9143395611 / 914-339-5611

Telephone information: Peerless Network Of New York. Yonkers, NY. . United states
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Post by milabug,

9143395611 A couple weeks Past they Began calling me Day-to-day. I Destination t gotten a Individual yet Only your record that says they re thus active they have to Set me into their high phone volume voice send. I called a Firm called Debt Solutions which is what the damn company says they're called on their Telephone message but they said they Warren t affiliated with the W Amount. I Enrolled a Gripe on that do not call registry for what it s worth. Any suggestions may be appreciated.

Post by kam,

914-339-5611 I have never even had a credit card along with the would Discontinue.

Post by Guest,

9143395611 Your calls does not state anything and but call along with no goal Quit this number.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Please use the following link to the official FCC Site quot HTTP support. FCC. gov Criticisms. HTML quot Make a formal Grievance against these people. I Submitted a Gripe Now 3 2 W on your website against the W and your W . The FCC Website Provides a kind for complete and submit. If more Individuals complain we may 've a opportunity of stopping this fools. I have rec d up to 4 or 5 calls per daytime for months. Caller ID indicates the following identities Options INS I expertise that same responses upon Select up as described here. I do not response my Telephone anymore without looking at your Owner ID. This is an intrusion of my personal space unwanted and not Required. Great Luck for all of you personally and Thanks. I now understand I am not alone. Help shut them down.

Post by Guest,

9143395611 Teller marketing

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Don t know who it's. And they did t state anything.

Post by JEROME,

9143395611 I 'm sick and weary of these calls it must become a scam Cu's I dint even 've 5. W. Io in debt it is harassment and quite annoying and you never pay debt Businesses anything they will get you personally in more trouble than what You're within already. My Lawyer told me they are scam Businesses so figure

Post by anonymous,

914-339-5611 I was scared when I tool this Amount in my own missed calls. thank god it was not a insane ex.

Post by Guest,

9143395611 They Inquired if I still had W in debt and said they had your solution

Post by milabug,

914-339-5611 A couple weeks ago they Began calling me daily. I Destination t gotten a Individual However just your recording that says they re so active they 've to Set me into their high phone volume express send. I called a company called Debt Alternatives which is what the damn company says they're called on their phone message but they said they Warren t Related with this W Amount. I Enrolled a Criticism on the do not phone registry for what it s value. Any suggestions may become valued.

Post by Another Call,

9143395611 This call came within Now Approximately W EDT via my Google Voice number. When I answered I said Greetings and Salutations. I have learned that automated systems adore Hello but nothing else. Anyhow I said this Around 5 times pausing for about 3 to 4 seconds before Beginning again. Eventually a female apologized and mentioned she notion she had your incorrect number. I Just said thank you personally have a Pleasant daytime and ended that call.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 They asked if I still had W in debt and said they had that solution

Post by NYS Harrassment 2nd,

9143395611 I 'm getting these calls whatsoever times of the daytime. Its that same company that Features as From Place on Time Warner digital phone service and OOH doesn't present a caller ID.

Post by robert,

914-339-5611 the number calls 2 3 times in 1 daytime i dint answer numbers i don't know and they wont lav a message


9143395611 Got W messages out of this Amount on my machine. I am paying to get the info on who owns the number and Subsequently turning them within. They are gonna pay. They may even get your own See. it s gonna Quit.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Bloody so W W W and W W W must become that same spammers. . .

Post by brandi morris,

9143395611 They need for Cease calling me

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 I got 5 calls over 3 days if I reply no just one can there be

Post by Nunya,

9143395611 Started receiving these calls Now. I 'm prepared to kick their a .

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Don t know this person

Post by Guest,

9143395611 The calls doesn't state anything and but phone along with no goal Discontinue this Amount.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 These calls 2 for 3 times per day. I did Talk along with a woman once who was extremely annoyed I had called back. She previously mentioned my Amount would be removed out of many db. Figure what that never happened. The Change took Set months Past and they're still calling. Has anyone reported these calls for the Experts. And what ability would these nuance caller become reported for. Anyone understand who this can be.

Post by Guest,

9143395611 I work for a Firm called Debt Alternatives. com. We keep becoming Grievances that this Business using W W W is posing as Debt Alternatives. com. This is not your number and we do not create these kind of calls. We Stadium t even within Brand new York. They are ruining your reputation and demand for become shut down. The Number Is not DEBT Options. COM. . .

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 ID

Post by Guest,

9143395611 Just keeps hanging up your phone

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 I get 2 to 3 calls from this number daily. At this point I m being harassed. I vie Inquired them for take me away their telephone list several times. They won t. ID the best way to get them to leave me alone

Post by gator,

9143395611 I 've acquired several phone calls out of the Amount Debt Alternatives despite pressing 1 to Quit the calls. I Only called them and ask them for Cease and proudly called them .

Post by robert,

914-339-5611 do not know who it's won't lav message

Post by Anoter2cents,

9143395611 Cal them back jamb their lines

Post by Nunya,

914-339-5611 Started receiving these calls Now. I am prepared for kick their a .

Post by Di,

9143395611 I m not within debt. . Don t know how exactly why they're calling me.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Spammers and they phone at nighttime. Demand for Cease them

Post by Diana,

9143395611 They left a message saying I owed over W W for that Irs which is not Accurate. I owe no cash to the Irs. I feel they sound threatening and could frighten Folks into thinking they owe cash within purchase to use their services.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 This number has called me W times in the last 3 weeks. When you personally answer there USN t anyone. if you personally phone back no one Solutions.

Post by tab,

9143395611 this Amount Merely called and Inquired for my fiance i told them this is not his number but who is the and he told me if this can be not his number Subsequently its none of my business and Put Upwards i 'm so Post right now

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 No longer on service

Post by sick of calls,

9143395611 same matter calls me either at nighttime or within your morning earlier nicely for early for me.

Post by Robin,

914-339-5611 Do not want any calls out of this number. I received several daily

Post by Guest,

9143395611 ID

Post by Me Too,

914-339-5611 I 've been becoming calls out of this number 2 3 times a daytime for about 2 months. Your name that comes up on caller id is Alternatives. It's an unpublished number within Winchester NY. I 've answered your phone several times but no 1 responds when I say hello. I am on your don't call registry as well. . . . . not really happy along with this.

Post by Caldwell,

9143395611 I get calls out of these guys too. He told me he could lower interest rates on my chase and Find card. I do not own either card never had them. He proceeded for tell me I can 've them. I Inquired for his name and his manager he Put up on me. I get these calls Around 3 times a week someone Distinct each time.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 They say I Triumph but only if I 've valid credit or debit card

Post by Matt,

9143395611 Same thing get a phone go to Select it up for present em an earful and Call tone i should t 've for Shift my Amount over the.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Debt Alternative Waste solicitation

Post by Guest,

9143395611 i vie been getting call since December W three times a day

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 5 calls in 4 times never Making a message.

Post by Marty Brown,

9143395611 thus i eventually got for Speak to some telemarketer Now. oh one of my fresh year s Answers matters is to provide these a hard time. i get a call out of W W W. . . for the eight ti meme hello. douche hi is john there. me you have that incorrect number douche sorry Around that. but your own number was Picked blah blah blah if you might have W within debt we could help. do you have W in debt. me yeah i Likely would. . . but john isn't here. Fine attempt Bum ho he hangs up. pretty sneaky for ask for John Merely to get the conversation started.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Spammers

Post by Guest,

9143395611 The calls does not say anything and but call with no motive Cease the number.

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 tel marketer

Post by Guest,

9143395611 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Something about debt solutions

Post by Guest,

9143395611 They hangup before I answer. twice so far today

Post by Guest,

914-339-5611 Called Around some debt that I don t have

Post by J Hajny,

9143395611 I 've obtained a telephone two times within a Line out of the Amount. That Firm is called Debt Remedy. I 've left Records and even called their W number Recorded on the net and left message with among that Direction for stop calling me. I have had no response back and have since filed a complaint as I am on your don't telephone registry. I won't stand with this crap. they believe they can telephone Simply anyone without regard to that law.

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9542835288 Complains by Guest,

called and I replied some foreigner selling something for Real tors Inquired to be removed from their list

6053704015 Complains by Guest,

leave her alone Mr

6825538799 Complains by Guest,

dozen t leave a name of who is calling leaves a case number saying legal Activities may be Chosen against you personally.

3033539722 Complains by Guest,

Dint know

4177197863 Complains by Guest,

Blocked forever

4178002303 Complains by Guest,

Faculty grant

7012484039 Complains by Guest,

A recorded message spam

7206297898 Complains by Guest,

Hung up when I answered.

8002543290 Complains by Poe,

no message. . . . potential incorrect .

8022643796 Complains by Russ,

I have gotten several calls from the Amount on my cell phone but I never answered them. The Telephone is on your national don't call list.

8046163161 Complains by Alfalfa,

It is a scam WASHINGTON Your Internal Revenue Service Now warned People about a Superior phone scam targeting taxpayers including new immigrants throughout that State. Casualties are told they owe money for that Irs and it must be paid promptly through a pare loaded debit card or Line transport. If that victim refuses for cooperate they are Subsequently threatened along with arrest deportation or Suspensor of a business or driver s permit. Within many cases the Owner becomes hostile and insulting. The scam has Strike taxpayers within nearly each state within your Nation. We want to Train taxpayers so they could help shield themselves. Rest assured we do not and won't ask for credit card numbers over your Telephone nor request a pare paid debit card or wire transport says Government Acting Commissioner Danny Wifely. If someone unexpectedly calls maintaining to be in the Government and threatens police arrest deportation or license revocation if you personally don t pay instantaneously that is a hint that it really USN t that Government calling. Wifely noted that the first Government contact along with taxpayers on a tax Problem is likely to happen via mail Other characteristics of this scam Contain Scampers use fake names and Government Marker Amounts. They generally use common names and surnames to identify themselves. Scampers could possibly become Capable to recite the last four digits of a Sufferer s Social Security Amount. Scampers spoof that Irs Cost free Amount on Owner ID to make it Search that it s your Government calling. Scampers occasionally send bogus Irs Email addresses for a few Sufferers to support their Fake calls. Sufferers Notice background Sound of other calls being conducted to mimic a call site. After threatening Casualties along with Prison time or motorist s license revocation scampers hang up and others soon call back pretending for be from the local Cops or DIV and the Owner ID supports their State. If you personally get a phone phone from someone maintaining to become in the Irs here s what you should would If you understand you owe taxes or you personally believe you personally might owe taxes phone that Government at 1. W. W. W. That Irs employees at that line could help you personally along with a payment Dilemma if there Actually is such an Dilemma. If you understand you don t owe taxes or have no motive for believe you owe any Fees for example you vie never acquired a Invoice or the Owner got many bogus threats as described above then telephone and report your episode to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1. W. W. W. If you vie been targeted by the scam you should Additionally contact your National Commerce Commission and use their FTC Criticism Assistant at FTC. gov. Please add Government Phone Scam for that Opinions of your own complaint. Taxpayers should become aware that there are other unrelated scams such as a lottery sweepstakes and solicitations such as debt relief that fraudulently claim for become in the Government. Your Irs encourages taxpayers for be alert against Telephone and E-mail scams that use that Irs as a Attraction. Your Government does not Trigger contact with taxpayers by E-mail for request personal or Fiscal information. The includes any type of electronic interaction such as text messages and social Press routes. The Irs also doesn't request for Pins Accounts or similar confidential access information for credit card bank or other financial accounts. People should not open any attachments or click on any links Included within the message. Instead forward the e send for E-mail W protected More data on the best way to report phishing scams involving your Irs is Accessible on the genuine Government Web site Government. gov. HTTP Www. Government. gov AC Newsroom Irs Warns of Pervasive Phone Scam

8002843587 Complains by Boy,

they're i called them because they had Homes for sell on your internet and they attempted for get my data i Offered them my address and name but Afterward they began asking for my credit card data like my Central Original then i asked what company the was and he Installed Upward HATHAWAY frauds. .

8003189486 Complains by p,

This is MEG alarm monitoring

8002449317 Complains by Guest,


8003159113 Complains by Guest,

Mad lady

8042934008 Complains by Ruselll,

sybarite You might have that CODE section incorrect its C 3 not W C 3

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