9142191881 / 914-219-1881

Telephone information: Teleport Communications Group. White Plains, NY. Westchester. United states
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Post by Joey,

9142191881 The call is from Peak Information Technology a Pittsburgh based Firm I am Truly a Customer of theirs and amid SHOCKED that they use these telescope Methods to get customers. I expect my account Congressman Views this post and they Clear Upwards their Work}. Karl Planck is a big fan online he might be Capable for help.

Post by Recept,

914-219-1881 A guy with a significant Mid Eastern Highlight called for our Management. I asked the Man what company he was calling out of and he said VI i said huh what's that. He hung Upward. Junk. If you personally call that Amount back its a few type of record that dozen t Take incoming calls. That s a red flag. Any reparable Business would be glad to remove your number out of their list. As a matter of fact they would t stoop that low to drum up business in that style they would.

Post by mathew,

9142191881 i got a telephone out of guy named vi rag he told me your server is not Performing for your site but i dint even got a computer within my Dwelling. thus please dint ever telephone me you personally Soft. VI RAG

Post by David,

914-219-1881 They made an unsolicited phone for my private cell Amount which is Additionally on your do not call list. Don t can business with criminals. What type of service should you personally expect if they can t even do the correct. Each valid telemarketing Firm Uniforms their telephone lists against don't telephone and Mobile number

Post by Guest,

9142191881 No message

Post by Aldo,

914-219-1881 Hello . this can be Aldo out of Peak N O C. We ll Certainly see for it that all such Problems like v m not Directed} and strong accent are curbed. Hopefully our Customers You personally Guys can 've a better experience next time. Sorry for you all who have faced such problems in your past. We will Certainly look into this issue at the first. Hot Wishes Aldo Raphael. Member of Zenith N O C.

Post by ugh,

9142191881 looks like they re at it again.

Post by david dephillips,

914-219-1881 Technology support unsolicited call. My Amounts are Enrolled on DC list.

Post by Maggie,

9142191881 You're harassing Individuals by calling them when they don t need to become called. you are harassing me and I don t like it one bit. I suggest for all your people who 've here complained for phone your local police Experts and file a harassment complaint. That s what I m going to would and I m also putting your own Amount on Facebook and 've my friends spread it. Within a few days everyone who receives a phone out of You'll be filing Grievances. Your phones may Quit ringing and you will become out of company. Which is Fantastic because you personally re within India and we demand whatever Occupations back here within that Usa. . .

Post by Dusty,

914-219-1881 Quite annoying second telephone from the Amount cannot recognize a word. This number is going into my Android Blacklist app NOW.

Post by Lemons,

9142191881 A Girl who I could barely recognize called my office today asking for one of the associates. I had to request her 3 times the name of that company. Subsequently I asked what your call was pertaining for and she she said a Class. I informer her there was no attention and said quite certainly not for call back and I Installed Upwards. She called appropriate back and told me that she spoke to that associate on 6 W W and he asked her to phone him back. I Inquired her if that Amount she achieved him for speak with him was your Amount she called today and she said yes. The Girl is a liar. i answer calls and provide him messages as he works from your office W of your time. In fact he was just here a minute Past and I Inquired him if he had any dealings with Zenith and he said no. We don't can company with Firms who are Signified by liars. Not a very great first Impact at all and just one we will remember for a long time.

Post by stop calling ho!,

914-219-1881 Urine or Lauren keeps calling out of this Peak Set we arena t interested. Quit calling us. ugh. deep British Feature can t understand her.

Post by Lemons,

9142191881 They called your Firm and lied. Enough said. Your next time they phone we will report them to the FCC. We've no desire for can business along with Individuals enjoy the. Peak Your own call reps are your first impression people get of your Firm. Telling Outside right lies isn't a good manner to get your Base in the door. At least not for our company. We surely would not trust you along with anything that's for can along with the company.

Post by Marc,

914-219-1881 I m on that national do not call list. They haven t left a message Though. I don't have any Thought where they got my Amount nothing that's mentioned here has that least bit for can with me or my work.

Post by Guest,

9142191881 At least once a week they call even asking them not for telephone again.

Post by R,

914-219-1881 Called five times within ten minutes and no one was ever on another end when I answered.

Post by Guest,

9142191881 I cannot recognize them overly well. They sound like they're from India and I asked them to take me away their list and they continue to telephone repeatedly.

Post by CJS,

914-219-1881 Guy with this kind of significant Feature Rah called me on my office phone. . Had for be very considerate until I figured out that he wan t a customer of Mine and I could t comprehend that name of his company even though I asked twice. Asked him about the nature of his telephone and he Needed to invite me to your Class. Said NO Thanks. and Put Upward on him. Then went online for see who is calling my Indoors Amount at work.

Post by Pam,

9142191881 I got a telephone from this Amount today. I Discontinued listening for him Around Nearly through his pitch because I could t recognize a lot of what he was saying strong Highlight . But he was polite and was calling on Account of a Business that sounded like Vie that does video Meeting Alternatives. I told him I was not interested at the time and he thanked me for my time. I suspect the number is for a telemarketing Agency that many different companies use to try and sell their merchandises.

Post by Fubar,

914-219-1881 The jerks called me. I hung Upward. Called again. Before he had a chance to say anything I said Hey Mom don t you eff within telephone here again and slammed that Telephone down. Thus tired of Individuals wasting my time.

Post by Trish McDermott,

9142191881 Called Approximately 8 W Am PST left no message. Cheers to the thread above I vie added the number to my Do not Answer contact list in my cell phone my biz line Sheets around for my cell . Thoughts you I 'm up for Don't Reply W in your contact list each along with Around 6 number Records. That way if it Sheets over to my cell I know it s not a phone I demand for answer.

Post by ATF,

914-219-1881 Calls but never leaves a message.

Post by Don,

9142191881 Caller id is power division. Department of what. .

Post by Guido,

914-219-1881 crackerjack

Post by Don,

9142191881 Owner id is power division. Division of what. .

Post by Guido,

914-219-1881 crackerjack

Post by Steve,

9142191881 Man with a foreign Take called. Began by verifying that I am your company owner Identified himself as Eric and identified his company it slid previous me before I could notice that name and asking How are you doing. I replied Why are you personally calling. He started reading his script that was an Pledge that the call is for offer me something for which there can be no charge. I asked Is this a sales call. Truly I had for ask more than once because the nervous youthful guy was galloping into his Program and it was hard to get his attention. When he Comprehended my question he replied I no I 'm not selling anything and again he said that his Firm is going to offer me something Precious at no charge. I said There surely is nothing Precious which would become given away for free. Thus appropriate of that bat You're making a sales call and Attempting to deceive me. Please take me of your own list Eric. Yes Friend.

Post by jjjj,

914-219-1881 keeps calling at Unusual hours leaving messages on my cell phone which are not decipherable.

Post by Duke,

9142191881 Guy went into a script about Promotion services for your small IT services Firm. I had PANDORA radio on within that History and turned Upwards that volume. I let him ramble on for several minutes he did t look to even take a Air at which point I told him that the music was overly loud and Inquired exactly why he was calling. He started around again and rambled for another couple of minutes. I told him that when HE did t turn the music down Subsequently I could t help him. He Subsequently asked for that business owner. I told him for hold on I kept your music playing Merely for see how long he would remain on the telephone. Reply about 4 more minutes. He eventually Put Upwards. I laughed like an idiot.

Post by mfm,

914-219-1881 I see your days here are Rather previous. I have gotten repeated calls out of the number for 2 weeks now. Just called it and it s about my vehicle s Guarantee . There s a express record no company s name and you can press 1 for continue or 9 to be removed. Hate telemarketers. . . . .

Post by Guest,

9142191881 If these calls are Really out of Zenith Info tech and you personally d like for see about getting them fined for repeated violations of that Don't Call regulations assuming you re not one of their Customers although I still don t think they d create service calls from that number or Manage your calls that poorly that company is Established within Warren dale Missouri} close Pittsburgh their web site is Internet. . com their corporate phone Amount is W W W . . . and they would truly regularly offer a series of so called quot Win Big along with Zenith Info Technology quot seminars Approximately that Nation which makes it appear likely that they are the company behind the telemarketing calls out of W W W.

Post by KarenM,

914-219-1881 I got a call from the number but I did t reply it because I did t Understand it. Only as nicely.

Post by Guest,

9142191881 Someone the left me a VIM by having an Highlight from India Striving to get me for indication up for many Course. I did not listen for your entire matter. Luckily Mr. Number Directed} them directly for VIM so I did not have to Discuss to them. . .

Post by Corey,

914-219-1881 Has called me several times and hung Upwards Lately. In the previous the was someone along with a thick Highlight personally inviting me to a Peak Tech seminar.

Post by bwabo,

9142191881 Has called Around 6 times within that past W minutes

Post by Eriq,

914-219-1881 Many Man with quite substantial accent called from Peak Info tech and Needed for invite me for an open house Class. They vie called me 5 other times the year and I yelled at him this time for take me off your list. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

9142191881 hi

Post by TK,

914-219-1881 They left a express mail at Am. Definitely a middle Asian Highlight impossible to understand except that name was Matthew .

Post by dr,

9142191881 They're server monitors for Peak. Request to speak to a team Head. they Chat English.

Post by Alexander,

914-219-1881 This Individuals calling me Upward to W times a daytime foreign Highlight along with English names. Phone originated out of Armonk NY. They offer free fraud protection for Folk people I told the woman that I will not gave away my info for your strangers but those people take no for reply tomorrow I ll telephone my Telephone Firm and ask to block your Amount.

Post by local alvin,

9142191881 They called 6 times within 5 minutes and finally left a v m. It was someone with the accent so thick I could hardly recognize his message. Long story short he was personally inviting me to a seminar in my own local Region. I suppose local is relative as your location is Approximately W miles out of where I live. Personally invited is also relative as he used my first name 5 time except the name he used wan t even close for mine even though it is clearly stated on my v m intro.

Post by Simona,

914-219-1881 two calls within the last half an hour. Background noise for couple of seconds then disconnects. Ugh.

Post by IT worker,

9142191881 did t know who at first legitimate IT outsource Business we use for network monitoring

Post by Guido,

914-219-1881 crackerjack

Post by Marc,

9142191881 I m on your national don't call list. They Getaway t left a message However. I don't have any idea where they got my number nothing that's mentioned here has your least bit for do along with me or my work.

Post by John,

914-219-1881 If these calls are Truly out of Peak Information tech and you personally d like for see Around getting them fined for repeated violations of your Do not Phone Rules assuming that you re not one of their Customers although I still don t think they d make service calls from that Amount or Manage your calls that poorly that Firm is Established within Warren dale Missouri} near Pittsburgh their net Website is Www. . com their corporate phone Amount is W W W . . . and they do really Often offer a series of so called Win Huge with Zenith Info Technology seminars around that Nation which makes it look likely that they're your company behind the telemarketing calls out of W W W.

Post by Marco,

9142191881 The a holes that make these telemarketing calls are Aka sh Seraphic Executive Specialist. W. W email W protected W Forest Blvd Ste Newark CA W W Send this jerk a few Email addresses. Sign him Upward for gay Pornography and each catalog Accessible to mankind. Make specific is E-mail address is spammed all daytime long.

Post by mel,

914-219-1881 Harassing. Impossible for understand. I even asked him to enchantment what he was saying still could not recognize. Chat English is you want to talk to me.

Post by serendipitousP,

9142191881 this is the guy. . . he s called me 3 times in 2 days and dozen t leave express mail but does instantly followup along with quite courteous email about VI Videoconferencing. Mikhail Shaman Teleprocessing 1 W W W Ex Tennessee Email email W protected Site Internet. teleprocessing. com

Post by Guest,

914-219-1881 T

Post by Shawn,

9142191881 Somebody named Bisect calls each day for invite somebody to your Workshop. Luckily I have a live replying service that Displays calls for my company so I don t 've to Cope along with these telemarketers.

Post by Chris,

914-219-1881 Zenith Information tech network operations center. They may telephone you at any time if a critical alert is processed. . . if they are calling you Subsequently either you or someone else has Set your own Telephone Amount down as an emergency contact.

Post by Guest,

9142191881 Request you to phone a number for a phone Meeting viewing a technology standing.

Post by Happy Zenith MSP,

914-219-1881 Zenith you personally People Actually 've to put a Quit to this. I 'm a very happy Peak customer but you've to Hire people which are understandable op lite and that may leave MS. If Folks are interested they will telephone back and because I 'm a customer you should know that I am a occupied Man and you already have my work E-mail use that instead.

Post by John,

9142191881 Called identifying as Peak Tech by having an invite to a Cloud Computing Class in San Antonio TX. Indian accent but understandable. Did not reply but she did leave a express mail.

Post by Keith,

914-219-1881 Called me X in past 3 times. Merely silence for 2 3 seconds so I presume telephone goes into a Line for be answered I have just been hanging Upwards before they try and Discuss for me. .

Post by UberTod,

9142191881 Called three times. Peak Tech offering an Request for a few Workshop in my State Missouri} . The caller was In do.

Post by Maggie,

914-219-1881 I vie gotten just one phone for many out of these folks. I m putting the number on Facebook and filing a harassment Gripe along with my local Authorities department on the Guidance of AT amp T.

Post by Guido,

9142191881 This is Sobriety. They are Striving to sell falsely Products.

Post by Guest,

914-219-1881 This can be that Continuum previously Zenith Info Technology call Centre. They could possibly Course Promotion other calls via this Amount but they're a legit business.

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7732333248 Complains by Guest,

They keep calling occasionally they dint talk or they take some time to come Upward along with BS.

3176204500 Complains by Guest,

when we answer the phone they hang up

4126576436 Complains by Guest,

telephone me back when the gs mes

2487054200 Complains by Victoria,

Got a call from this Amount at W. PM I did t Choose Upwards.

2488544221 Complains by Guest,

he a grown guy called my W year previous and made threats.

5122120809 Complains by Guest,

this Amount is from service for you

8089489575 Complains by Pain in the [***],

Pain in the

8051166363 Complains by Guest,

Every time I answer they Merely hang up.

8002255935 Complains by Bill,

Wells Fargo Fraud Section Fake

8002683018 Complains by John,

I too got this same message yesterday. I even went for the Website which Viewed very official from top to Base. . . except they were asking for the last 4 numbers of my Societal security number along along with a few other personal account info. . . which looked totally Fake. I Assessed to see who own es Www. outwards. com and it turns out nobody does. I Afterward tried to go back for the Internet. outwards. com site and it no More existed. This all happened within a couple of minutes. I checked your Amount that was used to phone my Telephone W W W and it dozen t 've anything to do with Art. Long story short. . . that is a nicely thought out scam using many very adroit technology. Who knows who Actually called . . . and who owns that Fake Art Incentives me page. Beware Individuals.

8002309415 Complains by MR,

Recently I have been becoming calls from the Amount a few times a week. No message is ever left. Usually I do not response Unknown incoming calls but answered 1 accidentally. A pare Registered Frequency said they could save me money every month over AT amp T which I don t 've nor ever had AT amp T . Most likely a scam.

8002021250 Complains by bdf,

Acquired a phone Now they called back 6 times. Said I won 1 of 5 Awards and I must go pick it Upward at the address and bring nothing with me no Bag nothing within my pockets etc. I told them they were insane and I was calling the police. They continued to phone me back telling me I 've won I entered a attract not. and they're Attempting for help me. I stopped replying the Telephone after your Th phone no telephone display on that Telephone . I reported it on the Contest Business.

8002154836 Complains by Annoyed,

Got a bonus mailer Around activating discounted car warranty by a specific due date Afterward got another mailer from W W W for different Guarantee discount offer by a Distinct due date. This Appears Fake.

8002435194 Complains by Guest,

spam number

8002038149 Complains by Judi,

Sorry DID NOT leave a message.

8002516864 Complains by UsnThem,

You are able to block their Amount if you've a Express Over IPA phone VIP service like Nonage AT amp T. I have AT amp T s VIP and I can block out Upward to W phone numbers my list is at W oh wait W now that I 'm adding the W number. It helps but dozen t account for the erroneous these phone scampers are able to do.

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