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Telephone information: Brooks Fiber Communications Of Tennessee. Knoxville, TN. Knox. United states
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Post by John Fleming,

8652915840 For around two years I get calls for someone along with same last name as mine. I vie told them they don t live here. I vie Set them on that Do not Call Registry. But they calls continue.

Post by billy,

865-291-5840 I got a phone out of them but all my Pupil loans are current. I don t have any around due debts. I Destination t missed any Funds. When I called back they asked for my brother. That message they left was for me. This is Poor. . .

Post by Never Before,

8652915840 I received a Telephone telephone from your number mentioned Now for that first time. They Needed to Check my name. The name they Offered me was my maiden name which I Destination t used for many years. When I told them that wan t my name they asked if your first name was at least correct. I asked who was calling. They would t tell me. They tried again for get me for Check the name. When I Inquired what they were calling about they said it was Employees business. They Afterward tried for get me for Check a Start date that wan t even mine. I told them which was not my birth date and they said sorry and Installed Upwards. I paid off my small student loan in not empty at least W years ago. Your reason they had my Present phone Amount is that they called my Mommy first and she Offered it to them. She idea it was a high school classmate calling about an upcoming Gathering. I don t know how they got her number. I understand along with utmost certain that my Pupil loan is paid within full and was for many years.

Post by pat,

865-291-5840 I acquired the Amount out of a man stating he had a company matter for a john I don't know the person but he kept persisting that i do and was Attempting for get Information Around the john i told him several times he had your incorrect number but just kept talking


8652915840 IF You personally CAL THEM BACK AND It is NOT You personally They are Required To REMOVE NUMBER

Post by Proud Republican,

865-291-5840 A little education would really help. You are manner off base. That government does not owe you personally an Instruction. If you personally love Europe and there socialist ways please Go there. You personally need to get a few help. I 'm sorry for your own Issues but Friend it's not my Duty for pay your own loan.

Post by Peb,

8652915840 These Individuals keep calling my office. I 've told them repeatedly that I cannot Confirm employment. I 'm a Assistant for a judge and I 'm that simply Man that works within the office. The payroll checks are cut by that state. They continue for fearless faced lie to me. Guy that Merely called said he needed for Talk to Janet because she has Approved employment before. I work alone in the office. No just one named Janet has ever worked here because I 'm that only person that's ever worked within this office since my judge was elected. I vie never even worked along with anyone named Janet in my own entire life. About a month ago some woman called and said they called my Fax LINE and were able for Confirm employment there. I told them they were lying because my Facsimile machine dozen t have your brain capacity to Select Upward that Telephone and 've a conversation along with someone and Check employment. They Truly Suggested along with me that they called that Amount and someone replied. My Facsimile machine dozen t even ring when someone sends a fax. I m that only Individual that works within this office. No just one could have possibly answered your fax line and Tested employment. These Individuals have been harassing me and lying outright for me for MONTHS. . . . . . . . . All for verify employment for someone else who works for the judge that does not work from the office who paid their college loans off W years Past AND has Used an attorney for take attention of this Condition AND has already given her Lawyer s data for these Folks. These Individuals can harass you personally until that end of time. Thus when they phone you tell them you desire for Chat for Joe Tarantino. He is a Supervisor there. I just talked with him and he told me if they phone back for request them to transport me to them. He also said that my number wan t within your system for me to be called. I told him I had Only received a call 5 minutes ago. Thus there s a bit more Information for you personally guys that are trying to get unnecessary calls Discontinued that are coming to your own house work. JOE TARANTINO

Post by no name,

865-291-5840 They asked for a Individual with your same last name as me. I never heard of this Individual Or did my Partner. . . So the Set company should do better research when locating relatives of your deadbeat. . . rather than calling random Folks they believe are Associated. That collector even said his last name was that same as mine. . . .

Post by L,

8652915840 Someone using Telephone Amount W. W. W called me and did not leave a message. I researched the phone Amount on the Web and the Place code is located in Tennessee. After reading all that comments here I understand this is a collection agency for Pupil loans. I do not have any student loans Excellent. I don't know anyone who has Excellent student loans. I believe you are able to report harassment from creditors for the National Trade Commission at FTC. gov

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Called 5 times within a row

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Calls and hangs up X a day

Post by The guy who calls you,

865-291-5840 Several things you all need for know. I 'm not a convicted or even accused felon. I did have to pass an FBI background screening Simply to get the job. We Manage your Societal security numbers so we've for be screened. The component is important. . . WE Could NOT TELL You Why We 're CALLING WITHOUT VERIFYING You're That Customer. If someone named John has your own previous number and You're Additionally John and I tell HIM about your defaulted student loan Subsequently I 'm sharing your own private information with someone other than you. I 'm NOT going for break your laws of that FD CPA HTTP Internet. FTC. gov BC Edward pubs consumer credit Cree. PD Simply for Meet your own fascination. We Can garnish your own wages up to W without having for go for court for would so. We Can take your tax return without having for go to court to would thus. Both of those are involuntary actions that borrowers agreed for willingly Take if they allowed their loans for go into default. It is in that promissory note they Closed when they were issued your loans within that first place. Your own jobs all report to your social security administration when You're Used. You can not Cover from people. There is no feeling within simply not replying your Telephone. We've the websites and resources for locate your own Areas of employment. We 're NOT commission Established. I get paid the same amount if I Amass 1 million dollars or W thousand dollars. I get paid nicely for do my Occupation and Consequently I can my job nicely. This really is a link from the People Section of Education Web site listing ALL of your collection agencies that they contract with. HTTP Www. Edward. gov offices ASAP DC'S Set. Companies. HTML Within closing we can contact your friends family neighbors Contacts landlords bosses and anyone you personally ever knew to look for you personally. And you ALL Closed on that dotted line allowing people to would thus.

Post by Mike,

8652915840 This really is a Amount for CG Services that is a collection agency. I think they Predominantly Amass for that Dept. of Instruction for Pupil loans. They have calling centers all over the Nation thus that is Merely among many numbers they might phone you from.

Post by Gene,

865-291-5840 Did t pick Upwards that phone. If they don t ID themselves I won t Select up.

Post by Marshmallow,

8652915840 Got a telephone out of CG Services this evening looking for my daughter. I had for hunt Approximately on the Net for find out who they're. They would t Discuss to me her Mommy Or did they identify the name of the company or what the call was about. Your woman demanded my daughter s Telephone number several times then told me for provide my Girl their number. I refused. I did look for out they are a Raw unethical collection Bureau specializing in Informative loans. My Girl is a freshman what type of educational loan could maintain Standard. It dozen t make feeling. And how did they get my Amount. Her father Bargains along with all that Faculty Costs and she would 've Set his number on any loan kind not mine. I feel I need to phone an attorney. . .

Post by NoFool,

865-291-5840 Intriguing call. Caller ID read simply NONE so I was surprised to see someone had Truly left a message. The caller said she was calling for a Paul unknown last name and that she requested he return the phone identifying herself as Tracey unknown last name . Your Owner did t Identify what that telephone was Around.

Post by Eggroll5215,

8652915840 Got two calls Now out of this W W W and another two from this number W W W which I m assuming are the same Folks calling. My son has a Pupil loan but they should t have my work number for be calling. I do Nevertheless work for a large university and Perhaps a student out of here owes money on a student loan Nevertheless which is none of my business thus I don t understand what gives these Individuals your right to believe they can Simply telephone anyone at random inquiring Around someone else s private company.

Post by KL,

865-291-5840 You personally know which you are erroneous don t you. Clearly they arena t calling you personally over Pupil loans.

Post by Amy,

8652915840 They Simply called our Call Facility looking with this Staff who works for your company stating it was private company they would not present people any additional information

Post by Me,

865-291-5840 Called my cell no message.

Post by Stacy,

8652915840 Got a call today but no message was left. I 've NEVER had a Pupil loan nobody within my family has ever had a Pupil loan and my oldest kid is just now a senior in high school. I 've had your same Telephone number for Virtually W years so I 'm having problem Striving to figure Outside exactly why they're bothering me. They seem to telephone multiple times a day when I am at work. And I Care many idiot for request me what my social security Amount is over the Telephone. . . . .

Post by tired of it,

865-291-5840 get Around W calls a month looking for my stepson who doesn't live here I've tolled them that but they keep calling i dint know where he lives but i bet HE isn't becoming any calls in any respect

Post by Trish,

8652915840 Web. Owner complaints. com is who I reported them to. turns Outside I m being collected on a student loan from a School I never attended for a level I never got. They are Filthy dealing Statement collectors and you can report them to that Website.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Spam b UL L S H I T

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Collection agency

Post by Karla,

865-291-5840 These idiots are calling work and have threatened for Virtually a year to Take Salaries for a student loan they are getting Funds on. When they are told they have to telephone back on a particular day and time they never fuss to. They 've been told not for phone the work Put but of course they still strive it. I don t head people Striving for get your cash they're owed but this would t be in Group if they would vie Directed} that payment info enjoy they were Inquired to. I 've Inquired for everything in Composing and Nearly a year After I m still waiting.

Post by Smarter than they are,

8652915840 I was contacted within that past by CG Services for Pupil loans but I am wary of callers of the nature. I was Virtually scammed by an True Lawyer Striving to Gather. I think there s a bounty Payment for Dept. Edward. Choices thus all sorts of jokers jump in. They leave dubious messages telephone all your time. I don t answer.

Post by LJ,

865-291-5840 Got a single call tonight at PM left no message. Hopefully they won t phone back. Fingers crossed.

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Spam

Post by Me,

865-291-5840 I received a telephone correct now out of W W W Recorded from private . That guy asked for someone with that same last name as me. He said dint you personally understand who I 'm . I said no. . . . he SA its me. I said sorry great by. I do not 've any Pupil loans.

Post by Maria,

8652915840 Maybe these people that get your own cell Telephone Amount from somewhere when you never give it out are scampers. They called me from W W W at 8 'm when i was Sleep and I did not have my glasses on so I answered to ask me if the was my name and and date of Start and I said yes and they told me I owed 2 W late charge taxes on a Pupil loan I had from W that I 've paid away from my tax Yields and all my gov. stimulation checks and I owe them nothing. Now 'm disabled sick and Considerably older and they desire for tell me that I owe and they provide me a classic address where I lived W year Past. I told them I had paid my debt and if I owed for send me a notice but that I would not supply them my address. If your gov knows where I live to send my impairment checks exactly why don t they. Anyways I 'm previous sick disabled don't have any home no assets and have no money. After I die they can still keep Attempting to Gather from me. There are many people working for debt Companies that are very Extreme and desire you personally for pay so they get paid. This can be how they make their cash. These Set agencies can not harass people or become calling cell Telephone numbers when you personally owe that gov. they directly send you personally notice and if You're handicapped and sick gov. waits until you get a stimulus Assess and Afterward they take it. Thus you personally never get your own check. I 've heard that a collect on Bureau could not do nothing to you if you owe and can not pay. They try and settle with you personally for a lesser Sum or they Simply forget about it. If you personally owe someone and could no pay don't get alarmed if they take you for court all they can do is see your income and make you personally a low Regular payment resolution. That is if You're Bad and have Dwelling no Resources or anything they could get their control on. If you have nothing and no Occupation they could not do anything.

Post by bubbles,

865-291-5840 Girl called and asked for Scott. I asked what Shade her panties were and if they were soiled. She called me Premature and hung Upward. Ha.

Post by rob,

8652915840 I demand along with a school loan it not can you personally help me.

Post by Sandy,

865-291-5840 I Agree. You EA Thus Correct.

Post by lol,

8652915840 You are a moron

Post by Kit,

865-291-5840 Got a call from this . They said they Wanted for Check private info for me. I asked what it was Around they said it was private and could not tell me. I said if its private that I am that Man and 've a appropriate to understand. said they would not release info of who they were or why they were calling until they had verified my private info. said i would not Confirm anything until I knew that reason for that call. Said they could not release it until Information was Tested again. I Afterward Put up

Post by Cindy,

8652915840 Your just one that calls my phone. . . first calls along with W W W. when I dint reply. they phone right back using a Telephone Amount Recorded on net as a Decatur Texas Insurance Business. That number is W W W. Please become conscious. I hate Folks that Work} this manner.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Student loan payment

Post by KL,

8652915840 You know you are incorrect don t you. Obviously they arena t calling you personally around student loans.

Post by RLF,

865-291-5840 I vie obtained two calls from this Amount in that last W times. I never Choose up and since they don t leave a message I 've to assume it does not deal using an Dilemma I should become too concerned about. But I would see from other posts this is a company called CG Services which specializes in collecting delinquent Authorities and court debts. I did 've a student loan at one time but which was paid away in not empty within W. That was thus long ago I had for rack my brain to even phone it Upward. Since I vie Resided at my current address for W years and no one from in the DOE has contacted me in all that time I uncertainty that s it. Then there is my ex Partner. She s my ex for a reason she was unstable and capable of any felonious thing. I 've to wonder if that is a last gasp Test by CG Services for trace her whereabouts. Good Fortune with that. I met her in Germany while I was in that Military and if she s evaporated I ll bet that s where she s gone. It s funny how a phone out of a Set agency could make you personally perspiration a bit. I suppose that we all fear that there s something within our past that could come back for haunt people. But if that great Individuals at CG desire to Speak for me Only leave a message. I vie nothing to Cover.

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Student loan payment

Post by NY Citizen,

865-291-5840 Got a call out of the Amount looking for someone named Christian. I said they had the wrong Amount. They said thank you and hung Upward.

Post by Proud Republican,

8652915840 A little Instruction would really help. You're manner off base. Your government does not owe you personally an education. If you adore Europe and there socialist ways please Go there. You personally demand to get a few help. I am sorry on your Problems but sir it's not my Duty for pay your loan.

Post by I have a life!,

865-291-5840 I keep becoming messages out of the number to call her back but she Only leaves her name Amount and extension. She Discussions like we re friends and she s been Attempting to reach me. She never says in her message what that phone is in reference to. The needs for Quit and she needs to get a LIFE and a Occupation.

Post by KL,

8652915840 You personally know which you are wrong don t you. Clearly they arena t calling you around student loans.

Post by disturbed,

865-291-5840 Sounds Like a Enormous scam. I Rev d a telephone but no message. The just Pupil loan I 've is on Vehicle pay and is in great standing. No other Excellent debt at this time Resolved most of it months ago . If they telephone you personally don t release any personal info such as SS or acct s. Ask them for send their request to you personally within Composing at that current address they have on file doubt you ll get anything but if you would at least they should provide you personally along with more info to base their request on. Again don t give them any Information over the phone.

Post by Skip,

8652915840 Called my acreage line within that late afternoon Approximately 5 W pm looking for a Teresa W . I cannot remember that last name. She said that my name was Labeled for hers and I don t even know the Teresa Man. Your caller said this Teresa Dwelt in your same town as me on a road that I did not know.

Post by Marie,

865-291-5840 First time I vie obtained a call from this unknown number. They called my land line at W on 7 W W. Left no message.

Post by Guest,

8652915840 They keep calling my Dwelling amp refuse to tell nature of business

Post by Trish,

865-291-5840 Www. Owner complaints. com is who I reported them to. turns Outside I m being collected on a student loan out of a college I never attended for a degree I never got. They're Grimy dealing bill collectors and you can report them for that Website.

Post by Prey,

8652915840 The Set agency called about someone who I have no idea who they're and never heard of before. We all understand these turds Strike each person Correlated even ends when they're looking for Trim bags who irresponsibly and immaturely Miss Outside on their Duties but that is becoming ridiculous when they Begin calling those who are certainly not Associated in any way for your entitlement cases they're Shopping. When Inquired they told me CG Services. When I told them not to phone me again they said they were going to call me back later. . . We demand to whine to our local Telephone Businesses and Associates to create our phone Companies offer FREE call blocking services where we could enter Phone abuses such as these. Whenever becoming these Kinds of calls tell them not to telephone ever again and Afterward file a complaint along with that FCC. Which is that Simply way they may Discontinue.

Post by rob,

865-291-5840 I need with a school loan it not could you help me.

Post by KL,

8652915840 You personally understand which you are incorrect don t you. Clearly they arena t calling you personally around Pupil loans.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Called my absolute best friends phone asked for me Afterward my number. Wouldn't tell her who it was or what it was Around. I must have Set her down as a reference.

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Wanting me for pay a Invoice which was paid already 2 Years Past.

Post by SCAM Hater,

865-291-5840 David Bani SCUMMIER or collector

Post by Sandy,

8652915840 I Concur. You EA So Appropriate.

Post by Tricks?,

865-291-5840 I hate these Newsgroups. Tons of terrible Information here. 1 . . . if its a incorrect tell them. If they don t Cease they get two Errors Underneath your Bonfire Error clause phone an Lawyer. If it keeps Upward you May}n' get a W max Prize. They could phone between Am and PM local time along with a few Conditions where that cutoff time is PM I think its Illinois but I May}n' be wrong. 2 . . . if you personally owe a debt they can telephone you. Student loan collectors could be really aggressive within locating you but your Speak away is pretty easy. If you don t pay they could garnish your own wages and get it on their own. Closed a company owner who gets calls out of this Set all that time for a few employees.

Post by Wendy,

8652915840 I Simply posted up above. . . . . I Detected other Folks mentioned that caller was searching for a Scott . My Man s name they said Place my number down as a reference was Henry Day. I m Thinking if they use that name a lot. LAO


865-291-5840 IF You CAL THEM BACK AND It's NOT You personally They are Required To REMOVE NUMBER

Post by Nancy,

8652915840 Obtained a phone on acreage line asking for former Staff. He said his name was Timothy and when I asked what that call was regarding he said it was personal. He then said he Supposed he was calling my husband s name and he d been told to contact Staff at the number. When I Inquired again who he was he said I already told you personally. Timothy. I ended that phone.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 random called my cell Ph W Am on 9 W

Post by Old Boy,

8652915840 called my cell Telephone and wanted to verify that last did gits of my SS number. . insisted on not saying who they were and that motive for the call. . . I inquired several times Subsequently Put Upward. . . He called three times correct after . . I told him that I was Donald Trump. . . He never called back

Post by Billy,

865-291-5840 The Firm is a harassing dirty dealing debt collector and that persons who telephone are generally fresh from Penitentiary and cannot get Regular Occupations. They 've institutional expertise in harassment and generally they intrude on Individuals s Solitude to get any data they desire illegally for harass individuals who could possibly or might not understand for whom this Business is calling for. People should sue or phone the phone Business and whine immediately. There are also online Gripe Websites like the one and Web. caller Grievances. com and if it s W W W it is G. C. Services. Seemingly they don't attention who they bother along with other Individuals s Difficulties. . . . . because they're likely all ex cons.

Post by ihorizon,

8652915840 I am Actually getting weary of these callers ringing my land line. . . . if these are Libraries regarding student loans I have news for you. . . we husband and I never had Pupil loans ever as we paid for the own Training out of pocket and mine was a Grant free . . . . thus there.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Merely harassing continuous calling in any respect times of the daytime and night.

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Spam

Post by no name,

865-291-5840 They asked for a Man along with the same last name as me. I never heard of the Individual Or did my husband. . . Thus that collection Firm should do better research when locating relatives of your deadbeat. . . instead of calling arbitrary Folks they think are Connected. That collector even said his last name was the same as mine. . . .

Post by Slayer,

8652915840 Called early in the morning asking for my ex out of yrs ago. Identified themselves as CG Services i Inquired what it was Around and they said it was personal. But I know he has student loans in Libraries thus i m confident that is what it is Around.


865-291-5840 IF You personally CAL THEM BACK AND It's NOT You personally They are Needed For REMOVE NUMBER

Post by Guest,

8652915840 More than likely student loans Choices. Irritating miffs. . . just speak enjoy a robot for them pisses them off. That's what I would. .

Post by Wendy,

865-291-5840 I Simply posted Upward above. . . . . I Detected other Folks mentioned your Owner was looking for a Robert . My person s name they said put my number down as a reference was Scott Daytime. I m wondering if they use that name a lot. LAO

Post by Brian,

8652915840 Called my house searching for a Brian Inquired for SS information. Did not give any information Around exactly why they were calling or what their Firm does. Very really dubious.

Post by MG,

865-291-5840 Unwanted caller.

Post by pack,

8652915840 Called several times in that mornings. Did not Select Upwards. .

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Randomly called my cell Telephone twice at 9 Am on W W W

Post by BE,

8652915840 Got a telephone on my cell asking for someone not my name. I said I m sorry who. He really fast repeated your request and I replied which he had that incorrect Amount. . . he Installed Upwards abruptly. We may see if he calls back. No Pupil loans have had the cell number for 7 years. . . no motive to call me and no Notion who this Individual is really uncommon first name he was was Striving for reach.

Post by Guest,

865-291-5840 Collections

Post by Guest,

8652915840 Telemarketing

Did you get an unwanted call from 865-291-5840? Is 8652915840 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Boulez vows message text Billets Rabbis . Texts Oi oi non Canadians Shows Humour U Would you like text message discount tickets. Reply Yes or no

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9187709427 Complains by Patty,

Got a "folded sheet" piece of mail ... "FINAL NOTICE" - Verification of Reservation Information Required .. stating: Our Promotional Department has scheduled you to receive TWO ROUND TRIP AIRFARES TO A MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN THE CONTINENTAL USA.  ... by responding within 72 hours you will also receive a $300 Target Merchandise rebate certificate .... To claim this special offer, simply call 1-866-862-4068 Monday - Sunday 8 am-9 pm (OFFER NUMBER - 7744). All red flags ... on this piece of $#!+ ... marketing flyer.If you get something like this don't call them ... as that will put you (& your telephone no) on their "client list" and hence, they become exempt to calling you for other scam deals ... and sell your name/tel no to other marketing scam telemarketers.  It's their way of working around the rules of the "national do-not-call-list"  So, put yourself on the DO-NOT-CALL LIST !

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Registered message on how you can earn more income spam.

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Unknown Individual sending me wired texts MSG.

3014532346 Complains by Guest,

Contacted me about a Craigslist ad I posted. I looked up the number and it's from Dallas. I'm in Chicago. I texted and asked how he will pick up what I'm selling but now he won't answer. Smells like a rat.

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Calling from japan

8003519608 Complains by Cantwaitforjimbo,

Scam all that way. Jail is your own future Mary. Don t bend over in that Bath.

8002822999 Complains by Guest,

Hes on BS playing on my phone

8130318994 Complains by Guest,

Eventually got a direct Amount to their office.

8003457497 Complains by Dave Knuckles,

they 've called several times never leave a message on your machine. I answered once I said Hi Hi a computer voice replayed goodbye and Put Upwards. . . perhaps they were bored . .

8062200264 Complains by texas panhandle also,

Save that Amount Underneath the Planning of Scam and Afterward place ringer to hushed if they can call back you personally won t become bothered along with it ringing.

8002881524 Complains by Guest,


8047674599 Complains by Lisa,

I received that same message in my own mailbox a couple of times Past. I was Merely sitting down to investigate. Looks enjoy something amusing to me.

8002220204 Complains by Anon,

Same here.

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