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Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA. Knoxville, TN. . United states
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Post by Dhampir,

8656224950 I eventually was Capable to phone them and got many Information. I Inquired them exactly why they re offering Toronto Sunlight newspaper if they re calling from Knoxville Tennessee and they said it s a computer based calling system they use and they were given computers out of there that s why it comes Upwards that way and that they re Truly from Fresh Jersey. Still Unusual being American offering a Canadian Magazine. . . . and a 1 at that.

Post by Paula,

865-622-4950 they are Marketing Subscribers to your local Magazine. They're a pain. Keep calling and calling.

Post by Paula,

8656224950 they are Marketing subscriptions to your own local newspaper. They're a pain. Keep calling and calling.

Post by rbmom,

865-622-4950 I keep becoming calls from many outfit calling itself People Security. They keep calling from Distinct Region Rules and Distinct Telephone numbers. That one time I answered and a human was there I told him for remove me out of their list and he hung Upwards on me. I have used my phone for block their calls since they won t take me away of their list. Their most new Amount is W W W.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 can we block these kind of annoying Amounts. I 'm Sick and don t value this Owner calling 4 times a daytime into your night.

Post by Harrassed,

865-622-4950 Our caller ID shows W calls from Flow on Devi. W W W in 4 1 2 days. We blocked your Amount but the Telephone still Bands 1 time. . so forget taking a Rest or eating a meal within serenity. We 're elderly and cannot turn off your phone your kids would 've Experts checking account on people if we did t response their calls. . That MUST be considered HARASSMENT. What could we can to Discontinue this.

Post by near NJ,

8656224950 This is a hoax. The Amount keeps calling me and states its a Knoxville Magazine. I am not even in that same state as that is annoying. I would never present Information Outside over that Telephone. Be very conscious of this Amount.

Post by Judith,

865-622-4950 I called your number you personally posted and spoke to your really Pleasant understanding I trust. youthful guy who assured me he would personally take attention of removing my number from your Index. Now we may see. It s absolute best for telephone headquarters otherwise You're only dealing with one paper at a time. . . . could go on forever. I have been getting three or more calls a daytime each out of several different Amounts. He said it might take a daytime or two to take effect. Value that telephone. I don t know if your Do not Call Registry is any use any more. . . . Looks Companies 've located a manner Approximately most of the Groups. . . if you vie ever bought anything from anyone you re Good game Thank you for researching your information

Post by davey,

8656224950 they called me at 3 W pm did NT response when i answer d the Telephone and when i phone back state all circuits are busy.

Post by Sigh,

865-622-4950 Got a telephone out of this Amount for your first time Today. Installed Upwards when I finally replied. We have been a private unlisted number.

Post by Mary,

8656224950 Scam calls

Post by Ron,

865-622-4950 We've Began becoming a Lot of these calls. Not even a person on another Finish but a machine along with a cryptic message. These people are Clearly acting in a criminal manner and don t Pick for obey your Don't telephone lists. They're mosquitoes. Greer.

Post by davey,

8656224950 now when i phone it rings once goes straight for Face tone like they hung up

Post by Annoyed,

865-622-4950 I get multiple calls from this Amount each day. 've never replied it. This really is my fury report. Been happening more than a week.

Post by Michael,

8656224950 Don't present personal Info to any unknown Amounts. . . that said. I did many Inspiring Tracking on this number. Here is what I located 1 W W Cell Phone AT amp T Wireless Knoxville Tennessee Possible Dwelling GP'S Points for Corner of Liberty St. and Rags dale Ave. between Rt. W and Morris Avenue There dozen t look to become any legitimate businesses within that Region thus be really cautious with the one. I might phone them back for see what BS they spew Outside.

Post by Jeff,

865-622-4950 The Amount called me 3 times Now. Your last time I eventually picked up and they Put Upwards. I called them back and they Only answered Hello Circulation development. I stated that I was returning the Telephone telephone and that girl on the other end asked me what paper or publication I subscribed for for they symbolize many. I stated that I was here locally I live within your same Region code and she said that she would look Upwards my records for the News Sentinel local paper . She Inquired for my phone number of which I gave to her and she Subsequently Set me on hold for about 1 minute. After returning she verified the name on the account and said that there was an account equilibrium of W and that I could pay that around the phone if I liked. I politely declined but said I would look into exactly why payment wan t gotten. I Subsequently called the News Sentinel for check on my account balance knowing quite nicely this was not right. After putting in my phone number and house number I was Subsequently Competent for Notice what my account equilibrium was and my previous payment. I had a credit on my account and your preceding payment was your same Sum the girl told me over your phone. I then talked to some representative the News Sentinel and informed them of that scam that a locally group is running. It would Search this can be a Entire scam. What they're doing is cross linking phone numbers with addresses and using that over that Telephone Choices to verify account balances or preceding Funds . I Think which is what she was doing while I was on hold.

Post by Carol,

8656224950 I resent being interrupted every daytime at least once by this Amount if they would leave a message I could discover my response. What can become done. In the previous I 've acquired a phone and replied amp they Desired me for subscribe to a Knoxville Tennessee Magazine I declined and Inquired for be removed from their calling list. Not sure it's the same party but Think it's based on other complaints. What can become done.

Post by snowbear,

865-622-4950 called the number said it was CID. . . . Viewed up CID on that Net and it is a division of Monster. Com.

Post by KerBear,

8656224950 I hear you personally Mg i m exhausted of this Amount calling me I live in CANADA too

Post by Misty,

865-622-4950 Calls many times within 1 daytime. My Owner id says public service

Post by Celine,

8656224950 That number calls my Residence every daytime. Never leaves a message. Never able for have a nap during your day because them.

Post by Debbie,

865-622-4950 The number called my mothers house asking her for consider renewing her subscription to the local paper she had Ended. Girl was favorable when I answered and I asked her to remove my mother out of their calling list. Hopefully we wont Notice out of them again.

Post by Veronica,

8656224950 The number called my house at PM when I said Hi nobody replied me.

Post by Rich,

865-622-4950 I vie gotten calls out of the number overly. I would Need you personally all for report them to that FCC for do not phone violations. HTTP Web. FCC. gov CB dentally they get a lot of complaints it s more likely they will take Activity against them.

Post by Pam Cornelius,

8656224950 These Individuals telephone in the least times during the day and we even got a telephone last night at almost PM. We 're senior citizens and go for bed earlier. We never response your call and they don t leave a message. Please prevent these Folks from harassing Individuals.

Post by P x x x e d OFF,

865-622-4950 I consider the number has called me formerly. They called tonight 7 W PM EDT and Installed Upwards as shortly as my answering machine clicked on. I did t reply as we have been screening calls using your telephone show don t recognize the Amount don t Select Upwards your phone. . . . . . By that manner I am in Canada and concur that Do not Call list here is nothing but a joke. Your Folks that Place it within Put are Authorities Bureaucrats and don t look top attention about this harassment by Telephone.

Post by hope,

8656224950 called me Now and when I answered they said hello Hi and Installed up great for know it s a scam. Cheers.

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 The Amount calls every hour but won t answer if I pick it up. If I don t Choose it Upward they hang up and don t leave a message. I vie blocked it through Mr. Number but it keeps ringing anyway

Post by Jade,

8656224950 They were calling multiple times a daytime for what seemed enjoy eternally. Afterward last week they called at 8 W PM. . I called them back and got that entire Circulation Department crap I chewed your girl Outside wanting for understand why they were calling thus late and so Frequently and she Needed to know if I Needed for Restore my Membership to my local paper. I told her I Needed for become removed from your calling list and she told me she would can that. That calls however did t Quit. They called again after PM the other nighttime thus I answered and flipped out on your person on another Finish so she transferred me for her manager whom I talked with and he Promised to put me on the Don't Telephone list. So far 2 days without any calls from them.

Post by Helen,

865-622-4950 I overly 've gotten several calls from W W W. I was told by that caller that it was from your Chicago Sunshine Times and she had a unique offer for me. So Considerably for the Great uncorking Don't Telephone Registry . The other 2 or 3 calls I acquired I Assessed my Owner ID that Owner left NO message. . . how professional yes. Since she mentioned the Chicago Sun Times I sent a notice for the executive office of your Paper and complained Around these unwanted bothersome calls. Exactly why must we've for Set up with these Bug Folks. I notion that was what the Do not Call Registry was for. . . . Erroneous. Write letters and whine for whomever include your own local politicians as well for get them for Cease calling. Maybe if all the politicians got flooded with these calls they would know how annoying it can get.

Post by John Kelly,

8656224950 This phone calls my House Telephone Frequently and we 're on that don't phone registry list

Post by Canada,

865-622-4950 I rec d among these calls and I live within Canada. . I do not subscribe for any Us Papers. They never leave a message and i refuse to reply. I added the Amount to my blocked Amount list. . .

Post by Liz,

8656224950 Got calls out of the Amount days in a row. Finally called them back got a Girl who Inquired what town I Dwelt in and when I told her Chicago she said she had a Cope for that Chicago Sunshine Times. I asked to become Set on Don't Phone list and she said she would would that was really friendly. . . . . but. . . . . . got two more calls since that day. I supply Upwards. Just won t answer from now on.

Post by connor,

865-622-4950 keep calling.

Post by jae,

8656224950 We vie had Thus many calls from the number that I haven t answered thank you caller id. in the least times of the day. The a. m. I finally answered for tell them to Quit calling. That girl was quite Pleasant when I told her I was on the don't phone list but when I told her to remove me out of their list she told me I needed to Speak for her supervisor and to please hold. I held for Around a minute the whole time picturing her and her coworkers laughing at that idiot holding on the line. You understand each Wagering on how long before I Put Upwards before hanging up.

Post by Eileen,

865-622-4950 Please get my Telephone number off the list. They telephone me after 8 W within the evening repeatedly. I 've a No solicitation calls as my message therefor do not response if my Owner ID shows unfamiliar numbers.

Post by Judith,

8656224950 I called your number you personally posted and spoke to your quite Pleasant understanding I trust. young man who assured me he would personally take attention of removing my number from your Index. Now we may see. It s absolute best for telephone headquarters otherwise you are only dealing along with just one paper at a time. . . . could go on forever. I have been getting three or more calls a day each out of several different numbers. He said it May}n' take a day or two to take effect. Value your telephone. I don t know if the Do not Telephone Registry is any use any more. . . . Looks businesses 've found a way around most of that Classes. . . if you personally vie ever bought anything from anyone you re fair Match Thank you for researching the information

Post by Angry,

865-622-4950 Had enough of them. They vie been calling my pears cell for months. I replied and asked them on Could W to stop calling. Calls continue sometimes X daytime. Filled complaint at DC and along with FCC. Calls still come within. Was called twice Now. After second phone I dialed them back W W W from an unlisted Amount. I spoke to some Debra Mason New Jersey and she Guaranteed me that she would have my number if I would offer it to her. Of path I DID NOT. They're scampers. They can no uncertainty simply redistribute your number as it would be Supported active. This is what I m doing now . I create note of Each scummier telemarketer Amount that comes in. I call their Amount back from my UNLISTED Telephone and when they request for a Amount you need removed from their telephone list I supply them another scummier enjoy your W out of my Buddies at CID. Please feel free to replicate the if the scampers start re circulating their own s eventually their Sources will become so corrupt They can have for ditch them and Begin New.

Post by Mark,

8656224950 I Simply obtained a phone from this Amount asking if we get our newspaper here in Western NC. She was considerate enough but anytime we get a call out of the local paper about a Request it is a local Amount and someone that Addresses English with no India accent.

Post by rocky,

865-622-4950 I have gotten several calls per week over that past year out of this number. If I answer there surely is nothing on your line. If I don t reply they Complete Upwards my answering machine with a occupied signal.

Post by KerBear,

8656224950 I Notice you personally Mg i m weary of this Amount calling me I live within CANADA too

Post by SueAlice,

865-622-4950 I Merely got a phone out of W W Did not leave a message . . . . Owner ID was something about Flow . . We too are on that Don't Call List . . . we are in Ma. My Knowledge is that they're Needed to purchase the list of Amount son your Don't Phone List and Don't Telephone THEM . . . unless we would company with them which we don Ti called the Amount back and they said it was about a balance along with my local paper and wanted for understand what state we 're in. I did t provide them any info. I told them we don t have any balances on any Reports and he Inquired if we used to get a paper. I told him that I would not offer him that information. He was going for Change me for his Manager and said he is Attempting for help and I Put Upwards before the switch.

Post by ksw,

8656224950 I obtained a telephone with Minimum SEC express mail. It said they were Stellar Retrieval Inc. and for me to telephone them back at W. I called back that number that called me and got a recording saying it was Stellar Retrieval. I got a Man who Subsequently Put up on me.

Post by Gary Reid,

865-622-4950 I vie been becoming calls out of the number Lately. I m in Canada and don t subscribe for any U. S. publications. Thus I concur along with another callers this is either a nuisance or a scam. We vie been becoming various nuisance calls from various numbers so we vie been resorting to not answering your phone unless we recognize your name or Amount on that show. We record that unknowns and Subsequently find Outside whether or not they re valid. This just one surely USN t.

Post by no news is good news,

8656224950 They telephone all of that time but never leave a message. I found out. Your re afoul d with the news paper. Knox news sentinel. Requested to remove my name in the list.

Post by anthony541,

865-622-4950 I received a phone W W W Approximately 8 PM PST my i. d. just revealed Circulation Devi. I answered Hi Flow department. How could possibly I help you. A female express Inquired Who 'm I speaking to. I again replied Flow Section how could possibly I help you. The female express said Oh wrong Amount. and Installed Upward. I had an extremely great laugh out of that. Notably after checking account WOTAN.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Flow Devi

Post by wwc,

865-622-4950 The seems to be a common misconception. As someone else posted Underneath one of your discussions here the CL is kind of like a speed Control indication your law abiding folks can See it those Managing outside the law or Only on your border of it could t attention less.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 No telephone list

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 harassing telemarketer calls daily

Post by Jim Frost,

8656224950 Dozen t question if you personally ask them to remove you personally because they can continue for call and the Canada do not telephone registry is a joke. They can can NOTHING for you.

Post by Todd,

865-622-4950 Same Amount called me. Did not reply. They left no message.

Post by Jim,

8656224950 Drained of this scam calling me 4 or 5 times a daytime.

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 Called at PM I called back and they hung up

Post by Naples, FL,

8656224950 W W Calls once or twice a week at random times of day. It s a telemarketer based in Knoxville Tn. They re Very dreadful marketers contemplating they never responded the first time I decided for reply that telephone.

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 Chase

Post by kathleen,

8656224950 I 've obtained repeated calls out of the number it comes Upward Flow Devi on my Owner ID what a nuisance

Post by Dana,

865-622-4950 Have received a phone from the W W W 5 times Granting to my Owner ID. When my son a minor replied they dint say anything.

Post by sherry porter,

8656224950 Do not call

Post by Harry,

865-622-4950 Called me three times Decided Upward said Hi no reply . thus I blocked the Amount.

Post by John,

8656224950 I get 2 3 calls a day out of the number according to my Owner ID. I don t know who they're or what they want. . . . It's excessively annoying. I never answer and that never leave a message. Whatever happened for that National Don't Phone List. . Seemingly there is constantly a manner to Bypass the system .

Post by Me,

865-622-4950 Some idiot is harassing for to scam you from W and you divert Interest away out of a heart attack victim. What s your own Telephone number.

Post by Billy,

8656224950 They could phone you even if you personally re on Do not Call list if you their client new paper etc has sold to you before.

Post by Celine,

865-622-4950 They call my House each day. Never leaves a message. Not able to love my nap in that afternoon

Post by Chatom,

8656224950 They called my magic jack and left a message for me for call them at W W W but they did t state what it was Around. Exactly why would I telephone them back if I don t understand who the hell they're. . . . . . I called the W just for see who they were and a Actual bored sounding Individual answered and said CID and I hung up.

Post by hene57,

865-622-4950 called every daytime for 2 weeks when were not House never left a message. Eventually when I replied the phone sounded like my Partner s best Buddy Looking for Supply that Naples Daily News. She said is calling from New Jersey with a Tennessee number . . .

Post by mary,

8656224950 The is a pain in my own a . Sunday evening 7 PM and earlier at 5 PM. They call hang Upward never leave a message. It could go on for days or here and there either manner if you are able to t leave a message don t bother me. I don t pay my Phone bill thus I can become annoyed by them.

Post by snowbear,

865-622-4950 called the Amount said it was CID. . . . Viewed up CID on the Net and it is a division of Monster. Com.

Post by L. Lowery,

8656224950 Three calls during that past week from phone number W W W. When we reply there surely is silence. When I Test for telephone back and provide them a Item of my thoughts the Amount is consistently active. We have been on the Do not Telephone List. I 've read your Tremendous Amount of other individuals who are being called from this Amount. What could become done for Discontinue this. .

Post by Curt,

865-622-4950 I subscribed for the Mansfield News for years. When I proceeded to your next town around Fox borough your paper Began arriving 1 3 weeks late. Occasionally I would get 3 weeks of Reports in one mail delivery. I attempted to straighten it out along with them and was told that outside of Mansfield it goes via the post office and that the hangup was along with them. That post office Affirmed the surprisingly and thus I allowed my Registration for End the past January. Since Afterward they 've haunted me with calls for re subscribe the new Now. I request that they discontinue calling but with no result. EVERYBODY bookmark the Website for that Do not Call Registry and file a Grievance each and each time that they telephone. Become as grim as they're and perhaps something great may come of it.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 We get several calls a daytime out of the . I am going for phone an Lawyer. To see what can become done about harassment. This can be traced along with Phone Firm. This is definitely a scam.

Post by Rockkey,

865-622-4950 Gotten call out of same Amount twice Now. No Express message left. I live in Canada. I don't subscribe for any Magazine that is not prepaid.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Doesn't leave a message. When you call back it says all circuits are occupied.

Post by Sphoenix,

865-622-4950 Got a hangup phone from the Amount at PM on a Sunday. Assessed Google found this Website called them back to get an address. . . the 1 they Offered me shows on Google Maps Street Views as an underpass on a residential Linking road with no buildings along it about two miles south of Perth 'm boy by that Garden State Parkway.

Post by Jack L. Hokanson,

8656224950 This Amount has called my house every Night for months now and I do not want for get any more calls out of the Amount again.

Post by Sue,

865-622-4950 Attempt to phone the number back and you are asked for leave a message. . . really creepy about all I can do is block it which I would but it rings once. The number calls my house every daytime sometimes twice. Yep I 'm on the Do not Phone list as nicely.

Post by Bunny in Pa.,

8656224950 They called 5 times Recently. Finally at 9 W PM i replied and a few Man started on a spiel and I said can you know what time it's. . . . . . He said sorry and hung Upwards. But they called again today while we were Outside and that is the Amount I got out of Telephone ID.

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 Called representing Knox news sentinel who I 've Inquired on numerous Functions for remove me out of their phone lists. Despise any dealings along with that sentinel but need the coupons

Post by Tina,

8656224950 Got a call Now Approximately 2 PM a girl claim es herself out of Toronto Sunlight offering weekend Paper delivery at a promotion speed. . . . .

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 ID

Post by Maryland,

8656224950 This Amount called me at least three times a day week daytime and weekend . . . and leave no message. Is is so annoying. . . . . . . .

Post by KerBear,

865-622-4950 I live in Canada and I m weary of this number calling me it calls almost ever day Upward to X's a day and has for the past couple of months I to answered it once with no just one at the other end. . . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Collections

Post by KerBear,

865-622-4950 I hear you personally Mg i m tired of the Amount calling me I live within CANADA too

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Call COMES THROUGH BUT HANGS Upward.

Post by Larry Sayre,

865-622-4950 This Firm Flow DEVI has call each night at your same time for your last month. Sometime I did t answer. I vie phone redial back for them Around 6 times and been assured my name would be deleted from your computer and I should get no more calls. It Hans t happened Though. Now W W W I asked for a Manager. Manager name is Ann Nadia wish I had her Dwelling phone number thus everyone could telephone at Am. Cherished Ann promised she would personally take delete my name from their calling list. I also filed a on line FCC Grievance on W Nov. My next com plait is for the Authorities. Likely won t help but maybe they could give me a few Guidance.

Post by Darla,

8656224950 The number calls always. Finally answered and they Desired to understand if I Desired to subscribe for your Knows News Sentinel. Told them I 've had the newspaper delivered to my house for W years and please remove me from their call list.

Post by PM,

865-622-4950 Unknown phone phone. We missed it and there was no message left on our voice mail. Called your number and a few Girl answered it by Only saying Hello no company name or not empty name given. Nothing else was said thus I Put Upward.

Post by Pris,

8656224950 Caller hung up when I replied that phone.

Post by Scam,

865-622-4950 I live within Toronto and receive the caller each week. Don t understand anyone within Tn and if that is a newspaper Registration why would they telephone for sell a paper within another Nation. . . Save yourself your problem and don t answer. They don t even response instantly or leave a message.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Called often. When I attempted to response they disconnected.

Post by annoyed,

865-622-4950 the is unreal. . . so annoying. . . Call 3 4 times a day. .

Post by Shiikes,

8656224950 I gotten a phone out of the number offering a free Subscribers for local newspaper. I asked for be removed from their call list and was transferred to some Supervisor who removed my number out of their list. I trust.

Post by susan,

865-622-4950 Aug 8 W 8 W p. m. P. M. this Amount shows Upward and rings twice. i don t answer as i don t know anyone in Tennessee m within b. c. Canada.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Galveston Day-to-day news

Post by jej832,

865-622-4950 Only got a phone out of W W W. I Lately sold a few property in your Knoxville Place and idea it could possibly become Linked but when I Decided it up there was Merely Switch tone. I decided to appearance it Upwards on the Web and found these posts. Anything for get private info and cash out of unsuspecting folks.

Post by Pris,

8656224950 The number called amp hung Upwards when I replied.

Post by DD,

865-622-4950 call Often never leave message I don t answer

Post by Gene,

8656224950 I called that number back got Method Recovery sounds enjoy a debt collector. I Inquired them for remove my Amount. We ll see. . .

Post by Angry,

865-622-4950 Had enough of them. They vie been calling my pears cell for months. I replied and Inquired them on Could possibly W to Cease calling. Calls continue sometimes X daytime. Filled complaint at DC and along with FCC. Calls still come in. Was called twice today. After second call I dialed them back W W W out of an unlisted number. I spoke to your Debra Mason New Jersey and she Guaranteed me that she would have my Amount if I would present it for her. Of course I DID NOT. They are scampers. They will no doubt only redistribute your own number as it would be Validated active. This really is what I m doing now . I make notice of Every scummier telemarketer Amount that comes within. I telephone their Amount back from my UNLISTED Telephone and when they ask for a Amount you personally desire removed out of their call list I present them another scummier like your W out of my friends at CID. Please feel free for replicate the if that scampers Begin re circulating their own s eventually their Listings may become so corrupt They will 've to ditch them and start fresh.

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Calls my home every day. Never leaves a message. Not Competent for appreciate my nap during the day.

Post by Me,

865-622-4950 A few idiot is harassing to to scam you personally from W and you personally divert Focus away out of a spirit attack Sufferer. What s your own phone number.

Post by Billy,

8656224950 They can phone you even if you re on Don't Telephone list if you personally their Customer new paper etc has Offered for your requirements before.

Post by HB,

865-622-4950 looking for someone whom I 've never heard of and needs for Disagree along with me Around calling me. Ignorant F ER. . . . Can you personally believe I am harboring someone here. . . . . . . If there was such a person here don t you believe I would have Approved them your Telephone another W times someone called looking for her.

Post by Jules,

8656224950 Me Hi. Caller this can be . . . CID. Could possibly I Chat for xxx xxx. Me This USN t his number Caller Oh. . . can you personally understand him. Me Yes. Caller could you personally get a message for him. Me I would t really feel comfy doing that. Could you personally Simply send him a correspondence. I Actually don t Speak for him anymore. Caller Ok. Sorry to have bothered you Me OK

Post by nikki,

865-622-4950 Your Amount was listed on my caller id and I did not Comprehend it after I was gone for some time. Had I been home I would not picked Upward that telephone either since unwanted calls out of all over the State have been Attempting to reach me for a long time now. about half a year I must add though that I picked Upward once when your Unknown call Amount your Amounts that fascination Private showed up when my Buddy from Florida called me back out of her cell phone. Her own number did not display. The was really unusual.

Post by wwc,

8656224950 This Appears to become a common misconception. As someone else posted Underneath one of your discussions here the CL is kind of enjoy a speed Control sign the law abiding People can See it those operating outside the law or Simply on that edge of it could t care less.

Post by Guest,

865-622-4950 Called asking for Magazine Membership. Would only Take check payment by Telephone just. My mom dropped for it. Called but got busy Sign KY . Calling bank now to check equilibrium.



Post by One who has had enough of this BS,

865-622-4950 I 've received calls out of this number on several occasions and at various times daytime and nighttime. If you personally answer your Owner hangs Upward. I f you do not Subsequently it's not long until You're called However again by this scum. It is high time the Federal Government takes steps to Find the sources of such calls and that a law shoal d become passed Taking significant Prison time not a piddling Excellent for these assaults on your time and Seclusion of American Residents being disturbed by these lowlife vermin.

Post by British Columbia,

8656224950 We have received multiple calls out of this number. When I called them back for look for Outside why they are calling us the woman said they would t 've called us because we 're in Canada. So I said they must 've called us because their number was on my Caller ID. So I Inquired them for put the number on their Don't Telephone list. Worked for a little while but they re back. . . . Exactly why in that heck would an American newspaper be calling a Canadian Telephone Amount. . . . . . .

Post by Frustrated,

865-622-4950 I concur my name is Additionally on your do not telephone list and I keep becoming calls. The Amount is the worst However. I am going to report them they are thus annoying.

Post by cindy,

8656224950 I 've gotten calls for 3 days in a Line I called them back they said they're CID and are a Flow Business for news papers. I told them to remove my number and that my number is unpublished she said Ok. We can see.

Post by bob,

865-622-4950 Called me from the number Recently day. Lady said that she was from the Knoxville News Sentinel. Said my weekend delivery of that Magazine was Around for become discontinued because I have a equilibrium of W due. She tried for get me for pay around the Telephone. Told her that there was no way I was giving some random Man my CC Information on that phone. She was especially not happy when I asked her if she was seriously calling me about W . . . When I W d your Amount she replied Circulation Development.

Post by Jim M,

8656224950 I ll Gamble they did t Actually want W but Fairly for you personally to confine the Magazine Membership. I m happy they have my Magic Port number and not my cell

Post by jessica,

865-622-4950 got this number on my Telephone and i live within Canada and don't subscribe for anything if i need it i will buy it from the Shop in Individual with cash thus after reading all of these messages about this number i decided to call it and it said it was not in service thus yeah Clearly someone pulling something Bloody creepy Pol along with nothing better for do GO GET A Actual Occupation and Stop trying for rip others away . .

Post by Guest,

8656224950 Nothing.

Post by Frustrated,

865-622-4950 I agree my name is Additionally on your do not phone list and I keep getting calls. This Amount is your worst However. I am going to report them they are so annoying.

Did you get an unwanted call from 865-622-4950? Is 8656224950 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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Recent comment

5137036973 Complains by Sick O' Spam,

CORRECTION Your in that text message was W W W not . . . W .

6043275971 Complains by Guest,

Non profit asking for Gifts for Garments.

8065441210 Complains by Me,

Got a phone telephone from this number. That caller left no message.

8133432645 Complains by Guest,

Person never said anything. Folks could be heard talking within background. The attempted to Face Time me 4 times.

2255880857 Complains by Guest,


8585550168 Complains by Guest,

Would they Actually believe I m going to response a call from quot Dir Asst quot . Does ANYONE benefit from your DC list scam. Just state in

4174290110 Complains by Guest,


6167410462 Complains by Guest,

I enjoy to Display my calls and this Amount calls 3 times a week and never leaves a message. I Delivered a text and all it said was my text was delivered to someone at a acreage line.

8003060514 Complains by Allyson Loney,

I need them for Discontinue calling me they telephone me at work and telephone me on my cell. I am getting into trouble at work because of it. . . .

8042230144 Complains by Guest,

Debt collector posing as fraud division

8001351422 Complains by Ax,

Called my cell and did t say anything when I replied. Did a Change search and it Arrived back as a land line registered as for Nonage Holdings.

8042013984 Complains by N,

They're Rob dialing me Now to and all the week.

8003252701 Complains by Angry,

ROM keeps calling my cell phone. They do not leave messages. I have asked in that past they Leave calling my number as they are looking for someone other than myself.

8043350179 Complains by me,

Got one Now. Thank God they got my answering machine.

8003208710 Complains by bobby,

oh i called that number and its saying NCO Business card . . who that f is that . . .

8044333267 Complains by Me too!,

Yes it Only happened . first she rang my cell. and in a minute she rang my land line

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