9182329081 / 918-232-9081

Telephone information: New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL. Tulsa, OK. Tulsa. United states
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82 complaints
Post by Jane Ann,

9182329081 Called my cell phone. May turn your number within to your State Lawyer General s PFC. for harassment of the handicapped and or elderly.

Post by mereyou,

918-232-9081 The Amount telephone me. I did not reply or answer. Assessed Outside this site thus I guess it s Merely a scummier or a telemarketer.

Post by Stop Calling Me,

9182329081 Not a working Amount.

Post by jbuton,

918-232-9081 Simply got the same call from this Amount. . . called it back but said it wan t a working Amount. . weird

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Annoying

Post by 918-232-9081,

918-232-9081 Called at 8 W p. m. and did not leave a message. . . must be a telemarketer

Post by annoyed,

9182329081 I was expecting a phone and Regrettably replied my cellphone. Registered message national Promotion Plan . I hope the dozen t Place me on their harass list.

Post by ocozigirl,

918-232-9081 I let it ring they left no message Ill of the Chaos. .

Post by pd,

9182329081 Scam about winning a W home security system. . . . . Only for Getting a sign within your own yard. . . . . . they left a message and on the message it says that when I 'm interested press 1 now. . . . for become placed on their don't call list press 2 now. . . . . how stupid do they believe people are. . . . . pressing 1 or 2 is going to can anything on a Telephone message. . .

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 sorry I reach you personally at the time please leave your name and number and I will get you personally as shortly as possible thank you

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Punks

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 This thug has no correct for privacy when he invades my phone repeatedly.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Out of India.

Post by Anonymous,

918-232-9081 It left a voice mail which rattled away a very garbled message Around some security system or other. Thus I m assuming this is for a Guessed Security Business but do not know which just one since it dozen t state what your Firm s name is in that message. Called back and it said it was a non working Amount How can it be a non working Amount if it Only called my cell Telephone.

Post by JA,

9182329081 robot telemarketing call

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Probably a sales Rob call.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Security system

Post by DLTAKLO,

918-232-9081 Ill of these fools calling me. It always comes in on a Distinct number. Most of that time I don t response but Now I was within my Automobile and the Bluetooth answered. I don t understand how many times I have for tell them I don t need a stupid alarm system and that I 'm on your national do not phone list and they are breaking your law. These scampers demand for be Quit.

Post by kihe taylor,

9182329081 Amount called did t reply called Amount back and said not a working number I ricking want these scampers would go get Occupations enjoy that remainder of the working Course people who Make there money really.


918-232-9081 gt gt SOMEONE PLEASE Do SOMETHING About This Lt Lt Your request is is quite similar for FAQ 4 in your list of Fatuously Asked Questions FAQs asked here. That answers for those more or less inane questions or statements are summarized ATP phone help. Truth. com FAQs. for return here for notes. com after visiting that Website.

Post by Donna,

9182329081 They left a message about a security system. Wish these calls would Discontinue really annoying.

Post by buckwheat,

918-232-9081 Told them to blow me and she said yes

Post by Laura,

9182329081 Acquired a call from the number at 9 W am. I did t answer and they left a voice send about receiving a W wireless House security system for free by simply placing a hint in my own yard.

Post by Sarah,

918-232-9081 Acquired a telephone from this number I did t reply amp got a VIM from it. It was a recording of a Man s express asking me if I was interested in a home security system worth W press just one if yes or press two if not and want removed from your list. My cell is a government work Telephone it s not even listed in my own name so they Clearly don t care who they're calling your Claim of you might have won a security system is absurd. This entire thing is sketchy and sounds like a scam.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 gimmick

Post by Victim,

918-232-9081 Predators Scampers Business is prohibited. they must be Quit and given large fines. and they hide their identity. 've numerous phone lines.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Unwanted call

Post by kk,

918-232-9081 Only a beep and a b ring.

Post by R,

9182329081 How the hell could that Amount not be a working number when they Only called me from it Quit calling me

Post by April Tiffany,

918-232-9081 Called back no Result. Don t phone me. .

Post by t grif,

9182329081 This number called I ended that call after 2 Bands Afterward they called me back 5 seconds later.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 States to offer W value of security systems if they're allowed to advertise that system in your yard.

Post by G,

9182329081 Pare Registered message for Residence security system offer. It went to voice send and Registered most of the message.

Post by ricky-bobby,

918-232-9081 I let it go for express mail. That express send said that I have been Chosen to get a free Residence security system. Press 1 to hear more or press 2 for become removed from your telephone list. They're added for my long list of blocked contacts on my iPhone


9182329081 gt gt SOMEONE PLEASE Can SOMETHING Around The Lt Lt Your own request is is really similar to FAQ 4 within your list of Fatuously Asked Questions FAQs asked here. The answers to those more or less inane questions or statements are summarized ATP Telephone help. Truth. com FAQs. for return here to notes. com after visiting that Website.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 spam about security networks

Post by Chris,


Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Simply Quit these scam calls. Do not desire or Ned your own Merchandise. You are Striving for Take from Simple Individuals. You may be Priced with harassment.

Post by Kristen,

9182329081 Received a telephone from the Amount Approximately 3 PM. Did not answer and they did not leave a message. Attempted for return a phone telephone and a automated message said that number is not a working Amount. . .

Post by TxBari,

918-232-9081 I got a recorded message from this Amount saying I had been Chosen for a free home security system and all I had to do was for display their indication in my front yard. TELEMARKETER. They are in my SPAM pail now.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 House Security System Telemarketer. How can I stop these calls.

Post by Dennis Meyer,

918-232-9081 Called and said it was not a working number

Post by Do not call me,

9182329081 I got a recorded message out of this Amount saying I had been selected for a free Dwelling security system and all I had to would was for display their indication in my own front yard. Definitely a scam

Post by marlo,

918-232-9081 Scam.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Called my work number Likely should be sued for tying Upward the Telephone lines.

Post by KC,

918-232-9081 This automated Face er has been calling my cellular telephone phone for that previous 2 weeks. A recording tells me that I have been selected to get a free Residence security system. Press 1 for Notice more or press 2 to be removed from your telephone list. Pressing 2 obviously does nothing as I ongoing to get calls from these . I pressed 1 for Talk for someone. A Man along with a substantial accent replied and I said I demand to be taken away this call list . They immediately Installed Upward on me. Now I Merely press 1 and tell them to go F their mother each time.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Free Yes right

Post by Rickie Bobby,

918-232-9081 Gotten a call from W W W that phone was not replied and the Owner left no message. Must not have been important.

Post by Val,

9182329081 Scam. Reduction answer. . . .

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Striving for quot offer away quot a security system

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Security system

Post by James,

918-232-9081 Got this telephone 3 times Now. Asked about a free security system. When I pressed 1 many guy asked if he could see my Jackson.

Post by Chris,


Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Could not understand what s about did not know them

Post by Do not call me,

9182329081 I got a recorded message out of the Amount saying I had been Picked for a free Dwelling security system and all I had to would was to show their hint in my front yard. Definitely a scam

Post by bigtex,

918-232-9081 Called my cell Telephone. I did t response. They left no message.

Post by bernice gordon,

9182329081 I acquired a phone from this Amount. I 've a cell phone so it s not Released and USN t Upwards for sell so I don t understand exactly why I received a phone out of the Business. I certainly detest unsolicited calls.

Post by me,

918-232-9081 they called W time W seconds apart. they must be desperate which means they're extremely dangerous. Stay away out of these a hales if you are bright.

Post by Drew,

9182329081 I let it go for express mail they we re trying to supply me a free security system if I Merely placed a yard indication within front of my door. Sketchy as hell.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Automated recording

Post by Guest,

9182329081 recording

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 I obtained a Registered message Around winning a W security system. The Cops would patrol my house Consistently. I live within that Nation your police don't have any Authority.

Post by todd,

9182329081 Scam called the number back but it's not a working number.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Needs to sell you a security system

Post by Sue Ellen Muirhead,

9182329081 Stop calling me.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Established on another Remarks regarding this number I Think that it's a telemarketer or spam. They did not leave a voice message and when I called it back there was a weird tone and it did not ring.

Post by CC,

9182329081 I did t Select up. It was an automated phone left a message wanting for sell me a security system.

Post by jbuton,

918-232-9081 Merely got that same telephone from this Amount. . . called it back but said it wan t a working Amount. . weird

Post by Marlo,

9182329081 My Grievance is the same as all your others. Call came for my cell phone which is a private number.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 automated message spam

Post by Barbara Cobb,

9182329081 Calls repeatedly and leaves no message. The one time I did answer there was nothing but beeps.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Marketing security system.

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Security system

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 Security system

Post by Brandon,

9182329081 Don t phone me.

Post by Guest,

918-232-9081 CALLED About That FREE SECURITY SYSTEM. Installed Upward Fast THOUGH

Post by Guest,

9182329081 Rob Owner for security systems

Post by Terry,

918-232-9081 Says is a non working number

Post by Guest,

9182329081 A spam scam. I also 've rights for Solitude. Don t commandeer my Telephone along with your own scam predatory calls.

Post by Jay,

918-232-9081 I called that number back and it said not a working number.

Post by Kitty,

9182329081 Oklahoma Amount. Did not answer. Got this voice send. . . begins with . . . free wireless security equipment. For receive your own free equipment all we ask is that you allow people to Set a small yard hint outside your house for advertisement. Your system will become monitored by your own local Authorities medical and fire Sections W hours a daytime 7 days a week. For more information on receiving your own free 1 W security system press 1 now. Can be placed on your do not telephone list please press 2 now. I m not buying it.

Post by JPatt,

918-232-9081 Called my cell Telephone amp my spouses cell at the exact same time. .

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4044382229 Complains by Guest,

he will Damage u overtime don t answer

7028475134 Complains by Guest,

he s a waste of time Actually weird

7277053475 Complains by Guest,

Leave a comment about the Owner here

3105640948 Complains by Guest,


8135841010 Complains by reallypissedoff,

Demands for Chat w my Man is rude obnoxious and Bad. Demanded to know when my Man would be Dwelling. I called back your number as Pursuit Vehicle Finance but your office is temporarily closed. They said they would continue for call until they can speak w my Partner.

3137485104 Complains by argyle tx,

i think these 713 calls are scams check your phone service providers and see if anything is up this call came from a pay phone from houston county jail

7548163221 Complains by Guest,

. .

8037271987 Complains by Catlynsc,

Called Merely before 9 pm. I did t answer. Yet there is a scam in York Co where people fake for become along with that Sheriffs Dept raising money. Please don't give money around the Telephone.

8282774915 Complains by guest,

Yes I got your same telephone for your same reason who went through and replied all information completely and also Direct Edward me to your customer service line.

8592618745 Complains by Guest,

Statement collector

7164912974 Complains by Cecille Crary,

I acquired a call out of the Amount and they had dialed that erroneous number. They did t offer to sell me anything but I thought I should post this Upwards. Riverside Auto Insurance. . org Magnolia Method Riverside CA W W W

8062242513 Complains by Guest,

life stream

8432408842 Complains by Guest,

get a life

8607520735 Complains by Doc Tom,

No message just hung up. weird

8777535584 Complains by TK,

Caller ID shows Unknown Name W Antone know what type of Amount this really is

5043157742 Complains by Guest,

They call each day and when I answer they don t say anything

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