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2017-09-23 21:06:52
This number called several times over two days, no voicemail or anything.
2017-09-06 15:20:32
Do not trust this guy sold me counterfeit goods
2017-07-26 18:03:35
Who is calling me all day and late at night
2017-05-23 16:24:18
has been calling for two weeks straight. leaves no message calls back to back all day.
2017-05-12 17:32:08
A man said he was calling to follow up with me because I was looking for social security benefits...I never did such thing. When I said no I never did that ... he hung up and left me talking...ohhh wellll.
2017-01-26 03:54:24
Claimed to be United Healthcare but was lying. Very shady, scammer beware!
2016-11-13 00:39:50
This number has called me 9 times in the past 2 days. They won't say who they are, only say that it's a personal business matter in regards to a debt. It's the same thing every time that they have called in the past week. I am ready to file harassment charges on them, but I don't know who they are!!!
2016-07-08 20:44:15
They did t even state anything. Called at dinner time.
2016-07-08 17:38:32
They keep calling my work number.
2016-07-08 16:27:48
When I answered they Installed Upward . . .
2016-07-08 06:31:32
2016-07-08 06:08:04
Ah that solar scampers Hit again. It's enjoy an Crisis of your plague. Aggravating morons.
2016-07-07 20:36:10
Calling asking for someone name johnny
2016-07-07 08:26:38
2016-07-07 07:34:55
That s your Post Dispatch. There's many kind of automated matter. I called and left a awful message and it stopped.
2016-07-07 06:34:03
Residence modification
2016-07-06 22:22:55
. .
2016-05-16 20:40:56
Obtained a pic mail M the niter and when i asked who it was i got back why if any knows who the Fit 2. . Pl tell em 2 Increase up. . create sure they check the they sen din something 2 B they send it. . threes no reason exactly why an Iowa Citizen should become sen din me anything. . i live within Fl and dint know Anyone within IA
2016-05-16 00:35:29
Scumbag collection agency
2016-05-12 14:20:42
Thank you personally so Considerably for this Penetration. They told my Partner that he has a debt owed for Pursuit and my husband said he never had an account along with them but International Judgment services insisted he owed Nearly 6 W and said everything would be forgiven if he paid W by your end of your month and if he did t Afterward he would become going to court and asked for pay the 6 W. My husband Simply Inquired me to appearance on the internet for their address and I could not locate it on their Site. They Nearly scammed my Man. What a big scam. Thanks again.

Phone list in area 915

Phone numberRecent commentAuthorTotalTime
9155330469Violating MO no callGuest3242015-11-04 15:42:10
9152824641They said they were out of Technology Support that my computer was giving Outside poor info . I told them I Know I am Delivering Outside VIRUS S Now HA HAGuest72015-11-04 16:20:42
9156031928number keeps harassing me and calling me back to back each W Min's in regards for Automobile insuranceGuest72015-12-14 09:34:30
9152095578Education scam Striving to direct you to some Profession. Once I told them I was in graduate school they cut me loose. They were pretty rude. Guest42015-11-04 17:29:42
9152271563I got a text at 3 'm from this number something about State satisfy. com. . . Guest62015-11-04 18:17:40
9152455728Spam Striving for get your own E-mail and phone numbedGuest92015-12-13 17:23:34
9152431568value Park Discount card. its a scamGuest32015-11-04 18:49:21
9154404212Receiving calls all through Outside that daytime and between PM and PM at night for 5 weeks now won't leave MSG they hang Upward. . This Began when I applied for jobs online. . If I Needed to go back for school I know how you can contact a Reliable college. . These calls are silly. Guest32015-11-04 19:31:42
9158032730don t answerGuest12015-11-04 20:15:22
9158205927Playing on Telephone wont tell there nameGuest72015-12-15 14:46:22
9155462000county numberGuest182015-11-04 15:18:42
9152406774Cox Net bill collectorGuest42015-12-14 10:46:55
9152499678call and let that phone ring three times and Afterward hangs Upwards whatsoever hours of the dayGuest12015-11-04 15:33:42
9157312320this gay soldier on ft. Bliss within Eli Pa so Texas calls men asking to perform Common sex on them. what a disgrace for the uniformGuest12015-11-04 16:28:42
9152175883A few of us can t Discount your calls if they call my company. . . could be a legit telephone from a customer as we have customers all around that Nation and that universe. I 've to response all incoming calls no matter what. I just keep reporting them to that FTC and DC list. They Merely keep changing their number and calling me. Guest1622015-11-04 16:29:58
9152744485I believe that is a scam Someone called Sheldon asking me For Give to policeEllen52015-12-20 19:02:06
9156033851Spam don t provide any informationGuest32015-11-04 17:43:40
9156423745clownGuest42015-12-20 04:45:22
9153175688don't know but they have a thick accent and always threading me that they are along with your FBI. GrannyM82015-12-08 22:36:40
9158557733That cash storeGuest12015-11-04 19:02:22
9152493703School spamGuest52015-11-04 20:33:40
9152224931ExGuest12015-11-04 20:44:21
9156131799Statement collectorGuest242015-11-04 15:11:42
9153551699RobbersGuest82015-12-09 23:22:39
9152255478Quit calling pleaseGuest62015-12-18 21:07:30
9153288822stalkerGuest12015-11-04 16:35:21
9155498376got a text Your own entry has won. Go to best buy. redone. com . 4 and enter that code quot W quot for claim your own W Absolute best Purchase gift card. Must State by W W W. Guest262015-11-04 17:42:42
9157039750This Amount is calling my cell Telephone. Vivian52015-12-18 19:57:35
9152827644My mother had the same expertise as previously reported. She dozen t 've any Units with Microsoft merchandises. She said she did t 've a computer and hung Upwards. Before she Put Upward she heard that Man yelling for someone. It is a SCAM. . . Don t reply. I told her to block your Amount . Guest52015-11-04 19:15:42
9152433449please 've the Amount blocked from text messaging and callsGuest22015-11-04 20:21:40
9153282270The Man has blocked youGuest22015-11-04 20:30:42
9152610319Quite rude telemarketer how are they getting cell Amounts. Called all family members at each same time. Scam scam scam do not get suckered in. Guest312015-11-04 15:05:10
9153174924Got a telephone from Anthony Cooper saying if I did not get back it would be a National violation and would need to Search before the magistrate or a federal grand jury. Appears like spamGuest1142015-11-04 15:25:10
9158211673they called I don t know themGuest12015-11-04 15:32:22
9153100828I did threatening to take you for courtSam62015-12-10 00:09:04
9152827640Saki voice said my name and said this is Mark heard Sound then Installed Upward on meGuest52015-11-04 16:14:42
9152036989block text and call out of the number toGuest12015-11-04 16:24:21
9152484946SCAM Pay Per Text SpamGuest162015-11-04 16:48:42
9153083814This is a great phone number that id like for use. . . . Guest12015-11-04 16:50:42
9157719888CG servicesGuest192015-11-04 17:22:41
9152223615could t under sand what your amp they're sayingGuest62015-12-14 17:19:04
9159969993Considered to be spam as i dint know anyone within W area code. Guest32015-11-04 18:06:42
9155408836later haterGuest12015-11-04 19:07:21
9152042827higabrielle62015-12-21 13:30:05
9153079191The crazy Amount calls my father s cellphone each dayLuna52015-12-15 00:02:06
9154718505Don t understand who she isGuest62015-12-16 12:06:09
9155330463Never anyone there nor leave a message. Guest12015-11-04 19:52:21
9154402904Don t need to answerGuest12015-11-04 21:19:21
9159962895Google W listingGuest1322015-11-04 21:50:10
9153079440SlammerGuest52015-11-04 21:50:42

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