9142190243 / 914-219-0243

Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group. White Plains, NY. Westchester. United states
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Post by LC,

9142190243 Caller ID says State Troop . Let go for answering machine and no message left. Contacted local NY SP barracks who Validated they NEVER call for solicit funds from anyone. Scam to get money from you personally.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 What good is a don't phone registry when we get calls out of the and other Amounts daily.

Post by Barb,

9142190243 Caller ID shows STATE TROOPERS. They have been calling 3 4 x week. I do not reply and they don t leave a message. Annoyed. . .

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 I told him your NYSE Troopers don t ask for Contributions and he hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 CID says State Troop. Phone answered after second ring but no response then telephone disconnected.

Post by fedupagain,

914-219-0243 Got a phone from the Amount 1 W W W. No one was on. It said not within use on caller id. When is the going to Discontinue.

Post by Corinne,

9142190243 called ID says state trooper. I don t pick up.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Calls non Quit. CID says State Troop. Telephone back and get express mail no one available. On would no phone registry. Quite annoying

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Why can t the Officers Discontinue the. It says when I did Change appearance Upward that they r out of white plains NY and it s a property line and that Provider is peerless network. Could t something be done. I vie got a lot of stress and don t this crap added to my stress.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 called multiple times and no message left. called and asked for my boyfriend his name is listed on your phone Amount I said he wan t here and they said they d call back. Called again W W at W 'm no message. Called W W W at 7 PM comes Upwards State Troop and W W W I said Hi twice and they said my name in a creepy sort of manner dragged out I Inquired who is the. a couple of times and then I said I was going for report them and they Installed Upwards. The Strange matter is that my name is not on your phone Amount in any respect. Creepy.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Previously Blacklisted number State Troop called our DC Enrolled acreage line on W W W W W PM out of Armonk Town NY. I answered this time and your caller Inquired for me by name. I told him there was no just one here by that name. He said he would remove my name out of his list and Installed Upward. Did I Land across a better manner for Cope along with these scams.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Calls everyday. Hangs Upward when you personally response. Owner ID says State Troop.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 CID says State Troop. When phone is replied Link is Lost.

Post by hacked in binghamton,

914-219-0243 W W W called at 3 W PM I replied he said he was a trooper organization your trooper organization something enjoy that. I told him he was a con man and to never call me again I m sure that will do it. These scum don't have any conscientious. Interestingly all the time I talked horns blew outside my window. I wonder occasionally if these calls are drive by Wii hackers. What ever. The words NOT In USE appear on my Owner ID.

Post by anonymous,

9142190243 got the same telephone as you but officers tell me they 've never seen any money out of them.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Time to make it a Felony along with W to W yrs. in jail

Post by Guest,

9142190243 They Desired me for commit a payment in helping exploited Kids and I told him I don t do anything on your Telephone and he said if I make a commitment now he would send paper work Outside and I said no cause I could go to my own trooper barracks and help and donate there. I hung Upward cause I don t trust anyone on the Telephone.

Post by LG,

914-219-0243 Same trooper numbers Arrived Upwards for Thus annoying

Post by Big Heart,

9142190243 I received a call this morning August W W at W W Am from the NYSE Troopers asking for a donation to help Sufferer of drunk Operating Injuries and to help fight drunk driving on your roads. Is this for Actual or Simply another scam.

Post by Enough,

914-219-0243 NY State Troopers don't solicit funds. These Folks can say I did not say NY State Trooper but State Troopers. Coy

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Calls several times a day.

Post by James Evans,

914-219-0243 I got a telephone out of W W W and the called ID said State Troop. It was a call and they was asking for Gifts. I told that Girl the it was nothing more than a scam. She told me that they have a website and i replied anyone can 've a website. She Afterward told me that the Contributions could Begin out as low as W. W . I replied for her as Did t you personally hear what i said that this is a scam and proceeded to hang Upwards on her. I within turn called your local State Police barracks and they informed me that they as well as that New York State Attorney General was well aware of these scam calls. .

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Calls and no just one can there be

Post by Pam,

914-219-0243 This has called several times leaves no message. Caller ID says it's State Trooper

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Numerous calls Day-to-day Leaves no message state troop I d and was calling for weeks. Needs for get a life.

Post by Fair enough,

914-219-0243 I get a call out of here Regular that Owner id states its from your state troopers. I know it s not them. If you might have Verizon you are able to block that caller out of your Television I Only did it

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Multiple calls per daytime never any message left. Hang up

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 They have called your DC registered Amount numerous times. They hang up before I can End telling them not for call again. I called the Amount back and left a message along with the phone number and telling them not to phone here again. If they can I 'm going to that FTC.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 they call and i state Hi and all they would is hang up

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Called the DC Enrolled land line on W W W W W PM from Armonk Village NY. Caller ID shows State Troop. No message was left. Merely another W scam. Now Blacklisted. Does the Peerless Network cater to scampers.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 The jerk has called 8 times within the past 3 days. Thus now i m calling back and telling him for get lost because the only donation I ll ever create is out of my taxes that I m forced to pay. I m calling back once a Second for every call out of this Amount that shows on our Owner ID. Everybody would the same.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Calls and leaves no message

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Spam

Post by Jack S.,

914-219-0243 Police Sheriffs Fire any Crisis Participants state within All of their literature and websites that they Do not Call Folks for Gifts. . Particularly Unsolicited Calls. Thus know just by that action they're committed fraud. Some Folks May}n' autumn because of this esp. older People or those without computer accessibility who don t or can t Assess your number as we re all doing here. Thus if you personally Ever Get Among these calls again and a Real Individual Requires you personally for Gifts for Complete in which department. . . . Subsequently Please. . At the least Take Down your Caller ID Amount Name What they said The Date Time and offer a phone to your non emergency Amount of your Location law Administration. Feeling somewhat tired of these Folks. Here s something else you are able to do Request Them So I m believing You Got My Name Off Of Last Years List of Donors. I could t supply as Substantially as I did Last Year But I can do a W that s Ok appropriate. Oh Good. . You personally See My Grand Daddy who I never got to satisfy was a fill in your expressionless and so I like for present in his recollection you understand. . . . Followed Periodically by Hello. Hi are you personally still there Hi. Could u still Notice me. Oh No. . Hello Hi. Followed by That Storyline of How You Lost Your Cell Phone within That Sink or Bathroom While Shaving or Getting Prepared For Work a few days ago. . and now You might have Problems With The Speaker It Goes in and out and correct i can Hardly hear you personally Could you personally Hear Me. Hello. You re Breaking Up I Can Barely Notice You Whatsoever Now I m So Sorry . . . And I Don t Even Have a House Telephone Anymore. . Stupid huh. Oh WAIT. If You can TEXT ME the Text Works Great Still. . Thus just Send Me That Info I need You personally Understand Your Where and That Hows of It I Don t Recall where I Directed} your cash for Last Time whatsoever. . Was it in Gosh en. Simply go with whatever makes You sound legit for Get Them to TRUST You Desire to Send Money and That Tex ting that info is Safe For Them. . Makes Sense. Hi. I Can t Tell if You are able to Notice Me In any respect Now . Only Send it all within a text and I ll Send it Outside in that send for you first thing in that morning alright. Thanks again for doing what you personally can. quietly to Yourself Suppose I should hang Upward I can t hear anything now. . . Dumb cheap Telephone. . . Now if They Go For It And They Text their private money carton Information to you personally You Got em. Provide that Info immediately for your Law Administration Individuals close you personally If you personally re going for telephone them be sure for look Upwards their NON Emergency Number and phone that 1. If they refuse for send or Present you personally any more data. . or you personally don t feel comfortable doing that part Afterward simply supply them Your Info which you Can have. Your Amount that popped up and their story . Now You personally May}n' have seen right through them But other Folks might not be as savvy. Websites such as These are Great for checking account out these kind of phone numbers and phone calls. . . But By he simple fact you personally were Cool called you personally Haydn t called them first type of matter Subsequently THAT should be enough for you personally to know The Odds of Them Being Legit are very low. And so making law enforcement Conscious of the scam they ll make others aware of it as they try and shut them down. Working Jointly we may do manner more than Only hanging Upward or swearing at them right. But it s all on what You're feeling cozy doing. Depends in your conditions and again what You are feeling comfy doing or not doing. I m definitely NOT telling you personally for offer out any of Your Personal Information to Anyone Ever. We 're After THEIR Information. O. K. Then. If anyone has gotten even more info already then put it down in here overly so as to add it in when we create the calls within. I think these kind of Who Called Me Sites would a whole lot of good. Cheers Folks. When we make it a part of your Day-to-day lives to keep eye and ear open to the welfare and needs of others. . . we lower your chances of doing a Town Meeting that begins along with the customary But they appeared so Fine . How long have they lived next door for you. oh about W years or thus . hmm. . . perhaps that s a Component of that problem. We either Only don t Create that time. . . Or we Only Actually don t attention. Either manner it makes me think Fiscal hardships arena t really your Key reasons for your Upwards swing within ides . Jack

Post by (518),

9142190243 The week 3 calls on Owner id STATE TROOPERS 1 W W W no message. So sick of scumbags. I trust your Actual TROOPERS offer them a jingle

Post by LG,

914-219-0243 This number calls twice each day no message. Completely annoying. Appears for be telemarketers

Post by Guest,

9142190243 they simply phone Day-to-day maybe 2 times once again we do not answer

Post by annoyed,

914-219-0243 first telephone from this Amount left no message

Post by NervousCat,

9142190243 Got same phone from same Amount which displayed STATE TROOP on Caller ID. I won t answer since I am intimated by your caller id message. I consistently feel enjoy if I don t donate for them I can become on the short list to get a traffic ticket thus I just don t response in the least.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Why are state troopers calling me. I called Amount but it said it was not in service. What happened for DC.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Scam says state troop

Post by Steve,

914-219-0243 I Simply got a call out of W W W with CID STATE TROOP. There's a W W Th Odds this is out of a scam artist. Don't become fooled. They and dozens enjoy them are not telemarketers they are no charitable fund raisers except for line their own pockets by stealing your Identification. By the way there should become an option for con artist or identity burglar within your telephone type.

Post by LG,

9142190243 Same trooper numbers Arrived Upwards to Thus annoying

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Troopers soliciting cash.

Post by Moonshine Maker,

9142190243 Fundamental NY Got a telephone from the same did t recognize it thus did t response. I expect it s from either Card Services Con Ed ES Research or someone else from an annoying telemarketing TM call Centre enjoy all the other calls we vie gotten from your W Region code are. We don t understand anyone within this Place code so we May}n' Merely block that whole Region code all Jointly. The calls come in on the CID as from W W W from Armonk NY W W W W W W from ES Research W W W amp W W W from Brownsville NY Con Ed and W W W from Tarry town NY Card Services . Feel free for block these s yourselves they re Simply annoying TM s. Cheers for your posts here.

Post by madcitizen,

914-219-0243 These people are annoying. They claim to be your NY STATE Police. They're not. They don't get that point. I am becoming mad and they are Experience that wrath.

Post by SR,

9142190243 CID says State Troop. These Individuals phone incessantly. Beware The NY State Cops don't solicit funds over that Telephone. It s a scam.

Post by Kplan23,

914-219-0243 Previously Blacklisted Amount State Troop called our DC registered acreage line on W W W W W PM out of Armonk Village NY. I answered this time and that Owner Inquired for me by name. I told him there was no 1 here by that name. He said he would remove my name out of his list and hung Upwards. Did I stumble across a better way to Cope with these scams.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 numerous calls from here

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 called multiple times and no message left. called and Inquired for my boyfriend his name is Recorded on the phone number I said he wan t here and they said they d phone back. Called again W W at W Am no message. Called 1 W W at 7 PM comes Upward State Troop and W W W I said hello twice and they said my name within a creepy sort of way dragged Outside I asked who is the. a couple of times and Subsequently I said I was going for report them and they hung up. Your Bizarre thing is that my name is not on our Telephone number at all. Creepy.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 Called ID says quot STATE TROOP quot and no 1 can there be Afterward they hang up. . .

Post by Kplan23,

914-219-0243 This caller is using a Peerless Network line. Every Peerless phone I get from around your country is a scam.

Post by Lynda,

9142190243 Two times this week. Thus sick of it. I live in NY but exactly why would I supply for an out of town Authorities dept. . Exactly why would I present anything. Blocking tonight I don t work tomorrow and want to sleep in. I could ensure they will be calling while I 'm Attempting to slumber.

Post by Kplan23,

914-219-0243 The caller is using a Peerless Network line. Each Peerless call I get from around your country is a scam.

Post by Guest,

9142190243 I just got a phone from the number overly. State troop and no message. Cheers for Making your Remarks here Men.

Post by Guest,

914-219-0243 Get calls Day-to-day. . . . . what good does it can to be on a NO Phone List . . . . . . . Scummier . .

Post by anonymous,

9142190243 got your same phone as you personally but officers tell me they 've never seen any money out of them.

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8134215487 Complains by Guest,

Out of phone number Building app

7732333248 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling occasionally they dint talk or they take some time to come Upward along with BS.

3176204500 Complains by Guest,

when we answer the phone they hang up

4126576436 Complains by Guest,

telephone me back when the gs mes

2487054200 Complains by Victoria,

Got a call from this Amount at W. PM I did t Choose Upwards.

2488544221 Complains by Guest,

he a grown guy called my W year previous and made threats.

5122120809 Complains by Guest,

this Amount is from service for you

8089489575 Complains by Pain in the [***],

Pain in the

4793874143 Complains by Guest,

W calls a day

8603275580 Complains by Guest,

The Amount is spam Connected.

6189939657 Complains by jon,

Louise called told me I was a Success in a Tournament. She never Offered the name of that Competition. I was guaranteed 1 of 4 prizes Lincoln Navigator W W 2 R T Air fare and 3 Times within La's Nevada or that islands or a W Toshiba Rural Tv. All I 've for would is display Upward at Vacation Inn within Georgetown in Washington DC. I was given a claim Amount and told for bring 2 ID s Specifically Driver s Permit and a Credit Card . Louise never mentioned I d 've to listen to some sales Message.

5127486433 Complains by Guest,

broken Notice ted

6316821439 Complains by Guest,

Attempting for steal my social security number

3014764289 Complains by Guest,

Is this A Caring Approach Marriage Counselor within Bethesda MD .

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9164580915 Complains by Guest,

A Man at this Amount continues for phone me and when I response there's never a Result. Your Amount is from Folsom Ca.

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