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Telephone information: Xo New York. . . United states
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Post by Dagwood,

9143520852 My call blocker Quit Mr. Hie as he has to Switch zero for get by my English butler s answering service. May block this Amount now.

Post by Scammedout,

914-352-0852 Wow. I live in the mountain west thus a New York number Displaying Upwards on my caller ID as LOCAL did t just make me LOLA. Subsequently the recorded message told me it was my last chance to lower my credit card rates. I m amazed that scam still exists I can t Envision anyone still Dropping for it. I would have loved to 've talked to them but was Sporting to Find that turnip truck I just fell away.

Post by Robert,

9143520852 I vie saved the number for my Owner ID Underneath scam thus if they call again I ll know for Discount it.

Post by WhatDNCList?,

914-352-0852 W notes is this Site. . . And I could t agree more it s invaluable.

Post by Daddy's Curly Girl,

9143520852 Call from W W W at 2 W PM PACIFIC TIME when I answered they hang Upwards. My House Telephone is on that Don't Phone list.

Post by steve,

914-352-0852 another Amount for credit services from W miles east says local a Percentage of message typically left

Post by D,

9143520852 scummier called here also blocked

Post by KOCHT,

914-352-0852 This can be my first telephone out of the Amount. Owner ID said UNKNOWN NAME . They did not leave a message. I concur with your posts above as well as another Web site that's reported on the Amount. They're scampers. . . . . . . lower your attention rate scam.

Post by Frank,

9143520852 Its a scam I tell ya a another scam don t ya know they called earlier on a Saturday morning when I could t see that Owner i was an A hole I m certain demand for get a call blocker that works along with Del on that line

Post by ScalarMan,

914-352-0852 These clowns believe LOCAL for Washington State is in New York. It was displayed on my caller ID and I knew that area code W was NOT local. An Quick lie like the can speak volumes as for that integrity of the Owner. These Folks must literally be scum of that Earth. Avert this Amount like that peasantry had for during your Black Plague within Ancient Europe.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 The spammer telephone comes within with the phone number twice. Dozen t leave a message on the machine.

Post by Mary,

914-352-0852 . . . . If you personally block it they may simply phish or spoof a new Amount that might fool you. Better for create notice of that Amount and Only Discount it. . . As the Irish would say better that Demon you personally know than the Demon you personally don t. Just one clue that this is a Amount to be ignored is that it revealed up as local when it USN t and it's long space. I just came here for Check that it s a scam and am happy I did t pick Upwards. The fascinating thing about the one is that Generally they keep banker s hours Monday through Friday but that is among that few that may telephone after hours and on Breaks. Hmm.

Post by Ananta Sesa das,

9143520852 Scam telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 They 've called me more Afterward 3 times and told me they can lower my credit card debit. I don t have ANY credit cards. I have told them each time to take me off their lists. Each time they hung up

Post by DWJ,

9143520852 That Do not Telephone registry is a Huge fat joke. As normal Authorities Companies are Just giving your public that Effect that they are working that Difficulty. Nothing could become more from your truth.

Post by Wallace,

914-352-0852 got call out of this land line for my land line this day. . . . . Nearly inaudible message previously mentioned PRESS ANY Amount. . . . . Owner ID Registered YORKTOWN MEDICAL. Never heard of them. This can be Clearly a SCAM perhaps capturing and using a valid professional number.

Post by Cand,

9143520852 Called Now W W W at 8 W 'm did not leave a message

Post by Brad,

914-352-0852 Called me today March W W too 9 W A. M. CT. Owner ID read Local Yep correct. . I did t reply and they left no message.

Post by Jane Warsaw,

9143520852 Did not answer your phone. Got to it after the phone disconnected. Called the Amount and got a message which was difficult for Notice but it said something enjoy removing this number from some list would take W hours.

Post by Judy,

914-352-0852 I did not answer an unknown number from an unknown area code.

Post by Jerry,

9143520852 Simply got call from the Amount answering machine got it and nobody said anything. . . . Above the number it said local I checked Area Rules and was White Plains NY.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 My phone revealed the Amount which I did t Comprehend. Therefore I did t response it knowing that a valid caller would leave a message. After they finally stopped that phone I checked for messages and of course there was none. I don t understand how they did it but they overrode my phone system which should have replied and got a message after four rings.

Post by The Doctor,

9143520852 notes is an excellent supply of information when it comes to unwanted calls. Unfortunately there are some ribbons where those behind your calls attempt to convince Folks the calls are valid and etc.

Post by Wilbur,

914-352-0852 We've Owner ID and if we don't recognize that Amount we let the Owner go to Camera and Afterward latter look up the unknown number. This was your case with W. An apparent robot call.

Post by Pam C.,

9143520852 I missed Initial phone thus I called your number 1 W W W in W minutes of that First telephone. Gotten a record PLEASE PRESS ANY Digit To Become REMOVED Out of The LIST IT Could possibly TAKE W To W HOURS Seemingly that is a Attorney since the call then disconnected so I was not able to talk to anyone.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Scam credit call

Post by Frustrated,

9143520852 Unrecognized telephone. Let replying machine Select Upwards. Hang up with no message left. Probably scampers.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 not a number I understand thus I did not answer they Installed up no message blocked caller

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Simply obtained a phone out of this number here in Illinois. Did not reply your phone and no message was left

Post by Grafixman,

914-352-0852 I 've a VIP phone service called Coma. Easy for check that phone log and Subsequently BLOCK Afterward out.

Post by Brenda,

9143520852 When that Telephone rang I looked at the caller ID and knew that it was a scummier. I listened for the robotic message Congratulations. blah blah blah. and waited for a person for come on. When your man got on east European accent and reiterated what your robotic message said. I Discontinued him and said You personally vie made no mention of a bank or credit card Firm name. I m reporting this company to that FTC. I Installed Upwards and reported them for the FTC.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Looking to lower interest rates on credit cards. . . . not out of Charge or MasterCard. . . . they want your card Amount within order for scam you personally. . . . don t autumn for it.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Owner ID said quot Local quot but it is definitely not a local Amount.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Annoying

Post by Ann,

9143520852 Arrived in as Local on caller id but had W code. Ignored and they left no message.

Post by Bill,

914-352-0852 Another bot phone ignored

Post by Terry,

9143520852 State attorney General needs for get these lowlife a away your Telephones before they hurt more Individuals. Quite definitely scumbags from God knows WHAT Nation. Sure not the Us.

Post by ScalarMan,

914-352-0852 Check your own Telephone service about Telephone Rejection or Telephone Block Characteristics. Within this daytime and age most if not all Telephone Firms offer a kind of these extras. If it dozen t I would suggest signing up for another Telephone service provider. My local 1 is Superb for stopping these types of calls dead inside their Monitors. Once that Amount is Recorded in that service they cannot get through at that number ever again.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Spam caller completely Fake. I don t know why that Telephone Firm can t Supply their customers with protection out of this type of nuisance seems like the government could t. What great is a quot do not call list quot . . .

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 I got calls very Usually out of the number they hang Upward as soon as I Inquired them for delete my number out of their list Very BEAD Behaviour . . .

Post by Lipitus,

9143520852 called at W PM. left no message and no caller id Simply Yorktown hie NY. likely thieves

Post by rick,

914-352-0852 lower that interest rate on my credit card account buckler scampers

Post by Leona,

9143520852 Did t Comprehend so did t answer. . .

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 a prerecorded phone for a few credit card offer

Post by Guest,

9143520852 calls everyday. no message left Owner ID says quot LOCAL quot

Post by Florida Sunshine,

914-352-0852 Received phone on 3 W W from the number along with Owner ID of Local . Installed Upward before answering machine message Completed. Cheers to all who posted info on the number. Scampers could Place anything in that phone number or the Owner ID even phone Amounts of legit businesses. Clearly your first clue it s a scummier is your word Local within Owner ID. My local area code is W not W which is clue number two that this is a scummier. There s a Mug produced every Second and these low life scumbags are making a lot of money off the fools Americans lose BILLIONS every year through Telephone scams . Your criminals Additionally know they can operate with impunity since there's not enough law enforcers for come after them. Don t appearance for help in the phone Firms or those that make your phone blocking Products either they're making cash away these Legal calls overly by Marketing blocking Owner ID Choices or blocking equipment. As long as there are lots of money being got all Approximately we re Fundamentally on your own to shield your tough earned money.

Post by Ron,

9143520852 Rob call would save me money on my credit card press 1. I told them I was on the do not telephone list Subsequently proceeded to sunburn his ears after I hung up he called me back on W W W as shortly as I recognized his express I burnt his ears again this happened 5 more times before he gave Upwards. Both Amounts are now blocked.

Post by Frank,

914-352-0852 Its a scam I tell ya a another scam don t ya understand they called earlier on a Saturday morning when I could t see the caller i was an A Opening I m confident need to get a telephone blocker that works along with Del on that line

Post by barb,

9143520852 A recording said Congratulations. Because you vie made your own payments on time and I Put Upward on it.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Rob phone about mortgages.

Post by WhatDNCList?,

9143520852 W notes is the website. . . And I could t agree more it s invaluable.

Post by Yip,

914-352-0852 Was However another call from your scampers who are running MANY different scams and seem to randomly Shift and spoof telephone out numbers. Blocking only works if they use the same Amount many times eventually they Merely telephone back through another Amount. 've tried blocking never replying the Telephone and screaming at your individuals who call. It all has Around zero effect upon that Amount of calls we get. That 1 matter that DOES work is having all Types of false info handy for the bozo scampers. I have a untrue credit card number and a whole listing of untrue information to share. My got up name is Really long and hard to fascination and I tend for Work} enjoy I am mentally challenged and slow for comprehend any questions. Within Substance it becomes a practice of exchanging lies and it can be quite a hoot. Your very best matter is that it Generally buys us a couple of weeks of Comfort from your incessant scam calls.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 I despise becoming these Telephone calls. Don t they recognize that we know it s a spam. I just don t response them. I understand your area Rules where my friends and family member lives.

Post by DM in AZ,

914-352-0852 W W W called my LL Tu 4 7 W 1 W PM Arizona time MST Owner id showed local but Region code is not local did not reply they Installed Upward before ans mach picked up Around Th ring Cheers for people who Found enough of the message to positively id a BS card scam.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Calls hang Upward when you personally response. . On don't call list. Back away Quit calling.

Post by S,

914-352-0852 don t understand anyone within NY so ignored call no message on machine likely scam

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Have caller id. I never answered.

Post by Anonymous,

914-352-0852 After I said Hello that recorded female voice all Modern of course said CONGRATULATIONS. . . and Subsequently I Installed Upwards.

Post by Grafixman,

9143520852 I have a VIP phone service called Coma. Simple to Assess that phone log and Subsequently BLOCK Subsequently out.

Post by K,

914-352-0852 Obtained the call Owner ID said Local then phone number but Region Code isn't my Place did not Collection.

Post by Auto skipped,

9143520852 Robson Congratulation Because you personally vie got your Funds on time you re eligible for a lower interest rate and lower payment Press 1. To remove from future calls Press 2. caller ID LOCAL

Post by g245,

914-352-0852 called amp I didn't Choose up ID was local . Did t leave a message. Established on another reactions here I blocked your called

Post by barb,

9143520852 A recording said Congratulations. Because you vie got your own Funds on time and I Installed Upwards on it.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 credit card scam

Post by carmine Vitagliano,

9143520852 Did not response. I get these calls all your time.

Post by Robert,

914-352-0852 I vie saved the number to my Owner ID under scam so if they call again I ll know to ignore it.

Post by Brad,

9143520852 Called me Now March W W overly 9 W A. M. CT. Caller ID read Local Yeah right. . I did t reply and they left no message.

Post by anonymous,

914-352-0852 Arrived up as local and did t leave message

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Rob call stating that I was entitled to some lower attention rate on all my credit cards all I had to do is press one and Furnish the Mandatory info.

Post by Linda Petlak,

914-352-0852 I dint want this phone.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Comes within along with 2 Distinct area codes. Beware. .

Post by Pissed off,

914-352-0852 I get a weekly telephone from these Indian . I declare for god if I could get a hold of them I would kill them .

Post by WhatDNCList?,

9143520852 W notes is this website. . . And I could t agree more it s invaluable.

Post by 9wood,

914-352-0852 credit card Rob call prerecorded message scam

Post by Gator,

9143520852 Said Local but Place code reversed did not reply let machine Choose Upward nothing.

Post by norobos,

914-352-0852 No just one there when I replied.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Hang Upwards no message.

Post by DWJ,

914-352-0852 Your Do not Call registry is a Huge fat joke. As normal Authorities agencies are simply giving that public that Effect that they're working that problem. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Post by pinklaw26,

9143520852 Ask your own Telephone Service. Mine Enables up to W blocked calls using W . But anticipate the same credit card scampers to phone again using another number for phone from so your own blocked Amount can simply slow them down. So Much the same scummier has used up W of my blocked call Areas allowed.

Post by Jeff,

914-352-0852 Gotten a phone the morning did t Comprehend your Amount thus I did t response. They left no message.

Post by Glen,

9143520852 Acquired a telephone Displaying Local plus the Amount. It was the lower your own credit card scam Rob call. I 've dutifully apprised your FTC of your telephone violation of DC. I Additionally 've recommended the FTC enact rules that penalize telex who offer services to that scampers who take no actions for correct company practices.

Post by Johnny,

914-352-0852 Acquired their call this morning. . never response your phone if I don t recognize that number or Region code. This number may be reported to your don't call list and will be blocked. . Soil bags.

Post by JJ,

9143520852 We were in the marketplace for a few fresh property line Telephones and Radio Shack was that Alternative. . brand new Panasonic s along with 2 Receiving Channels answering machine and they had telephone block. . all for Approximately W with tax.

Post by Joree,

914-352-0852 Called my acreage line. Caller ID said local but your area code was most definitely not local for my area. I did t response and they Offered Upward after 3 rings that is a certain indication of a Bacall. I would block the number but my land line service provider Century Link just Permits W blocks . I filled that Upwards long ago along with scam callers enjoy the one. I don t comprehend exactly why we can t block unlimited numbers. Additionally exactly why USN t there a scam Alternative within your Telephone Kind menu.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Says I 've a credit card and I don t have a credit card

Post by OP Resident,

914-352-0852 Told Caller that they must become Head Dead as for what part of the National Do not Call List they don t recognize. That they had an absolute mental Trouble if they even notion I would give out any info relating to my financial status thus FY . . . .

Post by Mary,

9143520852 . . . . If you block it they will just phish or spoof a new Amount that May}n' dingbat you. Better for make notice of that Amount and Only Blow off it. . . As the Irish would say better your Demon you understand in relation to the Demon you don t. One hint this is a number for be ignored is that it revealed Upwards as local when it USN t and it's long distance. I Merely Arrived here to Confirm that it s a scam and am happy I did t pick up. That intriguing thing about the just one is that Typically they keep banker s hours Monday through Friday but this can be among your few that will phone after hours and on weekends. Hmm.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Called and when replying machine Decided Upward did not leave a message. Appears like spam out of Remarks posted.

Post by JJ,

9143520852 We were within your market for a few fresh land line Telephones and Radio Shack was the Alternative. . brand new Panasonic s with 2 Getting Programs answering machine and they had telephone block. . all for around W with tax.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Scam phone Around credit. Rob message left. Discount.

Post by Rob,

9143520852 Called at 8 W A. M. no message. New York.

Post by Bryan,

914-352-0852 Got a message out of W automated. Inquired me if I Needed to lower your attention speed on my credit card account despite the fact that I don t have a credit card account. They also said that which was my final discover . I know they will phone me in the next few times and state that same matter.

Post by Johnny,

9143520852 Acquired their telephone this morning. . never reply your Telephone if I don t Comprehend the number or Place code. This Amount will be reported for that do not phone list and can be blocked. . Dust bags.

Post by NL,

914-352-0852 Scam

Post by paul,

9143520852 Called from buckler Only a recording.

Post by miss mash,

914-352-0852 Called at 9 Am. Caller ID says Yorktown Heights NY. No just one responded when I replied phone but when I said hello again they Put Upward. Now blocked.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 Rob call offering low int erst rate on some card Firm not said

Post by Linda,

914-352-0852 Received call from W. It quit ringing after only a second and I accidental swiped your Amount and it went straight to your machine saying press any Amount. I Installed up and blocked caller.

Post by DWJ,

9143520852 The Telephone rang twice and then Discontinued. That is typical of the Rob calls. When I whine for members of Congress about these calls that Transfer spoofed Telephone numbers for Owner ID I 'm told that there is nothing they can do for trace the True sources. Which is a crock. If your President of that United States was threatened by one of these unwanted callers you d see just how Rapidly the source would be Trailed down. Your Trouble is that the Huge Phone Businesses are making money hand over fist along with all of these long space Rob calls and they don t Want your Issue Discontinued. And suppose who donates loads of cash for these legislators Camera pain funds. Your Enormous phone Businesses that s who. Until the scam is exposed for what it's along with the Phone Businesses and members of Congress being held complicit you and I are going to continue for have your Seclusion invaded by criminals who could t attention less Around any Do not Telephone list.

Post by The Doctor,

914-352-0852 notes is an Superb source of info when it comes to unwanted calls. Sadly there are many ribbons where those behind your calls try and convince Individuals your calls are legitimate and etc.

Post by Ann,

9143520852 C R E D I T C A R D S C A M M E R S

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Caller ID says local telephone but it appears to be a Fresh York all. They never leave a message.

Post by az,

9143520852 Incoming telephone out of the Amount for the home phone which is on the Don't Telephone Registry . Owner ID said LOCAL . . . which W is not Winchester County NY . . . thus did not reply. Less than a Second later a second identical phone Arrived within. Again did not answer. Blocked and reported HTTP Gripes. dentally. gov Gripe Gripe check. asp

Post by Suzi,

914-352-0852 Getting several calls a daytime out of the Amount. On your uncommon occasion I answer the phone there s no just one there Merely Stop. I vie blocked them. I m a daytime sleeper and even with a blocked telephone that phone Bands once. I m thus weary. .

Post by Bob,

9143520852 Scampers along with profane mouths.

Post by oz_il,

914-352-0852 Called on my cell phone. Did not answer no message left. I 've a dumb Telephone so saved your number as Spammer W as no telephone blocking for me.

Post by Norm,

9143520852 I Only got a Panasonic base Telephone w 3 remotes and it s Amazing. These guys called twice last niter amp the morning . The Telephone Bands once just. Your ID says W Local but I m no where near Fresh York State.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Checking an unfamiliar Amount called while I was taking a Sleep. I Viewed at your Amount when I got Upwards. This caller did not leave a message. The number said local but I did not Understand W as being any where near me.

Post by Annoyed Mama,

9143520852 Being a mom of 2 toddlers Time for a Bath is tricky. I was utilizing a window of time for a fast Bath when this Dumb phone came within. Of path. . . Am on a Tuesday morning like people have nothing better going on at Dwelling. Did t Comprehend that number on Owner ID no name of path. Happy I ignored it Specially after reading these replies. Damn spammers scampers losers. . . they demand to get a life and Discontinue preying off other s Folks s lives and hard earned credit and money. Bloody them anyway. .

Post by Karon,

914-352-0852 Merely got call out of this no. added to my blocked Owner list. Owner ID revealed Yorktown Hie NY

Post by unimperssed,

9143520852 Thus confusing. If the was my last opportunity for get better attention rates exactly why would I need to Call 3 for not get future offers. Your tel cos need for track down where the traffic originates. Congress needs for fund Justice to stop these calls.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 Rang four times and Put Upwards. No one here replied your Telephone.

Post by Guest,

9143520852 CC spam.

Post by Corkey Cone,

914-352-0852 From W yards for that win BLOCKED BLOCKED IT S BLOCKED. . . . . . . . . W Place Code HM Millimeters. . Sentry Phone Blocker continues to would its job.

Post by Maisy,

9143520852 I get these calls at work. I vie found that if I listen through that sch rind they give you an Alternative for not get any more calls. I don t know if it Actually works or not but your calls have become less Regular. I Additionally have that office phone on your DC list.

Post by Guest,

914-352-0852 received 2 calls in W Second Amount no message left. placed telephone on rejection.

Post by steve,

9143520852 TOOK MY Money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Post by Antithisandthat,

914-352-0852 Did t recognize area code. They Put up at answering machine.

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8583541282 Complains by TONY-,

I had a phone call from 1-403-197-7861 in the morning. when I took the phone, there was no answer and handup sound only. July15/2009I don't know what's going on.

9726878099 Complains by Jim Campbell,

Man called from this number (Jamaica), saying that I had won $8.2 million.  I told him this was an obvious scam and he hung up.

5184786882 Complains by Guest,

Want to get on their bad side. Just press W before dialing them back. This can Cover your Telephone number. NEVER let them hear your voice either. Instead Select the disgusting YouTube video and play it for them over the Telephone. Other numbers which you could harass them with are W W W W W W and W W W Real cell Telephone Amount of one of these a oles. I suggest you purchase Upward that packages and reject them at the door as well. This will Price them postage. Repeat and rinse. Regularly. They also don t enjoy that word quot ch ode quot . I Recommend you look for a YouTube using this word and play that to them as well. I personally enjoy for use the Diarrhea Song.

6084821459 Complains by Guest,

still becoming through for my Amount this Individual is harassing me

8162562034 Complains by Guest,

They telephone me 2 for 3 times a daytime and never leaves a message.

6087584258 Complains by Guest,

PLEASE Stop CALLING I Know MY Obligation AND I 'm WORKING ON Getting WHAT You Demand.

2012561879 Complains by Guest,

I Have A Cell Phone And You Keep Calling It Please Cease I Don t Have Unlimited Min And I m On SS Handicap You Just Called Me Again And Nothing Is Said I m Tired Of The Steady Calls Along with No One On The Line That Calling Number Is W W W Please Discontinue Calling Me You personally Called Me Around Approximately 2 W EST I Live In Phoenix Thus It s W W Am Hear

2095683447 Complains by Guest,

want for trade for sexual services prevent.

8002254500 Complains by LARRY,

Yes this Combined Insurance. That is the telemarketing division. They try to call Present or former customers. I 've Given with the Firm for many years. Oak within my book.

8002147856 Complains by Gary,

Commercial recovery systems calling somebody we dint understand.

8002332847 Complains by atc,

the company would love for get the number for use.

8002316736 Complains by Cortney,

I too obtained a phone this morning that I had 2 pending Instances that needed prompt Actions taken and they were going to come for my Put of employment or home and Offer me along with legal papers. Could t help by jest at that message seeing as when you are Directed} a court summons they Do NT TELL You. Thus many scams with this alleged Business . Guess I have myself to blame seeing as I Used for an online payday loan awhile back. Those Firms sell your own Amounts. . . . . Merely Discount that calls and Do not provide them any of your information. Only because they tell you that last 4 Numbers of your SAN dozen t mean Jack. Oh and don t Employ or Set your info for any online loans. Ugh determined times telephone for desperate Methods LOLA

8002338936 Complains by Mister Devious,

Only got a buzz out of them at work. . . royal Pitas.

8000314244 Complains by Galen,

Called on 9 8 and 9 W. Owner ID reads W Service. My Com throw phone log reports Invalid phone number. International Free Telephone. Online hunt reveals this number is listed as your toll free Uk number for Soft store Services Supplier of Drive recovery and web design services. There is Additionally a toll free U. S. number listed on the company s Web site 1 W W W . See Site here HTTP Web. . com clever Computer recovery. facet another scam.

8002195703 Complains by CA Realtor Jared,

same dialogue as above as if I was listening within on a conversation

8001442392 Complains by Juan Santander,

Please inquire who is calling me offering for Accumulate W out of at amp t

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