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Post by andy,

8882022385 Supposedly it is your NRA. Is this your National Rifle Association or could it be the National Retrieval Agency. Either way they don't leave a message on reply machine or voice send. Calls several times a day and on a Day-to-day basis. Just won't Discontinue. . . . Caller Id Toll Free Caller

Post by Guest,

888-202-2385 Spam.

Post by Anonymous,

8882022385 Calls daily from National Rifle Organization. I block 1 and they call back along with a different number. Not certain if it is Actually the NRA.

Post by Bob,

888-202-2385 For all the Professional gun zealots Attempting to defend your NRA it is within fact your National Rifle Association. I was forced for join for participate at a range and 've been receiving these calls ever since joining. Each person I 've talked for that is a member of the NRA gets these calls. Many have even been suckered into donating more money for their Complete in your empty Soldiers Fund. If you personally Actually desire to help an injured soldier find 1 in your own Town it s not that challenging to do and cut their grass wash their car paint their house present them a Drive for your Va. . . anything but delivering your own cash for these idiots who may supply 0. W in your dollar to the handicapped soldiers. Telephone your Amount Thank you for calling the National Rifle Organization we have been really sorry we missed you. . . . .

Post by Guest,

8882022385 A Firm hired by the NRA for get Gifts.

Post by Wiggyky,

888-202-2385 R. W. I overly 'm tired of the continuous calling emails and snail mail out of NRA constantly wanting more Money Money Money. It was humorous when I first joined along with a 5 year membership after the ST year they bombarded me along with Restoration membership. I told them if they keep hounding me for money that I would discontinue my Account. It's slowed some but still get more whining from Chelsea Cox gimme gimme gimme in Email addresses. Telephone calls are down for Around just one a month so not so bad now.

Post by Arlene Oakley,

8882022385 Calls daily

Post by K Brewer,

888-202-2385 Go away troll.

Post by Ed Newbold,

8882022385 I Delivered the message to E-mail W protected Issue Discontinue SPAMMING MY Phone. Message I always get 4 to 5 Telephone calls Daily out of W W W. According to my records this really is that NRA. PLEASE Don't Telephone ME ANYMORE. If you personally can I Won't renew my Account ever again. Their response Thank you personally for Calling people and bringing the to the attention. Although we can routine telemarketing soliciting memberships and Gifts the Condition you've described is not Regular for how we carry Outside our phone solicitations. That NRA does not mean to harass or irritate anyone over your phone. Sadly You're that Sufferer of a glitch within the automated Call system this glitch causes People for receive multiple calls or phone calls that are at unwanted hours of the daytime. I genuinely apologize for this and can have your own phone number W W W removed from the lists. If there are any other Amounts you are receiving calls on please Answer back to this email along with them listed. I can Upgrade our records and 've your Telephone number placed on your Interior Don't Telephone list for ensure that we do not call you. Please permit 7 W business days for this for take not empty effect. Again I apologize for that trouble this has caused you and trust you will continue your support for your National Rifle Association of America. Thank you personally greatly and please feel free for contact people if you ever need anything else. Austin NRA Member Communications National Rifle Association of America Wales Factory Road. Good fax Virginia W

Post by Wayne,

888-202-2385 Gotten Now did not answer so went to my Express Send which Simply announces Leave your message please. Caller opted from leaving a message as requested. Thus after activating my in private owned device within my Residence disturbing my peace and still given that Choice to communicate by Making a message. Nothing . . . but another Work} of trespassing and breaking and entering out of these thieves of my valuable and irreplaceable time. There Must become a law. Owner W Service

Post by NotBuyingIt,

8882022385 This really is NRA. . National Recovery Bureau NOT that rifleman association. Lots of time this same Firm calls and spoofs their number along with another NRA phone Amount for mistake Individuals and or increase likelihood You'll response that Telephone and Talk to a Congressman. Ergo if you personally call your Amount back and see its a legit Firm You're more Suitable for answer your next time they call. The rifle mans association does not harangue or harass Individuals like these jerks.

Post by Robert,

888-202-2385 Yup NRA

Post by Joe Smith,

8882022385 Great information. just called and Used your steps. We ll see how it works.

Post by Lynda,

888-202-2385 Call blocker is a Work within a few Telephones. You personally could possibly or could no 've it. Since I accidentally got a phone several years Past that had that feature I constantly make certain when I Purchase on a brand new phone. Helps a lot.

Post by Ron,

8882022385 Simply obtained a telephone a phone from W W W which was labeled as Unavailable on my Owner ID. I let it go for my replying machine but no message. After searching this Amount Upwards on Notes and reading it's a scam or otherwise a nuisance I Eventually blocked that number.

Post by G smith,

888-202-2385 Only blocked this number

Post by Gary Gore,

8882022385 My phone is on your Don't Phone list. Please respect that or I will report your own unwanted calls.

Post by Jake Arr,

888-202-2385 I am a bit Ancient and still have a twisted Set acreage line. I got a phone out of the number and blocked it using my computer and a few Applications called Call Clerk. Google it. This Applications could Work} as a phone blocker using either a blacklist or a white list method of filtering. It does not have a max Control of how many Amounts you are able to block enjoy the hardware Amount blockers can. It can reply the phone for pick Upward fax calls. It could act as Only an replying machine and can publish an inventory of callers if you desire. I was so impressed that I bought a Replicate of the Applications. WORKS Fantastic. You would demand a dedicated computer because of this. I bought a Windows 8 HP Notebook for use with this and it works wonderfully. Disclaimer I am not in any manner Correlated along with the Generation Development sales or Direction of Call Clerk. I am Simply a satisfied customer.

Post by Jake Arr,

8882022385 If you personally don t 've a newer Purcell phone with call blocking Subsequently Google that version and free phone blocking Programs. If its a property line Afterward Google phone blocking Gadgets most sell for Approximately W. W there are also Telephones that block as nicely but don t hold close what a call blocking Unit will.

Post by holland189,

888-202-2385 It is the NRA. I joined because I support the ND amendment but that calls for financial support go around your top. Also I joined for a 5 yr duration less expensive. Afterward your next matter I know 8 months later I get a Repair see in that mail. I am senior citizen and Nearly paid it until I called for see when my membership was up and they said not for 5 years I complained Around their Extreme methods and they said they would correct your records. My money bets that I will receive another Statement for Repair before this year ends. If they ongoing to be a pain in my own rear end I may cancel Account.

Post by Ralph,

8882022385 b Ch is Likely included in the scam

Post by Lalwrence McCauley,

888-202-2385 I dint know your Owner. I 've seen the Amount several times on my cell Telephone no one leaves a MSG

Post by Annoyed,

8882022385 Calling daily don't leave a message. Owner ID says National Rifle Association . Blocked along with Nonage s brand new Phone Block.

Post by B Dover,

888-202-2385 NRA is persistent with calls seeking . Certainly won't renew along with them I have blocked several s and told them not to telephone anymore for n avail they phone repeatedly anyway.

Post by Jake Arr,

8882022385 I 'm a bit Old and still have a twisted Match land line. I got a call from this Amount and blocked it using my computer and a few Applications called Call Clerk. Google it. This software could act as a phone blocker using either a blacklist or a white list Process of filtering. It doesn't 've a max limit of how many numbers you can block like that hardware Amount blockers would. It could answer that Telephone to Select up Facsimile calls. It can act as just an answering machine and could Release a listing of callers if you want. I was thus impressed that I bought a Replicate of the software. WORKS Excellent. You personally do need a dedicated computer for this particular. I bought a Windows 8 HP Notebook for use because of this and it works wonderfully. Disclaimer I 'm not within any way Linked with your Creation programming sales or management of Telephone Clerk. I am just a suited customer.

Post by Mad & Tired,

888-202-2385 Calls my cell phone which I do not answer any unknown caller and there never is any message for return the phone. Could it be that caller ID s as NRA Simply for Decrease NRA membership. Without that NRA that ND amendment would be history. I hope that Actual NRA USN t calling.

Post by Guest,

8882022385 Unwanted call

Post by Wiggyky,

888-202-2385 R. W. I too am weary of that continuous calling E-mails and snail mail out of NRA constantly Looking more Money Money Money. It was amusing when I first joined with a 5 year Account after the ST year they bombarded me with Restoration Account. I told them if they keep hounding me for cash that I would quit my membership. It's slowed a few but get more whining out of Frank Cox gimme gimme gimme in E-mails. Telephone calls are down for Around one a month so not thus awful now.

Post by Geno's Pub,

8882022385 Their driving me crazy

Post by Ms Nomorespam,

888-202-2385 Thank you personally. .

Post by Guest,

8882022385 Called many times. you personally answer and nobody on the line.

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6093340351 Complains by annoyed in VA,

Guy called me about 2am. Phone said private #. My phone dropped the call before he had a chance to say anything. I didn't know who it was or if it was an emergency (who calls random people that late??!). Couldn't call back because it was a private # but he txt me almost immediately. The phone number showed up his txt messages though.weird #: How are you? dis s james.Me: James who? I don't know a James. I think you have the wrong #.weird #: James CarterMe: I don't know a James Carter. I think you have the wrong #.Weird #: Just lookin for fren. I never textd back so 7 min later he sent me a photo of an Asian guy sitting at a table.

7187059090 Complains by Guest,

Google listing . . update

5594733166 Complains by Guest,

Spam calls

6106310362 Complains by Upset employee,

A man claiming he is Jonathan Hayward called my job several times.  Making threats to my employer * claiming I owe money.  They won't provide any information.  They threatened to keep harassing if I did not send money.

2538436238 Complains by Guest,

Telephone SCAM machine recording stating they're Irs with a litigation against me . and that I must contact them back instantly.

7042589173 Complains by Guest,

Set company

8051345678 Complains by GJ,

First phone out of W W W and a Owner ID of CALIFORNIA. Preceding number they used was W W W. They never leave any message and are Simply scam callers.

4083104415 Complains by Guest,

Got a missed phone from the number Now W. W. W and I failed to answer it since I was away from my Telephone. There was no voice message left. I Generally go to Google and type unknown Amounts for see what it is all Around and I Found the page through it. Cheers.

8002420206 Complains by John C,

I receive calls from the Amount almost daily. I don t reply and they never leave a message.

8000000123 Complains by Linda,

I called the Amount back state s your call cannot become completed as dialed. . . . . .

8002361977 Complains by Guest,

leave me alone

8002339113 Complains by Guest,


8002188316 Complains by Myron,

Dr. Pink us Natural Energy purchasing line

8002510807 Complains by RyanHP,

Acquired a Fax for our company Additionally. Your tactic is to send just one nice e send. In this case the spammer s contact information is shown on Web. spotlit. com W G's. CF. id W. We have recently obtained a Facsimile out of you Seeking for Market your company products and or services Regrettably your just result is that these faxes just annoy many Possible clients tie Upwards many Businesses Workers and their Sites Striving to get rid of your own spam faxes. The belief that People and thus potential clients may telephone or accessibility an Elect Outside toll free Phone number or Site is Related for answering for e send spam . . . it Only tells individuals which our fax Amount is valid and working. I Promote you personally to use just Favorable approaches for Advertise your company and stop delivering faxes for W. By the way your fax made it for your recycle bin . . . not to any selection Manufacturers. Cheers. I can usually locate an e send for that spammer by doing an Web investigation on their toll free Amount. I Additionally cc your Advertisements company contact if that spammer is Marketing their spamming as a service. Since I keep all of these e mails in a Individual Index I can perform a search if something comes for the reason that looks familiar if I have already Directed} an e mail requesting Treatment and get a second or third . . . I can forwards that Initial note to that spammer s contact e send and cc each other e send address I could locate for that spammer. Sometimes I can hit a nerve and get a response about that service they are providing . . . but it as with your spam does not make it past my desk. FYI.

8002527416 Complains by Donna,

I Only got the same message. Per Bryan s recommendation I text back Discontinue and gotten an answer that I would no longer get any messages out of the number.

8002275720 Complains by Mike,

Got a telephone out of the Amount. Registered message saying they were from Etna Rx House Delivery. I can get my melds through them. They left a phone Amount for telephone back stating there was important info seeing a recent prescription request

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