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Telephone information: Sprint Spectrum L.p.. White Plains, NY. . United states
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Post by Guest,

9142944088 The same as the remainder calls Regular. . . dozen t leave a message. . . hangs Upward on me when I answer your phone. If it's your March of Dimes I will NEVER Give cash to them again.

Post by Curt Ihnen,

914-294-4088 Please remove my name

Post by Warren,

9142944088 Calls Virtually daily for your previous week or thus either from W W W W W W or W W W. When I pick Upward Owner hangs up. When I leave it go no message is left. Your phone backs all reach a record stating you've accomplished March of Dimes. . . not confident Around that but if you personally press 1 for more Information there is an Alternative to remove your own number from the phone list. I did thus. We ll see.

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 Sing Sing Correctional Hunter Staining NY W W W W

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls each no message.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls before 8 am and late at nighttime no. messages calls several times a day very annoying

Post by me,

9142944088 when you personally reply any call enjoy the can like i would. . . . . . . Response your own phone in a professional low tone and say. . . . . . COUNTY MORGUE . Its prohibited for solicit businesses they will Cease after a couple times.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Scam call

Post by j smith,

9142944088 we increased all kinds of Cain with MOD on Monday amp called the local Denver chapter amp we've had completely no more Telephone calls from these Insect idiots. each just one else should become really Organization when they are bothered along with these phone calls amp telephone your own local chapter amp offer them that what for this looked for work for us. their harassing phone calls are unnecessary amp an invasion of the Solitude. we have an unlisted quiet private phone number that we pay Additional for every month but these stupid telemarketers still seem to get a hold of your phone Amounts amp also know our names Greer. we can Additionally be reporting any harassing phone calls for your National trade commission attorney general amp u s government don't call list. they need to get a life amp Stop bothering Folks. . .

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 This Amount was calling here twice per daytime for that past month or more. Never leave a message. Quite annoying really.

Post by Evelyn,

9142944088 I Began ignoring that calls as when I did answer no 1 would become on the line. I go ogled your Nebr and called it and Set my Nebr in as to not telephone. They repeated your Nebr and said it would take Upward t o W days for remove that Nebr. Can see but in the meantime I never make Gifts on the Telephone even though I 've nothing against March of Dimes. I Notice u could telephone back and when that record comes on hit that Essential several times in your Telephone and it can kick your Nebr from t he system. I 'm going t o t Ry the.

Post by Jon,

914-294-4088 They Only don t give Upward. Even after ignoring these incoming calls multiple times they still phone back. Seems enjoy a lot of cash for March of Dimes goes to a third Bash.

Post by Jaxter,

9142944088 Non profits political parties and candidates for office were all exempted in the Don't Call law. That is why that March of Dimes keeps calling. Luckily for me I use a VIP service so I Merely go to my Dwelling page and block them so they can t hassle me any further. BTW the NRA was constantly calling me as they are a non profit. I had to block eight different NRA Amounts to completely Discontinue them

Post by New Bern,

914-294-4088 The number has called 2 3 times a day for your past week. It rings once and Subsequently is caught within our phone blocker which requires callers for press a certain for your phone to come through for us. It never Bands through which tells me your phone is being made by an automatic Call er. Shows up on Owner ID as MOD. We are on your Don't Call list but apparently the makes no difference to these Folks. I used to support March of Dimes but can never would thus again.

Post by Nick,

9142944088 The Amount was calling for several times now without leaving any message within our answering machine.

Post by Donald,

914-294-4088 I 'm so really sorry telemarketers and professional fund raisers I not mistakenly gave you my fax number so each time you call you get your beep. I use VIP thus when they call that Facsimile number it never Bands at my House. If the caller does not Broadcast a Facsimile I never Notice anything Around that call until I go to my phone history and see that I avoided dozens of calls a month using my error.

Post by MayCaper,

9142944088 Do not Telephone List does not Implement for not for Gains enjoy March of Dimes . Get over it and Simply ignore that calls.

Post by Hates Telemarketing,

914-294-4088 Attempt giving an E-mail for March of Dimes at E-mail W protected telling them to Quit calling you. It worked for me

Post by John Adams,

9142944088 Unwanted call

Post by Bill,

914-294-4088 Calls are coming within 2 3 times a daytime.

Post by B in Wi,

9142944088 MOD March of Dimes Normal vacation allure for Contribution. . . . . Trace. . . . . . . The as nicely as all Vehicle Sellers if you don t Understand a Amount Consistently reply in a very gentle express that sensing technology will not Notice you and won't Join to that Lawyer So registering the phone ass non contact Consequently you need not go through your hassle of dealing with anyone Afterward Only hang Upward.

Post by John D,

914-294-4088 Discontinue spot

Post by judy,

9142944088 I get these calls two to three times a daytime and Regularly 1 appropriate after another. may never Add to march of dimes again. When you personally telephone them there surely is no response. . . .

Post by mememe,

914-294-4088 Calls always never leaves a message. Caller ID says MOD

Post by meto,

9142944088 not. . . .

Post by Justine,

914-294-4088 've had several calls out of this number

Post by auldman,

9142944088 Caller ID shows MOD Either someone who has a grudge against that Actual March of Dimes or a phishing group Attempting to Gather Information from callbacks. No 1 ever apparently gets a live Man either manner so it s obviously some fraud. Ignore it block it don't call back and Strike any Tips. First selection above could be working as many state they will no More support March of Dimes even tho all evidence would Show these calls are not out of them. Sadly many above are tricked into holding the actual Charity responsible many write that healthy Infants is your caller ID will there be some Very fundamentalist anti Start control group Outside there Striving for undermine this Charity. THAT would be my first suspicion as scampers will at least Speak for you if you personally Choose Upwards that Telephone.

Post by Amy,

914-294-4088 Three to four calls a day. told them last year for remove me from their list ugh

Post by Connie,

9142944088 I get this Telephone number calling me twice a day at least.

Post by Terri RIchards,

914-294-4088 Obtained 2 calls to your unlisted number soliciting donations for March of Dimes. That first time phone acquired before 8 'm on a Saturday Inquired for be placed on your Do not call list. Received ND telephone 2 times later with Owner stating that it was that first time she personally was calling and that I had no motive to be upset along with her and that since she personally Haydn t been the 1 for telephone no law violation or harassment was committed by that March of Dimes. Would not Supply me with Information as for where she gotten my unlisted number.

Post by Annoyed!,

9142944088 Simply acquired a call from this Amount did not reply no message left.

Post by mjd,

914-294-4088 I get at least one call a daytime out of these Folks Frequently more. There surely is never anyone on that line. Hoping to talk to your Actual Man I called that New York Local office of your March of Dimes for request them to remove me from your list. Your woman I talked along with said your calls are coming out of the national office. We ll see if this ends that calls. But even if it does I will never Contribute to March of Dimes for fear of ending back on their phone list. Overly terrible a great charity is ruining its standing with this kind of harassment.

Post by mary anne,

9142944088 do not telephone W W W

Post by MayCaper,

914-294-4088 Do not Telephone List does not Use to not for Gains enjoy March of Dimes . Get around it and Simply Blow off that calls.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls constantly. Leaves no message except a droning machine sound. Not a fax machine.

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 not. . . .

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Daily calls from the number a few before Am. They never leave a message. We have been on the don't phone list.

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 Get a phone blocker and block W W Afterward you personally don t get calls out of anyone for the reason that Place. . . . .

Post by ma,

9142944088 Got that telephone Now. . . . don t reply. . . Simply Discount any calls without call I d

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Constant calls all hours.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls from the number and similar Amounts each day caller ID says MOD I believe it is March of Dimes.

Post by j fornard,

914-294-4088 this number calls me two to three times a daytime and it is really annoying.

Post by bobbi,

9142944088 no Result upon answer

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 not. . . .


9142944088 FIFTH telephone out of them within FIVE Days. TWO calls on your first daytime Subsequently two more all from W W W with MOD displayed on Caller ID. We BLOCKED this Amount thus Yesterday a SUNDAY Shame ON THEM when they called their call was intercepted by your blocking system and a message played to THEM That Amount you have attained may NOT accept your telephone. So today they called along with The Amount W and MOD displayed on Caller ID at Just 9 'm that is legal Merely Hardly but Really ROTTEN. Woke A Sleeping CANCER Patient. What about WE Will NOT Accept Your Phone on TOP to be on that DC LIST Would You personally NOT Recognize. . . I 've Place within Complaints with both that DC List AND THEIR March of Dimes OFFICIAL Websites.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls me each afternoon waits for me to answer and Afterward hangs up on me after your Link is got.

Post by ShillHammer,

9142944088 If you phone back as suggested by that shill for that fraud your own number will be Validated as live and added to your suckers list for repeated future calls.

Post by Bayonet,

914-294-4088 All telemarketers are terrorists and should be dealt along with accordingly.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls every single day and I believe there are three different Amounts coming into my Dwelling. All three say MOD. They never leave a message.

Post by closson,

914-294-4088 You personally need for tell them that. We can t would it for you personally here. Its Simply a board for post who calls you personally so others know. .

Post by Tired of fraud,

9142944088 Calls all that time really Consistent. A nuisance. If it is your March of Dimes they should be conscious of the damage to your potential Members.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calling at all hours of that daytime 6 7 times a daytime for months now. Never leave a message the feels like harassment irritating.

Post by William Elliott,

9142944088 Do not phone the number anymore.

Post by upset illinois phone owner,

914-294-4088 march of dimes calls Strange hours Regular occasionally twice a day. when i answer they hang Upwards. No more march of dimes contributions from me and I may tell my family and friends. quite disappointed.

Post by ShillHammer,

9142944088 If you telephone back as Recommended by your shill for that fraud your number can be Supported as live and added to some suckers list for repeated future calls.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls Regular. I response they hang up

Post by DKam,

9142944088 The Amount Each morning at 8 W. PLEASE Cease calling. If I need for Give I can would it on my own.

Post by j smith,

914-294-4088 after many many many stupid Telephone calls out of the march of dimes telemarketer Structure we really Offered them the what for amp told them off really good amp then we called that local chapter for that march of dimes amp gave them an earful amp told them we would turn them within to the FTC amp AG if they chose for continue for harass people. Additionally they will never get any support out of people NEVER. . . it's been TWO days amp completely NO Telephone calls amp we were getting numerous calls Every daytime ALL day long. any just one that's told the system for remove their name amp phone Amount is down is not being told your truth amp more more no 1 should 've to supply out their private info to become removed that is a scheme also. . . phone your own local chapters amp supply them an earful amp hopefully we can all put a Quit to these harassing annoying Telephone calls. . .

Post by Jeannie,

9142944088 They are calling me each daytime. out of W W W and W W W . I want them to Cease. . . they just hang up.

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 Area Code Prefix Change W Arc Prefix W W Details Area Code W NIX Use Kind Prefix W NIX Intro Variation W W City WHITE PLAINS New Sleep State NY Permission W. County WEST CHESTER Longitude W. County Citizenry 0 LA TA ZIP Code W Overlay ZIP Code Place W Speed Centre SOLICITOUSNESS Code Freq 0 CON Time Area Western GMT W W FOPS Observes DST Unknown CB SA Code CBS Name Brand new York Northern Fresh Jersey Long Island NY NJ Missouri} Prefix Status Active Service Company Sprint Range L. P. ZIP Code Details ZIP Code Pop Freq City State County Type W 0 WHITE PLAINS NY WEST CHESTER WIRELESS'S W 1 WHITE PLAINS NY WEST CHESTER WIRELESS'S W 2 WHITE PLAINS NY WEST CHESTER WIRELESS

Post by lyndfa,

9142944088 don. OT. call. again. no. 1. is. interested within. you personally. calling. them. not. now or. ever again

Post by Bill,

914-294-4088 The March of Dimes charity which Generally describes its name in your Owner ID as MOD has been phoning Seriously leading Upwards to your Christmas holiday. Your ten phone numbers I 've seen out of them and blocked since W W W Contain W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W and W W W. I d urge that everyone who receives among these calls block these Amounts or if you've no telephone blocking Phone equipment which you Just not reply that phone. How good a charity is your March of Dimes. The following description of MOD is in the Present Wikipedia Post Your March of Dimes has been described as a bureaucracy that has Chosen on a life of its own through a classic example of a procedure called Target displacement. Faced along with redundancy after Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine it adopted a brand new Vision fighting Start Problems which was recently altered to some vaguer Target of breakthrough for babies Somewhat than disbanding. Charity Navigator has given that organization a Status of one out of four stars Established on its Fiscal filings significance Fails to meet Sector standards and performs well below most charities in its Cause. It also notes that the president Jennifer Line was paid W W in W. End of excerpt from Present Wikipedia article Flash forwards to W realizing that Jennifer Line and some other officers of the so called charity have had many serious pay Increases within your interim Your March of Dimes began using using solicitation phone numbers of W W xx xx created by Incision that largest telemarketer of the type within your Us. Your phone calls now involved within soliciting your own money because of this cause are being got by employees of Cut within or near Akron Iowa. How much money could be left for people who Actually need some help after paying your March of Dimes president around W W per year and absorbing the expense of the vicious Telephone phone Plan they are putting on Merely now. Please make your own donations locally to your valid charity that can spend most of it on people who are in dire demand Somewhat than on lining the pockets of that charity s officers and other administrative Costs.

Post by momof2boys,

9142944088 Exhausted of the calls. Only Discontinue that junk please.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Not certain if this can be quot legitimate March of Dimes Owner ID says quot MOD quot or a SPOOFED SCAM. However these Individuals 've called FIVE times within FIVE Days. Your first four times was from quot W W W quot and we BLOCKED that Amount. So today at just 9 Am they called from This number. What about quot WE Will NOT Take Your own CALLS quot can they not recognize. . . I 've registered Grievances along with your DC list for BOTH numbers. We had been down to 1 3 SPAM calls Regular. Now since beginning of October we are up to 3 5 Daily again.

Post by GCS,

9142944088 I ended Upwards calling your official March of Dimes headquarters within New York. Spoke with a very nice woman who Offered me our Amount would be deleted from their records within W W hours. She gave me her name and Amount Merely in case. Hopefully that can Remove one problem caller.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 The number calls every day but doesn't reply when I answer.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 caller calls several times a daytime 7 days a week. I attempt to block the calls but they use a Distinct number. Overly many different Amounts for block all of them. We have been on the no call list in Iowa. Why arena t these calls being blocked or investigated. .

Post by Bobby,

914-294-4088 They called Now but no 1 was on the other end.

Post by lwos,

9142944088 Comprise W W W to that list of Telephone numbers they re using. . . . . . . . . . . . . ALL Show MOD. Calls Begin anyplace out of 8 in that morning to 8 PM at nighttime. . . . . . . . . . . . . MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY Every Day. Enjoy everyone else says no just one ever answers. I want I had call blocker on my phone but anymore these vermin get Approximately it by Bank a Group of numbers that they Only Change for. Hopefully after December they ll Cease calling. That Don't Telephone REGISTRY Does not Apply For POLITICIANS AND CHARITIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ian t that grand.

Post by b duran,

914-294-4088 we are Fully fed Upwards with these annoying Telephone calls amp Dumb people don t they 've any matter better to would than hassle amp annoy Individuals inside their private Residence with their private Telephone numbers. this has got for Discontinue amp we've told these idiots this many many times. they telephone amp hang Upwards amp the times we have answered we've told them for Leave calling us amp to remove the phone Amount from their list they Destination t done so. we have been drained of this nuisance.

Post by Ron,

9142944088 've gotten two calls within the past two times. Caller ID is MOD . I suppose that's March of Dimes No just one there when you personally response definitely would never Lead to an organization that makes harassing phone calls.

Post by Linda,

914-294-4088 Unfortunately your simply matter that would hear your whistle is the bot on another end of your telephone.

Post by closson,

9142944088 You demand to tell them that. We could t would it for you personally here. Its Merely a board for post who calls you personally so others know. .

Post by Tg,

914-294-4088 I have Inquired them to remove me from their telephone list. They continue for phone amp I try to Blow off it. I have attempted answering to remind them to remove me But when I would they hang Upwards as shortly as I reply. I have Provided in that past but due for their rudeness I will never Contribute again.

Post by Tom In NW Florida,

9142944088 I had already Joined Place code W for my telephone blocker as a result of similar rubbish months Past thus I was undisturbed by this fresh Set of parasites. Can yourselves a Party favor People and get a phone blocker. Sell a Help and or first produced if you must. I used cash that I might 've otherwise Given for annoying political Events and charities. After the steady calls I decided to put your cash for better use. That resulting absence of annoying calls is worth it.

Post by Suzanne M. Mooney,

914-294-4088 I get a phone a daytime from the Amount and need it for Quit instantly please. I 'm registered on a do not phone list. It obviously USN t working correctly.

Post by Janet,

9142944088 Get a call at least once a daytime for the past month. Various Amounts W W W W W. Please stop calling.

Post by Betty,

914-294-4088 Keep getting calls from these jerks. Please put these callers within prison.

Post by Parks,

9142944088 This needs to stop. Daily calls despite cease request and blocked. HARASSMENT

Post by Not again!,

914-294-4088 Getting calls out of them overly. I have been Moving Speak not speaking and Making your line stay Participated until they hang Upwards. When the was happening out of AI CR American Company of Cancer Research I located Outside that they hire a telemarketing Company for can the calls and that MOD was another example. If this Group in the numbers listed in these complaints are out of a scummier I have to say they confident are messing Upwards MOD s name. If it s MOD itself Waste ON THEM. . . Thus I ll enroll my aggravation here too. Go away W calls.

Post by Robert N,

9142944088 If the Actually is the March of Dimes these folks are Entire jerks. They keep calling me at 8 W in the morning and when my answering machine picks up they hang Upward. Idiots. That great news is apparently you can get removed from their list. Call that number that called you personally for me it was W W W. It will recognize your own phone number and say they re sorry they missed you personally. Press 1 for more information about the company. Press 3 to remove your number out of their list. Enter your W digit Telephone Amount. They ll Duplicate your number press 1 if it's right. Though federal law gives them W times to remove you personally out of their list they ll attempt to would it within a couple days.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 This Amount happened for telephone again appropriate after I posted my complaint. I answered the time and that Girl Asserted to become from the March of Dimes. . .

Post by Jackie,

9142944088 That freaking March of Dimes was calling here for MONTHS so many I 've lost count how long to become Fair. This time your caller ID did t read your usual MOD. Only Private Name which I vie never seen before but that W Region code is consist ant with your MOD thus enjoy others 've said I m sure its your damn March of Dimes.

Post by Cris,

914-294-4088 I want for locate Outside how i could get the Amount W W W for stop calling me no one is ever on the other line it Merely goes to some active Transmission and they call every daytime 3 4 times.

Post by j smith,

9142944088 it's now Mon DEC W W. we called your local chapter of march of dimes on Mon DEC W W amp Set them in their own Set amp let them know what a nuisance their telemarketers are amp to Place a Cover on it Each One is exhausted to be harassed along with their unnecessary rude calls. . we were not Pleasant Around it amp Additionally told them if they kept it Upwards we would report them to your FTC amp Ag offices. we've not had 1 Telephone phone from the march of dimes for a week now amp it is thus Pleasant for have a quiet Phone again. we were receiving many many Telephone calls from march of dimes Every day to Contain Sunday s. every just one else should telephone their local chapters of that march of dimes amp tell them to Discontinue this nonsense.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Steady Calls And Hang UPS

Post by Shemp,

9142944088 We've received a call from the everyday including Sunday s for that previous 3 weeks. Let your can your talking. I would not now Contribute to the March of Dimes if they where your last charity on world. Perhaps if more people told them that the telephone terrorism would stop.

Post by mps,

914-294-4088 For 2 months I 've been becoming calls from MOD. I Expected after a little while they would Discontinue calling. I am still getting 2 or 3 calls a day and no message is on that answering machine. I m now quite furious and desire them Simply for Discontinue calling. . . They also use Amounts W W and W W W. March of Dimes you might have got your last Gift from me.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls all the time no message

Post by Savvy,

914-294-4088 You Can realize that this Newsgroup is not your Put to tell a Amount or a Owner not to call appropriate. That is Merely a forum to VENT and for share info on the Owner if Individuals have it on WHO called and when and HOW MANY people are getting these calls. If you desire for Stop these calls you personally must 1 TELL the Owner that or go through their number removal Method 2 Register your own number along with your National gov t Dentally List Web. dentally. gov 3 Wait W days and Subsequently you can enroll Gripes Internet. dentally. gov Grievances with that Dinkiest when Owner Break your rules your wishes.

Post by Rose,

9142944088 Please Leave hounding me with your calls. Calling at 2 W a. m. isn't Suitable. I will report you personally to your PUCK and state attorney general s office.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 again calls no messages a few a. . . Opening out of Winchester N. Y. A. m.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls amp never leaves a message. . . even on Sundays.

Post by Loretta Giglia,

914-294-4088 Please don't telephone my Dwelling.

Post by John,

9142944088 Get calls out of the Amount at least twice a daytime. I believe it is March Of Dimes. How rude that nobody is ever on your line for speak to. I May NEVER SUPPORT MARCH OF DIMES AGAIN. NEVER. . . .

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls Regular no message left.

Post by Hates Telemarketing,

9142944088 March of Dimes Merchandise Spread rs Funds for Previous Folks there Must for be a law. . .

Post by meto,

914-294-4088 not. . . .

Post by Linda,

9142944088 Sadly that just thing that would hear your own whistle is the bot on the other Finish of your telephone.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 This Amount called us for that first time last nighttime no message.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Calls 1 times per day

Post by jag,

914-294-4088 've received calls from the Amount Regular for the previous three times. I Merely went for their Web site and on your Contact People page there s a means of sending them a message about Phone Solicitations. I vie used this pick for request for become removed from the call list. HTTP Www. merchandises. com contact us. asp

Post by tired of this,

9142944088 My husband is quite Ill and these Folks phone 9 A. m. .

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Repeated calls out of the Amount with no message. We 're on that do not call list

Post by pj,

9142944088 Owner id says Unknown. called Around noon. did not answer no message.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls 2 3 times a daytime and hangs Upwards. Says MOD and never leaves a message. Quite annoying

Post by lwos,

9142944088 Include W W W to that list of phone numbers they re using. . . . . . . . . . . . . ALL Show MOD. Calls start anyplace out of 8 within that morning for 8 PM at nighttime. . . . . . . . . . . . . MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY Every Day. Like everyone else says no one ever Solutions. I wish I had call blocker on my Telephone but anymore these vermin get Approximately it by Bank a Group of Amounts that they just switch for. Hopefully after December they ll stop calling. That Do not Call REGISTRY Doesn't Use For POLITICIANS AND CHARITIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . Ian t that grand.

Post by mmc,

914-294-4088 did not answer

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Keeps calling leaves no message. Annoying.

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls 3 to 4 times a day

Post by Terri,

9142944088 Calling every day a lot but hangs Upward.

Post by fed up,

914-294-4088 Tired to being woke Upwards by these pests. . .

Post by Al,

9142944088 I m receiving calls Regular at 9 'm. Then Additionally though the day at 3 calls a day. I vie had enough.

Post by jbc,

914-294-4088 Caller ID Offered the number preceded by Words MOD.

Post by Diane,

9142944088 do you personally define annoying call mod they telephone 2 3 times a day if you personally pick Upward they hang Upward. Would adore to tell them for Quit the harassment. I am W years previous and these late niter calls are thus really annoying not for mention what I would like to do for your requirements if I could get my control on you. If you personally want Individuals to donate this is not the manner to would it. So my reply to you personally MOD is Quit it or you understand where for go. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

914-294-4088 Calls everyday sometimes twice a day even Sundays never leaves messages we have been on that no telephone list Additionally Only annoying.

Post by Helen,

9142944088 3 4 calls a day everyday.

Post by Kathy Nedosko,

914-294-4088 Multiple calls out of W W MOD displays on caller IF

Post by me,

9142944088 when you personally response any telephone like the can like i do. . . . . . . Reply your own phone in a professional low tone and state. . . . . . COUNTY MORGUE . Its illegal to solicit Companies they can stop after a couple times.

Post by lib,

914-294-4088 March of dimes again. . Obviously if I Desired for create a donation you personally would t have to keep hounding me. . Have called before to remove out of list. Called again. . If the not harassment.

Post by Guest,

9142944088 Consistent calls no one there. MOD

Post by Irritated,

914-294-4088 Quit these calls. Thank You

Post by Savvy,

9142944088 You Would understand that this Newsgroup isn't your Put to tell a number or a Owner not for call appropriate. This really is Simply a Newsgroup to VENT and for share info on that caller if Folks have it on WHO called and when and HOW MANY Individuals are becoming these calls. If you want to Discontinue these calls you personally must 1 TELL that Owner that or go through their number Treatment Process 2 Register your own number with your National gov t Dentally List Www. dentally. gov 3 Wait W times and Subsequently you can enroll Complaints Www. dentally. gov Grievances with your Dinkiest when caller Violate that rules your own Needs.

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Same thing. . . live in same Region code. No one said anything. Attempted calling back and they said that office was closed and please telephone back during company hours which is now. . . . Would adore to get my hand son these . . . .

8062395935 Complains by Ricardo Vargas,

Fast Rick

8002137006 Complains by jm,

Marketing Business processing and PPS systems

8002255222 Complains by Festusian,

Sorry previous message should read Firm and card name NOT given.

8003131263 Complains by Hoosier Steve,

Sorry that number was 1 W W W.

8002213124 Complains by taz,

Artwork bonus

8001204500 Complains by 18001204500,

It's time for go outside

8002949961 Complains by Melinda,

Include Wellbeing Management Center

8042146522 Complains by omg,

i believe that gays are scam er

8042344307 Complains by KY Girl,

I Only gotten a telephone out of this Telephone number W W W After I said Hi I was Changed for your White House within Washington DC. That lady asked if I want to leave a Opinion for that White House. I told her that I did not create any phone phone and that I obtained a telephone. She said that I needed for report the to that Federal Communications. This telephone was really unusual.

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