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Telephone information: Us Lec Of Tennessee, Inc. Covington, TN. Tipton. United states
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Post by Annie,

9013138550 They called my house several times amp when I answered the Telephone amp asked if they could remove my Amount they called me a cracker . When I called back to request what Business they were they told me they could speak for me anyway they desire because I am not a customer .

Post by Stephanie Canisalez,

901-313-8550 Yes he was rude. He would t let me speak at all. Asked him your name of that company and all o got was that they were an Bureau. I was called every name within your book when I attempted to get many information

Post by Guest,

9013138550 Caller s name Travis. I don t know what you need but stop calling me. Your threats don t scare me whatsoever.

Post by Guest,

901-313-8550 He said there was going for become a warrant for me if I did not pay W. W now. On a pay day loan that I did not pay. I did not 've a payday loan from last year. He also said it was Net Fraud and a Prison.

Post by Lisa,

9013138550 They called here today left a message saying for phone or 've your Attorney phone. Thus I called she quite nicely asked for my phone number. I gave it for her and she said it was for. . . . my dead brother in law . I said I Hidden him in December. She said oh I see that now I am not sure why you personally received the phone. . . I Inquired what company she represents and she hung Upwards on me. I Need for know the answer as he was within bankruptcy. I called back got that same Woman and asked again she hung Upward on me again. That pissed me off. . . So I called back a third time and your same Girl replied I tried for boat her. . . I said I am within charge of his estate I demand to know who is calling. . . She said I dint know what u r talking about I said I Merely talked with you. . . you Put Upwards on me. . . She said do you personally understand it was me I said because I 'm not deaf. I 'm Only asking what organization your own are res presenting and she went on for say she doesn't have to tell me. . . . . and said dint call here again. I said You're kidding me appropriate. . . . . Your own Firm called and left a threatening voice send on MY Personal replying machine and you personally wont. . . and she hung Upwards again after cursing at me. . . . . . . . . . Thus I am reporting the to the Lawyer Generals Office that is a scam and Id Larceny. Can you personally simply imagine how many aged Individuals are Dropping for this. . I Calculated I would try one last time got that same Female this really is a scam and she told me call back all I need that I may hang up in your face again . . . I know for certain now that even Lovers aren't lawfully aloud to state such non sense. Reporting. . I had my Identification Taken took 7 years for clear it Upwards they removed y maiden name and Set hers as my maiden. . . . . That is serious company. . . No company name it came out of Clinton Tn W W W.

Post by Guest,

901-313-8550 they said it was about a pay daytime loan and I would go to Prison if not paid W. W

Post by stacy,

9013138550 They phone me they said I owed a payday loan. I constantly record my calls I told the man I Wanted proof of the debt he immediately said I was going for have a case file against me Gloomy frighten Ways no Small Miranda just threats.

Post by Eve,

901-313-8550 That is disgusting that these people would telephone Individuals racial slurs such as cracker. Racism is incorrect no matter who does it. I Additionally tried for request them more data on your loan that I purportedly obtained and your Man Simply kept going back for the same point that when I don t pay that I will become arrested. He said he was Only Attempting for become nice and supply me the opportunity for resolve the issue and now it s going for be Managed by your State Attorney general. He must 've had a few type of aware because he wished me an excellent day and said he hopes I can figure the out. I know not everyone who does the type of job is a bad Man but you may never get ahead within life scamming Individuals. It s just stupid.

Post by tom g,

9013138550 THEY Could Stick IT WHERE The sun DOE SN T Shine.

Post by Mimi212,

901-313-8550 This can be the second telephone I vie obtained along with a different Telephone Amount each time. Your calls are threatening If you don t pay a warrant can become issued for your own daughter s arrest and if you personally re not going to pay the on your daughter there surely is no need to discuss the any further with you and it s either 1 W. W now or a K Connection After after she s been arrested . I called your Sheriff s Office and after verifying that there was no Guarantee they Offered me a number for that Government 1 W W W as this really is a scam that has been going Approximately. Be careful. You don t desire for be Outside any unnecessary cash.

Post by CG,

9013138550 Trent Nelson W W W . Your Amount on that Owner ID W W W

Post by Jim,

901-313-8550 I got a phone out of the number today and a message was left saying I had pending court case against me. That is your second telephone I have gotten out of these scampers and they used a Distinct area code and number each time. The Software they used was exactly the same. I talked along with my lawyer and he says its a scam and that they prey on older people. These Individuals demand for be Discontinued. I Merely don t reply my phone anymore if I don t Understand the Owner ID number.

Post by kelz,

9013138550 . . . . . idiots who desire for get your info. . . . . Id Larceny. . . . . that s what they do. .

Post by Stephanie Canisalez,

901-313-8550 Yes he was rude. He would t let me Chat whatsoever. Inquired him that name of that Firm and all o got was that they were an agency. I was called every name within your book when I tried to get many information

Post by Kim,

9013138550 They 've called me Now enjoy three times and I need reply they said that I had an Internet loan and owed W

Post by Stephanie Canisalez,

901-313-8550 I am receiving calls out of this Amount as nicely. Do I report these numbers. Additionally got a telephone out of a W number overly.

Post by Mike,

9013138550 Same matter here. They called and left message which was Very garbled. I called and Inquired who they were Attempting to telephone I got my Girl in law s name. Rude woman said she had 3 felony affidavits Excellent. I told her Cap I did t understand her. Would t tell me any ting else and hung Upwards on me. My Partner called back and a Pleasant Girl said they had nothing on my dagger within law. Must be a error.

Post by Guest,

901-313-8550 scam artist saying they are out of litigation services about a payday loan. saying they will send you personally for jail and file Legal Costs along with your state attorney

Post by xxDOCTORSLEEPxx,

9013138550 Really rude. My Partner talked for him and he said I Desired to telephone him. He said that I 've a pending criminal case.

Post by Michael,

901-313-8550 Searching for someone I vie never heard of before. They said that they would take me off that list. Your message that if you personally don t phone back Afterward you wave your own right to an Lawyer. Your simply Trouble is you have to waive your own appropriate for counsel Somewhat through a verbal or written statement. That written statement has to be witnessed and notarized also.

Post by Deborah,

9013138550 They just called my Parents house for me and said the same I had a court appearance thus on thus on than proceeded to phone her a cracker.

Post by Casey,

901-313-8550 This is a black guy that will not let me Discuss. I wanted for understand who that Business was what was the debt and more data. He had my name but nothing else. Saying a court case would become Set against me. After I said he needs for Cease calling he said something terrible to me and Put Upward. The guy is located in Tennessee.

Post by Missy,

9013138550 This number Only called me an said I demand to called back by the Finish of the daytime. So I blocked the Amount VIM is what they will get.

Post by Jen,

901-313-8550 This can be definitely a scam. Similar messages was left on my Telephone Additionally. They use scare Strategies to lure Simple Folks. Don't Answer.

Post by Nisa,

9013138550 I got a missed telephone out of W. I called it back and a Girl had my name and asked me if I was her. I said yes. Afterward she Validated my last 4 Numbers of my San . And they were right. She placed me on hold. Subsequently another Woman comes on that line asking that same Information. Then she Areas me on hold. Then a few black guy gets on that line and says that I had a right to remain hushed and anything I state could be used against me. Subsequently he says that line was recorded. He says that I 'm being Priced for bank fraud. And there was a affidavit against me. He says that he was going to request a warrant become Released for my arrest instantly due to a payday loan. Then he hollered loud as hell asking if I ever took out a payday loan. He would let me Discuss. He talked correct around me. I asked him for stop hollering. Subsequently he accused me of denying that payday loan and said I would be arrested and that I took Outside a loan for W. and defrauded them through your bank. He placed me on hold 3 times. Subsequently when I request him what was he talking Around he slammed your phone down in my face. That Owner ID Areas the Amount in Tennessee. I can 've a previous payday loan for W. W From years ago. Anyway your entire phone call was Odd. This guy was very rude and loud as hell. .

Post by tom g,

901-313-8550 THEY Can Stick IT WHERE Sunlight DOE SN T Glow.

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8182511784 Complains by Doug,

SCAM. . Replied and many Girl tried for state I had an Excellent bill from a doctor I d never heard of.

6146829222 Complains by Guest,


7188082981 Complains by Guest,

Societal Press scam

4036809155 Complains by Guest,


8665941234 Complains by Guest,

It s not spam. It s Com cast trying to Accumulate a bill

3019657839 Complains by Guest,

Quite tough to recognize talked fast and along with thick accent after Th time ascertained he was many sort of on line pharmacy. I am on a Don't Telephone LIST. Shut these Individuals down please.

3103106002 Complains by Guest,

loan spam

6153871012 Complains by Guest,

I answered that call and it was a record saying That FBI has I immediately hung up after that. Your idiocy of America these times.

8776497482 Complains by Guest,

They're horrid and their pop up won't Remove away you have to Close your computer away. They pop up every time I come on my computer. Can there be anyway for get rid of them. . . . . . .

5867468114 Complains by Guest,

quot hi I'm looking for a Girl to pee within my mouth I'm serious and i will be discrete will you can it. quot W AM

7182805433 Complains by Guest,

several thousand a week

4078010124 Complains by Guest,

Calls multiple times a day. Don t response any calls that don t identify their name along with Owner id. AT amp T limits how many calls I can block W . Achieved my Control. Way too many Rob calls nuisance calls. FCC needs to make law changes to Cease these unwanted and harassing calls.

7705723692 Complains by Guest,


4156891843 Complains by Guest,


9494635140 Complains by Guest,

Asking if i demand swift cash. I can get it wired for my account.

9512820335 Complains by Guest,


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