8607916711 / 860-791-6711

Telephone information: Conversent Communications Of Connecticut. Manchester, CT. Hartford. United states
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Post by carol,

8607916711 San Gere UT Us CT number

Post by Dalek1963,

860-791-6711 Second time in a week. I did listen for that message your first time.

Post by joeeye59,

8607916711 This really is a manner of life now to get unwanted calls. Don t be so obsessed along with answering the Telephone all the time don t run to it when Outside within your yard get to it when you can. I have an answering machine on my Table I let it Choose up each unknown telephone and if it s a family member or a physician or someone who really needs to Discuss with me they leave a message. This Trouble is so easy for deal along with I don t understand why so many become thus upset let it go Individuals. . Would what I do if it s Significant they will leave a message occasionally that telemarketers may leave a message thus Merely Remove it. Only when I m sleeping and become awaken from your calls bother me a bit but I did detect once past 8 W to 9 pm I never get anymore of them calls just erroneous Amounts if someone calls past 9 pm.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Non working number

Post by John,

8607916711 Calls. . . leaves no message. . . . I don t understand exactly why Folks Choose up the Telephone for reply numbers that are totally unfamiliar for them Specially if you might have caller ID. When was the last time a strange phone number seemed you personally replied it and your person on another Finish of that line was not part of many scam phony company Attempting to get something from you. C Mon people. Just don t response your Bloody Telephone when you see an unknown number calling you personally.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 does Everyone ever would anything about these calls.

Post by John,

8607916711 Get these calls each so Regularly out of a few type of scampers. Leave no MSG. Merely screw Upwards our replying machine. Actual Insects.

Post by BHW,

860-791-6711 Another lower your own energy bills phone. Become quite careful because the CT State Lawyer General s Office Lately Released a warning Around third Celebration provider energy rate creep HTTP Www. ct. gov Ag WP See. asp. Q W amp A I get thus many calls out of Sites like the and I block them all. Just added another Amount to my block list.

Post by Stan in TX,

8607916711 Crooks searching to steal your own indent posing as an dismay Business. Simply dismay you demand is your one in your own head telling you for hang Upward that phone or not response in that first Set.

Post by MD,

860-791-6711 If you personally Select Upward the phone it shows as within service thus staying silent dozen t work. Hook your Amount up along with Google Voice and Afterward you are able to block any incoming calls you personally don t desire for Notice out of again.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Not known

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 I got phone from the Amount when I picked Upwards there was no 1 on the other side no express send left. This can be 4 time I got call out of them when called back it was none Present Amount

Post by Guest,

8607916711 hang up

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 You personally forgot among the most Significant features the first ring is silenced. Now if they could make it not light up that show that would ensure it is even better. Got mine along with 5 handsets at BK s for W on sale. The system also Lets me to hook 2 blue tooth Telephones so among these days Actual soon your Residence Telephone acreage line is going bye bye.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Birmingham CT Quit calls ASAP. this really is aggravating

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Trash CALL

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Regular Bug phone resister of do not telephone registry as nicely as phone message for not telephone if telemarketing. .

Post by BMD,

860-791-6711 member services . No message left.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 No answer. Hangs Upwards.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Called number is quot not in service quot

Post by hew,

8607916711 I got this W W W phone but I did t response it. And they never left a message on my express mail.

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 Only got a telephone out of Member Services which I blocked. I have told these fools before my member dozen t need servicing d u m b f u c k s Merely wont quit.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Sales pitch

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Appears like a valid call was on a telephone already no message was left. When I tried to phone back says phone number not in service.

Post by Fed Up,

8607916711 Just acquired a telephone from this . Rob phone promising for reduce my non existent Pupil loan.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Not glad along with harassment

Post by CT resident,

8607916711 called ID Recorded W W W member services called 4 pm and next day 4 W pm left did not leave message

Post by CinCT,

860-791-6711 I concur. I Only bought a telephone blocker from Amazon. I can press Take or Avoid which puts callers either on your white list or that black list. That Rejects don t get a second chance for annoy me.

Post by RJW,

8607916711 Got your phone with a recorded message stating that recent Regulation has been passed that will allow me to save cash on my electricity Statement. I pressed 5 for Chat along with a representative because I m a law librarian and I was curious what current Regulation they were talking about someone with the Indian Highlight named Rob Hardy replied and said he was with many energy Business. I Inquired him for repeat it and Afterward fascination it. I got disconnected after that third notice. I believe he was trying for state Sprain Energy which is a legit vigor Firm but which does not Supply vigor to my state. Yeah no thanks. I m not certain if it was an actual representative from this Business or a scummier.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 calls and hangs Upwards. SPAM phone. . . . .

Post by carol,

8607916711 I 'm going to look Upwards Simply what member services are. thus far

Post by Samantha,

860-791-6711 This is just another phone number used by one of the Principal culprits behind nuisance phone calls. They Shift phone Amounts as often as they believe Desired to attempt to fool your Individuals they phone and Key you personally into answering. Don t answer calls out of numbers you personally don't understand Interval. These people are low life crooks who can eventually get what they deserve. They could believe they're hiding behind spoofed Telephone Amounts IPA Telephones and thus on but they are not your simply those who recognize this Things and there are people working along with Resources Authorities and others to track them. Don t response and remainder assured justice will become served sooner or After everyone gets caught. Could they rot in their own jail cells eventually and have nightmares Around the daytime they get caught until Afterward. Again don't response calls out of Amounts you personally don t know and tell everyone you understand tell your mother dad dog whatever. Disperse the word about low life scampers. Their scams only work if Folks Stadium t aware of them so please disperse the word.

Post by Dave,

8607916711 Actually I used AT T ABC before that and now Frontier. Phone blocking services 've been and currently are Accessible. I 'm sure Phone Blocking services are Accessible from your other Classic Bell Phone offspring. A pamphlet used to be available and now accessibility at Firm Site for various coded Amounts that access telephone blocking phone forwarding voice messages etc . . . Within my case I dial the plus that Suitable 2 Statistical Numbers and follow your prompts and undesired calls get blocked. I have no idea Around cable Telephone service providers.

Post by paul,

860-791-6711 member service called me also. if you press that Amount 1 for be taken off there telephone list all you did was Confirm that your own Amount works. Thus forth they may phone you more often.

Post by Charles,

8607916711 These scumbags telephone a lot. If you telephone back it has a recorded message press 1 if you personally want to be on the don t phone list . It's a fake too. They keep calling.

Post by Vashti,

860-791-6711 They Only called me. Did t leave a message. Idiots.

Post by CinCT,

8607916711 I agree. I Merely bought a phone blocker out of Amazon. I can press Accept or Avoid which Sets callers either on the white list or that black list. Your Rejects don t get a second opportunity for annoy me.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 lower Electrical rates spam

Post by Mike in TX,

8607916711 I replied and instantaneously Installed up.

Post by ns,

860-791-6711 Located on Owner ID. . . I don t answer any calls that I don t know anymore.

Post by Marion Harrison.,

8607916711 Please take my number from your own data.

Post by Marion Harrison.,

860-791-6711 Please take my Amount out of your Information.

Post by Sickofit,

8607916711 W W W called with ID of Member Services. Must become lots of phony scam artists that use your dumb name. I let that Telephone ring and they left no message and Simply Put Upward. I vie seen that number before they Blow off the no telephone list rules and should pay a big Great of Around W W. W when they get caught.

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 You personally forgot one of the Significant Characteristics your first ring is silenced. Now if they could ensure it is not light Upward that display that would make it even better. Got mine with 5 handsets at BK s for W on sale. This system Additionally Enables me for hook 2 blue tooth Telephones thus one of these times real shortly the Dwelling Telephone property line is going bye bye.

Post by Lipitus,

8607916711 Called your Middle Florida land line at 2. P on 2 7 W. They left no MSG Owner ID read Birmingham CT.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 I keep getting quot void quot calls from this Amount. Consistently at dinner time and when Decided Upward I get to listen only for silence. Nobody there. Your Test for call back simply available another computer asking that when I d enjoy to become placed on a quot don't phone list press 1 quot . Afterward Supported by selection to placed on that list still occurs. For what. What a pain within the buns. What can you can Around this Business s computer Automobile Switch villain .

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

8607916711 My member gets serviced Frequently thus don t phone here again as You're blocked.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Place a Discontinue for these annoying calls in your electronic House phone by becoming a Face tone Afterward Switch W and follow that directions because complaining here and dentally DOT gov dozen t look to can anything but waste your time.

Post by Funny,

8607916711 I joke because these dirt bags think they're ringing my phones but I have computers intercepting each telephone. I just appearance at logs o my machine and see that they Stadium t even becoming my Telephones to ring. F you scumbags.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Calling my cell Telephone I m on the don't phone list. Really annoying.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Another scummier for electricity using a phony name

Post by Hal Baird,

860-791-6711 Owner ID for your rescue once again. It Appears for work better than the National Don't Telephone list which Seemingly no 1 checks these days . Anyway my method of operation is if I don t understand the Amount I don t Select Upwards that phone. Like most telemarketers these Individuals did not leave on message on voice send.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 They Work} as if they did t call u

Post by Big Jake,

860-791-6711 Something should be done about these crooks. Simply let them attempt to Place any type of sign on my Backyard and it would become wrapped Approximately their Mindless head. .

Post by MD,

8607916711 If you pick Upward the Telephone it shows as within service thus Remaining quiet dozen t work. Hook your Amount Upwards along with Google Express and then you are able to block any incoming calls you don t need to hear from again.

Post by Kevin,

860-791-6711 I Only got a phone out of the 1. The ID said Member Services . I got a express mail about recent Regulation being passed and if I could get a lower speed on my Electronic bill. I m already Closed Upwards along with a trusted third party and my Statement. No thank you.

Post by Receiver of call,

8607916711 The Amount rang me. Since I live within CT and your W area code is close by I answered it. A recording Around the Obama admin. and how you can lower your own Electrical rates bill and press 5 to connector 9 for remove. Pressed 5. Guy comes on and says hello enjoy a retard like W times. During which he is on speaker phone Humor ha mustang Auto chase from your movie Demand for Rate . Hope he Appreciated that revving engine and police sirens during your pursuit till he hung Upwards. F you losers. Bummer is not going for reduce my electric bill.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Called Amount is quot not within service quot Disconnect the phone for harassment.

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Does Everyone would or anything ever get done Around these annoying calls.

Post by Ron,

860-791-6711 Block this Amount.

Post by Dave,

8607916711 Really I used AT T ABC before that and now Frontier. Call blocking services have been and Now are Accessible. I 'm certain Phone Blocking services are available from the other Classic Bell Phone offspring. A pamphlet used for become Accessible and now access at Business website for various coded numbers that access call blocking phone forwarding voice messages etc . . . Within my case I Call that plus that appropriate 2 Statistical Numbers and follow your prompts and undesired calls get blocked. I have no Notion Around cable Telephone service Companies.

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Scummier for Electrical bill

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Junk CALL

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Called Amount sates disconnected Discontinue calling. . . .

Post by Guest,

8607916711 my phone told me I missed a phone. I tried calling it and record told me it s not within service. It s a just one way SPAM caller. My s are on don't phone thus not certain why they choose to Discount the small fact. I have no manner for understand caller ID It comes Upward on ID as member services

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Calls always nobody there

Post by not scamed,

8607916711 Only gotten a call from the Amount also W W W. re info on lowering my Electrical rates. they Installed Upward after i asked questions

Post by ana,

860-791-6711 W W W Cease calling my Amount PLEASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . no Solitude any more

Post by Guest,

8607916711 Called me 4 times in a Line but I refused to Choose up

Post by Kate,

860-791-6711 I 've been expecting an extremely Significant telephone and the number keeps calling me Mum kin me think that my important phone is coming in. I Only don t need this Man calling me.

Post by Big Jake,

8607916711 Something should become done Around these crooks. Merely let them try and Place any sort of indication on my lawn and it would become Covered Approximately their Ignorant head. .

Post by Guest,

860-791-6711 Scummier

Post by Guest,

8607916711 No one there and they don t leave a message calling at dinner time. If they tell you any caller that within order for Cease receiving calls for press a Amount Merely HANG Upwards. If you do Answer it confirms for the Owner that they have accomplished a live number.

Post by Ima Pissedoff,

860-791-6711 My member is just fine thus I did t Select up your Telephone these A holes are now in my own blocked list.

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7865559222 Complains by Guest,

Florida Index assistance

8172305370 Complains by Dan,

I keep getting calls out of this number and they always state that I 've obtained a free dinner at various Sites Red Lobster Caboose etc. . for myself and a various Sum of invited Friends via Southwest Discovery. Become weary. I Viewed up your Amount it says it s a acreage line belonging to many Girl without any Association for that so called company above.

9123492781 Complains by Guest,

Don t answer

8044915035 Complains by evelyn mangold,

this person keeps calling me and i dint know who it is.

4027272510 Complains by Guest,

Don't Reply. .

9736665447 Complains by wizard # 1,

I got a missed message on my cell phone,when I got home from work.Avista,said that my bill is paid.So I asked ,why avista called me then? They said ,I have a scheduled power outage tomorrow,because they are working on a transformer.They either replacing the transformer,or fixing it.I am not sure.That's all it was to it.no big deal.

8053099631 Complains by Guest,

Telemarketing Owner.

9187793624 Complains by Guest,

Master these people phone W times a day

9042680330 Complains by Guest,

Keeps calling. No express mail or anything

8669256624 Complains by Guest,

It s not spam its trap call. com

8887493547 Complains by Guest,

Spam phone. No message left. Non advertised number.

8454452833 Complains by Guest,

Payday scam legal service

9142673974 Complains by mike,

Merely obtained a phone out of this Person i could not understand him thus i couldn't tell you his name . He offered your same W at W interest . I told him i would get back for him within an hour which i did not and Practically to your Second my phone rang . i did not answer . this Individual is quite continue ant for try to get cash away of anyone who would autumn for this crap.

8093975579 Complains by Guest,


8723334217 Complains by Guest,

never answer again

8705815023 Complains by Guest,

Rang once and stop

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