along with your credit attention. They really wan t for relive you personally of your own credit card. PT

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Card Holder Services. Scam.

Post by Ralph,

860-229-2992 . . .

Post by Doug,

8602292992 Same stuff as reported above. I 'm thus weary of the rubbish. I want I was connected with the Mob they d 've a way to deal along with it.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Did not response call

Post by frankie,

8602292992 your telephone for reduce your own attention rate on your own credit card I have tried numerous manners to stop them your next time I will cry inside their ears. you might have for 've around 5 thousand within credit card debt so I don t qualify and they just hang up. when you would that Strike 3 for be removed that has not worked and the has been something for around a year I get. of course if I Certified I would t give them the information. and I don t even have any of the cards that qualify. it's Only a fishing expedition by a bunch of crooks. Registered with your don't phone Listing and nothing ever happens.

Post by DanTe,

860-229-2992 If you might have call forwarding features enjoy on Verizon Digital Voice than forwards the jerk for W W W. That s that FCC Manager s office Telephone. Perhaps the FCC can eventually would their job when they Begin becoming your annoying calls. Since filing Grievances along with your FCC dozen t work in the least

Post by Guest,

8602292992 1 telephone no message no caller id

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 I did t answer

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Cardholder services

Post by Jeff,

860-229-2992 This can be the fifth time I vie received calls from the Amount. . . When you personally transfer to your live agent for request a do not phone they hang up. This is a business cell Telephone. . . Shush.

Post by lvl,

8602292992 Same matter here. . . they keep calling daily using Distinct Amounts. I Merely Discount . Won t answer numbers I don t understand. Will these people ever get a clue. . Shush. . Being on your Do not Phone list does me no great. They Merely keep calling and calling and calling. . .

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Spam

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Did not state anything

Post by Stardust5,

860-229-2992 Got a call on my cell but no reply. Set all my Telephone on your Do not telephone list and all of a surprising I get calls like that on my cell which never hap pend before. Does that government make cash off people all out of that list. Actually appears like that. .

Post by libby gaskins,

8602292992 This number calls at least 2 times a daytime. Please Cease them. . . .

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 no 1 there

Post by smk,

8602292992 I got a phone out of the number. Any time I get a phone from among these dubious Amounts that I don t Understand I don t answer. Afterward I look Upward the Amount and Typically Finish up at a Website like the one. I copy that Amount add it to my contacts list with a name enjoy Ripoffs or Scampers and supply it a special ring tone MUTE.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Card holder services regarding my credit card account.

Post by Robert,

8602292992 I 've got many calls out of these sleaze balls and my call blocker Program stops them in their Songs its a free app on android phones

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Selling

Post by Guest,

8602292992 2 calls no message and phone co. says number not within existence but map display ADD in Conn. on England ct

Post by Naomi,

860-229-2992 This is a scam Simply hang up when they telephone. .

Post by Guest,

8602292992 No

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Credit card spam

Post by Elky Monroe,

8602292992 I vie been becoming these form of calls for months and months. I used to get Crazy and demand their name and contact Information. They hung Upward. Afterward I played along and Inquired if they could send me info for review within the send. No manner. Subsequently I went with the program said yes for everything and they hang Upwards on me after I tell them a made Upwards amount of credit card debt and interest speed. I can simply body it s a scam by rural phone Businesses for rack up long space access Fees for completing a telephone on Account of their call Centre customers . They bill that called Celebration s phone company. Simply can t figure out how they describe it to their employees Ok now let your machine Face all these Amounts for you personally wait until it's replied by a person Discuss at least a few seconds for trip a billing record and hang Upwards. That s your just scam I could think of unless occasionally they Really get a Mug to Supply all their private info Wanted for Id Larceny. Your Telephone Amounts are consistently phished never real People within service thus they must be disconnected Amounts that haven t been re Released yet. Find me on Facebook if you might have Solutions. . .

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Spam

Post by Elky Monroe,

8602292992 If your own Telephone app blocks your calls why are you Publishing here about the Amount.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Got a phone call from an out of state Amount that I don t quot know quot or Understand. I did t reply but looked Upwards the number here. They left no message. I am on that National Do not Call List and have been for around a year now. I think that is our government at work for us. I m going to HTTP Web. FCC. gov complaints AND to HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism complaint Assess. asp and see that can get your government for work for me and stop these calls. Yes I may go through all those steps. We should all pile on. I 've Additionally bookmarked these URL s.

Post by DanTe,

8602292992 If you have telephone forwarding features like on Verizon Electronic Voice than forwards this jerk for W W W. That s the FCC Manager s office phone. Perhaps the FCC may finally would their job when they start becoming your annoying calls. Since Processing Gripes with your FCC dozen t work whatsoever

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 They said they could lower my credit card interest rate. I asked the name of their company and they Put up

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Spam

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Spam

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Spam

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Only rang. When I answered there was no just one there.

Post by Guest,

8602292992 They called me twice but when I Inquired that name of their Firm they Installed Upward that Telephone.

Post by Elky Monroe,

860-229-2992 If your own Telephone Program blocks that calls why are you Publishing here Around the number.

Post by JRR,

8602292992 I 'm becoming these at least 5 times a day with Distinct numbers. I have ended Upward not even replying them anymore. We 're Only eventually getting ourselves out of debt after our income was cut. I Subsequently dreaded your phone ringing cell phone as we don t have a property line all that time because I knew someone wanted money. Now after a year of having everything back online and barely owing anyone money I 'm becoming these calls and I dreaded them even though I don't have any motive. But they're getting on my nerves. I could block Upward for 5 Amounts but they are from all around your united states Looking for lower my credit cards WE Do NT 've CREDIT CARDS. . . . .

Post by Annoyed!!!,

860-229-2992 Got a Telephone telephone out of an from state number that I don t know or recognize. I did t answer but looked up your number here. They left no message. I 'm on the National Don't Telephone List and have been for around a year now. I guess this is your Authorities at work for us. I m going to HTTP Www. FCC. gov Grievances AND to HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov complaint complaint check. asp and see that can get the Authorities to work for me and stop these calls. Yes I can go through all those steps. We should all pile on. I 've Additionally bookmarked these URL s.

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Asked for be put on do not call list rep mumbled quot alright quot Subsequently slammed that Telephone onto that hook. Scam

Post by Chuck,

860-229-2992 Called me 3 times within Simply a few hours did not nor won't response ever. There Appears for be nothing we can perform to get rid of the minis.

Post by Guest,

8602292992 No just one there.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Called and didn't leave a message i called that number back and it says call won t go through

Post by Frisbee,

8602292992 my Telephone is on DC. . . still I get these unwanted calls with no message. . annoying.

Post by remrafdn,

860-229-2992 Don t EVER call here again. . .

Post by Guest,

8602292992 Spam

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 Wrong number

Post by crash,

8602292992 my very best theory for dealing along with these Folks is for stall. . . I tell them each time I m quite interested and then Set them on mute. Sadly they provide up overly soon. . . simply a Second or thus. We demand better manners for with them. . . any Recommendations.

Post by sitka,ak,

860-229-2992 no message no id

Post by Adam,

8602292992 I missed a telephone from them since I Normally don t answer Amounts I don t 've in my Connections novel. They did t leave a message thus I Viewed your number Upward. Just like you personally Men.

Post by Guest,

860-229-2992 States to be a credit card services. Get about 5 a week out of all over that Nation along with same message. This Began when I switched to Verizon.

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8002224357 Complains by Fed Up,

For me the was a legit Amount. I had a flat tire called AAA. W W W is that member service number printed on my AAA card. I obtained an ETA message in the same number.

8002190910 Complains by Jannis,

Called back and got this record Thank you for calling that Residence of that technology the home technology that makes your own Auto imperceptible to police

8002487014 Complains by garrynyc,

On express send obtained Registered announcement Hydroplane Subsequently hang Upward.

8002635467 Complains by Ohio Kid,

Called my house AND cell W times in 2 days.

8002178250 Complains by Guest,

Butt hat

8002755475 Complains by scott,

also located a link along with FCC and Nigerian scams. could anyone enlighten me .

8001702765 Complains by Karen,

I 've revived at least 5 or more in the last few months. It says At Web. Art. com savings Log on to your own account . We care Around you personally as a valued customer. Numbers called from. W W W W W W W W W

8002636017 Complains by 800-263-6017,

got unsolicited E-mail spam out of the Net site

8001542002 Complains by Same ATT-fake scam different number,

That is the scampers pretending for be Art and if you go for your Website overeat this time or Olivetti etc. you personally supposedly get a W Refund. These are phishing sites designed to get you personally for Input signal your own private information. Don t would it. I vie gotten three of these calls from different W s along with different Website names all about Artwork.

8002263356 Complains by Guest,

Need Money for any Reason. Fast Loan Approvals Upwards to W Visit Money. com Finish answer stop

8002420085 Complains by Guest,


8002251955 Complains by annoyed,

Glad I read this as I just obtained a message on my phone to call your W W W Amount and like you personally Rather unsure if that is a legit Amount or not.

8001582376 Complains by ZippyNYC,

SCAM Amount posted on Grisliest NYC soliciting easy money within W W hours. Asking you personally for give Upward your own debit card.

8002272686 Complains by Guest,

I had a fraud done and they would t help me

8002524394 Complains by dan,

its Scotch Vendor Advantage try and Accumulate payment

8002442575 Complains by Betty,

I did not comprehend how many 've been scam Edward on this CAI. Your provisions and condition was changed and they refused to email or send me Duplicate of your conditions etc before your Alter and your reason will there be were no provisions. . . . After they Directed} me trial. . Paid Transportation and then I was sent not 1 but two Containers and my account was charged W. W another W. W. . I called and was told for return the bottles which I did along with a Cong and address I was given by an employee Chan tel. . i mailed both back in just one envelope and they only credited my account with 1 bottle not two. . now i 've late fees finance Fees and still working for clear the up. Benefits Master Card is no help. . even though it's disputed. Any one have an Telephone address for these scampers other compared to the People mentioned. . . . .

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