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Telephone information: Omnipoint Communications. Mount Kisco, NY. . United states
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Post by Guest,

9143344576 Keeps calling when they get the machine. I don't even response. I did endanger them once on call your state Cops on him. Told him that Amount is unlisted and if he doesn't stop I will send that Cops.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Keeps calling no express mail

Post by had enough,

9143344576 keeps calling all day. . I keep Striving for get them to Steal Upward and give their Place away if they do i may become on a Airplane going to make your own See. They Additionally use other phone numbers thus become cautious everyone

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Keep calling when answered it s dead air

Post by Chaz,

9143344576 Use for get the telephone a lot till I told them I was going deaf and could t hear them Only said they had for Discuss louder or E-mail me. Few more calls none for about two weeks

Post by Wanda,

914-334-4576 Calling and hanging Upwards around and over again middle Asian voice

Post by Guest,

9143344576 I demand to block the number

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 always calling constantly asking for another person and a Distinct name and again and again. Fishing and Bad.

Post by L..,

9143344576 Been becoming calls from the Amount for sometime. I clicked on a ad on your internet awhile back thinking it was a legitimate Advertisement spam and ever since I vie been getting called from all over the world including this Amount.

Post by mh36,

914-334-4576 They keep calling me and each time I reply they hang up.

Post by Elizabeth,

9143344576 called one day at least W times quite annoying kept calling back and Subsequently hanging Upwards. Was told to Quit calling.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 I

Post by Michelle,

9143344576 I Additionally 've been receiving telephone after telephone even though my number is on that National Do not Phone List.

Post by Steve,

914-334-4576 Received call at W PM. Said Hello several times but received no response. Afterward got busy signal.

Post by Guest,



914-334-4576 these no English speaking MFA s 've called my phone W times in W Min's. I am a working woman and I be damned if these folk keep calling my Telephone. Other Individuals of relevance 've been Striving for phone. the has got to become Discontinued ASAP

Post by tbcudk,

9143344576 Lola adore it can I join Lao

Post by L..,

914-334-4576 Been getting calls out of the number for sometime. I clicked on a Advertising on the Web awhile back thinking it was a legitimate Advertisement spam and ever since I vie been getting called out of all over that world including this Amount.

Post by joshua williams,

9143344576 I get a call from this number each W minutes all daytime and Regular. They even call on Sundays. He States he is calling from cachets along with a loan I m Accepted for but I already 've a loan Thur them. He calls out of numerous Amounts all day. I want I could get him to Quit. .

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 SCAM. . . . When you personally reply they get you on the line as a quot live 1 quot amp share along with all their other scam artist pals. . . Subsequently you get 8 W scam calls a daytime from s that looks enjoy coming from around the Us. . . . SCAM.

Post by Greg,

9143344576 These nuts phone here everyday Approximately PM. I don t answer. Goes to express mail and they don t leave a message.

Post by mad,

914-334-4576 Telephone and Subsequently don't say anything.

Post by Patricia Wiggins,

9143344576 Ongoing phone calls. No just one there. W calls today alone.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Called several times.

Post by C R,

9143344576 getting a lot of calls from this numbering

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 This person called Around an obvious loan scam. When I called him Outside on it. He threatened me with rape. Said he was in my own back yard and a lot of other obscenities. Told him I was reporting him he did not look to attention. I recorded the phone and 'm Calling authorities.

Post by Gr,

9143344576 Keeps calling my house every 5 minutes.

Post by Tyshelle,

914-334-4576 These Individuals phone all daytime Striving for scam you personally saying You're Accepted for a loan. They try and get you personally for Set cash on a cash Package for activate they loan. They will not Quit calling despite you personally demanding them not to phone you and telling them you personally did not Implement for a loan.

Post by Santana,

9143344576 States to be cachets. want money to Agree a loan. scampers Outside for private info and money.

Post by Nancy,

914-334-4576 It seems that Currently there have been a horrendous amount of these types of calls. This Unique just one hangs Upward when you response and if you personally try and call them back you may simply get a busy Transmission. The Telephone Firm can just let you block Around W Amounts and there are thus many more of these idiots who call than that.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 W W W yes I've been receiving out of them asking for my grams stating she has an Outside standing loan and wanting her Bank info amusing she dozen t even have an account with any bank I called your number back and it was not an service its a scam

Post by Sick and tired,

914-334-4576 Annoying calls. I 'm very tired of these calls. Whoever it is has several Amounts they telephone out of. These Individuals need for become found and locked Upward.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 called about quot higher Instruction quot . . .

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 up

Post by R Williams,

9143344576 Keeps calling my phone cursing at me around and over again all day. Calling Morgan and Morgan

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 scam alert. can t even say my name appropriate.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 I 've had this Amount for some time now and the Bureau believe me to be Cleo Williams. I don't sound like a woman Or may they Discontinue calling me. They keep transforming their Amount to phone my house once I block the number they are calling from but it's the same Folks harassing my family and I day and night. Thanks Verizon for giving me a messed up number. They say its for loans but I know its not a loan.

Post by nursejen,

914-334-4576 How do u ensure it is Quit.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 keep saying I owe them cash for a payday loan which I quot DID NOT quot create . . .

Post by Me,

914-334-4576 Has called several times today. Dozen t leave a message. I can t Choose Upward my cell at work I Only feel it vibrate and appearance. Kind of starting for piss me away a bit.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 this Amount has called my cell many many times. Have told then not to call but they continue to can thus. Perhaps I will report them for your appropriate Individuals.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Calling at my home and cell phone out of 2 days Around the loan acceptance and Subsequently state that I have got your payday loan and 'm I making Funds.

Post by Chet,

9143344576 getting numerous calls out of this number this Owner is East Indian and I told them I would become reporting them. These callers are scampers don t autumn for your Ike dike.

Post by L..,

914-334-4576 Been becoming calls from the number for sometime. I clicked on a Advertising on the internet awhile back believing it was a valid ad spam and ever since I vie been becoming called out of all around your world including this number.

Post by Guest,

9143344576 Scam artist. . keeping calling with American names but substantial Indian accent bothering me all daytime long. .

Post by Leslie,

914-334-4576 he called telling me I already had payday loans and Subsequently Desired for understand if I had credit cards that I owed money on. I told them don t call me again and i keep getting calls out of Practically each state.

Post by nursejen,

9143344576 How do u ensure it is Quit.

Post by CF,

914-334-4576 Getting many calls from the number numbers on a Day-to-day basis. Never states what they want. Asked them if they want to come over for a Cash sandwich and they Installed Upward.

Post by Virginia,

9143344576 Someone asserting for become from Cachets offering a fresh loan. What they did t understand was that I already 've an account along with Cachets.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 more scam umber's from your India scampers. W W W W W W W same numbers same scams. . I don t response your phone anymore I just hit that Blow off button W W W

Post by tbcudk,

9143344576 Lola love it could I join Lao

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Yes

Post by tbcudk,

9143344576 Lola adore it can I join Lao

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 I receive at least 5 calls a daytime from them

Post by Guest,

9143344576 Hang up when I say hello.

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Called Around payday loans I never Required 1.

Post by ds,

9143344576 scampers need to become shot

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Don t response that phone these bast arms explain who they r and then when u try and tell them you are on your don't telephone list they hang up

Post by Guest,

9143344576 has called me W times

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 They state nothing just telephone and call

Post by Guest,

9143344576 I 've received around W calls telling me that my Lao. For W W has been approved.

Post by pete and repeat,

914-334-4576 well these Folks called my home Telephone twice Now and did not leave a message. I called back it Bands once and gets a occupied signal. These are that same Folks that e mailed me a few times ago saying that I was going for get sued. I emailed them back and said bring it on.

Post by Tiffany,

9143344576 This Western Highlight Mid aged guy called and said he Merely Lately was Created that i owed to Irs. . . when i said i completely don't owe to Government he said oh so that as i Inquired where he received this data out of he fast Put Upward and i proceeded for phone your back consecutive times and it would ring a few times Afterward would automatically hang up.

Post by Anonymous,

914-334-4576 Quit calling. . . . . . . .

Post by Guest,

9143344576 for loan Accepted of ten k

Post by Guest,

914-334-4576 Waste of air

Post by Tess,

9143344576 Mid Eastern. . . . . I don t answer anymore amp my mailbox is full. . . . Issue solved. Goofballs. . . Lola

Post by jasmine,

914-334-4576 I obtained a telephone on my cell when I answer it it s not alive atmosphere. I keep becoming unexpected Telephone calls that previous few times from different numbers all daytime and night. It s this kind of nuisance.

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2812547836 Complains by Guest,

Scampers running Fake mortgage business used this as their Facsimile number on my acceptance letter and Tar rant Co PD said to contact the number because its Recorded as a business number within a different website.

7205092113 Complains by Guest,

They 've got that wrong Amount but wont stop calling

8176099313 Complains by Guest,


3528714320 Complains by Guest,


8181786598 Complains by Howard,

Called but did not leave a message . Set on my phone block list.

3147222634 Complains by Guest,

I can t figure Outside who this can be. I reply and no 1 is on another end. . . . And when I don't reply they leave no message.

4068614505 Complains by Guest,

Interest speed Shift on my credit card and I don t have one

8286518055 Complains by grannyb,

rang once left no message. . . . . . . dinner time so Likely tel trash.

8001613406 Complains by Shannon,

Keeps calling my number.

8002093254 Complains by Waggy,

Another AT amp T . com phishing scam for W. W

8003303978 Complains by MJ,

I 'm LIVID that there's no manner to stop these Individuals. They're rude and vicious don't take no for an answer and other than blocking your number 'm not able to report these Individuals. They get away along with this disgusting behavior. And would I Purchase ANYTHING from anyone that calls me names. .

8003188164 Complains by Kris,

They are saying my Mom owes on her MasterCard. . . she s not alive. . . Pleasant strive tho vultures

8042698682 Complains by C.S.,

Keep calling 5 times a day for your last 2 months

8003343656 Complains by Bent,

Got the exact same request and decided to Google him. I was very funny when he is searching for see what credit cards we take before providing him with any info. Definitely a scam. Really happy I bothered for Google him. Not even wasting my time giving him a quote. Trust someone stops him. . .

8001582175 Complains by Guest,

Webbing come on

8003350872 Complains by Figmo,

I get calls Day-to-day out of the Amount asking for Hood. I called that number and requested who they were and location. The person would not provide the data. I was told if my name was not Hood I had no motive to contact them and your Individual cut that call away.

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