9182966508 / 918-296-6508

Telephone information: Southwestern Bell. Jenks, OK. Tulsa. United states
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45 complaints
Post by Guest,

9182966508 Said I Strike their car etc 've called several times. I blocked the number today may see that works. Always within the middle of your nighttime.

Post by UseYourHand,

918-296-6508 Needed toilet paper told them to use their hand and Coat it Clear.

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Same matter about a dog being kicked I Installed up

Post by Sidney Little,

918-296-6508 telephone out of W calls twice knows the Sum of my tax return and desires it to don at is is a computerize call

Post by potter,

9182966508 They keep calling have no clue who they're. They told me they needed Bathroom paper. Subsequently called me again Now. Did not state a thing.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Got a prank phone telling me I ate to much from the Chinese buffet I a terrible customer annoying at W at night

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Prank caller

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 caller ID spoofing Programs that Nuisance calls you

Post by Guest,

9182966508 A few old Female desires Bathroom paper tell her a joke bring her money. . . . .

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 The was a call placed by my Children on a few prank phone Site.

Post by a girl,

9182966508 Called saying I ordered W pizzas and 2 pops and Wanted my house address. Clearly I did t offer it but. . .

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Strange phone telephone. . .

Post by upset mother,

9182966508 I got a phone out of this Amount at W W p. m. it was a man and he said I hit his car and that I left my Amount on his windshield and then he Began calling me a B. I Put Upwards on him.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 prank calling

Post by Guest,

9182966508 asked if I was Bonnie I said he said sound like Bonnie and Subsequently said you sound Mindless that s when I hung up

Post by dakota,

918-296-6508 That number called me Merely a Second Past Looking me for hint a petition to legalize weed. Talking enjoy he was high and making sounds enjoy he was smoking while talking to me and coughing. That's as Way as I let him go before I hung Upwards. He said he was by having an organization called M. I. N. D.

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Prank calling

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Woman called Seeking toilet paper I Put Upwards and they instantaneously called my Mommy who lives along with me and did the same thing. 2 different Amounts 2 Distinct names and 2 Distinct accounts. Do they get the Amounts. Issues me Significantly.

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Stupid

Post by shannon,

918-296-6508 Keeps calling trying for get money

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Nuisance Telephone phone. Said I Strike his Auto. Almost humorous because he was thus Ignorant.

Post by bdcoley3,

918-296-6508 I got phone out of the Publicity ck saying he was my Friend two Opportunities down amp he Desired TWP

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Joke phone said I Strike his car and left number. Very disrespectful. . . Sounded enjoy a thug.

Post by Clayton,

918-296-6508 A few of you have described calls I 've acquired from two different numbers. The first And W

Post by Guest,

9182966508 number called me at inappropriate hours after company hours and i did not answer due for i don t answer to numbers i dint understand. when i called back first time Amount didn't exist second time automated machine answered said busy.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Prank

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Prank call

Post by someone,

918-296-6508 Called saying my Partner had unpaid Auto tickets and they were along with that city

Post by steve,

9182966508 They said I had hit their Automobile and left a note. They were Looking my info.

Post by Carrigan,

918-296-6508 Your number calls and either wants money or dozen t say anything. Likely a punk Joke calling without your balls to accept incoming calls out of your Amounts.

Post by bdcoley3,

9182966508 I got telephone from this pr ck saying he was my Friend two doors down amp that he needed TWP

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Nuisance caller. Said she had a lot of money for me. Sounded like a classic woman.

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Called saying you might have been on my thoughts Currently and I can t tell you personally who this really is but I 've a secret smash on you personally. It was an older girls s voice.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Called and said I hit his car and left my number on his Automobile. Said quot don t lie for me quot . Said I wrecked that front Finish. Talked gang banger talk

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Said my daughter kicked his dog and now it needs operation. . called me Ignorant. . I told him for get a life. . . Afterward Put Upward. Quite Unusual happy I see these other comments.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 I had W missed calls over that Cover of W minutes out of 9 PM until 9 PM. They did not leave a message.

Post by tammy,

9182966508 I got a telephone out of this Amount saying I hit there car. Wanting my personal info. Of path did t give it. Saying I left a notice. I did t hit or leave a note. Could Notice in background. At your Finish of call it said I 've got a prank telephone out of prank call. com . When trying to return telephone would not except telephone.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Stupid

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Called amp said they had our address amp read it away absolutely. A bit Disturbing.

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 Wanted toilet paper

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Sounded enjoy a bit girl saying hi and then hollering at her mom saying mommy I m on that phone and laughing and she was Attempting for Replicate what she said when I hung up

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 called and Put up on me

Post by Guest,

9182966508 Assuming was April fools joke said he Resided two Opportunities down and Wanted Bathroom paper told him for come get a few and I hung Upwards on him

Post by Guest,

918-296-6508 too much time on his hands

Post by mad man,

9182966508 Called stating I hit his Automobile and left note. . . did neither. . Calls are annoying obviously got by a few loser with no life. . he dozen t desire for become located out. . that s for certain.

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8325184855 Complains by steve,

creeper creeper creeper

2099129407 Complains by ELisabeth,

I got that same call but 1 number is different within the Telephone number W W W 8 5. . . rather than 9 5

8003940351 Complains by John Schroeder,

I know who is behind this phone number.  It is the collection department of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA.  The reason that I am posting this number is because they called my job two different times.  Both times around 8:30pm.  They lied both times and said they did not know that it was my work number.  However, that is the number that I listed on the application for credit that I sent to the bank.  It is a violation of Federal Law for them to call your job.

8622024634 Complains by Guest,


2053222581 Complains by Guest,

Once upon a time there was a duck who turned into a guy. His name was Tucuman. He later shifted his name for Johnny Nguyen. He was cheated as a Goose. They stole parts of his soul as a man. He bought a ducat for feel better and rode for Garden Grove CA. Now he lives happily ever after.

5172949436 Complains by Guest,

drives semi but is Cops setting Pol up be cautious and beware

6193457677 Complains by Guest,

pornographic message asking to be called back

8002056619 Complains by Guest,

harassing calls Regular . niter. MUST End CALLS Entirely . . .

8063188993 Complains by Soren Koch,

This RA OS keep delivering me SIMS Around Purchasing things aim Marketing I have Viewed the number Upward and its saying he is an extremely RUDE SPAMMER i dint answer unknown numbers. . . . what a jerk.

8045022811 Complains by luxury leather goods customer service,

the guy was calling your customer relations line for an expanded Span of time. he is quite disturbing to the female staff member using your same verbiage posted by other companies seeing hair Cake etc . another chilling matter is that he posts listing for services Professional Color less Dent Removal on many Websites. the could set up potential face for face Relationship. . . not Only around that phone. oh there is also a listing for his condo for sale by owner. he also has a listing for wedding dresses for sales lists his name as Ashley and his E-mail address is email W protected asking women to email him. beware. at the point we disengage his number

8043686549 Complains by MC,

Merely gotten a phone call from a guy with perfect American Highlight suggesting there is a tax issue along with Irs. The tone of the man sounded really convincing and left a call back Amount W W W. I reported that to the local Cops.

9165947027 Complains by Guest,

credit card marketing scummier obvious scam

8043184067 Complains by Jill,

They Search for become a local number but aren't it s the same organization asking for cash as the Amount W W W. I asked who was calling and your Put Upwards on me. When I called the Amount back I got many long Spent message. . I would not have replied the phone to begin with since I did t Understand your number but we are waiting on news of a Pal who was badly injured in an Vehicle Crash thought it might be someone calling Around that.

8664607833 Complains by Guest,

Enormous scam. 've never had account Amount they Directed} to my husbands phone .

8044709449 Complains by Sam,

Gotten the call at 6 W on March W W and no one responded. . . .

8002458459 Complains by Guest,

Debt collector.

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