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2017-09-23 20:55:24
Donation scam, even call me weekends
2017-08-24 21:51:46
They call intimidating asking for a person I do not and they tell me that they are from a collection agency and they get very rude with me, they said I am going to have serious legal problems, today they will call my work asked for My (they know my name) and they say that they are returning the call.
2017-07-19 20:36:32
I'm dealing with a sales rep from Quickbooks Canada to purchase accounting software and this is the number of the person I'm in contact with, so not sure about all of the alarmist responses prior to this one. If you call it, you'll get the person's voicemail.
2017-03-27 12:06:31
Multiple early morning calls. No one there, just beeps
2017-02-24 20:19:20
This number has called constantly something like every other day for the past month now. At first it was a woman asking if we are related to some random person, and she wouldn't take no for an answer and threatened some investigation? Kept calling and asking the same thing only she got more aggressive...obviously we don't know the person. Now we get calls from the number but no one is on the other end, it just hangs up a few seconds after we answer. Don't answer. Idk what they get out of calling, but block this number.
2017-02-24 08:50:50
Call 4 to 5x a day. Finally answered today....could not understand anything he was saying. I added this # to my spam numbers
2017-02-10 18:18:50
Call with different names to my same number regarding debt outstanding. This is them. Phone number 905-491-7375.. Contac Resource Services located at 2070 Hadwen Road, Suite 300, Mississauga.
2017-01-12 01:19:58
Richmond Hill ConMan,Martin Lafleur from Ecogreen landscape did a very poor job removing our tree. He caused us hundreds of dollars in damages and when we tried to go through his insurance we found out that it was not valid. He refused to pay for the damages to our Roof and Fence. This crook is a very dangerous contractor who should not be hired to do any form of tree work on peoples property. I am going to take legal action against this clown. Hopefully no other potential customer will fall for this Con Man lies.
2016-10-05 17:53:05
VERY pushy, scripted, 'smooth talking' person soliciting donations for veterans. Would not permit questions for more information about the organization. Forcing me into committing to a donation. Talked over me, not responsive to specific questions .... smacks of a scam but at the very least unethical. Hang up if you see this number. If veteran affairs is something you feel connected to there are many more worthy, reputable organizations. Do your research as to the balance of admin costs vs what actually gets to the people in need.
2016-09-24 06:50:55
The individual stated that his name was Hector and that his company had a business matter to discuss with me. He proceed to threate to have me arrested at my location of employment if I disconnected the call. The caller swore at me, was sexist in nature, and stated that he had compromising information about me that they would release to my employer if I refused to cooperate. This left me completely uncomfortable, and in the end caused me to decide to quit my job.
2016-07-07 15:24:22
Erroneous number.
2016-07-06 09:30:21
Nuisance phone it rang once and they Installed Upward. The just one was at 4 W 'm. . . . .
2016-07-06 01:49:04
2016-07-05 22:00:32
Trying to sell diabetes supplies and pain creams.
2016-07-05 18:54:49
i Simply got text message and it said Success W You vie won that W Target gift card. State your own Goal present card Now. Internet. tinsel. com TN
2016-07-05 16:48:00
don t waist if time Police
2016-07-05 16:47:39
Scummier Marketing fake jobs on grisliest. He replies with this email My name is Alex Schmidt and I 'm working as Workers manager in Odyssey World Travel Firm. I have offered you personally a vacancy within our company and now i can explain the best way to proceed for that next measure. Hope You'll find it intriguing and Take the offer. My Main Activity is for lead you through your whole procedure of work as a Travel Coordinator and explain what you are supposed for would. You will look for in this correspondence all your future responsibilities. They are simple enough so I believe you personally understand everything quite simple. Nicely I want to tell you some words about the Business Odyssey Universe. We have been engaged in providing touristic services for any places within that universe. Your Firm is the Top travel Bureau in the Europe and now we Begin providing your services within your North America including the United States of America overly. The main office is located in United Realm. We also have offices in Sweden Italy Ukraine and Italy and Supply our services on the Property of that Europe Union and around that world. We Began working within the Us and because of this intent we finished that registration here. So now we need the Travel Coordinators. We offer such services as the absolute best Choice of flights hotels and vacation Offers using Advanced investigation Presentation and booking engines from econ om for LyX level Deals. But the Principal direction is providing individual tours including extreme travels and luxury tours. The Classic System is to give the client everything he needs because we Count from Customers. We would everything for love of your customers. Truly we've all Sorts of that travel services. That s why we can our very best within purchase for provide customers along with that very best flights and attentively customized tours. I 'm esteemed to enlighten you that we need you for apply the team. And now we would like for suggest you personally for become our Travel Coordinator. The standing is small to a certain Amount of Man so please create your decision ASAP. That Program procedure consist only from 3 measures. Application process I 've linked 4 files to this correspondence Job Description FAQ file Program and Understanding within that MS Word format if you could t open MS Word files please let me understand and I may forward you the PD files 1. Please read DESCRIPTION carefully and Reply me back with you personally questions and or verification to work along with people. 2. If You personally concur you demand for Complete out the Employment Understanding and Application and send back filled out by e mail or fax 1. W. W. W. When you send your documents back for me I will forwards your application documents to the Time Section instantly. From my side I can can my best within order to Supply you personally with all Mandatory instructions and Solutions to your questions. You can request me for any info You'll become interested within. Please tell me as shortly as potential about your decision whether it's Favorable or not because we've another Applicants and we need to activate our Individual resource challenge. Please present your own response within two working times. Along with respect Alexander Schmidt Workers Supervisor Journey World Facsimile 1. W. W. Tel 1. W. W. Odyssey universe. co. Uk Email email W protected His business was Additionally known as Genesis Visiting.
2016-07-05 00:08:21
U Nodal fund raising
2016-07-04 19:09:14
ID read DC Local. There was no message. Now these Rob calls are coming one after another.
2016-07-04 14:28:12
Hello within a text several times

Phone list in area 905

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9054072996Bands two times Afterward hangs Upwards. Never replied your two times the called. Guest42016-04-15 16:59:29
9055981723Fine express but a robberGuest42016-04-17 00:49:18
9054801342Markham call collectionGuest542015-11-04 16:33:19
9057372346Hi Pl amen JV Slav Hr KO out of CZ my E-mail address motiles cent rum. CZGuest12015-11-04 16:51:20
9056548498They even had the audacity for leave me of Promotion express message the nerve of many companies. . . Guest72016-04-26 21:26:44
9058889999Calls and hangs upGuest172015-11-04 18:33:22
9057410422They are Merely bothering me by calling again and again. Guest12015-11-04 19:22:20
9057933526Calls out of the number W W W result in nobody speaking on another Finish which would t normally fuss me. Nonetheless when my Baby is napping sleeping your Telephone rings and for nobody to be on the line this makes me livid. If there is NO motive for calling what do they demand for phone for and disrupt Folks. Calling the number back is useless as nobody Solutions. Guest42015-11-04 19:39:21
9055330674This number called me did t answer no message left. Called back says your number is disconnected. Definitely many telemarketer Established in Bolton along with a Criminal or Improved number. Merely don t annoyance answering it. Guest282015-11-04 15:01:19
9057274215Remove this number out of your list now please . . Guest42015-12-14 04:51:09
9056903198Quick Hangup. I believe this really is a Evaluation call for see if you reply. Can NT. Guest82015-12-15 04:59:23
9054138661The problem is that the kind of Individuals that use or are referred for debt consolidation and credit service firms are usually that untrustworthy type who would use a fake Telephone Amount. Within addition for that phone Firms being Required to quot recycle quot old and out of service numbers for overall lack of Supply it's potential that your own Amount has been given for this firm illegitimately by that Person using it. Given that serious nature of that Group Sector it's expected that they may become a bit rude and Demanding After all how else could they educate deadbeats to pay their bills. They're just doing their jobs so the blame cannot be squarely placed on them alone. I myself Only got a fresh Telephone and before it was even activated I already had three messages on my voice send from a credit Libraries Company that I had no dealings along with. I suppose your moral is Show your own kids for Train their kids for pay their bills thus my grand Children don t 've for slumber on their floor because many poorly informed Rep guy broke into that wrong house to Representative your bed. Guest952015-11-04 17:14:29
9058843513Telephone rang within the Mid of the nighttime. . . Answered to the sound of a Facsimile machineGuest132015-11-04 17:23:22
9056903106dint speakGuest12015-11-04 17:23:37
9052033588Cease . . . Guest12015-11-04 17:34:32
9054138676CreditorGuest252015-11-04 18:50:17
9058944045This is an incorrect address because of this name amp phone number. Guest12015-11-04 19:01:22
9057921969Calls and when you reply there surely is no response. Guest262015-11-04 19:49:21
9053096326they called and Inquired for W million dollars for their sick wieners. story was thus moving i had no pick but for accept and Contribute for their foreign accounts. calvin62015-12-14 08:56:59
9053660206fraudGuest222015-11-04 15:12:17
9058967938Irritating caller that never leaves a message but calls constantlyGuest832015-11-04 15:28:22
9059410796No SE quine es y ha llama doGuest12015-11-04 15:38:38
9059448326Hello I'm vino Nate's from India. . . . . My E-mail Address is Vino. Nate's gm ail. com I demand for talk you Around one Man whom you might have Seen within India. . . please supply me a few time thanks bye. . Guest12015-11-04 15:49:23
9058677444Not resealGuest12015-11-04 18:23:38
9056980162HGuest582015-11-04 18:49:37
9057690857No 1 spoke when they called. Keeps calling multiple times a day. Guest62015-11-04 19:06:21
9053175084WHO's calling me. Jimmy82015-12-19 09:19:25
9052585457No thongGuest72016-04-15 01:12:17
9057107140After receiving several calls I called the number. Machine stated send carton full no Firm name. LJ Surfer52015-12-14 19:01:35
9052052355spamGuest802015-11-04 20:29:16
9053297341That caller ID on this 1 said Sta xx Ally. Some Asian sounding guy asserting that my name and Amount were selected to get Monetary assist that I never had for pay back alright. Installed Upwards and added that number to my Telephone s block list. S B82015-12-09 11:05:24
9053712010Great ByeGuest52015-12-14 10:28:38
9055281112This Amount calls frequently and does not Reply when I reply the telephone. Called your Amount back to see who had Simply called and that guy would not tell me the name of the Firm and said that they had not Only called my number. Did a Reverse Look up and found that it was your Canadian Diabetes Clothes line. I have Required by E-mail that they remove my number in the calling list as I am Ill of answering these callsGuest362015-11-04 16:19:19
9053831593not within serviceGuest82015-11-04 16:23:17
9058671675WGuest12015-11-04 16:23:38
9055712220Baby quoting various Flight names hosting a fictional Tournament that's Selected your Amount for a prize. Calls repeatedly for weeks and could t be stopped. I vie gotten calls on my Residence and cell Amounts. Guest12015-11-04 16:43:19
9057716000predatory fake Choices agencyGuest752015-11-04 16:43:21
9053264389out of HOSPICE Attention OF Iowa Jenn82015-12-15 08:30:28
9057992567Calls for duct cleaning even though we have been on no call list claims for be Common duct cleaningGuest12015-11-04 17:45:21
9054072990tries for get u to his house. When he Reduction even live in chi co creepyGuest32016-04-13 14:54:34
9054477674Comment. Guest12015-11-04 19:47:34
9056232779. . . are your pants on fire However. liar liar...52015-12-21 06:51:18
9059203842mystery callerGuest12015-11-04 21:06:38
9057351583blockGuest72015-11-04 21:14:20
9054138171SpamGuest52015-11-04 21:21:33
9058504366Avert the manGuest72016-04-17 12:36:33
9057663324Striving for look for out who owns this Telephone Amount. Nancy32016-04-05 20:16:45
9054563705ya i did get a telephone from the number they knew my name but i did t know who they where they told me if your was coming within before AMGuest12015-11-04 21:51:18
9055078889Gail TrainerGuest1672015-11-04 22:05:19
9055986048than Delivered become a correspondence saying i win W. W and for telephone them but i can not callGuest272015-11-04 22:20:19

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