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Telephone information: Nextel Communications. White Plains, NY. Westchester. United states
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211 complaints
Post by Kurt,

9142275803 I am on the DC list amp should become removed

Post by Mike,

914-227-5803 This Amount should Discontinue calling

Post by joe guest,

9142275803 calls about credit cards that i don't 've please stop

Post by Ronald,

914-227-5803 Do you stop the kind of calls.

Post by John,

9142275803 Barb I Additionally use the air horn. I m sure it irritates them but what the heck fair is fair.

Post by carolyn varady,

914-227-5803 These Folks have called and called. When you personally reply your phone they will not talk to you.

Post by AE,

9142275803 When I Inquired to become removed she said Yeah and I d like to become that King of f king England and then Installed Upward on me. Just that thing is your line did not drop and each time she would pick up the Telephone I was still there. still here Do you personally get paid on commission. Does it cost you personally money when your own line is tied Upwards. Ya know if you personally did not talk like a you personally might sell something still here I was called names that would make a sailor blush. but it was worth it.

Post by Jerome,

914-227-5803 Did t response I don t response Amounts I don t Understand. Thanks for your heads Upward.

Post by Andy,

9142275803 It is for Card Member Services . Starts along with a Rob phone and Afterward if you Drive two it feeds to a boiler room operation. It s a scam as they refuse to tell you what company they work for but that they work along with Over W different financial Companies. . . blah blah blah.

Post by robb dogg,

914-227-5803 Love IT I m Thus gonna use this next time which is awesome

Post by Dena,

9142275803 This Amount called my cell phone. I pressed 2 and asked for get taken away that list and a few guy tried hitting on me and was very unprofessional. He said he Desired my Residence Telephone number and all my info to take me off of his phone list. I did not supply him my info.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 it wear a answer machine they said hold on u can get your own credit card lower

Post by Roger,

9142275803 Leave Calling 4 5 times a day from W W W If you personally want for lower credit card interest rates lower them don t call me.

Post by Alice,

914-227-5803 I heard which you need for add your own phone Amount for that No Phone List each once within awhile to renew it. I don t Recall how Frequently Perhaps each six months or so. I get this telephone two or three times a week all out of a Distinct number. Every time I look it up it s your same Set. I don t have an atmosphere horn but I ll Call 1 for Chat to a live Representative then press a Vital down on the Telephone and hold it. Might not become as Successful as an atmosphere horn but maybe a few day it will wok.

Post by M,

9142275803 I don t reply calls that I cannot identify. . . they could leave a message.

Post by Angela,

914-227-5803 I keep becoming calls out of this number. They don t leave a message.

Post by Buddy,

9142275803 Where do you personally get your own info on their Effectiveness within vetting and responding for Grievances. Or on the pay rates of FCC and FTC employees. Also are you personally conscious of whether the would come Underneath your authority of National agencies state Companies or both and how that power would become Broken up. All this info is openly available. If you re throwing around assertions like that I d Picture you personally would understand what you personally were talking about. But if you personally knew what you personally were talking about I d suppose you d also mention some True facts enjoy how Considerably they pay or what your backlogs look enjoy if they even exist or authority enjoy the fed. and state statutes or re gs under which these calls would be Managed Quite than Simply conclusive statements.

Post by Janet,

914-227-5803 I consider The Attorney Generals Office within your State you personally live it would become your absolute best Set to report things of the nature. Google Name of of State such as Brand new York Lawyer General and you personally should look for their web page that'll provide you personally their phone Amount.

Post by Steven & Cheri Rosier,

9142275803 The same Owner calls Virtually Day-to-day. No subject how much and how Pleasant I am they hang up on me when I attempt to get off their telephone list. How can The Cease. . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 They're talking about a credit card i do not own

Post by J. Blue,

9142275803 quit calling me.

Post by Louise,

914-227-5803 Several Telephone phone out of this number and a few others that phone many times a day but do not leave messages. I don't answer calls out of numbers I don't understand. Once I Check that they're scampers I add that for my Telephone s reject list. . . goes right for email without even ringing. Absolute best manner I understand for Manage these calls. I 'm assuming that the other numbers that are doing the same matter are from your same place. Why can t these unscrupulous Individuals be Discontinued.

Post by Kenny rose,

9142275803 Constantly request that name of their Firm. they will hangup most that time. or do as I can when they dint hang up. . Merely for kicks degrade them repeatedly. con mankind hate to become treated like your piece of crap they're . Had just one phone me back 4 times in a Line Striving to piss me away. he was thus pissed by that time I got done. thought he Holler. Lao

Post by pachins,

914-227-5803 Can t anything be done to Cease these bogus credit card debt decrease telemarketers. It s not always out of the number. I don t even own a credit card. Is there seriously nothing that anyone can do.

Post by Lance Elliott,

9142275803 Taped solicitation for lower debts bills. I pressed 1 and Bag answered. I requested your number become Put don their do not telephone list. W W W W W P. M. PST.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 They call back instantly twice after I pressed the Discount button.

Post by Gabe,

9142275803 obtained a phone from Amount stating it was my Ending detect for lower my APR on my credit card. I paid away all credit cards and closed accounts so I was a bit interested on why I was becoming a telephone out of a credit card associate. Your man User asked To whom am I speaking with. I replied Who are you Attempting to call. Your Owner mentioned Um 've a Fine day and Installed Upward. I called that Amount back and received a voice message stating your caller is not able to receive messages. Sounds like a scam.

Post by Bill,

914-227-5803 W W W i got a call from this Amount they said thy are along with my bank i asked witch bank they are along with and they would not tell me i asked for Speak to a Manage i talk to your Manage and said witch bank are you personally out of and they would not tell me i said I am going to report you personally to do not telephone registry and that said go forward do what every you personally desire i cant hurt them i Inquired for Discuss for his supervise and said i Can report you personally and the supervise told me for go for hell

Post by Richard,

9142275803 I just girt a telephone out of this number. Since I knew the Region code out of other scam callers it was who I thought it was and did not reply. Your last time I had someone phone I had Simply located my old police whistle out of years Past and was Assessment it Outside when your woman answered. This time I Only added them for my block list. Next time I may look for the whistle again.

Post by John H,

914-227-5803 Called and Put Upwards with no message

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Spam

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 No MSG left callback always gets quot unavailable quot MSG.

Post by Called2ManyX,

9142275803 I reported them through your National Don't Phone Registry. If you are not on the list here is where you can enroll or Only enter your Criticism HTTP Web. dentally. gov enroll reg. asp. Cell They contact local and national law enforcement Companies. Maybe someone can nail these People.

Post by kay,

914-227-5803 calls Generally did not reply don t know anyone or would any company out of the Region code. am Enrolled on Do not Call List. Do not wish any more calls out of this number

Post by GA Cell Phone,

9142275803 I don t reply that phone but they keep calling. Occasionally 2 or 3 times per daytime. Really. . . .

Post by JIMMY,

914-227-5803 NOT Great Can NT WASTE You personally TIME

Post by zardac,

9142275803 No Computer Ma tic here either.

Post by dflp68,

914-227-5803 Continually becoming calls from this Amount. I m on your Don't Call list amp However keep getting calls.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Spam Around lowering my credit card attention rate

Post by doodlegirl,

914-227-5803 hung Upwards on me when I Required to be removed from list.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Automated spam

Post by Peter Harris,

914-227-5803 credit card scam

Post by Guest,

9142275803 It was a credit card Business attempt to get me to Alter my card rates.

Post by un-Scammed,

914-227-5803 Owner ID says Wireless Caller Talked to a guy that was a Actual dicotyledon t tell me who your Business was. Told him to piss away Next time I will Work} interested and waste his time

Post by Judy,

9142275803 I replied but there was no 1 on that line.

Post by judge,

914-227-5803 Don't telephone list is another Federal Authorities Section created to supply family and friends a Huge paying Occupation. National Trade Commission FTC and the Federal Transmission Commission FCC are within charge and they would nothing. Literally millions of complaints Submitted and they do nothing. I don t consider they have the brains for do anything.

Post by Alice,

9142275803 I heard you demand to add your phone number to that No Telephone List each once within awhile to Continue it. I don t remember how often maybe each six months or so. I get the telephone two or three times a week all from a different Amount. Every time I appearance it Upward it s that same place. I don t 've an atmosphere horn but I ll Face 1 to speak to a live Representative then press a Essential down on that Telephone and hold it. Might not be as Powerful as an atmosphere horn but maybe a few daytime it can wok.

Post by Doctor's Office,

914-227-5803 A girls called out of a Doctor. White s office asking for a very best E-mail for the doctors office. An email was Supplied. We may see what happens.

Post by Frustrated,

9142275803 Phone me at least twice a week.

Post by robb dogg,

914-227-5803 Adore IT I m Thus gonna use this next time that's awesome

Post by Miss M,

9142275803 A Buddy of mine won enough cash for go on a cruise. I decided today I am going to file a complaint each single time I get a telemarketing phone. It takes 2 minutes.

Post by Not Scammed,

914-227-5803 this number has called me several times and Merely hangs Upwards. I 'm on that No Telephone List that is a joke cause I STILL get calls regardless.

Post by Jomo,

9142275803 Promised to represent all of the credit cards Charge card Learn etc. and mentioned they Needed for Confirm my private info for be Capable to lower my credit card rate and Remove particular fees. Looked for be reading a Software. Would t reply my questions kept on reciting planned Display.

Post by Gina,

914-227-5803 Wow first Rachel from Cardholder Services and now these Individuals. I never stay on your line long enough to Notice what this 1 needs. . .

Post by Matt,

9142275803 Same Specific experience as everyone else. We vie probably been called W times. Simply tried for Discuss to someone twice though. Out of now on I m going for press 1 Afterward head Outside to your Storage away from kids and ask that filthiest porno style questions I can of whoever is on another end of that line until they hang Upward.

Post by Jesse,

914-227-5803 The FCC and FTC ARE Attempting For Shut DOWN THESE Individuals. The Trouble is that they're using untraceable cell phones and many of your calls originate from outside the People. Then again you probably are a teabag who Merely likes to whine. BTW. . . . I do not know overly many low and Middle Amount Authorities officials who are taking Residence GIANT paychecks and you are from line accusing them of Choosing bribes. take your own redneck appropriate wing conspiracy crap elsewhere.

Post by Charlene Allen,

9142275803 This can be among many calls I do not reply. They don t leave a message.

Post by Douglas C Stanley,

914-227-5803 telephone both my numbers twice a week I am on do not call list

Post by Jay92,

9142275803 I have several calls on my cellphone from the above Amount. I did not response my phone and there were no messages left on the answering service.

Post by MIk,

914-227-5803 ditto. . . I 've an air horn. . sounds like a fantastic Notion.

Post by jag,

9142275803 Only got a call out of again and took it this time. Initially it was a Registered message Around lowering my credit card attention rates but I pressed 9 for speak along with a live representative. After a minute a woman came on with the American Highlight i. e. that is coming out of here within the U. S. . She gave a Universal Custom like Hi or something and I Inquired who I was speaking along with. She said card services. I Subsequently asked No what organization. She then Installed Upward on me.

Post by sharkie,

914-227-5803 I keep becoming calls from this number at 1 W and 2 W am. There s no message or record. I m So Change Green pissed Around becoming these calls in the least hours of the nighttime that I m willing to do anything to get them for Quit. Do you stop these calls. I m reading lots of Gripes but nothing on how you can Cease them. Go figure that calls are coming out of New York. You people need for learn to get many slumber.

Post by Krys,

9142275803 I Only got a phone telephone from your . I ignored it because I did t understand who it was.

Post by Nay,

914-227-5803 W W W I get calls from the Amount about 8 times a day on my cell phone . Help

Post by Lee Alban,

9142275803 Record viewing credit card debt. States that is my second telephone and last and final warning. I have gotten this same message dozens of times. Press 1 to Speak for someone and they hang up on you personally when you ask for be removed in the calling list. Total scam.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Spam

Post by Dove,

9142275803 I looked Upward the Amount on the Web and obviously see its a few sort of scam.

Post by Tim,

914-227-5803 I did not use any Particular software I have a Macintosh and I 've been becoming these calls since at least W. Same thing every time.

Post by Matt cail,

9142275803 got a call from the NY Merely called it said they where unavailable hit 1 gave me a few code message

Post by Virginia,

914-227-5803 Sure it s a scam but I Offered them a credit card Amount a FAKE credit card Amount. Additionally gave them a fake Approval code your 3 Number Amount on that back of your own credit card . That should keep them occupied for a while. Oh and I told them I had Simply gotten wedded and gave them my brand new fake last name. I was pleasant as pie for them. Morons. . .

Post by mary,

9142275803 Merely got a telephone out of W W W and your Individual was very rude and was a intelligent . She called me back 4 more times each time calling me names and being smart. Each time it got ruder and ruder. Telemarketers and their business should become fined by that state and National Authorities.

Post by Tom,

914-227-5803 They keep calling my cell phone. Tried to call them back to tell them I m on your Don't Telephone List and it says the Individual I 'm calling is unavailable . Do you personally report these guys. I vie heard of Individuals collecting money out of the sort of telephone because of being on the Do not Call List .

Post by donotcallme,

9142275803 the Amount is owned by Foster Cellular telephone there number is W TELL THEM HOW Happy You're

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Credit card scumbags

Post by R2D2,

9142275803 Yep I got the same old message the first time as you personally did. . . . . . . . . My answer for your Trouble of TELEMARKETERS and others that get Thur the first time is my VIP Telephone Company Coma. . Google it It s my phone system. It has both a common Understood blacklist and a private Blacklist. That personal is exactly what it says and I add your number every time a brand new XEROXING caller that gets Thur. . . Afterward I never hear from them again Among your good things about Coma is you can set up both list for send these calls to various consequences. . I have thoughts to Tell these callers that next time they phone the phone number that they 've called was disconnected. . . . . . Perhaps they ll get the Notion and Stop calling it. . . Since placing the Characteristic Upwards I went from W W of these type calls to now maybe 1 a month. . . . . . . I WIN

Post by annoyed,

914-227-5803 Mindless jerk keeps calling 2 3 times a week says they signify card member services and refuses for add to some do not call list and says they 've each right for keep calling. My Amount is on that DC and the Owner refuses to say what Business they work for and what part of Card member Services they represent. I idea in accordance for the Can Spam act and the laws of Automobile Merchants they have for provide an Alternative for Prefer Outside. . . . . They're calling a private cell phone.

Post by Tim,

9142275803 I 've obtained your same account services cal ll from many numbers around the last couple of years. When I ask that Individual for their company mailing address they hang Upwards. Sometimes I Merely say that the phone is being Registered or that I 'm going for report them to the Lawyer general. They hang Upward within a dash.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Lower credit card rates

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Second find to lower my credit card attention rate. SPAM.

Post by Rex,

914-227-5803 Wireless Owner did t answer

Post by steve,

9142275803 u could Purchase a Telephone that lets you block incoming calls. . i 've an HP office Fly W printer and it Permits me for block numbers. . i 've about W numbers blocked thus Way. . . . when the block Amount calls your own Amount it may ring once and Simply hang up. . . . . they still call but it only rings once

Post by Janet,

914-227-5803 I consider The Attorney Generals Office within your State you live it would become your best Set for report matters of the nature. Google Name of of State such as Fresh York Lawyer General and you should locate their web page that will present you personally their Telephone number.

Post by patrick,

9142275803 credo card scam

Post by John McLaughlin,

914-227-5803 These Individuals telephone Upwards for ten times a month maintaining for symbolize master card and Charge and your other credit cards. They offer for lower your own interest rate but cant tell what cards you've . If they signify your credit card Business s they should already have this information . . . . . What Offers . . The sends up the Red Banner for me IE SCAM Id THEFT

Post by zardac,

9142275803 No Computer Mum tic here either.

Post by Mike,

914-227-5803 Lola these Individuals are Dumb enough for not 've your right information to find Outside individuals who do and do not in fact have credit cards. They will eventually call someone they don t want for call and they can get screwed. Justice my friends can become coming soon enough I got a phone myself talked to some who Inquired if I Desired lowered attention rates and he did t even let me Discuss I said I got a phone and he Put up. and from reading all these places it sounds enjoy he is getting annoyed and may most likely get annoyed and go crying to mommy.

Post by dankdave,

9142275803 You are able to file a Grievance along with National Do not Telephone Registry. HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Criticism Gripe Assess. feature sure what else for do. They Promised they were out of card holder services and I did t press 1 for Discuss for someone because I m worried that will simply confirm my cell phone is a live Amount. What Actually bothers me is I don't have any Notion how they ended Upward sequestering my cell phone number. Calls arena t that awful because I could Only ignore them texts I 've for pay for . . .

Post by P K,

914-227-5803 Gotten same call. File a Gripe with Do not Telephone registry. HTTP Internet. dentally. gov Registered solicitation is illegal even if your own number isn't Enrolled on do not telephone list. Enough complaints and Activity may become Chosen. Firm can be charged K per complaint

Post by Joan,

9142275803 Got a call Now. Finally hit 9 and talked to someone. Told her I 'm on no call list and for take my number out. She did t even have the appropriate last name that I Getaway t used in W years. She asked me if I knew why she called. I told her I understood one matter that is was a scam and she shouldn't be calling me. She wished me a happy vacation and hung.

Post by Miss M,

914-227-5803 A Pal of mine won enough money for go on a cruise. I decided Now I 'm going for file a Grievance every single time I get a telemarketing telephone. It takes 2 minutes.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Ads

Post by Curse Them,

914-227-5803 Simply got a phone out of this Amount talking a few Trash Around this being that final Test for me for lower my interest speed on my credit card. Mentioned something Around a National stimulus but I did t hassle for Drive 1 to take advantage of the option. It would become Pleasant if I had a credit card and they had a legitimate motive for fuss me. Better yet phone me about wiping Outside my Pupil loan debt legally and I might pay Nearer Interest.

Post by teenygozer,

9142275803 Cell Telephone telephone the time how do these Individuals get your phone Amounts. . . They started calling me on both home and cell Telephone Amounts at about the same time a few months after we moved thus someone supplied them with the Information. We have been of path on the Do not Telephone lists but since that is a scam that obviously does not Implement to the company. I also get text messages from scampers on my cell.

Post by Glenn Ribble,

914-227-5803 It is for Card Member Services . Is sounds like a scam using the Federal Stimulation for reduce your own interest rates. You might have for 've a minimum of K within credit card debit your own attention rates be around W and no Insolvency in your last 7 years. They did not need to Supply any data except that they symbolize Charge and Master Card for over W Monetary institutions and when I attempted to request more questions I was told that it did t sound enjoy this Application was for me and they Put Upwards on me.

Post by Michelle,

9142275803 I 'm on a Do not Phone LIST. How do I continue to get these calls.

Post by Adam,

914-227-5803 I reported them to that FCC and for that FTC. We will be scam baiting for attempt and get a few data out of them. I used this in both of my Criticisms They telephone 8 W times per week Start along with a Bacall which says they're Card Member Services using the National Stimulus to reduce interest rates if you might have a minimum of W within credit card debt rates over W and no Insolvency within the last 7 years. If you personally request questions they hang Upwards on you personally or are excessively rude along with you. They offer first names such as David Dan Rachel and Don but if you personally ask their last name or Business name or tell them you will report them they say Great luck we ll just Alter your phone Amount then hang Upwards on you personally. They 've Additionally made extremely rude Remarks toward me and my family. They Additionally call Underneath W W W W W W and W W W Nonetheless I consider they are using spoofed numbers for do thus and the owners of these numbers are Added Casualties of their terrible and popular scam. Please appearance at the following link especially page 4 for hundreds of other Sufferer accounts HTTP notes. com Phone. asp 1 W W Thank you to your time. I hope you will can something about the.

Post by Indy Consumer,

9142275803 They called me with a Registered message. I Sent 1 and talked to your Representative who stated she was along with Credit Card Services Credit amp MasterCard. She asked me to get my credit card and giver her account info including Conclusion date. I did not. I Inquired for that name of her company and sending address which she refused to provide before hanging up on me.

Post by M. Q. Haigler,

914-227-5803 Spam phone unwanted solicitation. Number is on Do not Telephone registry.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 They Said Something Around My Credit Card Account and I Don t 've Any Credit Cards

Post by Ken,

914-227-5803 Keep getting phone calls from the Amount for lowering credit card rates. When I attempt to get them to take me away their calling list they Only hang up on me.

Post by Paul Capes,

9142275803 My wife and I both received calls out of this number Now. It's a telemarketer on credit card debt. Any way for put them out of business. . . . .

Post by thr,

914-227-5803 Really rude hung Upwards on me when I request for be placed on do not phone list.

Post by chuck,

9142275803 unwanted call

Post by chris,

914-227-5803 I hit 1 and asked to become taken off their call list your female on your line said You and Installed up.

Post by carl,

9142275803 junk credit card member services

Post by Rex,

914-227-5803 I value everyone who add for these credit card Businesses that eternally keep calling people even when you personally ask them to Discontinue. They use so many different Amounts it must become value their time amp money for people who fall for this particular garbage. I Additionally obtained your telephone and have been getting them not simply on my Residence Telephone but my cell phone which really ticks me away. Starts by having an automated express that says that is your ND time they vie called you and it s your final call Yes confident. . . . . They simply give you the option for dial 1 on a chance I dialed 0 got someone asked for be removed from their list but that can happen when there is serenity within that universe and everyone is on your same Amount. . . .

Post by Roni,

9142275803 acquired two calls from W W W. Wan t home. Sounded like they started for leave a message but nothing I could recognize.

Post by Andrea,

914-227-5803 I asked for become removed from the list and I was instantly Put Upwards on. I get calls from the same Firm from Distinct Telephone Amounts at least 3 times per daytime. I have Inquired to become removed from your list clearly that's not happened.

Post by Ron,

9142275803 Called again. The time on house Telephone.

Post by Alan Van Kley,

914-227-5803 This Amount calls on lower credit card interest when try to call back could t get through when asked them for take away calling list they were Actual rude and hung up

Post by cinlon,

9142275803 called and I pressed 9 to Chat to someone. Told her for Cease calling me and she Put Upward.

Post by John,

914-227-5803 Barb I Additionally use that atmosphere horn. I m confident it irritates them but what the heck Good is fair.

Post by Jesse,

9142275803 Your FCC and FTC ARE Striving To Close DOWN THESE Individuals. That Issue is that they're using untraceable cell phones and many of your calls Begin from outside your People. Then again you probably are a teabag who Only likes to complain. BTW. . . . I do not understand too many low and mid level government officials who are Choosing Dwelling GIANT paychecks and you are out of line accusing them of Choosing bribes. take your redneck right wing conspiracy crap elsewhere.

Post by Dan,

914-227-5803 When I answered there was silence at the other Finish. Owner ID displayed the number along with no name.

Post by new number,

9142275803 Rob calls followed by a Man if you personally participate Card Services for lower your attention rates. . . Yes appropriate. I assume they may use Upwards all your own credit you might have left on that card if You're Ignorant enough to supply them your own private credit card info. They telephone my new no contract cell and my home Telephone I 've had for 4 years. Don't phone list does not help they don't supply a Subjects butt about anything legal.

Post by shymousee,

914-227-5803 I just got a phone out of this number also. It is out of Card Member Services. I 've told them several times I 'm on that don't telephone list and I have no business along with them. They keep calling Underneath a different number. I keep reporting them to

Post by JG,

9142275803 I vie Indicated the number in my own Connections list as Marketing Ignore then I send it direct for VIM when it calls.

Post by maryann,


Post by Spokanner,

9142275803 Came Dwelling for locate the number on my Caller ID along with no message. Figured it was a scam and that messages above confirm that impression.

Post by Doug,

914-227-5803 Acquired same call. Pressed 1 and Inquired your Man for please take my number away his phone list. Subsequently he got a few very rude comments about my family. I told him he was a jerk and Installed Upwards.

Post by Called2ManyX,

9142275803 I reported them through that National Don't Call Registry. If you are not on the list here is where you are able to enroll or just enter the Gripe HTTP Www. dentally. gov register reg. asp. Cell They contact local and national law Administration agencies. Maybe someone could collar these Men.

Post by mnm,

914-227-5803 Called and left a message. Something about being credit card customer services. Reported them to do not call. Big SCAM. 've had them call within your past few months along with a Distinct Amount. Crooks beware.

Post by annoyed,

9142275803 Always becoming calls I don t understand that Amount and it s not local thus I don t reply. Anyone important can leave a message but they don t. I am also on your no call list.

Post by lance,

914-227-5803 telephone from

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Automated phone for lower my credit card interest rate. So I press one and got a Man then I ask how to Cease these call. I told him I was going to report them he says your own not going to would anything. Your humorous thing is I don quot t 've a credit card

Post by Anna,

914-227-5803 Did t Understand that Amount thus i did t answer.

Post by ron,

9142275803 Only called on my cell phone. Credit card scam.

Post by Diane,

914-227-5803 I get calls Day-to-day. It s Merely a Registered message

Post by Don,

9142275803 Bag You have me Breaking a gut right now. 4 Minimum W seconds. I believe I may try to defeat that if you personally don t thoughts. Merely gotten a call out of them and dialed 1 and got that Charlie guy. Told me I wan t listening for him when I told him his Link was awful. Then Put Upwards. Certain wish there was a way for locate Outside who these People were. Anyway thanks for your chuckle. Don

Post by L.L.,

914-227-5803 I acquired a call out of W W W. I have been receiving these for months. This time at that end of the prerecorded message I dialed 1 in order to get that Business info. I got a guy could not comprehend his name who twice refused to offer me info on the name of that Firm and he Installed Upward on me when I asked for be Set on their no telephone list. I 've been on that no phone registry since W. I went to their site and Registered a Grievance. I expect the works. HTTP Criticisms. dentally. gov Gripe complaint Assess. asp. Cell 2

Post by MIk,

9142275803 ditto. . . I have an air horn. . sounds like an excellent idea.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Automated spam

Post by Bill,

9142275803 No message left

Post by me,

914-227-5803 please Stop these calls. they Put up on me and still keep calling.

Post by Wanda J Marquiss,

9142275803 I have asked repeatedly for these Individuals to Leave calling. They get really rude or hang Upwards. The needs for be Discontinued . . . .

Post by Paul,

914-227-5803 Bad rude Critters not even Individuals. Began to cuss and cry when I Inquired for remove my cell out of their list. I wish somebody can report them to FBI.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Some kind of credit card Business trying to get you personally to Combine cards

Post by SeanCMH,

914-227-5803 Only got a call from them as nicely. Didn't answer wireless number I did t know. Wish I still had my air horn and get another telephone. W W W

Post by Alice,

9142275803 I heard which you need for add your phone number for that No Call List each once in awhile for Restore it. I don t Recall how Frequently Perhaps every six months or thus. I get this call two or three times a week all out of a different Amount. Every time I appearance it Upward it s your same place. I don t 've an atmosphere horn but I ll Face 1 for speak to your live Representative Subsequently press a key down on the phone and hold it. May not become as Successful as an atmosphere horn but maybe some daytime it will wok.

Post by algee,

914-227-5803 they did t leave a message. . that says a lot.

Post by Executioner,

9142275803 This really is credit card services. . . . . Bela Bela baa

Post by DY,

914-227-5803 These people keep calling. I never answer.

Post by Josh,

9142275803 Let go of your interest about who is calling. Simply reply Amounts with names which you know or Amounts you know. Exactly why 've Owner ID if you've no want for ease your own stress.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Spam spam spam

Post by Pamdane,

9142275803 I'm on your No Telephone list and still get this.

Post by kitkat,

914-227-5803 These calls are harassment as Way as I am concerned and need for somehow become Discontinued. Whoever the Rachel is on that record needs for Cease calling. And on top of that another telephone from an Unknown Owner appropriate after this just one.

Post by Deb,

9142275803 've rec d several calls out of this Amount W W W my caller id displays wireless caller . . . . . no message on answering machine

Post by BB,

914-227-5803 Rec d telephone No MSG left by W.

Post by Raven,

9142275803 Simply got a call from the Firm did t answer because I did t understand the Amount and figured they would leave a message if it was Significant. Time for report them although I 'm not certain that really does anything. Oh well Simply expect they get st oped before racking up thousands of dollars in fraud.

Post by Mark,

914-227-5803 Similar if not Equivalent Bacall saying there's no Issue with credit but Pressing for Reply . . . Could become spoofing Amount for get Thur my security screen available Thur Century Link . Dozen t identify who is calling or what Firm all within Infraction of Dentally. I m going forward amp Processing DC Criticism alt ho these People are slippery.

Post by Jenn Reed,

9142275803 I have told these Individuals no less than X for remove me from their calling list. If I miss that telephone and try and telephone this number back I get that disconnected message. It's some credit card debt reduction scam that's all I know about it.

Post by sabrina,

914-227-5803 SCAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Jesse,

9142275803 Your FCC and FTC ARE Trying For Shut DOWN THESE People. Your Difficulty is that they're using untraceable cell Telephones and many of that calls Come from outside your Us. Then again you are a teabag who just likes to whine. BTW. . . . I do not know too many low and mid Degree government officials who are taking home GIANT paychecks and you are out of line accusing them of Choosing bribes. take your own redneck right wing conspiracy crap elsewhere.

Post by Sue,

914-227-5803 Called my cell Telephone that only has a few minutes a month. They Simply used among my minutes. They are Striving for lower my credit card debt. What makes them think I have credit card debt. I am on that do not phone list and I can report it even thou nothing can be done. I will feel like I 've done my part.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 Sighs

Post by Tess,

914-227-5803 I Only replied the call from Yonkers Fresh York. That Woman never introduced herself or her Business and Just said Doctor. John would love to send something for my Partner and Desired an E-mail address. She acted as if my husband should be expecting something. I told her I idea she had that erroneous number and Inquired who she was calling. She said Doctor. Damon who is my Man thus I notion it was legit but I wan t confident. I asked for his last name and she said Dr. John White. I asked her if she want that Facsimile number for the Practice instead and she said he preferred for email. I asked what she was emailing and she did t understand. Homonym I offered for take a Amount and have my Partner telephone her back and she Installed Upwards.

Post by Millie dubrow,

9142275803 Called my cell phone I am on Do not Call List. This can be a Distinct area code same number before used W Place code.

Post by dura10,

914-227-5803 Got your phone out of W. W. W and hit 1 as instructed. That Original Introduction is that this can be your own Closing offer to save cash on your credit card attention speed. I could not help myself and when this idiot Decided up that telephone I told him this really is your Closing offer to kiss my . For some motive he took violation to the and Began screaming at me. I Only died laughing at him that is consistently Sodium within the wound along with a telemarketer and Installed Upwards.

Post by Zardac,

9142275803 I just gotten another phone phone out of the company. I spoke with a Actual person. They Installed up when I Inquired to be Set on their no call list. I went to the dentally Site and entered data for register a Criticism. Oddly my information wan t accepted. When I submitted the report an auto reply opined that the company number was my Enrolled Amount. I checked and Haydn t inadvertently Joined my Telephone Amount. Either a Web site snafu or this evil Business has assimilated that FTC.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 They called about important Information Around my credit card. I dint have a credit card

Post by mo,

9142275803 they Additionally call from W W W W W W and W W W. SCAM. .

Post by StopCallingMe,

914-227-5803 Discontinue CALLING ME. .

Post by WacoJohn,

9142275803 I Simply got this cell Telephone call and hung Upward in your Central of your Custom .

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Many add about credit.

Post by Fed Up,

9142275803 Acquired yet another Bacall out of that bee och Rachel out of Card Services. This really is a scam. They're only interested in ripping you personally off so don't offer them any private information. It is not value pressing any Amount for Talk to some live Man because they're rude and Raw idiots who don't attention that they are violating your government s don't telephone list. They are spoofing their Owner ID info which makes it harder for them to become caught and shut down. Add them to your phone publication Underneath SCAM thus you don t hassle answering any more calls out of them. Report each and every call that you get out of these Individuals to Www. dentally. gov.

Post by Tim,

914-227-5803 Came Dwelling for locate this Amount on my Owner ID but no message. I vie gotten many Card member Services calls before thus I m certain this was them Granting to others places.

Post by Kait,

9142275803 This number called me. Knowing it was a fraud called I hit 1 for speak for customer service. I talked to your rep named John was was quite rude and kept interrupting me as he was Attempting for create his Message. As i was reaffirming my want to become removed out of his list he hung Upward on me. This can be the Th telephone out of this Bureau this week. All Distinct Amounts same record.

Post by Fed Up,

914-227-5803 W W W AR Us W W W NY Usa W W W CA Usa All the same and keep calling at Distinct times it s all done with predictive Merchants. Your good news is they paid for your Telephone Amounts hopefully through the nose. The phone Businesses really don t want to Cease these guys because every time they call they and every time we pick up they get it s probably very Beneficial. We demand an Inhabit AT amp T move Dentally. gov is inn effectual because they don t really Beat these People along with fines So we 're screwed.

Post by Guest,

9142275803 credit card crap

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Thy kept calling each couple days. That computer express said quot press 1 for talk to representative quot thus I did for tell them I Cease calling. When that guy got on the phone I NICELY was asking him to take me off their list and he hung Upward on me as shortly as he Comprehended what I was saying. Pissed me away . . He could t Merely maturely state quot Okay may do bye. quot hopefully though I won t get anymore calls. . . . . . Simply have for wait and see. . .

Post by Janice Dunnahoo,

9142275803 Discontinue That HARASSING CALLS OR I Will CONTACT AN Lawyer.

Post by BOB,

914-227-5803 These a holes keep calling. One Congressman went on a profane triad for 5 minutes. pleasure. Scum. Today I Inquired who they were along with and click. could t a Man have a few enjoyment. Reporting does help I assisted in a substantial Ruling recently along with that AG. Turn them in. Teach your own Pals. upsetting.

Post by Angry,

9142275803 Scam scam scam. Credit card attention rate decrease scam Fiscal Stimulus No Pick out Amount. . dozen t reply when called back.

Post by Janet,

914-227-5803 I believe The Attorney Generals Office within that State you personally live it would be the absolute best Set to report things of the nature. Google Name of of State such as Brand new York Lawyer General and you personally should find their net page which will supply you personally their Telephone number.

Post by H. Budden,

9142275803 Card member Services

Post by Jim in Michigan,

914-227-5803 Telephone from W W W. ND one Now the other was out of W W W. Replied and got recorded message. It was a Telephone scam. Calling on Account of Lowering Attention Rate on Credit Cards. The usual lower your credit card attention crap. That is thus previous it stinks. I wish these Folks would get an honest Occupation or rot in Penitentiary. Your phone Amount is Likely spoofed faked so I did t even bother Attempting for trace it.

Post by Mike,

9142275803 install mister number app on your clever Telephone and send these Folks directly to express mail

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Credit card company

Post by Robert Bonham,

9142275803 I get daily calls from W W W even after several attempts for have them stop

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Automated call Around credit cards

Post by steve,

9142275803 u can buy a phone that lets you personally block incoming calls. . i 've an HP office Fly W printer and it Permits me for block numbers. . i 've about W Amounts blocked thus Way. . . . when the block Amount calls your number it may ring once and Merely hang Upward. . . . . they still phone but it just rings once

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 It was a message saying something about lower Automobile insurance

Post by richard,

9142275803 A Bacall from Credit Card services that tries to intimidate by saying it s a final detect. . . I feel poor for your Bad schmucks which are on that line when you press 1 all that anger being focused at them keep it Upwards.

Post by ted,

914-227-5803 W W Additionally W W calling over and around daily. exceedingly annoying

Post by Jimmy Butler,

9142275803 Please Remove my Telephone Amount immediately.

Post by John,

914-227-5803 Barb I also use the air horn. I m confident it irritates them but what that heck Good is Good.

Post by Cookie,

9142275803 Received back to back phone calls from the number the morning only identified as cell Telephone NY. I answered both times and kept saying hello until they Put Upwards. There was no response. I generally don t answer these calls but I 'm thus Ill amp tired of these unwarranted calls with companies I have no dealings with. It is only on an occasion or two that there was a Individual to talk to. So Substantially and thus forth for your Do not Call List. Obviously it dozen t work. It is becoming thus lousy that my Partner and I are becoming these calls on our cell Telephones as nicely. It is this type of scam going on.

Post by stitching1,

914-227-5803 no message left

Post by MikeC,

9142275803 Merely acquired call on my cell. Waste of time out of credit card operation spammer.

Post by wilhelmena young,

914-227-5803 this number called me while i was doing the credit report but no 1 replied when i picked up. they have a debit card number which only has about W. W in it.

Post by Christina,

9142275803 W W Yup. Got phone out of same Card Member Services Business. . . . when I Inquired to be Chosen away that list you guessed it. . . Hung Up ON ME. . Could t block them thus now i don t answer any unknown numbers. . . . I already do the for 1 8 numbers i ll let calls go for VIM. . . if they desire me they can leave a Actual phone back name amp number.

Post by Lyle G,

914-227-5803 Acquired call with automated message. Pressed 1 for live representative. Instantly informed them that I was on Don't Phone list and that I was going to report them since the was a solicitation. Representative informs me he works for Card Services which represents credit card Businesses and banks and they Warren t searching for create any cash within other words it s not a solicitation huh Ok . So I listened to component of the Frequency gave him many false info about my credit card balances I 've over W within debt and my interest rates are between W and W . At which point he noted he could readily bring those down for 0 due to that latest stimulus Statement that was Approved. Well that appropriate there was enough for me. . . time for begin reporting to FTC and Dentally. gov. . .

Post by Mike,

9142275803 Lola these Folks are Mindless enough to not have the correct information to locate Outside individuals who would and don't within fact 've credit cards. They can eventually call someone they don t need for telephone and they can get Attached. Justice my friends can be coming soon enough I got a call myself talked for some who asked if I Needed lowered interest rates and he did t even let me Discuss I said I got a telephone and he Put Upward. and from reading all these places it sounds enjoy he is becoming annoyed and may most likely get annoyed and go crying for mommy.

Post by jbp,

914-227-5803 Same previous credit card scam call. Out of cell Telephone in Fresh York

Post by jberlin,

9142275803 W 8 W W W PM EST Same as above

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Quit calling

Post by Jack,

9142275803 People. PLEASE READ That Remarks BEFORE Publishing. . . You Could Think THAT SOMEONE IS CALLING Your own Unique Telephone Amount. THEY DID NOT. THEY DID NOT Call Your Amount Particularly. You personally WERE Arbitrary ALLY ROB CALLED Along with A SPOOFED Telephone Amount ON A Caller ID FOR A SCAM Business. Important message to all those that have gotten a phone out of the number There are several Businesses Participated within scam company using Automobile Sellers. They are ALL scam outfits. They spoof phone numbers of victims all the time. Sometimes they spoof non working phone Amounts. The phone number you personally searched for is Simply another Sufferer of these scumbags. I vie done a lot of research of these companies. Truly there are several affiliated Businesses that try and scam innocent Casualties. They are either owned by that same people or they sell their company version to other crooks. Just one scam is about auto warranties. The other is about credit card debt relief. They even have scams Around Plate television Residence alarms Carpeting cleaning and more. Their MO is the same. Your use an Automobile dial er and phone thousands of arbitrary Amounts. They don't have any regard to the do not phone lists. Your own demands or Grievances for them are worthless. They can continue to telephone you personally. They will not remove you out of their call lists. Exactly why. BECAUSE THEY Do not Keep ANY. They are CROOKS. THEY Don't have any Regard For The MANY Laws THEY BREAK. BEING ROB CALLED BY A COMPUTER IS A National Crime. Demand WE State MORE. If they call about a car warranty that message says something as This can be your second notice on your own expanded vehicle Guarantee. Press one now for Talk to a representative. . . Your message Around credit debt mentions This can be Account Services. We have been calling for lower your credit card debt. Press just one now for Talk to some representative. . . or The is an Significant call from your own card member services. This is your own Closing See. We've been Attempting for contact you personally . That message about Carpeting cleaning begins This is Diane want your own Carpeting professionally steamed cleaned. NOW WHAT Could WE Can About This. If you want to stop these crooks do the following 1 Chat to among their customer service Associates. Fake for be interested in either lowering your credit card attention rate or a Automobile warranty having your own carpets cleaned etc. Do not Supply THEM ANY Actual Information. Do not ask how they got you Amount. Recall your number was randomly dialed by a computer Tell them you have W W within credit card debt. Offer them a fake credit card number a fake name and a fake SS . If your phone is Around the Vehicle Guarantee scam tell them you personally own a Ferrari or a W Dodge however if you Actually own one of those two tell them you personally own a Buick . Present a made up VAIN Amount. Or tell them you've W rooms of lovely plush wall for wall Carpeting. If they request for your name and Telephone Amount give them the Information for the Individual you hate the. Your own goal is Uncomplicated. You personally want for participate them in friendly conversation for keep them on that phone for as long as possible. Be Fine and favorable. Your own goal is twofold. You personally want for discover as much as possible about them. They may refuse for present you personally a Web site Telephone number or maybe even a real company name. They can Test for offer you personally a Common name such as Account Services Monetary Services or Seller Services. That is done for a motive for throw you and your government off their Songs. Do not Take this. Keep pressing for info. You may demand this see below . Regularly when pressed for questions they may hang Upward on you personally. Recall they're instructed for would the. That's exactly why you must not become confrontation. Be favorable and act as if You're genuinely interested. Get your name of the Firm and if you are able to that city where they are located. Most of these scam Firms are either within Florida or within your Atlanta Ga Place. EVEN BETTER IS IF You can RECORD The Phone. Additionally that time you take out of them means them 've less time to steal from someone who is unacknowledged Around their scams. They get paid to Grab Folks off. Take away their time and they create no money. I 've kept them on that phone for Upwards to W minutes. I recognize that many of you personally don't have the time. But would you value being taken advantage of. Ever hear of Scam baiting. That is what you are doing. . . There are many entertaining net Websites on this topic. For example see HTTP Web. eater. com. 2 Get the details of these scumbags and post it on this and every other website you can locate. Use only your info you get out of talking out of their representatives and info you get from People sources. Do not POST Your NAME AND ADDRESS OF That Person THAT OWNS The Telephone Number On your Caller ID. Their Amounts were spoofed and they're Casualties. 3 You MUST REPORT THEM For Your Authorities Federal COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION. Here is your link to file a complaint HTTP support. FCC. gov complaints. advertorial Trade COMMISSION HTTP dentally. gov Criticism Criticism Assess. asphyxia can Additionally file a report with that Lawyer General of your own state. See that links below for see how Successful the could be. If everyone that received a telephone from these low life scumbags does the same Subsequently your combined action of thousands of us could Cease these crooks from scamming Simple Folks out of cash. Additional data This is what can occur if everyone were for complain. HTTP ago. mo. gov news releases W HTTP ago. mo. gov news releases W Trajan . . . alleviation's See the following press releases for see how effective your own Criticisms could become HTTP Past. mo. gov news releases W W. Imhotep ago. mo. gov news releases W National . . . HTTP FTC. gov IPA W W telephone. shuttled me tell you how I helped Beat a former scam company. Vested that altered its name for VP Promotion was scamming Sufferers for years. I found that name of their Firm through dialogue along with one of their stupid representatives. And not only did I report them for that FCC and FTC each time I Additionally posted their contact information on the Net to make it easier for everyone for report. Here is a Storyline out of Monk 5 Atlanta Oregon GA that tells how WE took down VP Marketing Merely just one scam Business. Over W W Grievances were gotten by the FTC HTTP Www. forestland. com Depp news i team VP marketing sued If you personally get the name of that Business here is how you can locate their info if located in Ga with the hunt engine of the Ga Section of State HTTP corp. SOS. state. GA. us corp Sask Investigation. asp For example searching up VP Marketing that former scam outfit we see that it is owned by Jason Eyre the dirt bag shown in your Fox 5 video. Here is how you are able to contact the Individual courtesy of People records Submitted with your Georgia Section of State Jason Eye Mosaic Manner Smyrna GA W W W W Remember 1 Be favorable and pretend to become interested Try and get your name of that Firm Research your name of your Firm using People record's Post the name of the company everywhere on that Net Report them for the FCC your FTC and that state Attorney General s office

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 Quantity matter Session my credit card. . . i dint 've a credit card

Post by Receiver of call,

9142275803 Called Now 1 PM Wan t here for Select it Upwards leaf no MSG. I happened for run my free credit report dot com today and located these folks had done a soft Take check on my credit history. WT. . . Card Works Services They listed an address which I ll have to go back and look for if I can get back on your free site but Recall seeing Telephone Amount Not Accessible for that contact Telephone number. . . . . How can your Big 3 credit reporting Companies permit a credit Move but not have all your data on the company Man doing that credit check. Some kinda Huge time B S going on along with this.

Post by Guest,

914-227-5803 W

Post by Guest,

9142275803 It was a credit card Business attempt to get me to Alter my card rates.

Post by Kathy Koppert,

914-227-5803 This is an annoying call. They leave no message. After Viewing other places. I would love for report it.

Post by Neil Sheaffer,

9142275803 Your own Credit Card. . . . That s where I Put up

Post by Bridge,

914-227-5803 Got a telephone from the unknown number. I dint response numbers I dint know and they didn't leave a message.

Post by g,

9142275803 The Amount is listed on my caller ID as a call out of a wireless caller . These idiots can call all they desire I don t response unidentified calls from anyone anywhere. If they really need to Speak to people they can leave a message and IF we need to talk to them we will telephone them back. I Hate unsolicited calls and junk send. I consider that when an unidentified caller calls people they're Upward for no good and W. 9 specific they're violating the Federal Don't Registry Guidelines and they don t need for Speak for people EVER.

Post by chris,

914-227-5803 I hit 1 and asked to become Chosen away their telephone list the female on your line said You personally and Put Upwards.

Post by Don,

9142275803 Bag You have me splitting a intestine correct now. 4 Minimum W seconds. I believe I may attempt to defeat that if you personally don t head. Merely received a telephone out of them and dialed 1 and got that David guy. Told me I wan t listening to him when I told him his Link was terrible. Afterward hung up. Sure wish there was a way for find out who these People were. Anyway thanks for your chuckle. Don

Post by scamfree,

914-227-5803 Your pare Registered message made it sound like the was about one of my credit cards. When I Inquired which Business they were calling for they Put up. I used Owner ID to return call for complain Around this harassment and they would NT take calls. It is a scam and these people should all be arrested.

Post by francine,

9142275803 Merely got a telephone from the Amount I waited to speak along with a representative to tell her for remove me from your list she told me to shut up and Put Upwards. I called back and no answer. It s a scam for confident.

Post by Ted,

914-227-5803 I got your same recorded message Around lowering my credit card speed then when pressed 1 I got a Don from Customer Service on the Telephone. I instantly Inquired for his not empty name and Business and he responded Good luck pal and Installed Upwards. Cracked me up. It's overly terrible these Businesses can victim on stupid people who provide out personal Information.

Post by Wisconsin,

9142275803 wireless Owner no message left

Did you get an unwanted call from 914-227-5803? Is 9142275803 Safe to Answer or a Spam Caller? Tell us as much as you can!

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2107717700 Complains by Guest,

Discontinue calling me

2156687160 Complains by Guest,

Leave a message and I ll get back for your requirements as soon as potential. Cheers.

7606909520 Complains by Guest,

credit card collection

2057696272 Complains by Annomynous,

This number keeps calling me and not leaving any messages. I searched this number out and another site said that 50% of the complaints reported this number as a scammer.

2679974681 Complains by Guest,

Thus annoying. They keep calling back each Min's.

5086637070 Complains by Wozers, Guys.,

The number 512 827 3797 called my ex-husband and said to have him call me about an arrest warrant for a bad check. Well..I recently was a victim of identity theft and have not been using a checking account, nor have I ever had a payday loan. I spoke to "Sierra Wheeler" who was going to connect me with "Michelle Love, Attorney at Law"They said they were with a firm called Ballard, Smith and Associates and that I could pay them 945.00 within 30 minutes or they would send the police out to arrest me. I work at home and was at my computer, so I was able to check on this info. I was unable to find any such firm, or attorney by that name. Also, I don't live, nor have I ever lived, in TX. Never been there. When I brought the fact that there was no listing for such a law firm to the attention of Ms. Wheeler, she was so quiet, I thought she hung up. She was still there, and talking to someone in the background. She then put me on hold and said the attorney in charge of the case would be back shortly. I was on hold for about 5 minutes. I hung up and called back, They sent me an email stating the "validity of debt", which was nothing more than a letter they sent me saying that they are the attorney for the company United First Federal Bank. Again, Google search came up with nothing. She said I have a bank account at First Citizens Bank, again, no Google results. There is no bank by that name. I again brought this to the attention of Michelle Love, Attorney. I verified all the info while I was talking to them and found nothing. When I said such, she just ignored me and said I can pay or go to jail. That I have until 9am CST. I called my District Attorney. I said, "someone just called and threatened to take me to jail if I didn't pay-"She said, "A payday loan?"She then told me about a scam going around where identities have been compromised and some lowlifes have this information and this is what they are doing. Wow.[moved from http://800notes.com/forum/ta-9e794548f844151/ ... s-for-mycashnow]

6172634519 Complains by Guest,

don t be both

7852092425 Complains by Guest,

furious X Wife

8047392924 Complains by Guest,

Obtained a text MSG out of this number at 2 am this morning seeing a link for free Pornography with Ellie Cartesian on it. Does anyone know how they got my Amount.

8003482205 Complains by Guest,

Telephone rings. . . no one on your line over and around. . . pleader STOP

8023245266 Complains by Guest,


8003509095 Complains by 8176588370,

Idiots keep calling me from the number W W W and would not provide me company name nor your Individual s calling name. They Inquired me for my Societal security Amount or address. They are rude and I would choke that Man for departure if given opportunity. I Do not desire them calling my Amount above EVER AGAIN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

8003386305 Complains by rakesh,

I got the phone overly and offering that same service . any Notion .

8003456243 Complains by Tracy Allen,

I work at a business and this Amount calls and wants personal data concerning your Business services account

8003483304 Complains by Marty,

Pare re cored message please call W W W which telephone ID mentioned phone was from W W Scam call

8047245061 Complains by Mona,

Same exact wording. She claimed HER name as officer Erick Nurture. BS because Government doesn't phone or Individuals. They Convey by mail

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