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2017-08-15 00:09:57
Survey. Good Grief. Beware and ignore this number.
2016-06-19 10:42:11
Pull the plug out.
2016-05-24 22:35:43
called did t leave express send attempted to call back and said Amount wan t within service
2016-05-17 17:23:20
Spam. Statement Group for unknown party
2016-05-13 08:55:43
Yes They keep calling my father saying obscene things and Subsequently hanging up.
2016-05-10 15:08:31
do not Take call
2016-05-09 02:15:13
they show the number is from the Japanese Iowa region. . . like council bluffs or Sioux city. . .
2016-05-08 12:31:36
Called and got Bizarre message
2016-05-07 12:57:26
nose amp annoying
2016-05-07 04:00:09
For those of you living within Georgia you personally May}n' try this net page HTTP Web. Ga. gov W Post 0 W W W. HTML s a page at your Ga Attorney General s website that Offers Guidelines for reporting telemarketing calls within Infraction of that National and Ga Do not Telephone lists. It gives links to report them to that FCC which I 've now done as well as to the Governor s Office of Consumer Matters. Best of Fortune to everyone.
2016-05-01 23:13:45
2016-03-25 04:19:46
I obtained a telephone from this Amount Recently and again Merely now That phone rings once then I get a Transmission that I 've a voice mail but there USN t just one. My phone log indicates that I called the Amount which I did t and that they called me back. I was tempted for phone for see what would occur but my better instincts told me this is just how the scam works whatever it's.
2016-03-25 03:52:12
Your own spam has been reported
2016-03-25 03:47:25
Harassing me
2016-02-16 07:28:54
I yahoo Edward Intel's. com this Telephone Amount and this can be what I Arrived Upward with W results where's Water slide Drive in Kissinger. Intel's. com Phone Number Neil Pennington WATERSIDE DRUIDISM FL W W W W
2016-02-16 06:45:59
called at 7 PM
2016-02-16 06:13:07
who is this.
2016-02-16 05:05:28
This really is a telemarketing call which is got for my Residence number each day. I 've Inquired Ms. Russo for Discontinue calling me and 'm now turning your Amount around for your Lawyer general s office.
2016-02-16 05:02:05
Same for me I have T mobile called at 2 'm fundamental time. Only let it ring once or twice Only enough for Wake up me Upward.
2016-02-16 04:58:28
This number called me and left no vim. Phone back and no 1 ans

Phone list in area 867

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
8677414200sexual. predator. Guest32015-11-04 16:04:18
8677664023This is a scam. Do not comply. Report it. Guest82015-11-04 20:34:18
8678881585Scummier over Kojak. Guest12015-11-04 21:52:49
8674463178The how u do me. . . Guest42016-02-15 21:06:46
8679100097Unknown person who irritate othersGuest22015-11-05 06:10:18
8678577585sex lineGuest72015-12-09 23:49:29
8672920527This Amount shows up on my caller ID as W I 've a magic jack Telephone thus my number is unlisted that telephone 5 6 times in a row I answered it a couple of times but there's never any Result. CCaffee52015-12-20 06:23:32
8672921334This number keeps calling my cell Telephone and will not leave a message or say anythingGuest112015-11-06 06:29:18
8673920129They said that I called for a date. . amp kept testing. Guest62015-12-09 19:25:18
8676697183Called two times in a Line really earlyGuest12015-11-06 19:40:49
8675634610is it 'm scamGuest62015-12-08 15:40:37
8673340429RyanGuest12015-11-07 16:22:49
8671953983It plays Rebecca Black's "Friday".Guest82015-12-20 21:14:42
8678880689they show the number is from the eastern iowa council bluffs or sioux city...chick72016-05-09 02:15:13
8678880682nosey & annoyingGuest32016-05-07 12:57:26
8675055990Dis niga crazyGuest12015-11-09 17:27:49
8679880147Your spam has been reportedD52016-03-25 03:52:12
8674472517gay guyGuest12015-11-10 05:30:49
8673358412he's really bothering meGuest12015-11-10 07:00:49
8675730331won't leave me aloneGuest42015-12-15 05:11:48
8671581659sexual. offendersGuest12015-11-11 04:02:49
8673156902They call in the middle of the night with a recorded message telling me to activate a three way call. It's happened over and over and over again.Guest12015-11-11 08:09:18
8678880686Yes, They keep calling my father saying obscene things and then hanging up.Guest62016-05-13 08:55:43
86770693068677069306 vodafoneGuest22015-11-11 14:13:18
8678670000Texted me over 63 offensive jokes at 330 am last nightGuest12015-11-11 20:11:18
8673220231called at 7:13pmL62016-02-16 06:45:59
8671891088This number called me and left no vm. Call back and no one answSVM32016-02-16 04:58:28
8673220235AssholeGuest62015-12-14 10:12:06
8678880684ignoreGuest32016-05-01 23:13:45
8678880683Called and got weird messageGuest32016-05-08 12:31:36
8674469222want it blocked for calls texts and emails.Guest42015-12-16 11:05:08
8674373700this phone number call a lady and told her that she won 1000000 dollars and a BMW just wire them $150.00   this is a scamSgt Morton42015-11-14 10:06:37
8674278311They call 2 times a week. A phoney contest.Annoyed 142015-11-14 10:11:56
8674220456[***] call, do not talk to this moron.bob42015-11-14 10:12:47
8671891073Answered call and hear screaming sounds, like someone was being tortured, then was disconnected.  Guess it was a prank.Mom62015-11-14 10:24:50
8679881425The phone number 867-988-1425 was charge to my telephone bill. The company is Triton Global from Northwest territories.Never phone this number.Guy Fournier422015-11-14 10:29:10
8676697376this person needs to be blocked.Guest82015-12-16 17:08:40
8679880739Claimed to be monitoring my computer for viruses. wanted to install something on my computer. IT'S A SCAMM.Guest62015-12-16 12:24:14
8678485894For God's sake, don't be so cheap! That would still leave you with 4,997,000 dollars left over after you paid them for shipping and handling. Sounds like a reasonable fee to me.John122015-11-14 10:37:26
8679882576Phone rang. missed call and tried to call answer. no voice mail left.. something is up!!!!bp242015-11-14 10:41:31
8674970177I keep receiving text messages from this phone number. I am currently working with the state and federal government over an identity theft case.  Michael LindstromIndianapolis, IN 46237Michael Lindstrom22015-11-14 10:48:01
8675363976Calls several times a day to my business. No one is ever there. What a nuisance.PISSED-OFF-BUSINESS-OWNER82015-12-09 20:38:40
8673220227Some kind of recorded message offering a prize or somethingT42015-11-14 10:54:27
8675035959Keep call'n hanging upGuest82015-12-23 14:54:56
8674674840Received a similar call today, and he gave the following infoClaimed to be George Anderson from US Megabucks Winners CircleClaims I won 25M$, plus a 2012 Mercedez Benz :PFedex will deliver 20M$ using a cheque, 5M$ will come later, and 500K$ will be provided cash (a cash bonus :P)Said he was calling from Jamaica, NYAnon, NY62015-11-14 11:18:19
8679880142A lot of times, it's robo calls to see if anyone is home and then your number is passed on to others that you are home at this time. Best to have caller ID and don't answer. If it's a legit number, they'll leave a message!Alan112015-11-14 11:20:44
8675789916Very Rude. Becomes very aggressive when challenged.Rich92015-12-09 15:50:15
8679880141recorded call says I submitted my phone number at a retailer or online store. Guess what I would never do anything like that in my life. Another Scum telemarketing company.Manny62015-11-14 11:31:36
8675823358anoying a loser tht no body likes but she thinks they doGuest62015-12-15 17:13:18
8676678029Survey. Good Grief. Beware and ignore this number.867667802992017-08-15 00:09:57

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