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Recent reviews 906 Telephone area codes 2019-08-21T22:16:07+02:00.

2016-07-06 12:23:29
Northeastern University alumni Cool call
2016-07-05 23:37:04
no name
2016-07-05 23:22:21
The number continues for phone my home and cell number. This is A SCAM caller. Don't supply any of your personal info EVER to anyone over your Phone. . When I told them I m record that call and 've contacted your local law enforcement they Put up. They claim to be American Express they're NOT. When I contact 'm ex they said they never contacted me.
2016-07-05 16:36:40
got 3 calls the evening PM til current.
2016-07-05 02:43:17
stop calling me your BLOCKED
2016-07-04 19:19:24
Mindless idiot
2016-07-04 17:04:30
i got a text from this number that said Hi my first name an they never responded back. . .
2016-04-20 18:10:04
who has got this Telephone number .
2016-03-03 15:11:26
just calls for fight
2016-02-22 22:39:29
Not talking
2016-02-16 09:53:40
Weary of getting hang Advantages when I reply my husbands calls
2016-02-16 09:34:04
keeps calling every day
2016-02-16 09:29:02
Said I was going to get arrested tomorrow
2016-02-16 09:28:55
Credit card crap
2016-02-16 08:50:01
I acquired a phone out of this Amount and I would love to understand if its a valid Amount.
2016-02-16 07:22:36
I have been receiving a 1 2 text messages per week in the following phone Amount W W W that reads as follows quot Your own entry last month has WON. Go to a W present card to Very best Buy and to use this link for claim it. HTTP Www. very best Purchase. com. BBC. biz . State id W and enter your winning code XX XX to State your own free W Best Buy Gift card. quot Note I REFUSE To Acknowledge This SCAM BY GOING For THEIR Fraudulent Web site. That Person RESPONSIBLE SHOULD GO To Jail.
2016-02-16 06:49:39
2016-02-16 06:22:55
That is Mom's
2016-02-16 06:06:03
They keep calling me several times a day. I never Choose Upwards because I am at work anyways but never a message. They're calling after last week I was becoming many calls from a Distinct number which was used by Universe mark Durham timeshares. The could possibly possibly be that same people.
2016-02-16 03:38:27
won t leave message

Phone list in area 906

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9067861503Your own number was blocked from WGuest52015-12-14 16:23:55
9062098746Recording starts along with quot Hello Seniors quot . I wish there was an Choice to Avoid all SPAM calls. Guest1312015-11-04 16:08:29
9067624461Keeps calling your store at least W times consecutivelyGuest82015-12-15 17:00:57
9062518274Attempt for see somethingGuest12015-11-04 18:28:38
9063739743only calls for fightGuest62016-03-03 15:11:26
9063642527I 'm not Taking your calls at this time. feel free to notify Scott. Guest12015-11-04 20:35:23
9062268081calling your Individual who had the Amount before meGuest12015-11-04 17:46:38
9062491669blockGuest42015-12-18 20:20:15
9064693254You all would recognize this is a Enormous Nationally SCAM that is taking from those who are the most innocent Correct. Like your sweet little widowed grandma. . Obviously they're Pirating Ph s and so Way they're evading law Administration probably making Millions Using many for keep out of becoming Found and it's going for cost people in higher rates and the innocent ones get Ruined. . It's up for you for Cease the. . Guest542015-11-04 20:59:57
9067534844Calls and hangs upJJ42015-12-08 16:54:49
9062507456PervertGuest82015-12-09 14:41:00
9063966416SpamGuest12015-11-04 22:50:38
9062286960This Individual is very rude and Places me on hold and does not state he s going for. Threat s Around legal action and won't Show what Firm they're calling out of. Once the Individual get s me to answer any of his question he needs my bank info appropriate away. . . . Guest62015-11-04 23:47:23
9062250094when redialed get me stage no longer within serviceGuest22015-11-04 23:48:38
9063739087My computer showed a virus threat for tepid. com siteGuest32015-11-04 23:55:24
9062254230phone everydayGuest62015-12-14 09:21:33
90622849323 calls so far since 9 'm. It s now PM Simply acquired that third call. No Notion who this can be. No message left. Guest62015-12-14 08:33:04
9062212705Hung Upwards on meGuest392015-11-05 00:51:23
9062392109Number no great. Guest12015-11-05 00:59:38
9062031374calls and calls hangs Upward when answeredchristy62015-12-19 20:24:27
9063982872Somewhat threatening tone of voice told me that my case had achieved his Table and it was in my own best interest for return your call. I don't have any credit cards or debt thus no idea what its Around. Won t waste my time calling back. Guest32015-11-05 02:46:24
9062360854this number has been altered or disconnected thank youGuest22015-11-05 03:18:23
9064871398Called and left no express message. Seth72015-12-08 16:30:35
9063611636I answered when my phone rang. . . . no just one answered. I 'm on a don t phone list. Guest42015-12-15 00:54:46
9062820738It called Around many kind online contest. It s on my telemarketer block list now. FreshCoffeeParts72015-12-19 18:07:33
9067234808I replied and they hung up. All I heard was a beep before the line went deadGuest42015-11-05 06:41:24
9062237845NoGuest82015-12-14 11:05:42
9065862118Called 2 times. No 1 on other Finish. Called back. Facsimile type machine Solutions. Guest52015-12-16 08:01:47
9063966566HarassmentGuest82015-12-15 03:45:37
9067234800The cell owner is a Criminal. Guest42015-12-15 00:15:26
9064589126Prank text messageGuest82015-12-16 13:30:46
9062718123creepy guy who refuses to leave you personally alone. Guest12015-11-05 10:08:38
9067481206this can be out of Sales Power. com Robert Cook82015-12-19 17:28:43
9067419483YGuest12015-11-05 11:20:39
9062362516Senate Strategy election callGuest82015-12-14 10:45:59
9062842014He is always calling and saying that they are going to find us and everything else. Guest52015-12-09 04:28:09
9064804880why are u callingGuest42015-12-20 08:55:26
9063154196do not answerGuest12015-11-05 13:53:38
9068842083Only my neighbor. LolaGuest22015-11-05 14:07:24
9067867535older male voice called and said he was along with that special Olympics and asked if i Needed to sign Upwards for the particular race and started laughing at me i asked if this was a joke and he got barking noises at me i Put up he called appropriate back and i hung Upward againGuest192015-11-05 15:22:29
9067851453spam don't pick Upwards block asapGuest482015-11-05 17:17:24
9061434081Seemingly this nigger is your 5. 0 I asked he hung upGuest42015-12-20 11:14:46
9063604965They call i said Hi. They quot Hi quot and would respond to me afterwards for any of my quot Hi s quot or quot who is this quot then Installed Upwards. Guest12015-11-05 17:46:23
9066623939do not upset meGuest12015-11-05 18:17:39
9068693187harassmentGuest12015-11-05 18:25:39
9066624800They vie called twice this week. I don t answer Amounts I don t understand but there's never a messageShauna62015-12-19 22:14:18
9063672792Cheers Lee I m an AT amp T Customer and I m gonna block that Amount. . takib62015-12-21 06:55:04
9066620308don t know Owner but leaves messages on my Telephone don t know her and is leaving threat please have her remove are am making a report thank youGuest12015-11-05 23:11:24
9067899714goGuest12015-11-06 00:17:39
9063872248iGuest12015-11-06 00:30:38

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