9083254021 / 908-325-4021

Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group - New York. Newark, NJ. Essex. United states
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39 complaints
Post by Rosemary,

9083254021 All they said was goodbye

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 You own Afterward nothing they're scampers block them from your own phone OK

Post by Frank,

9083254021 This is Pose amp G they left a message to let me know that payment that I got was acquired.

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Offer amp G thank you personally to your payment

Post by Carole,

9083254021 The call was legit. It said Create amp G on my Owner ID. It was a recorded message for let me know that they obtained my payment AFTER your next month s Invoice was printed and Directed}. It proposed me what my correct equilibrium is for next month s statement.

Post by Ron,

908-325-4021 Scam consistently call your Actual Peg number not the number they telephone from they could spoof Telephone Amounts. Look up this kind off scam online.

Post by Guest,

9083254021 PEG recording

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Received a phone out of this number and it was PEG calling for thank me for my payment.

Post by LCOOP,

9083254021 It is PEG Group Section not a Business trying for get you to Change providers.

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 You personally live there they are scampers Simply block that Amount OK

Post by steve69,

9083254021 That is NOT scam number. Present amp G Charging. They called to say I had a credit on my account. Nothing poor here.

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 They are Simply scummier and you personally demand to block out of your own Telephone OK

Post by Guest,

9083254021 They called me at Am n simply spoke Spanish. If u cannot Chat English don't telephone me.

Post by Joyce,

908-325-4021 The was Create amp G affirming my online payment. This was legitimate.

Post by Alice,

9083254021 They are Merely scummier and you personally need to block from your own phone OK

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Called quite late

Post by Alice,

9083254021 Don't be Stress they are scampers Attempting to steal your data okay Simply block them from your phone

Post by Diane,

908-325-4021 Like Carole 8 W W wrote above that is just what they were calling about receiving my payment after the Invoice had gone out and advising of Present equilibrium. I vie never gotten the before and it was on my cell Telephone.

Post by pem59,

9083254021 Got a call as nicely. Owner ID Said Cause G Cu st SC Note that I have JP amp L for Electrical not Pose amp G.

Post by Mike,

908-325-4021 And they make you personally wait W minutes for what.

Post by Michelle Holden,

9083254021 keep calling and hanging Upward. they don t leave a message

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 DNA

Post by Guest,

9083254021 Harassment really disrespectful

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 spam mm

Post by Alice,

9083254021 You live there they are scampers Only block your Amount OK

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 Telemarketer

Post by Barb,

9083254021 confirming my online payment along with Offer amp G

Post by Paula,

908-325-4021 This can be not a scam in any manner. It is Present amp G calling. It s legit.

Post by Janet,

9083254021 This really is Offer amp G They called for affirm an Suitable for this day.

Post by KL,

908-325-4021 verify payment received

Post by Guest,

9083254021 Demand to Quit calling did t request for any data.

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 You personally own Afterward nothing they're scampers block them from your Telephone OK

Post by Joe,

9083254021 That is legit it was an automated telephone affirming my online payment. Exactly why hassle though. I use online payments thus I don t have for use that Telephone or paper ha ha.

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 the automated call claimed they are out of Cause amp G and Inquired for Selected out of Choice 1 or 2 to confirm if they're calling seeing the appropriate account owner I hung up instead

Post by Stinky,

9083254021 SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . i think House is within on it. above post That follow inf is out of PEG s Site. Residential and little company customers 've reported receiving deceptive phone calls from individuals pretending for become Cause amp G Workers. That callers demand that customers make a payment within hours using a Green Dot Cash Park a kind of pare paid card available at pharmacies and convenience stores. Offer amp G does not Take these cards. Create amp G offers a assortment of payment Alternatives and would never require a customer to use 1 Unique kind of payment. Pose amp G customers scheduled for disconnection due for nonpayment get Composed notice on their Invoice at least W times within Progress. Any customer who has uncertainties Around the Validity of a telephone from Present amp G Specially 1 within which payment is requested should phone people directly at 1 W W PEG W . W As lo i cant locate this number anyplace on their website. this can be a SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM SCAM. . . . SCAM

Post by Guest,

908-325-4021 quot Collector quot Don t hassle answering

Post by Mike,

9083254021 Legit letting me understand my payment arrived after that Statement was Published and informed me of fresh equilibrium. Appears a waste since I can perform the mathematics myself.

Post by Alice,

908-325-4021 Do not become Stress they are scampers Striving for steal your info okay Only block them out of your phone

Post by Mike,

9083254021 Voice send said it was confirming a payment I made Now within the amount of that payment that I did really make today. Not confident exactly why they called since I make payments online all the time but nothing was suspicious or out of the ordinary.

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8326170945 Complains by cAf,

I never answer my Telephone anymore when I don t know who s call and have Additionally turned away my replying machine thus these idiots cannot leave a message. Being on a Don't Phone list is a big joke.

7135885290 Complains by Guest,

I need D asap. Text message

8002808603 Complains by Joe,

left a message to phone Star Vacation Team.

4072799250 Complains by alberto,

the number call me she asked my name i said who is the and she Hung up

8704897292 Complains by Guest,


4153339999 Complains by Guest,

Recorded message upon answering

9376480239 Complains by Incensed by Scammers,

Number called under the pretext of Card Services. Told the stupid black woman off who tried to scam me by sweetly asking for my credit card number, in the guise of lowering my interest rates. These idiots can go to hell!!

4015339774 Complains by Guest,

hire Active insurance

8003169414 Complains by John,

Got a phone out of the Amount W W W asking for someone here at my office by your first name of your company owner here. When Inquired who was calling I was just told Ashley . She kept asking is the name of business owner here . and I kept asking her who she was. Eventually I got from her that she was calling for UCLA and that she was calling because someone Recorded as your own reference. I Inquired her for her last name and for more details about why she was calling including about whom. She refused for offer me more information and kept asking if I was . I said that is a peculiar manner to would company and Afterward she said it dozen t subject I 've another reference. We Afterward said goodbye and I did an Net investigation of that number from which she was calling and discovered that they are United Cash Loans. Quite awful Outlook. These debt collectors are sleazy. I have no Notion what information they were Striving to obtain. But what they are doing either is prohibited or should become prohibited.

8002900092 Complains by Charles Morgan,

Tam Jones from OCR International Telephone W job W Deserve from the United States Post Office Don't know these Folks or want to hear from them again.

8002998301 Complains by Bothered By Calls,

I was getting calls enjoy Statement W Feb W which said I would love for speak to you Around a company Associated question. This is not a sales call. Press 0 to Chat along with me now. I eventually pressed zero today. When a lady answered I asked if she knew of a Do not call list . She said she was not bound by that and Inquired if a Man was here and I said no. She said she would telephone back tomorrow and hung Upwards. So I called her back and asked for be taken off that list. I got nowhere. She Installed up again. I called back again and spoke for Maybe her boss. I told her they had the wrong number. She said they would take my number off your list. We will see if it worked. . . I go ogled RAMS and the phone Amount. It looks like they're a Group Bureau.

8042120714 Complains by James,

Hi have called me every day at least once this previous week. They called my Residence Telephone as Have it as component of my cox bundle I gave that number Outside for really few kin for crisis. They must 've tapped into a Telephone Service or into cox s system. . . . They do not leave a VIM or no name Correlated with Owner ID. Take care.

8003180870 Complains by I just got hit,

Idiots did it to some PSYCHIC

8003036585 Complains by Hanh Le,

Thanks Don Williams It s your big help . I did go to your website and everything is Ok now. Cheers again.

8042349032 Complains by Cory,

Just bought a Dodge Ram W as well and surprise. Your calls out of this number started. . . f ockers

8003154907 Complains by bruce,

These Con artwork is are Managing from a house located First Monetary Headquarters W Russell Street San Diego California W . They have called many times under many names. We arks them not to phone again and they hang Upwards on people. I think they're within that company of ripping Folks away. Remain away from them.

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