9184420332 / 918-442-0332

Telephone information: Fulltel. Tulsa, OK. Tulsa. United states
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Post by Neil,

9184420332 The number keeps calling me and leaves the following recorded message Please call us back at 1 W W W

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Spam

Post by Anony MAS834,

9184420332 Here s what you do Report them. American is Truly Tribal Financial Services Pat American of that Arkansas State Ventures of That Sovereign Ohio Group of Oklahoma. Report your harassing and fraudulent calls for your National Commerce Commission HTTP Www. FTC. gov BC Ed micro sites Telephone fraud index. HTML for telephone fraud and harassment. I receive daily calls at my company from them and they refuse to quit and desist. They Additionally refuse for Supply their address and contact data Furthermore the W number or send a letter. Your caller Typically says that s confidential info or I could not Reveal that data . I entered all three entities noted below. You are able to add several businesses for the 1 complaint and write a description. Tribal Fiscal Services Pat American P Road NW Arkansas Okay W W W W email W protected HTTP American. com Ohio Region Enterprises W P Street NW Miami Ok W W W Www. MN e. com That Sovereign Arkansas Tribe of Oklahoma S Eight Tribes Trail W W W email W protected Web. lamination. com I Joined your name of your person as Travis Jones that s that name I got from a Manager after I started to hustle the initially Owner. Additionally request your Buddies to telephone those 3 Amounts Day-to-day and request for Travis or Daybreak. You can also 've them phone your call back Amount they provide you personally or that number that shows Upward on your own caller ID.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Annoying express record.

Post by the dude,

9184420332 American is most likely an illegal Bank within your own state. Dint pay them. . . Well pay your principal and that s it. They can never Set anything on your credit report. If they send it to a Group Bureau send the Set Bureau a debt Evidence correspondence and you ll never Notice from them again.

Post by missy,

918-442-0332 Keeps calling and not leaving any message or phone back number and if u call that same Amount back it Bands 3 times Subsequently disconnects on its own. . .

Post by manny,

9184420332 get telephone blocker Program on your Telephone. it can hang Upward your Telephone for you personally. i love it.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 They call and don t say anything

Post by Guest,

9184420332 They're Telemarketers. They phone all day and night.

Post by Eve,

918-442-0332 Jamaican Girl saying to call her back as shortly as I get that message. I don t know anyone in Oklahoma.

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Did t answer

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 American Group agency

Post by Guest,

9184420332 That Owner keep calling for Kenya McKinney. I have continuously reported that they have the incorrect number.

Post by sandy,

918-442-0332 they wont stop calling

Post by manny,

9184420332 get phone blocker Program in your Telephone. it can hang Upwards that phone for you personally. i love it.

Post by Knoxman,

918-442-0332 This can be American a payday loan Firm.

Post by Guest,

9184420332 They call and say nothing

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Did t answer. They Only keep calling.

Post by the dude,

9184420332 American is most likely an illegal lender within your state. Dint pay them. . . Nicely pay your Key and that s it. They could never Set anything on your own credit report. If they send it to some Set Bureau send the Group Bureau a debt Evidence correspondence and you ll never hear from them again.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Quit calling me

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Stalker

Post by Candy,

918-442-0332 This Amount keeps calling me telling me that I have an outstanding equilibrium and asking me how I m going to take care of this today . Not only are these calls harassing because they have never left me a express mail on my cell Telephone but they vie gotten a hold of my work Amount and are harassing me there as well. I spoke along with someone that called today and she said she is along with American. I Required for 've paperwork Delivered to my address proving that this is a valid debt before I pay anything. She mentioned that she can t send anything for me in writing but she could send me an email. She also mentioned that I can go for their Site and enter my E-mail and Code for get your same data. I use that same password for everything Poor Notion I understand. . . but nevertheless I went to their Website and entered my email and this Code their site has no record of my E-mail as a customer. I hope no one falls for this particular scam.

Post by Guest,

9184420332 American collection agency

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Its a recording

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Annoying telemarketers.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Spam

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Never say anything

Post by Courtney,

918-442-0332 This Amount continues for phone me and I 'm on your Don't Telephone list.

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Steady daily calls

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Desire acct info

Post by Guest,

9184420332 F

Post by sandy,

918-442-0332 they wont Quit calling

Post by natalie,

9184420332 I received a recorded message along with my name and no phone back number. That record sounds familiar sounds enjoy a Payday loan collector United Loans.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Spam

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Invoice collector

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 ANNOYING

Post by Guest,

9184420332 This company is looking for a Heather Patterson and keep harassing me because they can t locate her.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Day-to-day calls I 'm going now recording that Talks and warnings from me to them. Going to little claims and file. Know who they are.

Post by Guest,

9184420332 Unknown. Please block that Amount out of my phone

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Striving to get my San

Post by Guest,

9184420332 K

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 Said that it was an important message Afterward tell me to hold on

Post by Guest,

9184420332 it was a telemarketer.

Post by Guest,

918-442-0332 They're searching for someone else

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8042921311 Complains by Guest,

Called my phone hung Upward and Delivered me an unsolicited photo of man genitalia.

8642477283 Complains by Mike,

No public records on the number. . .

5623871004 Complains by Guest,


8174493121 Complains by Tom,

This is an extended service contract brokerage company.They have been ordered to cease operations in many states.They claim to be a broker for many companies and they are not.DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!If you are buying an extended warranty - get one from your local dealer whom you trust.

2057229233 Complains by Guest,

cash scam

3527982121 Complains by Guest,


6085484893 Complains by Guest,

Tries for take personal information

7813080386 Complains by Guest,

Hello nee

8002212200 Complains by Pamela,

Left express mail for go to some wed address and access my account for a W. W credit from Art. Just talked along with Artwork and was informed this a scam. The site is a fake Artwork Website for get you to enter your own account info.

8002147841 Complains by Hannah,

Name of your Firm is the Final Processing Center

8002147845 Complains by Stephanie,

We get a daily recorded message that claims for be out of a debt collector. They don t mention which Set Bureau they symbolize or what the debt is Around. They state the message is for a General of mine John Doe and everyone else except him should leave that room instantly before they go on along with your message. The message ends by saying John Doe should phone this Amount W W If we Select Upwards your Telephone the message changes and says Hang up if You're not John Doe . There's never a Man on the line consistently a recording. John Doe dozen t live along with me never has never will. I don t understand his phone Amount and I would t offer it Outside even if I did. He is emotionally challenged and no one in their own appropriate thoughts would lend him cash. I would like for send a cease and desist notice to whoever is making these calls but I figure that is why they hide behind Unknown numbers and don t say who they're.

8001158012 Complains by ATTCustomer,

Clear phishing scam having you personally enter SS Number etc. at HTTP Www. Olivetti. com

8002197790 Complains by sd farmer,

Talked to them again today. I returned a call from Randy of inland empire industrial. He said he Desired for get my Bill Completed. I let him know as along with that last person I talked to Merely Problem call Labels and I would be happy for send all back. He informed me that at that time of that last phone when I requested call Tickets I was already outside of your W times I was Demanded to create such a request within. As such since I am still not willing for pay he is Merely going for report to the credit Office and Begin litigation against me. He Guaranteed for 've your litigation papers to me in W's. I told him the last telephone told me that overly but I 've Though to see them. I said they Haydn t called me for Check my receipt and quality as they had Guaranteed. He said I probably did t response my Telephone as they have been repetitively trying for get ah previous of me and I haven't answered. His tone shifted when I told him I had answered all of their Rob calls including just one that said for hold for a representative within which I held for 3 hours and no rep ever Decided Upward. He eventually ended your phone by saying they are used for Customers not paying and understand the best way to handle the situation. When I called that Woman who answered got me feel Actually Odd by asking me for my zip code name and if there was a business name before I could Speak to Randy. Made me wonder if there was Actually a Randy and they Desired for get their Storyline right to direct me for that appropriate Man.

8002194011 Complains by m2012,

the Girl Simply told me your Actual same thing. . . . .

8002001228 Complains by George,

automatic voice told me for hold on that they 've a call out of the number

8002146724 Complains by Catherine Bateman,

Yes. . . this really is for the H amp R Tax Course. . . Not a scam. . . . I am taking that path now.

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