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Telephone information: Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LL. Bristol, CT. Hartford. United states
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Post by Experienced,

8609731641 I Actually don t believe it's random Vehicle dialing Amounts within Series or such. We've SIX phone lines within the family and your Only line that gets spam calls Daily is the dinosaur W yr eternally Released Recorded property line Amount. Another five get the Occasional spam call but not Day-to-day and not from the same numbers over and around like your acreage line. I feel we re on multiple lists because we vie used this number thus long its Attached to credit cards loans mortgage etc. although we have been within great standing on ALL Acts. Within fact that s Likely the Issue we have such Good credit that the SCAMPERS are Attempting for get many of the cash. It s Additionally that Telephone we vie called corporate Cost free numbers from which mechanically capture your Amount and likely SELL it to OTHER businesses. Consequently we are on Each telemarketer s list whether we vie done business along with them or as is your case NOT. In fact we'd for call several corporate Cost free numbers just before Xmas W and since Afterward the spam calls 've TRIPLED daily.

Post by Experienced,

860-973-1641 Either you are a SHILL or You're a FISH. SHILLS attempt and create these scams appearance legit which they're NOT. If you are a FISH gullible idiot You'll soon locate out how NOT an excellent deal this can be. Did you personally RESEARCH this company online first. They offer you personally a sweetheart Cope at and Afterward up your rates Way beyond what you personally would 've paid and even above what that two different rates would Typical out for be. AND when you attempt and switch back. . . . . . . . not so simple. So Great Fortune along with that. Everyone else Avoid these THIEVES like Your Plague.

Post by phone guy,

8609731641 you personally actually can do the. I use VIP. I Actually hate telemarketer calls and love my service. check out a few Firms and compare their services. expect the helped.

Post by Experienced,

860-973-1641 I Actually don t believe it is haphazard auto dialing numbers in Collection or such. We have SIX phone lines in your family and your Simply line that gets spam calls Day-to-day is our dinosaur W Year forever Released Recorded land line number. Another five get that Periodic spam call but not Day-to-day and not from the same numbers over and around enjoy your land line. I feel we re on multiple lists because we vie used the number so long its Attached for credit cards loans mortgage etc. although we 're in great standing on ALL Functions. In fact that s Likely the problem we've such Good credit the SCAMPERS are Striving to get a few of the cash. It s Additionally that phone we vie called corporate Cost free Amounts out of which mechanically capture your Amount and likely SELL it for OTHER Companies. Hence we are on Each telemarketer s list whether we vie done company along with them or as is your case NOT. In fact we had for call several corporate Cost free numbers just before Xmas W and since Afterward your spam calls 've TRIPLED daily.

Post by Bruce_in_MA,

8609731641 Picked up the phone this number isn't in my Block Numbers list yet and said that Verde Energy and was following Upward Around some info they had Directed} me and that the Electrical Statement would double if I did not switch plans correct now. No Owner ID Unknown

Post by kksox,

860-973-1641 The number called and some guy was telling me how I could save electricity and why my Electronic bill is so high. I told him a W W dollar Electrical Invoice USN t high Afterward I just stopped talking and Set your Telephone down on the sofa. He blabbered on for like 5 Min's Afterward when I Decided Upwards your Telephone I heard him keep asking is there any reason you arena t Performing to me . LOLA thus I Merely Put up

Post by Guest,

8609731641 They 've called numerous times around that previous few times. The morning I replied amp they started their blurb about my Electronic Statement raising W soon.

Post by tonyR,

860-973-1641 They called you personally about your account and Inquired you for your account Amount. You personally did that right thing not giving them the number. That was a very wise Go. I want everyone would take that time for believe as you personally did.

Post by Anon,

8609731641 Energy Registration Company whoever which is.

Post by Guest,

860-973-1641 Hung up

Post by BostonHolly,

8609731641 I think they sell the DC List Information. You are right they would sell it. For valid telemarketing Organizations that pay them W W a year for all the area codes. It is how your list self supports itself. Now if you are referring for another calls there are certain People that are not covered such as debt collectors political calls Studies and informative calls. Your remainder are made by criminals who simply disobey every law guy has ever made.

Post by Guest,

860-973-1641 No just one there when I answer

Post by kipper,

8609731641 Call Received telephone Blocked.

Post by not stupid at all,

860-973-1641 I Lately graduated out of college and have filled out a lot of job Programs. Most of these are online because that is your only manner Companies are not unwilling for Convey these times. I can t afford not for answer a phone because I don t understand where it comes out of. Dumb is lowering yourself to their Degree by having phone sex with them. Better would become to keep a whistle next for the phone and as soon as you comprehend it's a telemarketer blow it as loud and long as you can.

Post by tonyR,

8609731641 You are correct about your Analysis but that's just Around that rates. It is not Around the phone calls or that DC list.

Post by tired of robocalls,

860-973-1641 I believe we should all get Jointly and spend Around a half an hour calling their Amount flooding their lines and saying nothing when they reply. Maybe we could overload their lines and bring it down for a while. Certainly idiotic that no question how many times you personally say take me away your own list they Merely pass you to that next Amount and call again. One caller ID even Arrived from MY House Number. . Do they can the. I can t consider they're getting away with this. They're really pushy even when you state no they keep Attempting to convince you personally saying it is for you personally and to help you personally. Eventually your calls come and nobody is there when you personally reply. Who needs for Simply get Jointly and Only call their lines all at that same time see we could hold them Upwards.

Post by Guest,

8609731641 What's your point of that don't call registry.

Post by Guest,

860-973-1641 I talked to the Firm around a week Past and told them I did not desire your service and for remove my name from their database and now i get another call on my cell Telephone asking for my Partner about the same matter changing Electronic Provide Firms. The Firm does not get it well I know that Businesses name and 've a legit Telephone Amount so I 'm contacting the BBB and my attorney for harassment.

Post by Disgusted,

8609731641 I just reported your Amount. The Individual very aggressively Inquired to speak along with whomever pays that electric bills. I told them really Strongly NEVER for phone my Amount again. Instantaneously after hanging Upwards I obtained another call from your same Place in Hartford. Probably the jerk I told not for call but I did t reply.

Post by Guest,

860-973-1641 Not alive atmosphere on the other Finish of that phone. Terry

Post by Guest,

8609731641 Another company ignorant of the do not call registry probably hoping someone may answer their telephone. Judging by other complaints this is Likely a ROB caller since they leave no message to identify themselves or the nature of their call.

Post by Laura,

860-973-1641 We get bombarded by energy saving Businesses and this Verdi is your latest. I told her the company is on a do not telephone list. The Place code is local in the region. I m sure they ll still phone Merely with a different number or on among our other lines.

Post by Anastacia Seuferling,

8609731641 W repeated calls from this Amount phone id unknown

Post by Kendra,

860-973-1641 Caller ID Bristol CT No express mail left on my machine

Post by Guest,

8609731641 Telephone Around quot Electrical Statement quot see for create confident we've your lowest speed. Caller ID came through as quot unknown quot

Post by Guest,

860-973-1641 Alex was calling for create sure we were aware that Electrical rates were going up. Said we have gotten Information within your mail and we should be trying for get a lower speed. Caller ID said Bristol CT.

Post by anonymous,

8609731641 sorry i did t see another post. . .

Post by geri,

860-973-1641 I 'm so frustrated with those who telephone the number then don't reply when I state hello. What a waste of my time . . . Discontinue calling people.

Post by Guest,

8609731641 Nuisance call

Post by BostonHolly,

860-973-1641 I believe they sell our DC List Information. You are correct they can sell it. To legitimate telemarketing Companies that pay them W W a year for all that Region codes. It's how that list self supports itself. Now if You're referring for the other calls there are specific ones which are not Included such as debt collectors political calls Studies and Educational calls. Your rest are got by criminals who Only disobey every law man has ever made.

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5616039775 Complains by Guest,

Caller ID states is out of David Keller of West Palm Beach Fla. . . . . no Result when answered

2147081697 Complains by sara,

Brighton Auto Clinic - Engine, Transmission Repair390 N Main St Brighton, CO 806017206858801 PHONE7206858802 FAXBrighton Auto Clinic offers the following services: engine repair, transmission repair, auto repair and diagnostic in Brighton, CO.

3109614168 Complains by Guest,

National service something calls and calls never leaves a message

2097320940 Complains by patricia,

repeated calls, survey of service; I texted and told them not to call me again; Obviously I am talking to the wall!

3142296145 Complains by Guest,

Wedded along with just one child. Adore to have multiple girls on your side. Don t trust the man.

9043715259 Complains by Guest,

They telephone and hang up

7602613703 Complains by Guest,


9166610809 Complains by Guest,

Idiots keep calling doesn't lav MSG. get a life. . . Do something positive in life. Karma gods are watching.

8002776147 Complains by Mello,

I have no idea they phone me at work but I don t normally answer anything that begins with a W number.

8002222222 Complains by annoyed,

Keeps calling and calling and calling. Don t become alarmed but you personally might lose your chance to lower you interest rates in your credit card

8002555555 Complains by aa,

it was an automated message Striving to tell you you have had fraud Fees on your credit card it was all automated guessing what you may state next they will try and scam you personally into giving your own information

8002256275 Complains by weld62,

Called to offer me a better toner for my HP printer along with NO obligations to purchase more and no duty for use their company if I don t need for use their toners. I told him no that I can t Take any products he said they're delivering along with NO Duties for any future purchases. Won t take no for a response. Afterward if you agree to buy what they sent they send a thank you gift card. After endorsement of your gift card calls start threatening for Discuss for the CEO s about embezzlement Systems you've with one of their salesman and if you personally don t Take orders for Whole you Assumed original purchase and so on. Hang Upward instantly if you ever 've the Amount on your own Owner ID. . . . . .

8002145323 Complains by tc,

File a Criticism online for the Federal Commerce Commission he is breaking that law.

8002580294 Complains by Cris,

Called Around W PM on a Friday evening. Rung twice I answered I heard that dial tone

8002004867 Complains by Guest,

Don t answer he s a pimp

8002782474 Complains by Merry,

I Merely acquired a card today. 7 6 Same phone same message.

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