9182961611 / 918-296-1611

Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Jenks, OK. Tulsa. United states
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46 complaints
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9182961611 Rude and offensive

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Profane amp offensive amp rude

Post by IKE,

9182961611 Tired of becoming a Telephone telephone out of this Fake want for be or is a scam artist desire to be when i response nobody is on the line. What a gutless spineless lower than whale s kind of life. . .

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Left me a express send of a record asking me for hold

Post by Guest,

9182961611 Collections

Post by Resident47,

918-296-1611 Apparently you personally missed your implications of your comment out of Celia. There s a family along with enough Crisis without the added burden of abusive collection reps. Your Right Result to lawbreakers is not for block em Blow off em but for invite them for explain their practices to some judge and Afterward Take an apology wrapped within hundred dollar bills. That FTC commissioners cannot become expected for slide down a fire pole and solve each Individual s Difficulty. They manage your laws which give people private right of Activity to seek gratification . HTTP Www. FTC. gov OS Regulations . sham


9182961611 THEY Phone SEVERAL TIMES A Daytime AND THERE WONT Be ANYONE ON The other Finish. EVEN IF You Response You GET NOBODY So WE Merely Discount IF THEY Have Valid Company THEY May SEND A LETTER

Post by Just don't answer,

918-296-1611 They vie been calling me for months. I answered one time out of frustration and got an automated message that said If You're _ W press 1. They don t even know my first name. I Put up and 've never replied another call from them again. I recently pulled my credit report and located absolutely nothing Excellent on it which I already knew. I Always pay my bills on time and constantly 've. I vie Resided at the same address for W years. I believe they Merely telephone randomly expecting someone will fall for their scam.

Post by Guest,

9182961611 Calls ever daytime and doesn't leave a message.

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Offensive rude profanity. . . .

Post by Guest,

9182961611 I dint 've any Notion who that is when i did reply it was a computer. I attempted calling it back amp it never said who what company they're along with.

Post by Resident47,

918-296-1611 Seemingly you missed that Consequences of the Opinion out of Celia. There s a family along with enough Crisis without the added weight of abusive collection reps. That proper Result to lawbreakers isn't for block em Blow off em but to invite them to explain their practices to some judge and Afterward Take an apology wrapped in hundred Money bills. Your FTC commissioners cannot be expected to Fall down a fire pole and solve each person s Issue. They manage the Guidelines which supply us private correct of Actions to Find satisfaction . HTTP Www. FTC. gov OS statutes . sham

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9182961611 Statement collect er

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918-296-1611 Scoff

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9182961611 collection

Post by Miles,

918-296-1611 Calls and Requires for my former roommate. Group probably.

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9182961611 . . . .

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Keep getting calls from the number in any respect hours. They never leave a express send. When I called that Amount I was on hold for thus long I eventually Installed Upward.

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9182961611 Bill collector

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Calls asking for someone I don t even understand. Attempted for get my number taken away of there list. Subsequently a week later got another call from them. Your computer express Requires for the same Individual as before. Fed Upward.

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9182961611 dads Invoice collector

Post by ciela372,

918-296-1611 If that is such a professional Firm then exactly why did the Girl on another end start asking me exactly why my Kids are not in daycare. You demand for Set your children within daycare Mother am. She Additionally asked me why I 'm not working. At the time my son was 2 months old and my Partner had just been diagnosed with XML a kind of leukemia . So I was taking care of him the son amp your 4 year previous Child. I said because my Man was Ill it was hard for him but we could pay W a month. She literally yelled within my ear That's Inappropriate. If you personally cannot make your minimum payments of at least W per month there may become legal Actions taken against you personally. Subsequently she went on to say that she doubted my Man was Actually ill. I Simply Inquired her to appearance at what all that damn bills were for. She called me a liar. Mother 'm it is Clear you are lying. I asked to speak with her manager who Arrived on and said Why are you yelling at poor Debbie. These Individuals are nuts.

Post by annon,

9182961611 These people Only started calling me out of nowhere. I asked who it was and they said Deena. I said I don t know any Deena you personally must 've dialed they erroneous number. She became and clever ass and I Installed up. . . .

Post by Guest,

918-296-1611 Statement Amass er

Post by Lardy,

9182961611 Etna Davis Only called me from CALLBACK. COM and I do not know the Man and so please Don't Call me again from Tulsa Ok.

Post by Jane Q. Public,

918-296-1611 What difference does your guy s name create. And why pray tell are you personally posting his Guessed wife s name. If it s a collection call Just advise your Firm that whoever dozen t live there anymore. If they telephone again report them to their state s Attorney General. You people Publishing private information here could become doing Amazing Injury for People who are Simply trying for make a residing enjoy anyone else. I vie worked within your Set Sector and I understand exactly why they use aliases when dealing along with the People. . . there are many insane People out there who threaten Injury on collectors. And as Way as your retort that'll Contain that Lovers are scum etc. . . think on this. . . what if we all Quit paying your bills. Get Actual.

Post by Jane Q. Public,

9182961611 What difference does the man s name create. And pray tell are you personally posting his Guessed Partner s name. If it s a Set telephone Only advise that Firm that whoever dozen t live there anymore. If they call again report them to their state s Lawyer General. You Folks posting private information here could become doing Amazing Injury to individuals who are Only Attempting to make a dwelling like anyone else. I vie worked in your collection Sector and I understand exactly why they use aliases when dealing with that public. . . there are a few crazy folks out there who endanger harm on collectors. And as Much as your own retort that'll Contain that Lovers are scum etc. . . believe on the. . . what if we all Discontinued paying our bills. Get real.

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918-296-1611 Collections

Post by Guest,

9182961611 Calls Five times a day rings once and hangs up

Post by bill,

918-296-1611 Called Now Around a hospital Statement from W

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7572738251 Complains by Guest,


2048135998 Complains by Guest,

Invoice collector

7036408539 Complains by Guest,

Keeps giving text messages

2148143801 Complains by yandrel,

These people keep calling saying I owe a medical bill I collected some contact information from them but I cannot locate this so called company!!!!!!how are these people and how do they have my information and they are so dam persistent they keep calling

6182161307 Complains by Kayla,

Spam. When i ignore them they call from another 618216 number. Even after i requested to be removed from the list.

8325184855 Complains by steve,

creeper creeper creeper

2099129407 Complains by ELisabeth,

I got that same call but 1 number is different within the Telephone number W W W 8 5. . . rather than 9 5

8003940351 Complains by John Schroeder,

I know who is behind this phone number.  It is the collection department of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA.  The reason that I am posting this number is because they called my job two different times.  Both times around 8:30pm.  They lied both times and said they did not know that it was my work number.  However, that is the number that I listed on the application for credit that I sent to the bank.  It is a violation of Federal Law for them to call your job.

8002549489 Complains by TINY,


8002080798 Complains by Alaska,

Big Fraud. Don't Trust Them. .

8002371213 Complains by Cheri,

I obtained a telephone out of W W W maintaining for be NCO that is a Set Bureau within Anchorage AK. They were claiming that we had an Outstanding Statement from W W which I know we paid Merely a few months Past. I checked my bank statements and your payment that went out listed a Distinct phone number for NCO. I believe that is a fraud attempt. If it s not and it s really NCO I plan on Processing a Grievance with your BBB and demanding that the people NCO was collecting for use a Distinct company.

8002402828 Complains by Annoyed,

There enjoy a collection Bureau. I 've a lot of hospital bills. Who cares Jataka

8002791783 Complains by botheredman,

several calls about 5 a day they apparently believe they are getting cash out of me that I don t 've. Why they keep telling me it s going for go on my credit I don t understand because they arena t doing it.

8002073274 Complains by Steve,

I phoned back it goes to occupied Transmission right away. I wish the politicians would legislate against telemarketing

8002792674 Complains by Alisa,

I first received a missed call from 877-253-8964, which did not leave a message. The second call 2 hours later came from 800-279-2674 and left a message saying it was Brittany and it was "not a solicitation" and to reference case number: 1021958552, and return a call to 877-253-8964 (the original number that called me). She stated she was calling from Higher One Fraud Services which is the bank I had a few years ago - which means duh it is a SCAM. The people posting here saying this number has been "so helpful" are obviously part of this phishing scheme. Please, use common sense. They want you to give up your info so they can go on to sell it to other companies. If you suspect there is fraudulent activity on your account, do NOT listen to anyone on the internet or calling you unsolicited! Just call your financial institution at the number provided on their official website or on the back of your credit/debit card. They are the only legitimate sources to tell you if there has been any sketchy activity with your finances. I have received dozens of calls from "Fraud Protection" agencies in the past year, so someone obviously sold my info. Thinking of changing my number because obviously these scammers are trading sources.

8002758777 Complains by Tammy,

W W W unsecured loans Ad don t call my Amount again. I DON T Need For PAY OR That Telephone.

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