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Post by Don,

8668773868 I don t understand your own Narrative or Dilemma along with them but I 've stayed with them several times and never have a Trouble getting that deposit refunded. They do it instantly upon checkout.

Post by Guest,

866-877-3868 timeshare sales

Post by Guest,

8668773868 Stone Resorts La's Vegas .

Post by Malia,

866-877-3868 It is overly terrible the telemarketing amp sales systems are So Thus horrible. I Consent the Business Stone Places is valid and if You're inclined to travel a fantastic deal it could be an Outstanding Cope but Control of a timeshare is a high priced luxury. I researched this because they are calling me 3 4 times daily and never leave a message. I will scarcely for NEVER response an W kind unless I understand exactly why who they are first. . . tell that Firm for always leave a message. . . . . I am a low Title member. I know who they are. . . still not joyful Around phone harassment. . Nonetheless I 've really Loved your staff at each resort in my small collection that I have Seen. . . Quality vacations but unless you personally would otherwise spend high Somewhat pricey due for raising HA Prices and difficulty getting out of deal if you can no longer afford.

Post by Wendy,

8668773868 A telephone from Stone Places Attempting for sell timeshare s. I told them they were calling after PM and I don t want any solicitation calls on this Amount.

Post by blah blah blah...,

866-877-3868 . . . . shill for a scam my Business. . . blah blah blah. . .

Post by Michael Davis,

8668773868 calls constantly several times a daytime Choose up phone no answer

Post by Grant,

866-877-3868 HTTP Www. diamond Hotels. com Here you personally go

Post by Guest,

8668773868 Monarch too

Post by Grant,

866-877-3868 Well Allow it Appears that you were expecting that I wan t going to become here. Sorry to disappoint you personally. You re a Time share hustler Grant. That s it. You personally shovel out scripted lines of drivel daytime in amp day out in your trust of luring within suckers. Exactly why would you think I vie had a poor expertise Allow. That would never occur. I d never fall for among your spiels. I m far too savvy for that Grant. You see Grant I own a Unit in a Time share development Allow. Not an increment. The Unit. I purchased it before your resort was acquired by a Time share Business. Much to the chagrin of that Business I refused to sell. I vie listened for you shysters Supply your lines of crap to your Goals amp I vie listened to you within your own private Minutes. I vie seen your type working I vie seen your own kind after hours. You never fail to be nauseating examples of mankind at its lowest. Poorly Intelligent cash grubbing hustlers who would pawn their own mothers jewelry if there was that slightest opportunity of tenability. Precious memories Grant. That s an fascinating way of Getting it. Did you understand that the duration priceless could Only as well describe without any worth . When it comes to Time shares amp Holiday clubs without any worth is a Substantially more Suitable description. Freely traded Grant. A lot of worthless things are openly traded. Most of them are of somewhat better Worth than time share Businesses. Junk debt for example. You are correct about 1 thing though Allow. Reputations speak for themselves. Time share Businesses have the lowest standing it s potential for have. For great motive. You re a hustler in one of your lowest Deals on your World. Simply a fool would autumn for among your own pitches. With any Fortune that fool can locate this site before he does. Skiff Etta Lvi. Gunner

Post by Guest,

8668773868 Selling Holiday packages

Post by Guest,

866-877-3868 Timeshare

Post by ton,

8668773868 telemarketer

Post by Bob,

866-877-3868 I called back and achieved a record from Stone Accommodations International left by their CEO. If you personally wait long enough a Pleasant person can pick Upward your Telephone. Supposedly they can take you personally away that phone list. We may see I think.

Post by Kara,

8668773868 Several calls out of the number have replied and no Result calls out of this Amount sometimes are got for me in the Central of the nighttime ex. 2 W 'm. . .

Post by Guest,

866-877-3868 Spam

Post by RK,

8668773868 Got a call Now on both acreage line and cell. I do not Choose calls out of unknown numbers. They do not desire me poor enough no messages left. . . . this

Post by Drucius,

866-877-3868 I have timeshare along with them and I 've never had a Important Problem except not being Capable to book the resort when I Desired a couple of times. But 've never had problems getting money returned and even been comped a couple of times for Small problems like when the room was not ready in time.

Post by Grant,

8668773868 HTTP Web. Stone resorts. com Here you go

Post by tony,

866-877-3868 Merely called. timeshare pitch

Post by Grant,

8668773868 HTTP Internet. diamond Places. com Here you go

Post by Bigdog6886,

866-877-3868 Ok Allow if you state You're so helpful maybe you can help with the Trouble. I Closed Upwards for See a resort in December W and I had W months for book my Vacation. Since that time my wife has become Sick and is no More Competent for travel. I called Stone Places to describe the situation and get my deposit back. I was told that they do not refund deposits Underneath any situation. Is it true that Merely because my wife is ill I will lose my deposit.

Post by Guest,

8668773868 Diamond Places International

Post by Michael Davis,

866-877-3868 calls constantly several times a daytime Pick Upward phone no answer

Post by Malia,

8668773868 Allow you can not Triumph here. . . Diamond as a vacation time share and a group of resorts isn't the Issue of this website. . The Matter is WHO owns that phone . . . and that stupidly of the telemarketers calling all day and never leave messages and often hanging up on Individuals. Disgusting practices continue for supply timeshare business a even worse reputation than they already have.

Post by Guest,

866-877-3868 Collection

Post by Wendy,

8668773868 A call out of Diamond Accommodations trying for sell timeshare s. I told them they were calling after PM and I don t desire any solicitation calls on the number.

Post by Guest,

866-877-3868 Winnie from Diamond

Post by tony,

8668773868 just called. timeshare pitch

Post by Lilia,

866-877-3868 its a timeshare Business wanting to offer Deals to visit brand new resorts.

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2162820014 Complains by Guest,


2765211183 Complains by Guest,

calls never leaves message

4808098079 Complains by Guest,

Divvy's URL HTTP . com URL link HTTP . com link HTTP . com

7082552631 Complains by Guest,

Compensation call for a vacation

6784391670 Complains by Guest,

Scam do not reply it

9164040827 Complains by Guest,

they did t state anything when I answered

2026210842 Complains by Pamela,

Telephone Making a message stating the call was from Government and they were suing me. I not answering these calls blocking them.

5622482534 Complains by brittanny,

Number has called several times without leaving a message.

8002662287 Complains by CmH,

No Thought who it was no message.

8003011408 Complains by Geo,

Registered message Encouraging Holiday packages.

8002873006 Complains by Don,

I did t click on any info ad Why are they calling my number.

8002817743 Complains by Discount World Vacations,

It s a Large market discount vacation marketing Firm. You are able to t locate them because they response your Telephone Reduction Universe Vacations but Seemingly their official corporate name is something else. W W Great Fortune their sneaky little devils.

8042014027 Complains by Jules,

Thus happy to see it s not Merely me. In the past two days I have gotten these numbers W W W three times Now thus Way W W W W W called this one back got a Amount dozen t work response W W W called the one back it range for a long time till I Put up

8002923933 Complains by Angela,

When we answer no one ever responds.

8003018076 Complains by piroman,

When i Switch this number your Caribbean cruse line team answers and desires for book me on their junket. W Dollars for your Caribbean dock for landing fuel surcharges gratuity Fees Making the states Costs etc. A Evident scam since i have never signed Upward for Caribbean cruise I wonder if they demand a business permit for Manage within Canada. If we all called your Amount at the same time and kept these scampers buss for a daytime or two I wonder how long it would take before they altered the yr number. . . . . Lola Lao

8003108888 Complains by WHAT?,

What would you personally mean if I knew how you can report them I would Exactly why did You personally NOT EVEN Appearance. a quick Google search on DC is all you demand to can. It never ceases to Impress me when I see Remarks enjoy this one. that Net is a TOOL not a Toy use it as 1.

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