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2017-10-02 18:37:28
This company is a scam. They ask if you are still moving your business, or plan to move. Have called our company several times. Each time we tell them to stop calling and that we are not moving. Still the keep calling and then rudely hand up on you. Try to call back and you get the phone is not in service or has been disconnected message.
2017-09-29 18:35:29
This number calls me multiple times a day. I haven't answered it because they've never left a message.
2017-09-12 20:53:47
2017-09-01 15:56:03
They call me several times a day. They don't leave any messages.
2017-08-18 16:49:53
Called with some kind of heavy accent saying this was the last attempt to reach me and that the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me. BS!! It was a recorded message.
2017-08-09 23:09:45
913-742-7040. NVS or Nations Valuations appraisal management service. Calls regularly, hoping for fee quotes, or in amc language; free quotes. Waste of time, like who wants to split fee with middle amc managers? I certainly don't. They don't get a clue either, I've had them on block for a full year and they continue to redial all the time. I'm not answering any fee quotes for amc's and will find a new line of work instead of appraising before turning back that page. NVS, try, try again, try, try hard, but fail, and fail, and fail again. I'm not answering, clean up your lists already. They even auto dial back again when my nifty call blocker auto hangs up during first ring, because it's a completely automated telecom show. These guys have no business in professional real estate valuation services arenas. This is an aggressive middle management company for real estate services, and they don't know how to clean up their lists. 10 years later, it's likely most of the reviews for people bothered by this company are on recycled phone numbers, but those numbers probably used to belong to real estate appraisers. NVS calls 24/7, with aggressive phone sales tactics to try and scam state licensed appraisers to work for half fee and double speed. What a great deal, if they mention any lender association that's merely because they're temporary agents handling appraisal order distribution or something similar along those lines.
2017-07-19 19:37:18
they call me asking me for personal info as DOB and SSN I told her that I can not provide that info on the phone!
2017-06-28 19:41:31
I was charged $100.00 for what I don't know! I think there should be some kind of "class action" law suit filed on these people. Who in their right minds would think they can get away with something like this!
2017-06-14 19:34:39
called 3 times. did not answer.
2017-05-25 03:23:58
They called me twice today. No message.
2017-05-23 20:25:18
This number calls me several times a day and never leaves a message.
2017-05-23 00:04:42
Scam Alert
2017-05-19 04:52:44
Received a call from this # did not answer and no message was left.
2017-05-09 15:27:53
Number belongs to Hendricks Chevy. Sometimes it is a legit call from them. Other times it is a scammer or phone sales spoofing their number so you don't really know who is calling.... Blocked now.
2017-05-01 20:24:02
hang up
2017-03-29 18:05:10
This # calls 3 times in a row without leaving a message.
2017-02-21 21:38:04
Caller doesn't say what she is calling for, she just leaves random messages to call her back, when called back it goes to an unidentified voicemail. She should identify herself and provide call reason in her v/mails.
2016-12-24 21:58:57
Claiming to be from royal cruise lines. In Kansas there is no ocean. Told them to quit calling.
2016-12-12 23:36:28
ask em to phuk off....
2016-12-01 23:55:55
Caller said he was investigating 'name' due to fraud allegations. Not 3xactly sure what the problem was.

Phone list in area 913

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9139330061ScamGuest62016-01-14 10:30:42
9139330063Aggravated Merely hangs upGuest52016-01-14 10:30:41
9136519849I got a phone from the number. I called back with a different number and it went to voice send. Their express send was two annoying sounding girls saying quot Hello Hi leave a message after your tone quot If they were correct in front of me at the Second I would t hesitate to Strike them within the face. Simply saying. Guest52015-12-09 21:33:02
9132840405Jennifer would sent sound enjoy she gives blow Occupations so. . . . . . . . shes spam in my own eyes Sorry Jennifer life sucks u should tooGuest702015-11-04 15:04:04
9138266280this person is seriously harassing me. Guest62015-12-19 09:20:35
9133123285This number called today but nobody said anything Subsequently that line went not alive after 4 seconds. Guest42016-04-29 08:09:04
9139044979Leave callerGuest12015-11-04 16:45:18
9135635520Unknown. Guest812015-11-04 16:57:39
9132715163Purpose busyGuest12015-11-04 17:18:16
9135864723won t Cease callingGuest42015-11-04 17:23:33
9138157335Sorry you have accomplished that wrong Amount. Guest452015-11-04 17:24:04
9139370732Ill and weary of these calls no message and i do not answer calls i don't knowGuest192015-11-04 17:38:04
9138022434AllegoristGuest512015-11-04 18:17:04
9137886580Phone call Around a student loan which is a Number of crap because I do not 've a student loan this is really suspiciousGuest1552015-11-04 18:18:04
9137327627Awful irritating text supporting me for Skype and See a Web site miniature. URL. weirdGuest192015-11-04 18:18:04
9138716939Affordable Well-being insuranceGuest242015-11-04 19:00:35
9132259096Has a Kansas Place code says Kansas City quot Missouri quot on your caller I. D. that should Banner it right away. rings once then hangs up. Happened 3 times Now. . . Guest62015-11-04 19:10:32
9134983986States you've been Picked to get a W Gift Card out of Wall Mart Simply enter code FREEGuest42015-11-04 19:30:33
9139441322Dead beatGuest12015-11-04 19:58:18
9133709454Arabian cruise LineGuest182015-11-04 19:59:38
9137317569Mad Ex I NEVER desire for Discuss to again. Guest12015-11-04 20:05:17
9134517700This quot David quot is a Complete scam. He has placed Advertisements on Craig s List offering jobs and Afterward tries for scam Individuals out of cash which he has done. If you see this number report it for crags list and local Authorities department. They have warrants for him already. Guest42015-11-04 20:18:33
9135435272Got 1 phone out of the number did t answer it because I wan t around your phone at your time. Guest142015-11-04 15:03:33
9135635505Hang upGuest722015-11-04 15:07:39
9137320782No reply then a hang up. Guest82015-12-09 22:17:40
9136771142Student loan helpersGuest432015-11-04 15:18:04
9137751645Calls numerous times a daytime never leave a messageRay82015-12-14 18:04:42
9134285004It s for a Iowa City charity. Sadly there s no way for Select out it s consistently just a recording and they won t be getting any Contributions from me. I recognize that Cool calling is 1 manner for charities for reach Outside but that is our fourth call out of them the week. Guest62015-11-04 15:19:39
9134165057Calls at all hours never leaves a message Guest432015-11-04 15:23:39
9133709458Curse line offer. Guest42015-11-04 15:44:16
9134613534don t let. leave a messageGuest82015-12-20 04:14:01
9135587114been calling me off the hookGuest82015-12-08 21:53:27
9136740579BlockedGuest202015-11-04 15:51:39
9135635503SpamGuest562015-11-04 15:55:39
91322831223 calls in W hours from a foreign sounding female Striving to Discount timeshares saying this USN t a sales telephone Guest92015-11-04 16:04:32
9132718530never for contact me Span. . . Guest22015-11-04 16:04:38
9137305716Calls and hangs Upward. . . Guest52015-12-20 03:21:10
9132206432Calling but not leaving messagesGuest62015-12-14 17:39:24
9139041951They keep calling my business an automated voice says quot goodbye quot a chime sounds Subsequently hangs Upward. Guest192015-11-04 16:47:39
9139999800IrritatingGuest32016-04-03 01:43:07
9138714411got m first phone from this today. trust it dozen t turn into something Recurring. how did that quot enjoyment quot go. . anyone know the best way to Quit that Rob. Guest552015-11-04 17:28:04
9132626850spam numberGuest302015-11-04 17:32:04
9136672721Calls and hangs Upwards. Guest452015-11-04 17:41:04
9138266875spamGuest32015-11-04 18:07:35
9132654862Phone from Kansas. Did not response. Thank god for Mr. number. Guest1202015-11-04 18:07:38
9134334971Called me W minutes Past. Said it was on your same property line as meGuest72015-12-16 20:47:09
9139993509Your phone Bands you answer no one thereGuest62015-12-19 11:42:50
9132030064bye crazyGuest62015-12-17 20:46:28
9136241568No messageGuest282015-11-04 19:16:39
9135785458WAC. Offering to Finish my tax Difficulties. Guest142015-11-04 19:20:33

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