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2017-08-31 21:43:47
pharma scam
2017-08-11 19:51:36
On Friday, 8/11 @ 1128, I received a called an Ann Gallagher, who stated she was calling from Optimum and that I had a large bill with this company. I stated that I live in Westchester County and that we have TimeWarner/Spectrum and I never had an account with Optimum. She stated that I have outstanding account with Optimum and that the account was opened when I lived in Long Island. Nope, not me, I have never lived in LI. I CALLED Optimum who did a search have in their respective odds under my full name, old addresses and SS#, there are no records to be found with the info I supplied to them. When I tried to call Ann Gallagher back, got a recording "we are unable torecognize the number you are calling from, please enter the number you are calling from". They called my number, why do you not recogonize my number? THIS HAS SCAM written all over this. Be careful and forewarned.
2017-06-02 21:25:11
Don't wants get this number
2017-05-12 22:23:53
Caller calls all day night long doesnt leave a message . stop calling!!!! 9142194520
2017-04-19 06:54:03
Fake name on dating sites. Wants pictures. Scammer, Do not call
2016-12-19 17:05:55
How do you use your internet???? Thanks a lot.
2016-11-06 06:32:47
This number calls my phone everyday , 2-4 times. I don't answer and they never leave a message. I'm deaf so I don't talk on phone, caller must leave a message. Please don't call me anymore
2016-10-13 19:30:06
didn't recognize number. didn't bother answering. didn't bother leaving a message. = Spam/Scam
2016-09-18 02:56:43
Number has called me numerous times in past 3 days claiming that the irs is filing a lawsuit against me , to call number back for more info. Its a scam. The irs doesn't pass info like that over the phone.
2016-08-15 08:50:14
I don't need big dick pills, I tell them this but they call to sell me big dick pills . No more big dick pill calls!,
2016-07-06 12:18:54
Nationally edge mortgage company
2016-07-06 06:09:31
No calls. . no messages. .
2016-07-05 19:48:03
Got the call. . . but I just Moved to Fido. Did not answer instead go ogled the number and came here. Cheers will be certain not for answer.
2016-07-05 19:44:33
I 'm becoming calls out of the number every week. I 'm never House when they telephone and they don t leave a message and when I telephone it comes Upwards as Confined. I 'm glad I Viewed it Upward. It was driving me insane. The number is out of Brand new Port Richie Fl BTW.
2016-07-05 17:46:56
2016-07-05 15:34:04
they have called me several times a day since i got that mistake of giving my for something on Facebook but every time i answer that call they hang Upwards immediately. . . it s Operating me nuts.
2016-07-05 09:26:55
Loose my Amount please
2016-07-04 21:34:34
I vie been getting phone calls out of W W W your last 2 times and they don t leave a message. When I phone the number it says the Amount i have accomplished was disconnected.
2016-07-04 13:18:25
W W W I've got this crazy feel W Chief st Texas TX no building their and your address sits Hit Pat within in the Centre of triangle. Very bored quite clever look Upwards John four twenty
2016-06-21 08:41:34
First off I don t know Anyone at the number my cell Simply listed that number during it s Telephone Waiting Work. Owner screamed at me quot Hello. . quot I replied quot Hi who is this. quot Owner screamed quot Hi. . . quot 3 4 times Afterward Put Upward.

Phone list in area 914

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9142191881TGuest602015-11-04 15:00:40
9142144212TelemarketingGuest122015-11-04 15:22:37
9142954089Yes please become cautious of him. He Additionally goes by Port. His other is W W W it's a scam. He takes money out of many for Only 1 apt. I know I work overly hard to be scammed out of my cash. Spread the word. Guest32015-11-04 15:28:38
9143399509SpamGuest482015-11-04 15:42:40
9142948386its Kirby Machine salesGuest52015-12-18 23:49:27
9143490461Fake LandlordGuest12015-11-04 16:03:19
9142289159no No NO. i don't want your E fin serviceGuest102015-11-04 16:34:37
9147408259This is a School hunt advisor. I had called Ultraviolet of Phoenix and I figure they would provide out your own number. Girl was very Fine and she said she would add me for the do not call list. Guest72015-12-10 00:29:50
9146820700Not spam . west med calls for verify doctor appointmentGuest22015-11-04 17:07:41
9142944088Calls always. Leaves no message except a droning machine sound. Not a Facsimile machine. Guest1232015-11-04 17:15:05
9142677908Left a voice mail that was entirely hushed. Abbey62015-12-19 06:45:02
9142190243I Simply got a telephone out of this number overly. State troop and no message. Thanks for leaving your own Remarks here Men. Guest572015-11-04 17:28:58
9143395611SpammersGuest552015-11-04 17:30:06
9143395670Spam they phone twiceGuest732015-11-04 17:42:40
9142288533John has a loan for youGuest252015-11-04 17:47:40
9142242233Lower credit card solicitation. . . ANNOYING. . . Guest2052015-11-04 17:49:05
9149843453Centre For Behavior Therapy W Red Roof Doctor Rye Brook NY W Phone W W W . com The Centre Offers a Full Range of Services. Your Centre Offers a Full Range of Services Professional Help Is Offered for People Adolescents Children People Couples and Groups Union Consultant Anxiety and Depression Self Regard Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Union CounselingGuest22015-11-04 18:10:39
9143395664CDCGuest342015-11-04 18:11:40
9144653308Continues for phone over amp around. Never leaves a messageGuest62015-11-04 18:17:38
9143399645Did t answerGuest82015-11-04 18:18:40
9147060726man enhancementGuest62015-12-14 14:34:47
9142157498I obtained Controversial text message from this phone number which is Really a computer sending messages wonder how that happens . . Guest32015-11-04 18:24:37
9146747100Not spamGuest32015-11-04 18:31:39
9143399738Harassing callsGuest202015-11-04 18:46:38
9147128148Owner Maintained to be along with the Government saying they were suing me for over W taxes owed between W and W. I informed them that this isn't Accurate and that I have copies of my tax Yields as Signs. I told them to get away my back and that I would be bringing a case against them for defamation of character. But they still insisted I owe the Government cash. Guest232015-11-04 18:57:09
9145272959Kick rocksGuest12015-11-04 19:06:19
9142000054Keller Realty agentGuest52015-12-21 03:23:55
9144886011Called my cell X. Consistently a hang up. Guest52015-11-04 19:17:39
9143127261Who is the clown calling. arl52015-12-17 20:04:53
9143395643WAC Client services. Guest472015-11-04 19:28:40
9142466962Grisliest ScummierGuest62015-11-04 19:40:37
9143399668A few type of particular promotionGuest552015-11-04 19:56:40
9142942431Calls each day no messageGuest972015-11-04 20:19:05
9144993486Google crapGuest672015-11-04 20:19:41
9145302369Don t answerGuest262015-11-04 20:19:41
9144213006We are being harassed from W W W. they are looking for someone at a Distinct Amount but they telephone me and my wife on our cell Telephones. Guest12015-11-04 20:24:41
9145368912Man out of a traction keeps harassing me for no reasonGuest12015-11-04 15:09:41
9149632720plays gamesGuest12015-11-04 15:10:20
9142275803Spam Around lowering my credit card attention rateGuest2112015-11-04 15:13:05
9143575298BlockGuest62015-12-13 22:49:14
9142102670Fake policeGuest292015-11-04 15:43:40
9146656059Called at 8 W am EST well before allowable hours. We have been on the DC list. Caller ID said Mt. Vernon City. Guest192015-11-04 15:51:41
9143520852I hate becoming these Telephone calls. Don t they understand that we know it s a spam. I just don t response them. I know the area Rules where my Pals and family member lives. Guest1182015-11-04 15:52:07
9143000038send text through text plusGuest72015-12-09 17:17:03
9143344576YesGuest682015-11-04 15:56:06
9142190268WHEN You Telephone The Amount BACK Record STATES Number Isn't In SERVICE. Likely It is A TELEMARKETER. Guest112015-11-04 16:37:37
9144731960no voice messageJacob52015-12-20 01:05:49
9146196009no messages. or. TeXesGuest112015-11-04 16:59:39
9143395648Congratulations This can be WAC as a Reader. . . . Guest392015-11-04 16:59:40
9147190011Desire SS Guest312015-11-04 17:06:41

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