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Telephone information: Brooks Fiber Communications Of Tennessee. Knoxville, TN. Knox. United states
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Post by Guest,

8652911569 Scam. They're Striving to get your own credit card Amounts for Split you away.

Post by Marcia,

865-291-1569 Truly they don t 've to understand your own Telephone number. They have computers that start with the Place code and prefixes and Afterward Simply Call your staying numbers in sequence or sometimes at haphazard. A law was passed some years back making it prohibited to use these robot computers as well as these recorded sales messages but Simply like they ignore your do not call lists these people don t give a rat s back. It doesn't Sadly help to whine because Criticisms will not become followed Upwards. Your own tax dollars at work. Yep right.

Post by STX49,

8652911569 Was on the Telephone at work and this Amount called on my cell but I could t response it. Did not leave any voice send. I looked your Amount up on computer and located all these complaints. Since I vie been on your ENCL for years and renew it every year I called your Amount back. Got MSG I m Sorry The Number You're Calling Is not A Working Amount Things like this really makes me mad.

Post by Sarkis,

865-291-1569 Keep getting calls out of these people.

Post by Deb,

8652911569 Phone was a Bacall out of Rachael with card services to lower attention rates. I pressed 1 for Discuss to a person to 've them take me off their list. Did t even get to End my sentence before they hung Upwards.

Post by Karla,

865-291-1569 That automated service called me telling me that I 've great credit on my credit card account. I don t 've any credit cards. The automated service encourages me for press 1 for claim and talk to your service representative. He sounds Very excited like he s Prepared to sell something. I ask him what company they re with he said account services . I repeated along with what company . He repeated account Takes . I asked what type. I don t have a credit card. He said Visa or MasterCard. But disregard this phone. I calmly described that the number would be reported. He yelled at me Oh you personally re gonna phone that phantom busters. Shut your F Upward. and hung up on me. I uncertainty that any valid company would Finish any telephone in this kind of mode.

Post by Glenn,

8652911569 Just got a call. Did t response. Anymore if I don t recognize your number I don t answer overly many of that con artists Outside there these days.

Post by gretchen glasgow,

865-291-1569 these are so annoying . can they become Quit .

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Offering a free credit card

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 About card that I don t have

Post by Sarah,

8652911569 Received a call from them an hour Past after 9 pm.

Post by Richie B,

865-291-1569 Got that same Rob call but I decided to press 1 and locate Outside how I get away the list. Agreeable lady cop mes on and Requires are you responding to the lower credit card rates. . My Result yes do I get away the list . Last thing I heard was your phone slamming down

Post by Cameron,

8652911569 Same thing here when I Inquired them to identify themselves they got irate and Afterward Installed Upwards on me. .

Post by Mike,

865-291-1569 Ditto to everything you personally Men are saying. . . definitely scam

Post by Tammy,

8652911569 I Simply got a call out of this Amount. Did t answer it because I did t recognize that area code. The makes me thus furious that my cell is Recorded on some s phone list. . . and same as above I 've 1 credit card no equilibrium no debt great credit and with a credit union. Losers.

Post by Debbie,

865-291-1569 I Simply acquired a Telephone call out of this number as well. I have Began keeping an inventory and they have so many phone numbers its hopeless for keep Upwards. I 'm on that don't telephone list I have Registered numerous Gripes on all your Amounts I 've acquired calls out of. I could t believe someone cannot can something Around this it is so irritating. I wish we could phone them back and give them a taste of their own medicine but of path they can telephone out but we could t phone within. The sucks.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Spam

Post by Kitty Kat,

865-291-1569 Ha ha. Me too. I save them as Do not ANSWER

Post by gdaddy70,

8652911569 2 Cl's the 'm the Tn. 've acquired several of these Cl's out of both local and XX Tans.

Post by sara,

865-291-1569 thank you personally posting a lot of information Around this Amount.

Post by Stan Hubert,

8652911569 They just my cell and when I Inquired for your name of that company your Man just said Account Services and when I Inquired where they were located he said lets see you personally qualify and Subsequently we may tell you personally that info. I said you personally mean you personally don t understand where you personally re located and he said I m going to hang up now because you are uncooperative thus enjoy you personally re high rates Click

Post by Rob,

865-291-1569 I had a phone out of these guys and of path they hung Upward on me when I started asking questions Around who they were and how they got my Amount. Scampers.

Post by dennis boyer,

8652911569 I obtained a scam telephone from this Amount offering lower interest rates I do not desire for receive telemarketing calls out of companies I don't can business along with. The was an automated Rob phone.

Post by Jo,

865-291-1569 Same telephone as the other Cards mentioned. I called the number back and it said it was disconnected. They state it is account services this right here raises a reddish flag as does your remainder of the call.

Post by Elizabeth,

8652911569 this Amount 1 W W W keeps calling me. i never response it. they call about 4 times a daytime. its getting annoying and needs to Cease.

Post by Monica,

865-291-1569 Add me to your list of people harassed by these dirt bags. I Simply reported them for your FCC. HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. HTML. id De think the next time they call I m going for play along see if I can get anything out of them enjoy an address. I ll Only tell them I don't have any checking acct and will give them a fake SS is they request. I ll Post anything I could locate Outside. I m sick of their harassment.

Post by Just Annie,

8652911569 Got a telephone from them and when I said Hello no 1 responded just dead atmosphere. Called them back twice and each time got a Amount not in service message. I think they could be running an auto dial er that somehow shows a Distinct number than they re actually calling from. Scumbags.

Post by kirk,

865-291-1569 i would adore for understand how they got my cell . how disruptive and aggravating.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Thus after multiple calls from this credit card attention speed scam and repeatedly telling them to stop calling my Amount I finally had it and told Megan the person that answered Now for never telephone the number again. And I would become reporting them for your state Attorney General s Office. Megan told me quot I will make confident they continue for call you each single day of your own life. quot These are quot quality quot People that are harassing us.

Post by pissed,

865-291-1569 these Men are Dumb. I replied because they keep calling and awakening my two year previous and six month previous Upward when they call. Thus I connected with my kids screaming in the History. . . I told them for Stop calling because I am tired of them waking my kids Upwards. . . He said. . . they're your Children deal along with your screaming . must not 've kids himself. I 'm reporting to that BBB. . . I 'm on a no contact list. .

Post by Melissa,

8652911569 Only missed a call on my cell. No message. Think that robot was busy.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Did t answer can t telephone them back Amount dozen t exist

Post by Joe,

8652911569 I get these types of scam calls all the time always asking me to press 1 for connect to your representative which is foolish because my credit s perfect and I consistently pay my card off every month . They re DEFINITELY not along with your own credit card Firm. I vie entertained them with fake information before just for see where it goes. That first Agent can eventually transport you personally to some Consultant after you personally concur to be billed for their services. The Expert asks on your credit card number and that customer service Amount on your back of your card and Subsequently THEY phone your own credit card Firm to ask for lower rates something you personally could do yourself . I Normally supply them a fake credit card number and when they ask for the customer service Telephone number for phone I give them a 1 W number for many adult Telephone line or that FBI 1 W Telephone FBI ha ha and they Turn Outside.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Did t answer

Post by Mil,

8652911569 Just Got Your Telephone . . I Did t Even hassle answer that phone . ha ha

Post by kirk,

865-291-1569 i totally agree. . .

Post by MR,

8652911569 I Only got a call from the number 3 minutes Past and when I replied nobody was there just quiet. I called back with different Amount. There's a message saying that the phone was disconnected. . . I would love for understand HOW THEY GOT MY CELL Ph . Greer. Thank you personally guys now i understand what this can be about.

Post by Pat,

865-291-1569 Gotten a call from this Amount. Did t Understand did t reply. Calculated it was telemarketers. . .

Post by Thom,

8652911569 Correct On Man. That is Going. Great job.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Registered message for lower credit card int rest rates.

Post by Luanne,

8652911569 I got a phone out of them Merely now. Won t even listen for the message since now i know what it may state. D

Post by Christian,

865-291-1569 To Better then sic you I 'm not confident what caused this kind of acrimonious Result on your own part. Having worked with computer systems for Virtually W years I felt I could Supply useful info General for the Issue at hand. And for response your own last Issue no I 'm not one of them . Thus please relax and odor the roses.

Post by viola teitsma,

8652911569 none left

Post by jamsit,

865-291-1569 I Only a call but did t reply. That location is Knoxville TN

Post by Don Sterrett,

8652911569 please Quit this Owner.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Called but didn't say anything has called in the previous.

Post by enoughisenough,

8652911569 They call me each daytime I have for Fall whatever I 'm doing in order to Select up that phone. I 'm on don't solicited list but it does not Quit them could someone please sue them thus you personally I can get them off my back.

Post by MT,

865-291-1569 Just obtained a phone out of them. . . . . it said for press 1 to lower my credit card interest rate thus I did. When your guy answered I Inquired if they subscribed to your don't phone list. He said no amp Installed Upward on me. I Submitted a Criticism on your do not telephone Site however I uncertainty these Individuals will ever Quit since when you try to contact them those Telephone Amounts are consistently disconnected. I m Ill of these calls. I 'm receiving approx 1 call per day evening.

Post by Ugh!,

8652911569 Just got a telephone on my cell out of the number. They did t leave a express mail thankfully.

Post by rachel,

865-291-1569 I Only got a call out of the number W minutes ago. it did not leave a message but after reading these reports I did attempt to phone it back. confident enough I got a record saying the Amount was disconnected. thus I went and reported it got a Gripe to that FTC Do not Phone Registry which my Amount was on for a year . if everyone takes your time for report it hopefully it will Discontinue these scampers. HTTP Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en

Post by Nicole,

8652911569 I acquired a telephone at W W 'm. Caller ID said Knoxville Tennessee it was about how you can lower your own interest rates. I acquired a call about lowering interest rates Recently but from a Distinct number. I am on your do not phone list and I reported them. Of course that DC won t do anything Around it since I Submitted a complaint Around another telephone I had yesterday. That is a scam. Beware.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Tried calling your number. Says it not within service

Post by Ruben Sanchez,

8652911569 they called and harassed my aged mother.

Post by Thom,

865-291-1569 Right On Man. This is Going. Good job.

Post by Lauren,

8652911569 Only got your call from the Amount overly but every time I don t understand a number I Google it while it s calling me. Thank god I found this Website what scampers.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 I have obtained 7 calls out of this Amount. I have asked to be removed and am on do not phone list. They refuse for identify themselves or company and hang up. The recording claims for be for a Modified interest speed on an unnamed credit card. Most current phone was Now 8 W W at 3 W pm CDT. No message left on answering machine. The Owner id says Knoxville Tn. Really annoying. .

Post by Richard Todd,

8652911569 These Folks telephone me everyday. As soon as they believe I 'm aren't giving them the data they're asking for they hang Upwards. I 've asked them to Cease calling but they last. Obviously a scam and trying for Take identities. I will look for them.

Post by Debbie,

865-291-1569 It Appears enjoy they look to be targeting people who don't have any debt. I enjoy all of you have no debt no Excellent credit debt etc. etc.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Did t leave a message.

Post by Robert McEwan,

865-291-1569 won t Cease calling

Post by gloria fentress,

8652911569 nuisance call

Post by Rich,

865-291-1569 I Simply acquired a phone from this Amount but If I don t Understand that telephone I don t answer. They Installed Upwards after 4 Bands and did t hassle to leave a message. Thanks for Making me know that they are scampers.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 They demand for be arrested. This is pure harassment. What s the Don't Phone list great for. Reply nothing

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Spam

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Called PM CST left no message call ID identified W W W have acquired similar calls in previous. 'm on Do not Telephone list. Can we Cease these calls.

Post by lisa,

865-291-1569 Desired for lower interest rates on credit cards. Told them I don't have any credit cards and for them for take me away their list. Of path they hung up on me. And I am on the national don't call list.

Post by parvana,

8652911569 Whoever is calling out of this Amount just shows this is one of a Common scummier. Called my number X in less than W Minimum. Will not Answer when you say Hi but can keep that line open. . . .

Post by Becky,

865-291-1569 I just got your same phone W min. I have more than once asked them for Discontinue calling. They still continue for phone. I pressed 1 thus I could get a live Man. When I said no for my credit card being at 4 W. She did t even offer me a opportunity to say. Stop CALLING ME. . .

Post by Me_2,

8652911569 They just called me. Same scenario pressed one to see if I could get info. Girl comes on Thank you personally for holding. . . . I request what organization they signify. . . click.

Post by NYC Lerka,

865-291-1569 Simply got that call at work so didn't Choose Upwards and Clearly no message. . wish they would Only get a life and make an honest living like the remainder of America. I m Occupation Shopping thus I notion it May}n' become someone I Used for. . . was Soho nervous that I go ogled the Amount happy I did because i could rest easy knowing I did t Skip anything important. . . . . . . in the least.

Post by Tammy,

8652911569 This Amount Actually gets me mad. Somehow it's setup for Simply keep ringing until that Telephone is replied. It dozen t Cease or go to express send. When I reply it there surely is no 1 thing there but when I hang Upwards that phone my line still Attached up. When I try to return your phone I get a disconnected message. USN t there a law for stop these Individuals. I m already on your Fed and State don't phone list.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Unknown

Post by sara,

8652911569 thank you posting a lot of information about this Amount.

Post by BobNAlabama,

865-291-1569 Only acquired a call out of this number. Did t answer it and happy I did t. Cheers for that Information guys.

Post by Robert,

8652911569 These scampers have been calling your Residence three to four times per week.

Post by mike,

865-291-1569 I Additionally keep becoming calls from the Amount. . . I have reported them but it appears the FCC does nothing. Let s can a vigilante run and Monitor them down. IT APPEARS They are Managing Out of A Warehouse OUTSIDE OF Vegas. Does anyone live close there.

Post by Jeff,

8652911569 Got a call from them Around an hour Past. Did some research located this page. Already reported them for the National Do not Telephone Registry. Let s hope that cowards see many legal Activity against them shortly. HTTP Web. dentally. gov default. asp

Post by rachel,

865-291-1569 you can. . . HTTP Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en

Post by Kitty Kat,

8652911569 Ha ha. Me too. I save them as Do not ANSWER

Post by David Pemberton,

865-291-1569 These People have called me numerous times can t something become done to them for harassment.

Post by Mean Old Lady,

8652911569 Same as you personally all but I had a fresh Man. I was very Pleasant but as with you when I asked for his Firm name he Installed up. 1 2 hour After I got another telephone and I got him to tell me that name of his Firm and I said that I was on the Do not Phone list and that I d gotten Around W of these calls and they all say that is that last phone I would get. I Inquired if I could be Chosen away of their list. The salesperson said that I should Chat to his manager and gave me his extension W I believe I was so excited I forgot to Compose any of the down. . . sorry. That Supervisor got on and identified himself as Your Supervisor and when I kept pressing for a name he said it was Bob. I told him Around my Trouble and he said Thus you desire some Treatment Activity. I Wanted many more nouns so I Inquired him to clarify what he meant but he Only kept duplicating Thus you personally need a few Treatment Actions. Frank got annoyed with me and said in a very condescending and disrespectful tone You personally don t understand what you desire. I very calmly said to him Take my f King number away your f king list you personally d ck face. No sooner did that first f King leave my lips than he started screaming. . . I don't exaggerate screaming. . . over my brief discourse You can t Discuss for me like that. . . blah blah blah Consequently that d ck face. So. I don t enjoy losing my mood and using that form of language but I have to state it was Rather filling. I don't have any uncertainty in my own thoughts that they will become calling me nighttime and daytime from the point forwards so I might 've Picture myself within your foot. Whatever.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 called at W W 'm on W. August W

Post by Richard Schremser,

8652911569 Did t leave message Installed up after 2 rings.

Post by Fase,

865-291-1569 Called but did t leave message. Number was not in service when I called it out of work phone

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Credit card solicitation

Post by This is harassment!!,

865-291-1569 I 've acquired several calls from this Business within just the previous 2 hours. Same matter asked to be removed and they hang Upward on me. Attempted calling back your two Distinct Amounts and I get that fake Registered message the number was disconnected. When I got the second telephone it was a Registered message thus I played along and pressed 1 just for become hung Upward on again. They call me about each W minutes and I could t get them to Discontinue. I filled a Gripe at your don't call Site but I 've a Experience that nothing can become done about this.

Post by Jan,

8652911569 When checking on this Firm Remarks Show it s spammer fraud nuance calls. Exactly why do we continue for get these calls when we Closed up on national don't telephone list.

Post by Jodie,

865-291-1569 Cheers for the warning. I Merely got the call and did t answer. I wanted for Assess Upwards on it first. I cant wait for them for phone back.

Post by Dora,

8652911569 Cheers for sharing that Information. Each time I get a Telephone call like this I file a Gripe on that Don't Call Registry. My cell phone has been on the list for years and I only reply calls out of Folks I know no out of Region Telephone calls Unless they are family .

Post by B Pontious,

865-291-1569 Just got that same telephone when I asked your name of their bank they Put up.

Post by Jane,

8652911569 They called me Around an hour ago. I did t reply and they did t leave a message. I was Only believing Now that it has been a week or more since I acquired an annoying con call or spam phone. I think your peace and silent is around now and I can bombarded along with calls out of all of that Distinct spoofed Amounts they are Now using. What a bummer.

Post by Chris H,

865-291-1569 I Simply rec d this phone W minutes Past simply on my cell. I knew it was a scam as I had had another telephone a month ago from the same area code. I did t answer so did not 've the joy of hanging Upwards on the Owner.

Post by rachel,

8652911569 you are able to. . . HTTP Internet. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en

Post by Lee Anderson,

865-291-1569 My cell Telephone is on your National Don't Phone Registry. I do not have ANY debt. Exactly why that Bleep did they call my number. . If there is ever a class action suit I M Within.

Post by Russ,

8652911569 This scam is popular. This really is what I have found out inline. They charge hundreds of dollars to work on your credit card balance. They telephone Amounts Fundamentally at haphazard within an Region code. The individuals who work there are on commission and if you personally Stadium t a prospect they hand Upward instantly. There is no manner to get them for remove you personally from their calling list regardless of what the Representative says. Exactly why that Authorities can t Close them down is my question. There must be thousands of Gripes to that do not telephone list. Additionally they often spoof your Owner ID Amount.

Post by Eli,

865-291-1569 They called me today on my cell and I missed your phone. I tried for phone them back and it's a disconnected Amount but it sounds fake.

Post by Mike Guaragna,

8652911569 I 've received calls from this number Rather a few times. Consistently a missed telephone never a message.

Post by Rick,

865-291-1569 My address is W Ken value cir in Huntington Seashore CA I have mail for Robert Partaker out of cardholder services inc until your letters I 've never heard of him

Post by tygur,

8652911569 WOW how lame. . I Only got your same telephone I did t response it I telephone that number back and just that quick it s no More within service . . I suppose you really could t repair stupid

Post by phnxrth,

865-291-1569 My Home has really been targeted by this home ref Collection for your past 3 years or so. They call out of several phone numbers and 've been quite aggressive at times. Only got a phone out of this Amount. At the Degree it s not even telemarketing just harassment. I contacted your FTC about it and obtained a correspondence saying they d look into it. Which was that last we heard. Now we pay an extra W a year to your Telephone provider and could block Upward to W Amounts at a time.

Post by Kathy,

8652911569 This obnoxious Individual called my Dwelling and my office. Significant accent and said he was a Us Official. At least said he was a us officer and then said he was from a law firm but was not a lawyer and was going to sue the person who answered the phone and me. Also said he was from New York but the number is out of Tennessee. Sounds enjoy he is off shore. Definitely a scam. Fraud.

Post by Thanks!,

865-291-1569 Cheers for your help I appreciate it.

Post by XXX,

8652911569 scam alright . . . WHO's gonna get them to jail.

Post by Anna Tomiak,

865-291-1569 I Assessed your site before listening to your voice message left by the Amount that is unknown to me. I thank you for the work you re doing on your Part for shield the interests and will spread the word Around your own invaluable service. Cheers again.

Post by kirk,

8652911569 i Fully agree. . .

Post by M. F. Bruce,

865-291-1569 Quit calling my Amount. W W W and W W W

Post by Karla,

8652911569 Amazing. I cannot believe that I m the Last report the morning within less than just one hour. no wonder they cussed at me. But heck if we can Cease their Mayhem even better.

Post by Chris,

865-291-1569 Just got a call out of them Am Eastern . I asked what company they symbolize they said cardholder services for Visa and MasterCard. Would you enjoy for lower your own attention rates. I said Please take my number away your own list. The Man said thus would you like. . . I said I d like you to take me away your own list. He stammered for a second and Installed up.

Post by Jeff,

8652911569 They Merely got me. AC. . . A brand new Amount guess they got weary of going right for express mail with their previous Amount and had to hijack a new number.

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Credit card

Post by Tom,

8652911569 Merely got a call in the same Amount a few minutes Past. I replied but no just one was there.

Post by nat,

865-291-1569 Merely got a phone out of the number and i called back with different number. there surely is a message saying the Telephone was disconnected. . .

Post by Dennis,

8652911569 Many calls from the outfit usually a record with pressing Last chance to get info about my credit card interest. Now they did t leave message. That is harassment and fraud where is that Authorities when you personally need them.

Post by Christian,

865-291-1569 For Better then sic you I am not sure what caused such an acrimonious response in your component. Having worked with computer systems for almost W years I felt I could Supply useful data relative for the Theme at hand. And for response your last concern no I am not among them . Thus please relax and smell the roses.

Post by Thom,

8652911569 Even if You're NOT on your DC list you are able to STILL report them because it's a record when you Select up You might Additionally file a Gripe if you obtained a phone that used a recorded message in place of a live Individual whether or not your number was on that Registry .

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 called at 1 PST Switch tone at Select Upward. For active for talk for me Now.

Post by Russ,

8652911569 I reported this telephone for the don't phone registry. Maybe that Authorities can Discontinue them. My phone is on that Do not phone list which Seemingly these Folks Discount.

Post by Karla,

865-291-1569 Unbelievable. I cannot consider that I m that Next report this morning within less than 1 hour. no wonder they cussed at me. But heck if we could Discontinue their chaos even better.

Post by Tina,

8652911569 Sounds enjoy they were busy last night I also got a phone from them but I did t answer either. Gotta love Owner I. D. . . .

Post by D Lopes,

865-291-1569 I get soliciting telephone from the I asked them for stop but they still phone. This is my cell phone.

Post by none of your business,

8652911569 Get my number W W W away your Vehicle Face er. I am on that no call list. I keep becoming these calls Striving to get me in for lower my credit card interest. When you personally would get a live person that sounds enjoy an idiot they say they Will take care of it and hang Upward. . . . . DOES ANYONE Out THERE Would ANY TING About THESE CALLS OR IS This Only A Put ON LINE For VENT

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Spam

Post by DTF,

8652911569 Merely missed a call out of the number they did t leave a message. attempted for call them back and was informed the number was disconnected.

Post by Paul,

865-291-1569 Here we go again. . . I 've obtained repeated calls from these folks at Card Services out of thus many different Amounts I have lost count. . . I am thus sick of this. . .

Post by karen skinner,

8652911569 Getting warning seeing my credit card interest speed. Returned telephone and there is no such Amount. Receiving calls on cell and Dwelling Telephone. Both numbers have been registered with that National Do not Phone Registry.

Post by STX49,

865-291-1569 Was on that Telephone at work and this number called on my cell but I could t answer it. Did not leave any express mail. I Viewed that number up on computer and located all these complaints. Since I vie been on your ENCL for years and Restore it each year I called your Amount back. Got MSG I m Sorry The Amount You're Calling Isn't A Working Number Matters enjoy this really makes me mad.

Post by Kitty Kat,

8652911569 Called my Cellular telephone that s on your Do not Phone list. I did t reply. Looked it up online and glad I did t. I 'm like most on here. 1 credit card near 0 balance. I hate telemarketing. Reporting for Don't Telephone. Gov

Post by Susan,

865-291-1569 I Simply acquired a telephone and pressed 1 and told them to Discontinue calling me and Put Upwards. I also reported this number for the don't telephone list complaints. This W W W is a scam trying for get your credit card data.

Post by Spark,

8652911569 Same telephone. . . hung Upward instantly and attempted to call the Tennessee Amount back. . . of course your number is out of service and they are spoofing Amounts. what a scam.

Post by Peter,

865-291-1569 They called my cell Telephone Now. If I don t Notice a hello in 3 seconds I hang Upward knowing it a computer Face. These Men are within the category. Total computer dial system.

Post by Again??,

8652911569 Same story. . Lower my credit card rates. .

Post by richard wiens,

865-291-1569 I get calls Freon this Amount for my cell phone. . They won t Quit.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 This can be a pare Registered message Around lowing attention rates on credit cards. They refuse for take you personally off that list even though you personally re on the Don't Phone list. They Uncomplicated hang Upward on you personally. It is a SCAM.

Post by Arthur Whhite,

865-291-1569 This can be what my Partner does. We have caller ID. If its someone we understand we Select it Upwards if its one of these Amounts. . . . use one of their phone numbers for forwarded their phone. It stops our Telephone from ringing along with all your bull calls.

Post by Charity Walker,

8652911569 We just got Residence and gotten a phone out of the number thanks for the warning.

Post by Lisa Whalen,

865-291-1569 I 've received repeated calls from the number. I 've Inquired to be removed out of their list and they hang Upwards on me.

Post by Thanks!,

8652911569 Thanks for your help I appreciate it.

Post by JayJay,

865-291-1569 The outfit is a scam I have obtained several calls with the same record voice under Distinct Amount. Al way phone earlier in your morning or really late at night. There was an Choice on an earlier Variant of the phone to press 2 to become Chosen away their list. Ever since I pressed that number that calls have intensified in Amount. I tried to block the number several times and they Simply change that Amount your Start the call out of. Quite frustrating I hope someone finds a way for stop these scampers I have no debt and no credit cards so they must become calling random numbers.

Post by H,

8652911569 I Additionally obtained a phone Around W minutes Past this can be that third time they have called me. I finally just reported them for your Don't Phone Registry.

Post by JB,

865-291-1569 I M ON That Do not Phone REGISTRY amp Would love To REPORT THEM.

Post by Fed Up,

8652911569 Rob Owner along with Region Code located within Tennessee. They re Likely spoofing faking that Owner ID information because they're scampers. All you are able to do is report each and every illegal telephone to Web. dentally. gov. No 1 on this Website may do anything except tell you personally about their own experience with these idiots. You can add these fake Amounts to your own phone s address book under SCAM so which you don t response when they telephone back. If you personally can response it just verifies that your own number is a valid 1 thus don t provide them your satisfaction of knowing. They are rude and will simply hang Upwards on you personally.

Post by eirrom,

865-291-1569 Just received their phone. Did t reply and no MSG left.

Post by phnxrth,

8652911569 My household has really been targeted by the Residence ref Group for that past 3 years or so. They call from several Telephone Amounts and have been quite aggressive at times. Only got a phone out of this number. At this Degree it s not even telemarketing Merely harassment. I contacted that FTC about it and acquired a notification saying they d appearance into it. Which was that last we heard. Now we pay an Additional W a year to the Telephone Company and can block Upwards for W Amounts at a time.

Post by amber williamson,

865-291-1569 Put Upward when I attempted to get information from them. Receiving unwanted unsolicited calls out of this number

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Called along with no MSG

Post by Guest,

865-291-1569 Credit card spam

Post by kevin sheahan,

8652911569 telephone my cell phone

Post by Thom,

865-291-1569 Even if you are NOT on that DC list you can STILL report them because it is a record when you personally Select Upwards You personally could possibly also file a Criticism if you personally obtained a phone that used a recorded message instead of a live Man whether or not your own Amount was on that Registry .

Post by Randy,

8652911569 Only got a call about credit card rates. . .

Post by Su,

865-291-1569 I acquired a call out of this Amount at 2 W a. m. What holes they woke me Upward from a sound sleep Only to Notice a few Registered idiot spew something Around lowering my attention rates. I guess that I can have for turn away my Telephone when I go for bed.

Post by peege,

8652911569 They called me after 9. I m filing a Grievance.

Post by Timothy,

865-291-1569 Simply got called W Minimum ago. They Needed to lower interest rates on credit cards which I have none . Pressed 1 and said STU. Scam

Post by Leza,

8652911569 This number called me Now. I attempted to response for find out who it was but it Installed Upward on me. When I Featured the Amount in my own missed calls I Picked the Alternative for phone back. When the Amount Quit ringing I obtained a recorded message stating this number was no longer within service. The Amount called me at 2 W pm. When I pressed your option for phone that number back from my Telephone it was at 2 W pm. Now tell me how can a number which is not in service telephone you. . . . .

Post by Jessica Darnall,

865-291-1569 Received this call at W W W today W Aug W . Did not answer.

Post by Gary,

8652911569 I have received the phone thus many times I cannot even Start to count and I 've attempted all your above and 've obtained that same Result no issue what every single time click Afterward Call tone. I think that next time if I 've that time I can play the Stupid Match and see what useful info if any I could get.

Post by Josh,

865-291-1569 The number has called me as nicely but I was able for Drop your telephone. I just Used for mortgages I wonder where they re becoming the names.

Post by RedStickHam,

8652911569 I Only got a phone from the Amount on my cellphone and rejected it. They did t leave a express mail. I Getaway t gotten a phone out of these people in a very long time expect it s not Beginning Upward again.

Post by Paul,

865-291-1569 Called W minutes Past was very interested within lowering that interest speed on my nonexistent credit card thus I obviously pressed 1. I asked what her name was what her Business was then how she got my number. CLICK. Phishing scam

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Credit card spam

Post by Christian,

865-291-1569 For Better Subsequently sic you personally I 'm not confident what caused such an acrimonious Result on your own component. Having worked along with computer systems for Virtually W years I felt I could provide useful data relative to your Subject at hand. And to reply your last Problem no I am not among them . Thus please relax and odor that roses.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Lower you interest

Post by Anonymous,

865-291-1569 I Merely got a phone telephone from them and when I pressed just one and Inquired them to take me away their list that guys responded with take away your own Top and show me your own titties.

Post by Me_2,

8652911569 They're definitely up for no great. Registered a Gripe with that National Don't Phone Registry HTTP Www. dentally. gov Grievance Grievance Assess. asp . Additionally since the sounds like a identity theft fraud issue Submitted online along with your FBI FCC and FTC HTTP Tricks. FBI. gov HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB . Web. . gov Factorized. asp. Lang en Cheers.

Post by Mike,

865-291-1569 I hope you all reported the number for Web. dentally. gov. This can be that Authorities run website to enroll your phone number for your Don't Call list and report scam artists enjoy this. If the government does prosecute them you personally could get W. W after they sue the Firm.

Post by Prank Called in Cali,

8652911569 Make these idiots Discontinue calling. I 've told them not for telephone me NUMEROUS times yet they continue . . .

Post by Bro.Rick,

865-291-1569 Have had that call MANY times on Dwelling land line as nicely as cell phones. . . Do you personally get them to Cease . I am supposed to be listed within your no telephone listing. . . . . . . . . .

Post by Chris H,

8652911569 I Merely rec d this call W minutes ago simply on my cell. I knew it was a scam as I had had another phone a month ago out of the same Region code. I did t answer so did not have that pleasure of hanging Upwards on that Owner.

Post by Annoyed,

865-291-1569 Called me Merely now on my cell. No voice send.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Credit card speed reduction scam

Post by ohio girl,

865-291-1569 Yes acquired this phone when they Inquired which credit card I use I Inquired you personally called me and you personally should evident ally already have many kind of my info. They instantly hung Upward.

Post by jblah,

8652911569 I got a phone out of this Amount. Go ogled it since I did t Comprehend it in the least and I power saw all of this. Wow.

Post by Thom,

865-291-1569 Right On Guy. This can be banging. Great job.

Post by Cyndi,

8652911569 If we don t Understand the Amount we don t response and they don t leave a message. We have been on the don't call list too. What a joke that is.

Post by BDS,

865-291-1569 A suggestion here. I never answer any of these calls. I Select Upwards your receiver and hang Upward fast. I made a spreadsheet of telemarketing calls I gotten around your last month. I Fixed by name and number. I noticed that I simply got two calls out of each. Of path there are always new ones but Perhaps after two of the disconnects it takes you off the list. There was only 1 Amount that made a third call and I might have not been here when that telephone came in. I doubt your calls may ever stop totally but I am happier hanging Upwards the way I do. . . .

Post by Guest,

8652911569 W . . .

Post by Marcia,

865-291-1569 Recorded message about lowering interest rates. I vie gotten your same exact telephone out of several Distinct numbers. I vie asked over and around again to be put on their Do not Telephone list and your Owner Merely hangs Upwards.

Post by Anonymous,

8652911569 I Simply got a phone telephone out of them and when I pressed 1 and Inquired them to take me away their list that People responded with take away your own Clothing and display me your titties.

Post by Annoyed,

865-291-1569 W called along with a pare recorded message about lowering attention rates and it being my final see. That is that same pare recorded message that other numbers use. It's a SCAM.

Post by Christian,

8652911569 To Better Afterward sic you I 'm not confident what caused such an acrimonious response on your own component. Having worked along with computer systems for Nearly W years I felt I could provide useful info relative for that Theme at hand. And to reply your last concern no I 'm not one of them . Thus please relax and odor your roses.

Post by Thom,

865-291-1569 You are able to report them to that Do not Call registry even if you Stadium t on that DC registry. . . anyone who calls and when you personally pick Upward that phone it's a record you can report them. Thus I Simply did. HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Gripe Grievance check. aspic's. You could Additionally file a Grievance if you personally acquired a call that used a recorded message in place of a live person whether or not your number was on that Registry .

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Spam

Post by Doebaby58,

865-291-1569 Obtained two calls on my cell phone from these jerks Recently. Did t answer because I did t recognize the number. They did t leave me a message. I just go ogled their Amount and found the site. I am also on that Don't Phone list. Something must be done.

Post by Guest,

8652911569 Did not leave a message

Post by tygur,

865-291-1569 WOW how lame. . I Simply got your same telephone I did t answer it I phone that Amount back and Only that quick it s no longer within service . . I think you really can t mend stupid

Did you get an unwanted call from 865-291-1569? Is 8652911569 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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5014542496 Complains by Guest,

Arbitrary Owner no answer no response

8086520005 Complains by Guest,

Closed me up for text spam. Kevin W W W

8553678248 Complains by Guest,

This caller said he was in the Tax Audit Department of the Government and that there was a quot legal petition detect quot in my own name and that I needed for phone him back before I was arrested. . .

9737504557 Complains by Guest,

continuous nuisance calls

5145851579 Complains by Guest,

Boulez vows message text Billets Rabbis . Texts Oi oi non Canadians Shows Humour U Would you like text message discount tickets. Reply Yes or no

8047501281 Complains by Guest,


9187709427 Complains by Patty,

Got a "folded sheet" piece of mail ... "FINAL NOTICE" - Verification of Reservation Information Required .. stating: Our Promotional Department has scheduled you to receive TWO ROUND TRIP AIRFARES TO A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN THE CONTINENTAL USA.  ... by responding within 72 hours you will also receive a $300 Target Merchandise rebate certificate .... To claim this special offer, simply call 1-866-862-4068 Monday - Sunday 8 am-9 pm (OFFER NUMBER - 7744). All red flags ... on this piece of $#!+ ... marketing flyer.If you get something like this don't call them ... as that will put you (& your telephone no) on their "client list" and hence, they become exempt to calling you for other scam deals ... and sell your name/tel no to other marketing scam telemarketers.  It's their way of working around the rules of the "national do-not-call-list"  So, put yourself on the DO-NOT-CALL LIST !

3013570884 Complains by Guest,


8002764704 Complains by 1-800-276-4704,

I get these calls all daytime long. I did start to fill out a type . . . When the Solitude info Arrived up I read it and did not desire my Information going to third Events thus I clicked Fall or Do not Take. Immediately my Telephone started ringing. An extremely mad response from Lower my bills when I previously mentioned they STOLE my Information because I did NOT offer my permission for continue . He said really angrily. You FILLED IT Out. I said I Mean for report you for stealing my info . I Installed Upwards. Instantly called back. I 've a record Published out from my fax machine that keeps tracks of calls. This really is Harassment. Could anyone help . I have evidence of how many times they phone.

8001461341 Complains by Jay Ears,

Amount is one of many posing as AT amp T calling for offer you pick an amount W or W away your own next AT amp T Invoice. If AT amp T had a customer care policy they would run those Amounts down and Cease the foolishness

8001119998 Complains by Guest,

absolute best Purchase scam message

8002043731 Complains by Lou,

Obtained a phone call out of this number. Your caller left no express message.

8002609409 Complains by Cat,

The Amount calls me repeatedly every daytime. This really is thus annoying. Want thee was some manner to Quit the harassment

8002499362 Complains by Sleighbell,

Same keeps happening for me three times Now and I m on a no telephone list.

8002770117 Complains by Lucca7,

All you personally Folks need to do is file a Criticism on that Better business Office site i vie done it before and they have Fixed my Difficulties.

8002472911 Complains by go Seahawks !!!,

Called before could not phone back. Subsequently called Recently again hung Upward when I answered.

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