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Telephone information: Southern New England Telephone Co.. Rockville, CT. Tolland. United states
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Post by Marsha Scribner,

8608726804 I called AT amp T Southern Brand new England Phone Company Customer service residential 1 W W W in CT to complain Around the number. I was told this number and all your Rob phone Amounts that we get on a daily basis all over your Us are actually Amounts the scampers take pirate amp use but don t Truly 've Records on. There's no way to hint these calls amp within fact they could Really be coming out of outside of your People. That s why when you personally phone back the message says that the Amount is unlisted or not available . Thus it is moot to Set these calls on that Don't Phone List . I asked the Connecticut AT amp T customer service rep what could be done amp she was told by her Manager that I could contact my State Dept of Resources amp see what they can perform. Since I live within California I looked Upward California Public Tools Commission s CPU Web site amp it directs me to first contact my Phone carrier about my complaint. your first step is to contact the company directly. For contact an Electrical Petrol telephone or water utility use the customer service Telephone Amount Published on your front page of your own Invoice. Become sure for 've a complete Replicate of your bill in front of you. If you personally cannot resolution that Difficulty after talking along with that Firm s customer service representative you can file a Grievance along with that CPU . I Subsequently called my local phone Service Com throw Specific s customer service 1 W W W. I reiterated all that above amp requested that they Set a phone block alarm on my phone that can become pressed for block the Amount when it comes through. What they Proposed is that because these calls are coming out of a company of Forms amp not from a residential customer for me to go to Www. Nairobi. com indication Upwards amp register my residential phone number to not get any more telemarketing calls or Rob calls out of companies. They also Proposed that I register along with the National Don't Call Registry so the numbers can become tracked by your government. Com throw Additionally has a phone block feature for incoming residential calls W amp W but that's simply good for a Absolute of W unwanted residential calls. Well that s it for now. I expect the Publishing could help people get your uninterrupted time back.

Post by Irratated,

860-872-6804 I run a company and my company Telephone is forwarded for my cell Telephone. Could become a Possible customer thus i response i don t need to Free a sale. These scum bags i don t understand what could become lower than scum maybe bags demand to become Trailed down and 've their tongues cut out and their eardrums punctured. Create extreme Cases from a couple that word gets Approximately and it stops. I can keep blocking them which dozen t Actually would any good because your next time they spoof a different Amount. what a viscous Period.

Post by KillScammers,

8608726804 Learn Card Services Scampers to lower your attention rates and take your own credit card Amount and take your for nothing. Their phone number is bogus. No card list dozen t work with these crooks. Wish I could wipe them away the planet. . . . . . . They call every week using Distinct phone numbers. . . . . . .

Post by Alka Bhargava,

860-872-6804 There was a telephone from this Amount and when I picked Upwards no just one from your other Finish answered. I guess these are Rob created calls. I want they would Cease doing this

Post by Guest,

8608726804 did t understand who it was and I m at work so I could t reply it anyways I don t understand where they get cell Amounts out of but they're Very lucky I did t answer.

Post by Richard,

860-872-6804 it was your typical recorded message offering for lower your interest speed on my credit cards. These Businesses thrive because there must become suckers out there who autumn for their sales pitches. Also despite the fact that these calls are prohibited law Administration is Fully incompetent and is doing nothing for Cease them. So your calls may continue for that foreseeable future.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Rockfall CT

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 No just one there. When called back says disconnected.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Put up left no message. When I called back a record said this Amount had been disconnected.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Card Services scampers. Waste their time as Considerably as possible

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Account Services scam

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 On national Do not Telephone list. Did t answer and no message was left.

Post by Terry,

8608726804 Credit Card Services Scampers.

Post by midwest usa,

860-872-6804 I gotten a call out of this Amount. did t Comprehend did t response what ticks me away is I still get charged for cell minutes used even though I don t answer telephone. What great is the govt. don't phone law if they Control for phone an manner and you end Upwards becoming charged

Post by sara,

8608726804 Just got called out of the Amount but the same message was played on calls i vie gotten out of another Amount. Blocked the number but I understand it s only a subject of time before they try and telephone me and state Please don't hang up

Post by Gibbs,

860-872-6804 called my DC cell Genetics

Post by Guest,

8608726804 no just one there when I answered.

Post by pepperpot,

860-872-6804 Got that same Telephone phone. Thus Ill of these calls. Something has to become done.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Haphazard call for credit.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 another call about credit card reduction seem for be getting blamed by two numbers calling all hours and several times in a Line won't all you personally to Pick out

Post by Guest,

8608726804 asked for Discuss to supervisor was told NO I may get within problem then hung Upward on me I 'm on do not phone list

Post by pepperpot,

860-872-6804 Got your same Telephone phone. So Ill of these calls. Something has to become done.

Post by ^dunno if trollin or not,

8608726804 LOLA i 'm Merely going to Purchase a whistle and strike it for your Benefit even if it damages their system or the Microphone on my Telephone.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Calling all your time no just one I know

Post by Whistle Blower,

8608726804 I bought a Affordable whistle at a craft store each time I get a phone like I got out of the Amount I pick Upwards that whistle amp blow it loud into that Telephone. I never get a call back out of that particular number again. My nephew who is an engineer tells me the does ugly matters for their system.

Post by ichy7,

860-872-6804 I enjoy the rest of you receive these calls all your time. The government is WORTHLESS Specially when it comes for blocking these calls. Your own only other course of Actions is the Do not under any conditions response a Owner you personally do not recognize. When you would all You're doing is supporting for them is that they have reached a viable working number and then they Can phone you back PLUS they will sell your own number for other scam artists thus they could phone you personally overly. If they continue for phone Subsequently first Assess along with your Telephone service and see if they 've a telephone blocker service mine does . If I continue for get calls out of a specific number Afterward it goes onto my Blocked list. Also Simply pressing 1 or any Amount they say to remove you out of their list is also a scam. It dozen t work either. Also I turn off my answering machine when I am Dwelling. If it Solutions them Afterward once again it simply confirms that fact that they have really reached a Working Amount and they Will continue to phone you. Have a nice daytime. Confident 'm happy overly for Sites enjoy this. Idea for your daytime I Wonder what would happen if everyone stopped answering these calls. IF they got no more answers then would they Only present Upwards and die . I may add that by using these Techniques there are times now when I don't have any MORE Telephone calls from scampers. Simply had 1 in the last three days now. Please folks don t response these Telephone calls. Use your own caller ID s.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Hang up

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Spam call

Post by Josh,

8608726804 I Merely pick Upwards that Telephone Strike 1 for Chat to someone and then place that Telephone back down. I used to not response these types of calls in any respect but when I did that they d come in at a rate of Around 4 5 a day from the same number around and over d suppose that the reps themselves who are calling are paid on some sort of commission basis. I body when this is how it Truly works then that last thing a Congressman needs to deal along with is a call where his or her time is wasted. Since I Discontinued ignoring these calls and Began replying with Stop or your sound of toilet flushes if I could get to that bathroom fast enough I get Perhaps 1 to two of these calls per week if that. It uses your own minutes somewhat of path but I vie found that it s entirely value it.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 I told that scam artist I m W and that I don t have a card. your guy said i sound enjoy I'm F W and Put Upward.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Yet another that is not within service spammer

Post by Srini,

860-872-6804 Calls gotten Often and disconnects without speaking

Post by Guest,

8608726804 These Kinds of calls come out of many numbers but always Begin the same. A record about quot your own quot credit card account saying due for Rules or Guidelines passed that you could lower your own interest rate. Now I do not 've a credit card. In fact I vie never had 1. The recording consistently says press 1 to Talk to an agent. I consistently would Generally from annoyance. I politely tell them the Very much word for word quot I have never had a credit card do not have just one now please remove me from your list. quot Around W of that time they ll Only hang up without saying anything. W of the time they ll state something like quot we don t have an inventory quot or declare at me. If I phone that Amount back I constantly get something along that lines of quot this Amount is Broken. quot I don t understand what that point of these calls are probably fishing for credit card numbers. Anyway I figure the very best I may do is keep annoying that Folks on the other Finish because they re doing something prohibited or unethical anyway.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 credit card scam the bastards won t stop calling waste their time till they cuss you out and hang Upwards.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 Credit card BS

Post by Sam,

860-872-6804 2 Calls to Cell phone. . . Go ogled for here. . . added number for my cell as stander's

Post by ME,

8608726804 Simply don t answer. If someone you personally understand wants to Identify you they know the best way to reach you and or their name will show Upwards. I refuse for touch that phone when I see a Amount I don t recognize. Mute it.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Don t engage these Folks. They can just add your own number for a few list and you may get more and more calls out of more and more Amounts. I stayed on the line once and told them for remove me and they Began cussing at me so I Installed up. Subsequently it really began months Past and it Hans t Quit.

Post by Concious and Aware,

8608726804 Rob call claiming for signify Learn Afterward the message said they also signify Credit 'm EX MC etc. Knew it was idiotic and a scam. Don't press any of that buttons. Just hang up and block them. . . . . my advice.

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Hangs Upwards when replied.

Post by Guest,

8608726804 hung up

Post by Guest,

860-872-6804 Nuisance call scummier trying to steal your own cash. Rude hangs Upward without Making any data time for a class Actions law match for stop these unwanted calls.

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8051422586 Complains by Tiger Ventura County,

W W W not W W W. star W for Avoid future Telephone phone out of private Owner.

6829365259 Complains by JED,

fax P} me Road. . .

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9405390577 Complains by Guest,

Called my cell phone. I did not response. Has for become spam. It dozen t question if just one is on that no phone list.

3373710563 Complains by Guest,

W I have Inquired your person to Quit I want to press charges

5127010617 Complains by Edith Shipton,

Said they were sending me cash to my Dwelling tomorrow.

8000909457 Complains by Polly,

Lee amp Son Lawn Care W W W Bluegill Resume Trustfully AL W

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8177706706 Complains by Guest,

She was Insane an was crying I told her for get on the phone

9547588052 Complains by Guest,

please dint phone me again

8882725543 Complains by Guest,

I m paying it but they still phone fug could t win.

8882837948 Complains by Guest,

Caller left message saying he was out of Government and there was Caller left message saying there was a Difficulty along with my account. If I did t telephone back instantly there might be a Guarantee for my arrest

8172387349 Complains by richard Barkley,

Got a call at W 'm out of W W W. I was on that phone and telephone waiting got it. I switched to it and no one was there. I switched because that Owner ID said Mary Fuentes so I notion it might become a real phone.

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