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2017-09-29 18:30:04
Received 2 threatening msgs the same day. "Hi, this is the tax crime investigation unit of the IRS. The reason you are receiving this pre recorded message is to notify you that the IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you right now. You and your physical property both are being monitored, and it's very important that I do hear back from you as soon as possible before we proceed further in any legal matter my direct call back number is 862-902-4197"
2017-09-26 21:06:38
Claims to be the I.R.S. and they have an arrest warrant and my property is being montiored
2017-09-19 17:02:40
They keep calling my cell & home. How can I stop these calls. I rent. I tell them that and they keep on calling. Both phones are on the do not call list. I don't need your solar power I do not want to switch my electric or my gas and I tell them that I would just wish they would leave me alone
2017-08-31 16:38:25
They are saying I owe the IRS $783.00 I know its a lie they barley speak clear english. Please report this number !!! They're trying to get your bank and personal information!! Don't trust these people !!!!!!!!
2017-08-20 15:45:12
I am tired of receiving numerous calls from this number. They even have the nerve to call on a Sunday. I want it to stop!
2017-07-12 23:41:46
An actual in-use phone # that a scammer is spoofing, feel sorry for owner
2017-05-09 05:14:41
These are scammers trying to steal from you. I'd advise anyone not to give these people any of your information. If you won any money you would not have to pay to receive it.. Don't believe the hype.
2017-01-31 19:29:25
These people never stop calling even when i say not to its extremely agitating and i notice they use other numbers as well.
2016-11-06 14:43:43
Called several times but never leaves a voicemail. I dialed the number back which was picked up by a VRU instructing to press 1 to be put on their Do Not Call list or press 2 to speak to an operator. Press 1 and it just hangs up. Press 2 and it says voicemail box is full. Called again today at 7:28 AM SUNDAY!!! Now added to my blocked number list.
2016-10-11 02:32:12
More Spam, everybody knows "Do NOT Call" does NOT Work. Try "No More Robot Calls" @ It's a no fee service, eliminated 95 % of my Spam. Check the site . . . it explains how it works and it costs nothing! (and No, I'm just like you and not connected to the company in any way, honest).
2016-07-08 14:12:32
They Delivered a Photograph of their penis and Subsequently about 4 follow Upwards texts.
2016-07-07 18:42:00
were you ever Competent to figure out what the phone was concerning. I got 2 calls from this number. She was very rude and would t tell me what the telephone was viewing along with out my SS number. Why would I provide my SS number to any arbitrary Man who calls.
2016-06-09 22:42:10
Stalking me
2016-05-29 17:55:55
No show
2016-05-28 20:22:13
this really is Byron do not unblock. hes mad.
2016-05-17 18:54:14
Trim center
2016-05-13 21:19:56
2016-05-10 14:44:21
Sorry I meant for say that it called on 3 W.
2016-05-10 05:21:59
2016-05-07 22:25:04
medical Affiliate service on behalf of non at fault Bash. . .

Phone list in area 862

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8629265963SpamGuest82015-11-04 18:17:49
8622504076please remove your blockGuest12015-11-04 20:16:15
8622502096SSSjameds52016-04-13 20:20:03
8626000769he keeps callingGuest72015-12-13 17:34:42
8626840006Joke callGuest12015-11-04 16:40:15
8622519005Dna TWIT schedules along with no intent on showing. Guest12015-11-04 16:47:15
8622148101keeps calling and hanging Upwards and pranks callsjoe82015-12-14 13:42:05
8625762351Threatening that I should call respond. Guest62015-12-16 16:26:44
8622135908Spam. I don't understand way I still have all these calls coming in since I am on your don't phone list and have reported a Amount of similar callers. Guest552015-11-04 19:27:20
8628886997Inappropriate testingGuest12015-11-04 19:28:16
8623675501TelemarketersGuest1542015-11-04 15:24:21
8623715369Exact text of spam message obtained from this number quot Hi You've been Chosen for Test amp Keep your Fresh iPad. Support Your own Spot Today at HTTP adman. people quot Guest122015-11-04 17:43:28
8627036564hang upGuest12015-11-04 18:16:15
8622034716They were Attempting for get me to get a loanGuest62015-12-14 16:18:01
8622371869unknownGuest12015-11-04 19:07:15
8625710615Quit Assessment me R blocked stupidGuest12015-11-04 19:08:15
8625550169Left a message on my phone Asked for me Afterward said Ok N. Ok at my house eat my s t all week. I tried to call the number back but there's Only a beep and hangs Upward. I 'm calling the KC Okay to file a Criticism. I 've the recording and may forwards to them. Randy72015-12-15 16:55:44
8622045272This number calls my Telephone fistfuls of times per day. When I pick Upward there surely is no just one there and I Only Notice a beep. They need for stop calling. Guest502015-11-04 19:48:28
8622315174Keeps calling my Mobile phone. Spam. Guest302015-11-04 20:09:28
8624370899Calls all day if i get their address i can Discontinue all your calls to everyone. Man within Individual makes a differenceGuest92015-12-18 21:34:25
8622133161A few guy kept calling meGuest72015-12-09 14:36:28
8625052130SpamGuest52015-12-18 03:11:42
8622251268they keep on calling me a lotGuest392015-11-04 16:09:20
8623241160block textsGuest72015-12-14 21:50:52
8629446109Individual testing dozen t own the phone. She is harassing us by using Buddies phonesGuest52016-05-03 10:09:31
8622251360GOOGLE MAPSGuest362015-11-04 16:46:28
8628498002Credit card services was your name and they Installed Upward as shortly as I Inquired for be removed from their list. I 've repeatedly Inquired and they hang Upward and continue to phone out of different Amounts. Guest1192015-11-04 16:50:28
8622247824same . . . no message and not even a well spoofed number9050562015-12-16 19:26:29
8628884889please don t telephone meGuest12015-11-04 17:01:16
8622251286Hang Upward calls. No messages left. Hang Upwards even when calls are replied. Guest232015-11-04 17:05:28
8625713861Keeps calling Time waster Genetics DONS TWITGuest32015-11-04 17:41:49
8628885040Owner blocked. Guest62015-12-13 12:47:59
8622376932Violent ex wifeGuest12015-11-04 20:01:15
8628237945Please unblock this numberGuest32015-11-04 20:04:49
8622528828The company called with an automated message saying to claim my prize for a survey I never did. . . Guest192015-11-04 20:53:28
8622798993Twit CNSGuest32015-11-04 20:56:49
8622033948SpamGuest12015-11-04 21:04:14
8627549858Your own Picked to keep unbidGuest102015-11-04 21:04:28
8623672261I am getting unsolicited text messages out of the number W W W . Please take Proper actions. Guest12015-11-04 21:05:49
86290032393 calls and hangups in 2 Second sGuest12015-11-04 21:07:16
8622626408WowGuest42016-03-28 15:48:27
8623675635LenderGuest42015-11-04 21:18:28
8622395694Definite spammer. Don't sell him anything. Guest82015-11-04 21:26:28
8626007229I 'm busy please leave voice mailGuest62015-12-18 20:22:30
8622467357 quot payday loan quot Guest122015-11-04 21:44:20
8622183832Got the call on W. Please blockLaura Pasley72015-12-19 02:43:53
8627727618They said i had an Excellent bill. A friend of mine had that same problem and she told me just to ignore these callsGuest82015-11-04 21:52:28
8622543909Keeps calling Time waster Genetics DONS TWIT Economical BrokeGuest52015-11-04 22:05:28
8622079146Harassing meGuest52015-12-19 06:21:22
8623712507don t desire them Tex ting me there annoying meGuest92015-12-08 22:03:09

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