9144993486 / 914-499-3486

Telephone information: Verizon New York. Armonk, NY. Westchester. United states
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Post by francisco,

9144993486 I started to received this calls from 914-499-3486 from the last weeks and little by little increase in times per day and week...it is a local number so I tried to answer one time and looks like it was from a google company who wants to update my account. I told them it is my business number and if they need some thing we sell or install happy to assist them but they want to do an update google list; I told them to stop to call and I said we will report the number to do not call list and they still calling and not leaving voicemail, just call and wait if some one answer the phone. when we called back the line is always busy.

Post by Parker,

914-499-3486 I vie saved the number to my Owner ID Underneath scam thus if they telephone again I ll understand for Blow off it.

Post by Fed up,

9144993486 That Amount is calling my cellular Telephone. I don't reply your telephone. I don't waste my minutes. I reported them to the DC. Cheers for that commentaries here.

Post by LML,

914-499-3486 This number called our company Now at W hours. The caller ID said Promotion Sol thus I knew it wan t anyone I wanted for Speak for because it was either a Cool calling spammer or an outright scam artist. Thus I picked up your phone and said nothing. The usually prevents a Rob message out of being triggered. As is customary when I do the that telephone automatically disconnected after a couple of seconds without me having for Notice any annoying illegal Records. Your scam artist 've been Additional active that last couple of times. Heck I vie received three scam phone calls on my DC listed property line today already and it s still early morning.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 they will not Chat or reply phone continuously and use different Amounts for include W W W W W W.

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 They telephone Daily I vie pressed your 9 for your Don't Phone LIST However they insistently telephone us and I m getting Really ticked away.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 spam

Post by shegot othername,

914-499-3486 My too it must become a meant harassment. .

Post by Parker,

9144993486 I vie saved this number for my Owner ID Underneath scam so if they call again I ll understand to ignore it.

Post by Lisa,

914-499-3486 Acquired a Rob telephone on my cell phone at W W this morning from someone saying they were out of National Student Loan Debt Relief I Destination t had Pupil loans in W years . The Owner ID came up as 1 W W W and since I used for live in that area code idea it was someone I knew or else I would t have replied. We vie gotten this same scam telephone on your land line even though I vie listed both Amounts on the DC list what good is that. No option to Chat along with a live Individual or remove from call list.

Post by CaP,

9144993486 Cheers everybody. Received your call this afternoon while out my son did t response amp no message left. Caller I. D. did display Advertising Sol thus told him Likely another Google listing scam for our business which apparently turns Outside for be Accurate. Just another number for add to block which works Excellent with Outside new Panasonic phone system blocks up to W Amounts. . First telemarketing phone received since 1 W.

Post by Same,

914-499-3486 Called me left no voice mail calling back asked to press 9 for become Place on do not phone list.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 I 'm becoming 2 calls a daytime from these Indian guys from England California and India . They all want for Set my site on Google front page. What ever that May}n' become.

Post by Chicago Ed,

914-499-3486 Rang Cable line. Call blocked.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 Google crap

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 String smoker offering a Fake Proof system for Google listing via a record used by many spammers

Post by Guest,

9144993486 spam. .

Post by lb,

914-499-3486 Called hung Upward on Google Voice. May block. .

Post by sick of scammers,

9144993486 NO Owner ID except that has Criticisms posted here and ID of Marketing Sol HTTP Internet. privacy star. com appearance Upwards W W W

Post by David,

914-499-3486 I gotten a phone in the phone Amount at W W 'm. I 'm Striving to run a business and do not have time for idiot with these idiots Attempting to Take someone else identity. That problem with these Folks they're overly sluggish for get a real paying Occupation and Merely want for see how many Individuals they could dingbat into given them money. These people should get a life.

Post by Alan,

9144993486 They request for the owner Subsequently hang Upwards. Don t take the call

Post by Pasi2000,

914-499-3486 An Clear scam. When I tell not for telephone and your number is on Do not Phone list they still argue and attempt to Problem you personally. The punishments for scampers are far overly light.

Post by telemarketers suck,

9144993486 filthy Jesus. the Amount Only called me and it was a Registered message for a Google listing. that id subject said Armonk NY

Post by shegot othername,

914-499-3486 My too it must be a intended harassment. .

Post by same boat,

9144993486 Same thing here looks legit seeing it mentioned from Armonk NY. Answered no one there. . . . Scummier city

Post by Red,

914-499-3486 scampers pretending for become Google. Google NEVER Cool calls for Upgrade your listing or sell Marketing or anything like that. Don t even press 9 or 1 to become Chosen away the list because that confirms that your own number is a Actual number and they may keep calling you Simply hang up.

Post by Dave-O,

9144993486 Called my cell but did not leave a message. Number is now blocked.

Post by Small Biz Owner,

914-499-3486 followup their website has a contact us sort that dozen t require Real email use to state Hello for them. . . .

Post by Ava,

9144993486 Rob phone saying they desire for support our Google listing.

Post by Nope,

914-499-3486 New York USA

Post by DG,

9144993486 This really is a scummier Attempting for get you personally to buy something that comes from Google for free. This scummier is calling out of several Amounts but consistently uses Promotion Sol or Marketing for Owner ID name Area Rules used so Much are W W W W W W and W

Post by Fed up,

914-499-3486 Called and left a message on my work Released iPhone. Scummier Attempting to bate someone into paying something they don t owe. Block your number if you can

Post by Guest,

9144993486 Google

Post by Jon,

914-499-3486 Scam for Pupil loan debt Comfort. They said that I had an Excellent equilibrium. Sorry all student loans were paid off a decade Past.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 spam several automated calls a day

Post by ABC,

914-499-3486 Caller Put Upwards before I could response.

Post by Trig,

9144993486 Yup. They called me this 'm. Did not Select Upward. They did t leave express mail.

Post by Skip,

914-499-3486 A recording Maintained they were Google verifying my listing. I Sent 1 to Discuss to someone. A few seconds After Peter knew my name and town asked what kind of business I had because they did t understand Substantially else about me on their Display then the telephone went not alive. If they knew my website they would 've Understood what I do. They had called a few days earlier but I never picked Upwards. Creepy.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 If you personally receive a Telephone call out of W W W claiming for be from Microsoft or someone maintaining for work on their behalf telling you that you 've a virus in your computer or a few errors which they can help you personally to mend via Amy Management HTTP Www. Amy. com en it is definitely a scam. . . At the Finish of that telephone he said f ck you f ck er f ck you.

Post by Ed,

914-499-3486 They said they were calling about a current Business post I did on Google. I did no such matter. They tried to seem like they work for Google. They said if I paid a monthly Cost of W or a W Reduced yearly fee and a set Upward Cost of W they could build my Site and could Set me on the front and top page of Google search. I said I ll believe Around it and phone them back. They Offered me a number to call back W W W ext. W I m not calling back

Post by Small Biz Owner,

9144993486 followup their website has a contact us sort that dozen t Need True E-mail use for state hi for them. . . .

Post by Chicago Ed,

914-499-3486 Rang wire line. Left no message. Multiple calls out of Promotion sol. Almost all with different numbers.

Post by Vern,

9144993486 Undoubtedly out of a call Facility from outside of the Us using a spoof NY number. Bogus business telephone about placement for company listing. BLOCKED.

Post by Jeremy,

914-499-3486 Only acquired a telephone. No just one says anything. Most likely a scummier

Post by Miffed!,

9144993486 They 've called three times the morning commencing at 7 'm. Holes.

Post by Kelly,

914-499-3486 Caller did not leave message

Post by Jat,

9144993486 Pupil loan decrease telephone. Press 5 for be removed. . after they Installed Upwards. Gamble I ll get one for go back for school now. . Called the number back a series of jumbled messages just one said for dial 9 for become removed. I did. .

Post by Dustin,

914-499-3486 Received a telephone from them at W 'm EST Now. They have called a few times a week for the previous few weeks and I vie just ignored it. Now I decided to Notice them out and pressed 1 to Talk along with a Representative. A Individual named David said they were calling for support my Google listing. When I asked if they worked for Google they Merely hung Upward.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 Google scumbags

Post by Joss,

914-499-3486 Calls everyday and says press 1 to confirm Google listing I don t think so. . . . . . .

Post by AR,

9144993486 I gotten just one phone out of this Amount the morning. I did not response because I did not recognize it. Based on what other Folks 've said it Looks enjoy a solicitor of many sort.

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 Called me as I was working on my Google ads so I notion it was legit. I Inquired them that name of their Firm and they Installed Upward on me.

Post by Guest,

9144993486 reporting them to the Lawyer general. fail these clowns and the humped mammals they rode in on

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 Google listing update

Post by Guest,

9144993486 If people 've this much time for spend wasting my time on scams they 've time for locate a Actual job. Want there was a way for block a number and it not become Directed} to voice mail.

Post by B,

914-499-3486 Got However ANOTHER scam Owner on Google business listing 9 p. m. last nighttime. Looked it Upward Merely now and in your Yonkers New York Place. Nobody we know anywhere close to that place. . We have been unlisted private Dwelling acreage line on the Don't Phone list for many years. What good is that DC when they blatantly Discount it. .

Post by Guest,

9144993486 An Clear scam calling Don't Telephone numbers.

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 called before 'm MST amp woke Upwards my nephew.

Post by LML,

9144993486 These Chronic idiots called the company Though again this time Now at W hours. Owner ID said Marketing Sol but I knew instantly that it was a scam artist. Certain enough a message did t even wait to hear a express before it Began along with your same old tiresome idiot recording The records show These scam artists telephone from all Distinct types of Amounts but it s consistently the same idiot record. Worse they telephone multiple times a week. Could possibly they Cook in that deepest Best depths of Hades.

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 Upgrade your Google listing

Post by Fed up,

9144993486 Called and left a message on my work Released iPhone. Scummier trying to bate someone into paying something they don t owe. Block the Amount if you are able to

Post by B. Joyner,

914-499-3486 Did not pickup and caller did not leave a message.

Post by Not fooled,

9144993486 Called. No message left. Now blocked.

Post by Sheryl,

914-499-3486 The Man giggled the whole time I Inquired him to remove my number out of their list. Now it s coming Upwards unknown thus I could t block it.

Post by Corners,

9144993486 The was a fraud Rob telephone about Pupil loan consolidation. I don't have any Pupil loans. Your owner of this Amount needs to be punished.

Post by Guest,

914-499-3486 Says he is an Upgrade service for Google Google says they do not call

Post by Mac,

9144993486 I vie been getting calls from this Amount thus I decided to telephone them. That message says do not call this Amount and a second message of Seemingly you are having jobless . No I did not create a typo there that s your actual message. People like these waste valuable time for someone that is productive. Could possibly their phones melt on their ears and your Bird of Paradise decorate every morsel of food they intake.

Post by Waz,

914-499-3486 Rob caller to phone on Don't Call list.

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8765871375 Complains by Guest,

Call after call around an over

8323226826 Complains by Amy,

The number called me and I called them back they are Complete card.

6187808526 Complains by Guest,

no message left

8173574422 Complains by IRRITATED,

W W W I do not answer calls along with phone numbers I don't Understand. I too filled Outside a survey and got calls all times of that day and night. Quit calling me.

2064684699 Complains by Guest,


4806322342 Complains by Guest,


5714456077 Complains by Guest,

harassing calls and texts MSG's

9092320713 Complains by Guest,

Prostitute incorrect number

8002366783 Complains by Guest,

Has 3 Children and lives with his girlfriend and lies Around it.

8002499352 Complains by Guest,

Leave testing

8002104453 Complains by Kevin,

Hangups on my replying machine

8002093784 Complains by Dean,

I have been getting called by this number for months.  When I try to call back to get off the list its always busy.

8002904898 Complains by James,

They left a message on my machine.  This is obviously some scam as they failed to state which financial institution they represented or which of my accounts was affected.

8002833727 Complains by Tucker, Ga,

This same text Arrived both on W W W and W W W

8002890004 Complains by Austin Ace,

No Response Owner ID just displays Not Provided and I don t 've the foggiest notion of who the May n't be no info online so Much either

8002910636 Complains by 800-291-0636,

Several calls per day. I don't response. No message left. When I call back there surely is a busy signal.

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